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  2. There will be a lot of PvE needed to gear up like all MMOs. Just be very wary of that.
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  4. Hey guys, I forgot to mention this in the maintenance notes. (We actually discovered this a bit after maintenance). In order for ranking rewards to send out properly at the beginning of March, we will be pushing Eden's maintenance back to the 1st of March, rather than the 28th of February.
  5. likes that part; suggestion like that one and more are considering by the TS Staff and are being analyzing if are available or not with GMs on these days. PD. Keep up the nice suggestions guys!
  6. When possible, can you guys put up the Eastern Dancer Dress(F) & Eastern Dancer Wig(F), and their male counter parts. Please and Thank You
  7. I agree, the item should remain a party mode exclusive item, I think it would be a better idea to have it as an additional drop in another dungeon, that way there is more than one way to get class pages other than aquamarine. On the other server they put it in the fantasy star shop with other additional items as a way to get the geared up people to join in the queues.
  8. Big snow storm up here in Scotland today, they even gave the storm a stupid name. I hate the snow, can't get out on my motorbike,

  9. Sera o/////////////o
  10. For new players on EE , i think it's better to do quest.. but if you're going to create another characters on the same account , thinking you have more playing experience u can take the run way to level up , that's my viewpoint. As you say , it depends.. but depends of the player choice.
  11. Hiya and welcome to VGN! It's not all that perverted, just some spots and jiggly boobs But I hope you and your friends enjoy it and have fun. It's pvp is it's main focus, so be sure to dabble in that at least
  12. Now that everyone is finally around, responded and ready to go, I'm happy to announce your new Twin Saga Game Sages: Chub Gungnir Mariowsp Merinori I'm happy to have brought them on board and I hope everyone will welcome them with open arms.
  13. The guide is now in english! Should I use spoiler tags? Guia española actualizada! ahora se menciona lo siguiente: - Accesorios - Trinkets - Poción de haste
  14. It's possible to solo the party mode using the correct build, it should remain like now. Remember that we will get better armors in the upcoming patch, no need no make things easier.
  15. Thank you! We've already had a handful or two of people already download the game (they've been spamming our Discord with nipple pics ever since) so here's hoping! Not sure if the PvP is any good but we definitely look forward to trying it out hehe. We've had some people download and start playing the game since posting the video so maybe we'll group together and go test it out. ;^) It's fine! We're enjoying testing everything out ourselves. It gives our viewers a look at the game for the first time! Thank you Satana! Glad to be a part of it! :^) We plan on continuing it definitely. From what we've seen the game is pretty fun. Nothing groundbreaking but a fun (albeit perverted LOL) game nonetheless!
  16. Oh.. Hi There And Welcome To My Profile :D

    Feel free to add me to your friend list 

  17. One month into open beta and sporting that sexy Angel Brawn armour! Tanking Widow Maker on Day 2 of the 39 cap (was almost like a proper raid back then!) What BGs used to be like (notice the scroll bar!) What AK used to be like (FKs had the same number of people) : Chillin with FKs : Enjoying a good old fashion spawn camping in Nemesis (i love the guy casually recruiting for a dungeon run while being camped!)
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  19. Depends to be honest, questing takes roughly 2-3 days to get to level 90+ if your spending a good amount of time playing where as p-leveling takes around 3 hours to get to 80 which then doing the 80-90 quest lines get you to 92 in about 30mins to 1 hour. However questing is something you don't have to rely on others for and can be done solo.
  20. EXP/CP charms do not work on this server as the rates are already capped.
  21. AHAHAHA, stupid ass lipstick. I say that to @BananaHand all the time. Nice video guys. Maybe get more people to come and play and I will return.
  22. Well I'm saying if you're running with another character on taunt runs. AND skipping all the quests to take advantage of EXP/CP charms if you're doing so.
  23. No need for orange gear when you p-level. Do the Temple Knoght quests you get starting at 50 for weapons/armor. It will keep you going for a bit, and you get them every 10 levels until 80.
  24. Created an account just for this haha But here are my two cents for taunt plvlers orange gear is great! No durability loss and whatnot. Trophies to use that pretty much won't kill you at all is UB's ultimate core and Experiment #33 (or whatever it is in Occultus Pass lvl 80 trial). The temple knights ring that can heal you upon getting hit is also effective. However, if you plvl with mecha people often forget you can equip other things besides a gun, shields! Equip one of those shields that has a chance to either raise your defense or lower damage taken, the same applies to the rapiers. Personally I use the one over by Silver Needle. But what you can do with this combo is just stand there, and tank all of the mobs and have them close for the guy getting plvl'D to smack them all. Misses are natural so they should hit them twice (Important note is to snub them before they hit/entering combat so they don't get attention "malice") but after they hit everything equip whatever gun or weapon and kill them all haha. builds are great with the chest HP regen tower gem. Filled mine up. But that sums up most of what I wanted to say anyway, haha. Doing so can get me through everything but Kimbas room, lol so I guess lite from that point
  25. Anything that would allow you to AFK Farm/bot is not allowed to be used.
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