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  2. rip off WoW and add a mythic mode With better rewards and more gold of course
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  4. i dont think we need any more cleansees, the buff increases our attack speed by decreasing the cooldowns of the skills so that we can do higher dps so if your taking away this it would need to be something that makes up for the loss in damage rate, not personally interested in accuracy buffs it would need to be a damage type buff, or even an aoe stun with high accuracy would be fun. I can see how the damage speed buff is annoying for other players and if your going to replace it with something for me it would need to be damage based, ill leave working out what type of damage to those with the slide rules and good at working out what would equate to something similar, just to add if you remove the buff we wont be able to press the kali atack keys as many times whilst the buff is active so possibly making the duration of the buff slightly longer to compensate?
  5. I was thinking of this, definitely something the staff can take into consideration.
  6. I see I see, and from what we can currently do won't it be possible to find out a way around this? there must be a way to read the files and find out what we need right? I wish I knew more about the process of importing models for items and such so I could help xDD if only there was a tool that could be used to read the code of the files so we could see and replicate those libraries, or at least modify models and anything as we wanted, or at least the same way you can import things from other xlegends games :c That way we could do so much, fix costumes with weird animations like wings, or make our own stuff truly custom Edit: On second thought reverse-engineering the files would be so incredibly difficult and time consuming... I suppose we'll have to make do with what we can x'D
  7. arch and DM hard are child's play compared to how troublesome it was solo AT and IV while somewhat undergeared.
  8. Yeah, difficulty on solo dungeons has been way too high since IV (well, rather since 49 cap, since IV and AT didn't even have solo modes prior to that). Compared to IV, AT and SS, Acheron and HDM are actually somewhat doable. The issue is that the difference between someone who just started out and someone with max gear is massive, while at the same time there is only one single difficulty setting per dungeon (well, and team mode). There's no way to balance a single mode for new and old players with that discrepancy in power. The solution would obviously be to have multiple difficulty settings.
  9. Actually, I have gears. Some people helped me to get +10s of some parts but mostly are +8. I can finish it yes. But it takes a lot of time compared to how it used to be. Even DM team mode became harder as what my teammate said. Inuyasha mentioned that it was a lot easier before and the boss HP is a bit lower compared to what it is now. My argument here is the only way to make a breakthrough in the game is a guild, without it, the essence of dungeon is useless because you only die and die from mobs. Until you found one to help you or finish a hundred of quests. That will be the only time you can be proud and finish the dungeon for the first time. Well, I'm giving my opinion. We all have our own views. Fully geared players wouldn't mind it but if u considered all the players in general. Not all can afford to even get full +10 in a month or so. We have casual players, kids, newbies and many more. Anyways, this is just an opinion. No hard feelings :). I've played ASB for 3 years. I know that SS is a lot harder compared to other dungeons but this ain't ASB. I spam dungeons like 20-30 times a day before. And I did spam some dungeons today for like 15 times. I made an equation about the in come I can generate with respect to my limited time. I am just hoping that I can do the dungeon more easier and faster. Anyways, I'm good with any as long as I can play SB. This is vendetta and I believe that it is much better than the former.
  10. You will be receiving another screenshot for your rank point guide within next couple of days.  You may want to make some space in your mailbox for it.

    1. limeox


      oo, just saw that.

      In case you want to make a proper table out of it, all rank icons are here. There was a post on the aeria forums with the names and requirements, you should look for that there.

      Also annointed 3rd exists, you just missed it.

  11. Most bad thing : Ak limit and RG bring more alt and afk go in, damn them, do they think about other can't go in cause them ? Ban them forever, plz.
  12. No, it not hard if you dont rush, play slowly, each range : 29, 39,49 stay few week and farm gold for new gear, all that dungeon can pass if full +10 gear. BTW, Spaceship really hard at lv 45.
  13. Or even having Nemesis v2 escorts dropping 3G coins just like the 49 tier version. Heck! That might be easier to code than adding them to the Amara escorts.
  14. I think the way Mystery Boxes are being handled right now is just fine. It's actually even better now with adding one new item and two or 3 from previous Mystery Boxes. And I'm soooo thankful for the separation of Male and Female items. It honestly used to feel like such a waste of money for the consumer when you would aim for the awesome looking male item, and ended up with the not-so-appealing female version(or vise-versa). Thanks for your work and personally I'm enjoying the game!
  15. No, do NOT stop providing suggestions. While many suggestions will not make the cut, some might. While other ideas may spawn from suggestions as well. Please keep them coming!
  16. It seems that it is too hard to do AT, acheron, spaceship and dm if you're a new player since you only own free items from idel or low upgrade items. Leveling makes it even harder since not much people are doing dungeons nowadays. What do you think about this?
  17. Guys, a list has been sent to Vivi already. We have to take one step at a time. Vivi has a lot on her plate.
  18. Tbh you forgot something ban hammer for using passive damage hack reset before you get rekt
  19. also i know it been mentioned many time but 3g coins doesn't drop anywhere else in end game if it possible to add them as drop for escort, bosses, hound and spantis(low rate) at oasis in amara
  20. yeah it's easy for some dps classes SE/SW/CB/PU if you're active in pvp maps and bgs enough to get it done, i almost got it on my WH once had 141 kills by time i went to bed
  21. How about daily kills? Someone really can reach 200 kills in a day here in Vendetta? (without making a deal with a friend in the other faction).
  22. Yesterday
  23. Personally my game crashes 50% of the time when I click accept into BG. I get a deserter's debuff while not putting one side at a number disadvantage since the game evens it out when I crash so early. If the deserter's debuff becomes lengthy that'll honestly ruin my game experience and make me not enter BGs if bosses are spawning or events are happening.
  24. I agree with you...
  25. You can always go ahead and compare the damage here, especially since the in-game descriptions are broken for level 55+.
  26. Yeah we don't need to give people anymore reason to hide down there for free loot
  27. the atomic skills are probably are strongest ones and have fairly short cooldowns. Adavnaced Atomic is my favorite skill and is actually pretty strong compared to every other medic skill.
  28. there has been and (probably) only will be one AK because its end game content.
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