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  4. Hi Team!~ Daisuki here :) New to Nostale so please look after me~
    Here with my other half Shiro, we have played a few different MMOs and RPGs together but ima Nostale nab~ so don't judge me!
    I'm here if anyone wants a chat ~
    Have a lovely day everyone!!

  5. Can't wait for Monday~ <3

  6. It's the weekend....

    1. I have to work on Saturday, that's never fun

    2. Someone vandalised my van with a giant scratch, so yay $2500 of damage (yay for insurance)

    3. sewage system backed up in my basement and there's shit everywhere downstairs (once again yay for having insurance)



    1. Spherical


      wasn't me at pooped in your toilet and blocked it honest and the van damage you told me about, total bummer, shame about working but it pays the bills (if you can call playing games at work work) :P

  7. You can't make everyone happy, some people are just ungrateful.  



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