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    NosTale Vendetta is coming to VGN! It's been a long time since we announced a new game was in the works (about 10 months actually). But finally we can announce that NosTale is coming to VGN. NosTale was a game I played for a long time between 2004-2007 mainly and I loved every minute of it. I am happy to release this game on VGN and it's going to be great developing once again. NOTE: This is not our official announcement. We will be announcing the game closer to launch with pretty images and the usual. We're just informing our player base right now so they don't get confused with changes around the website. When will you be releasing? I am hoping to have the server online next week or even this week if things go to plan. Either way you guys can login and play NosTale within the next 14 days for sure! The launch however will be in a beta status (approximately 2-4 weeks long) this does mean we will be wiping after. That doesn't mean you guys shouldn't come and play. We are planning a reward service based on activity so the more you play the more cool perks you will receive once we actually launch. Alongside starter packs and basic beta pack we will be offering a lot of cool items for those who are being active. The system will become available on the website a little after we launch for beta so you can understand it more. Will you be hiring staff? We will 110% be hiring new staff. My experience with the games current status is not so good so having someone who knows the game more will be a big plus. We will be hiring during beta so we can start customizing the server for launch. Applications will not be available. We will be picking active players out during the beta who stand out with a nice attitude and show activity with helpful suggestions. Of course those players will be audited before we decide but the sooner we find people the better. Is this another emulator? Hell NO! This is the real deal. This is the real files there will be no incomplete emulator services here we are offering the game like it is on official. Fully working skills, services, dungeons, raids and everything else. This does not mean people should stop supporting the emulator servers they are doing a great job and we do not want to be treading on peoples feet we are simply here to bring a new server to our network and of a game standard I love. What content are we to expect? VGN has always thrived on custom content. Check out our EE, SB and TS server all of which are doing perfectly fine and in their own direction. We listen to the communities input and we execute what we agree on. You're more than welcome to submit as many suggestions as you want and we can meet in the middle. Official is very P2W will it be the same here? As stated above all suggestions are welcome and we will do everything we can to ensure there is no heavy p2w content. If there is we will make sure players get an equal chance in obtaining. We like to keep everyone on the same level. Donators are more than welcome to spend their money but our focus is always gameplay. We believe that in all of our games and if you take a look there is a fine balance. Screenshots? We will be proving screenshots and such very soon over the coming week. This page is only an announcement to the VGN playerbase this is not a public announcement as of now. I hope this news comes well to many and I can't wait to begin launching this game and getting in game with you all! Thanks!
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    General Changes: Removed the bonus Elemental damage from "BlisterBreeze's Synthesis Ring" & "Luisaka's Swiftness Ring" to fix the persistant bugs these items have. Added Power Scroll Lv100 & Guard Scroll Lv100 to the arcane box. Increased the EXP and CP gained in the Frog & Worm zone of Dimension of Souls to make running these area's better. Added level 90 Temple Knight Sets. Added "Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Prime)" & "Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary)" to the archive. Balancing Changes: Darkness Blade skills "Imprisoned Magic Cut", "Demon Magic Cut", "Dark Magic Cut" and "Broken Magic Cut" have all had their base range cut in half. (This will make the buffed range shorter too) Darkness Blade skill "Magic Sword Stance" has had its mana cost increased from 1% to 3%. Holy Blade skill "Destructive Leap" only allows one skill to be cast at 200% damage instead of two. Darkness Blade and Holy Blade skills have had their base skill M-ATTACK lower to be a bit more reasonable compared to the other classes. Bug Fixes: Dragon Emperor skill "Dragon Emperor Slash" no longer effects boss monsters. Holy Blade skill "Dark Night Dance" now only removes 1 buff per second instead of 10 buffs per second. Fixed translation error with Dragon Soul class talent "Dragon Bonds". Fixed the stacking issue of two Luminary Awaken class talents so that they stack 10 times instead of 2 times: "Imprisoned Spirit" "Demon Spirit" "Dark Spirit" "Broken Spirit" "Holy Grace" "Shelter of Light" "Attack led by God" "No punishment for the strong" "Holy Slash" "Madness" "Twilight of the Gods" "Never Regret" The Sheep set of luna rocks no longer stack with all the other luna rocks. The Battlemounts converted in the last patch no longer can be used while in combat. Fixed the Int given on the "Oblivion Glyph" to the correct amount. The White and Alpha level 95 gathering tools are now untradable. The level 95 maces have been given the correct PATTACK and MATTACK stats. Fixed the game issue with the Zumi Racial items "Super Speed Device", "Vitality Enhancer" and "Light Beam Gun". Fixed worm immunity preventing you from transforming on Druid and Dragon Emperor. Fixed the text for Oberon Set to include Sword and Rapier. Fixed "Dragon's Treasure: Tarragon Horns (Legendary)" for Human Males and Halfkins. Changed the 3 Day Shadow Kitty to permenant.
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    Hi Gm Bash n.n, Idk if u remember my Topic "Custom VGN Dungeon (With NPCs)", thanks for answered btw, well i bring to you an idea that u can implement in some way, its a VGN Custom Dungeon: VGN God Mode. Now the players of VGN Twin Saga can be part of another adventure, in this case, a Really Hard Dungeon, the purpose? make another goal in the game for players that wants to be "Ultimate Players" or "VGN Legendary Players" or whatever can call it, anyway, only the best and full gear players will have a real hard challenge for doing with their friends, making more interesting the game when you already complete your gear and most of the achivements. Lets take a look. Dungeon: VGN God Mode. LVL for get in: 80 Char - 75 Class Modes: 3 Players (Its just an example, can be 5 like the others Dungs in the game) Notes: Like in the other topic, you can activate the dung talking to the NPC, The Dungeon can be open only 2 times in the day, and u can create an alert in the world chat. Now, if u can see the reward, its only 2 parts (Chest and Helmet, why? u can gain stats when you get these 2 parts like the others sets), 1 Weapon and 1 LP ticket of 5000. Rewards in the Dung: - VGN Legendary God Sword (example image) - VGN Legendary God Helmet - VGN Legendary God Chest - 5000 Loyalty Points Note: The Sword must be special (like the others parts) made by VGN GMs, with special stats as u can see (of course you know of this better than i, you can add better stats), and thats stats only can be provided by a Custom VGN Part. But this is not the only thing, you can enter in the Ranking with your friends and still Win something!! Well, but how looks the dung inside? The Dungeon can be in my opinion in 2 ways: 1. Like God Palace Dungeon, where u only have to wait the boss make a dramatic entrance. 2. Like Dungeons with floors, every floor, a new Boss. (but the bosses in the dung are not like the others, more floors more dificult?..No they arent. Please keep reading n.n) Let me introduce the Bosses of the VGN God Mode Dungeon Bosses (Senshis 4 Stars lvl): Claire - Natasha - Luna - Alice - Gaia - Sakura - Aryn - Kyi - Lena - Eve (not in this order, can be other) This is not only a fight with a senshi for their contracts, nonono this is all or nothing, if u want and great piece of gear made by VGN GM's, you will have to fight to the dead with the Senshis at 4 Stars and their ultimate attacks at that lvl. (of course the senshis needs adjudments in stats and other things like their ultimate habilities for this fight, things that the GMs knows better). Well, I hope u like the challenges like me n.n, anyway this is just an idea and anybody can do it better. PD. Remember its Just a Comment (and Sry for my english im from other country) (the images are manipulated with photoshop, Not are from other server)
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    Simulator Link I've finally updated the simulator to include values for all skills of every class. As before: automatic skill point calculation full list of puzzles and quests share builds with a generated link live damage calculation Now with: all damage, cost, cooldown values and requirements for every single skill How to use it: levelling a skill: you can either click on one of the '+' and '-' buttons or use the mouse wheel over a skill icon in the tree to add and remove points share a build: click on "save build" and copy the link in your address bar
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    Just a small change in plans regarding the launch date. I totally forgot I have plans near the end of this week which will see me away from Thursday till Monday so I am going to push the launch of NosTale back till 1st May Monday (1 week today). I don't feel comfortable launching a game and spending half of the first week away. Hope you all understand thanks!
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    I'd like to formally welcome all of our new staff! I'm extremely excited to work with these guys as I hope they will help better the already existing team. The new Scarlet Blade Game Sages are as follows: GabrielIa Limeox Fappuccino Spherical Bikini Scorpion PeepingTom Sardonic* Note: Some of these staff members may be faction changing in order to help fill both Royal Guard and Free Knight spots. *This is also not the Sardonic that recently stepped down BananaHands has decided to take a more background role and will help plan and do patches alongside me. Though he may not be as active in-game, he is still considered a Game Sage. _Lilith_, one of the original Game Sages for Eden Eternal has been rehired and will join the already existing Eden Eternal staff. Solutions, originally a past Eden Eternal Game Sage (also known as Infiniti) has been rehired for Twin Saga and will join the already existing Twin Saga staff. Please be kind and help me welcome all the new additions to the VGN staff!
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    Hey Guys! Scarlet Blade is in dire need of a new machine. The current one we use is not performing well anymore so I think it's best we order a new machine. I have ordered the new machine and just waiting for it to be delivered. If it is delivered early enough today I will set everything up and move us over. The downtime will be no more than an hour I will prepare everything beforehand so the switch does not take very long. The new hardware I have ordered is a massive improvement so expect performance improvements in game. Thanks
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    Player online count has increased by a lot as of late this is good news guys I am glad we are getting players back. I will begin working again on the server at the end of the month and I hope to bring a patch asap for the game with a lot of changes so again thank you for the support!
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    The fact you use the name "coder" puts you in no position to judge my knowledge haha. BTW when does your comment have anything to do with management of an issue? You have to be able to "code" to know the difference? Because all I am seeing is a bunch of babies crying that they're getting their ass kicked so are now resulting in trying to get people banned. Get over yourself and accept you suck at a game made back in 2005. So instead of trying to get people banned and proving a point why don't you and your little posse put some of that effort and communicate with us and explain the bug so we can fix it? You know the same way only ONE of you reported Thunderella? If one bit of evidence sufficed all the time we'd all be fucked in court wouldn't we? But no go run back in your corner talk a little more then show your face again with irrelevant rabble.
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    Fantasy Star as seen on the TW Server : Note: I am not the owner of this video, credit goes to the uploader. Have problems viewing the video here on the forums? Here's the direct link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZVsQlBPcM0
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    Patch Notes: Major Changes Added 4 new trial dungeons (Trial: Desert Canyon, Trial: Entrancing Courtyard, Trial: Crystal City and Trial: Haven of Oblivion). Portal can be found in Acardia X391, Y520. Added 4 World Boss remakes that appear in each of the Trials upon completion. Added 3 new level 80 Gold Weapons. Added 3 new level 80 Gold Armor Sets. Added 8 new trinkets (4 Orange, 4 Gold). Minor Changes Added "Testing Dummy" to the Loft area of the Teracottage. Changed the cast time of "Resurrection" to improve the quality of the skill. Increased the amount of runs of Entrancing Courtyard(Party) to 3 runs and lowered the reset time to 4hours instead of 6hours. Increased the amount of runs of Aquamarine Waterfall(Party) to 3 runs. Added 8 new Bashington Quests. Added the new gears to the Compendium Made some slight changes to "That Tahoua" and his reflect amount / duration to make him more fair. Bug Fixes Fixed the Battlefront quests so they now can be accepted. Applied the TW version of the Samurai Skill "swallowing slash" to fix the damage issues. Mounts Added Grassland Alpaca from Eden Eternal. Added Lime Fluff Alpaca from Eden Eternal. Added Cotton Candy Alpaca from Eden Eternal. Added Illusion Flame Dragon from Eden Eternal. Added Rubellite Wyvern from Eden Eternal. Added Sapphire Wyvern from Eden Eternal (Renamed). Added Shadow Dragon from Aura Kingdom. Added Glacial Dragon from Aura Kingdom. Added Divine Dragon from Aura Kingdom. Added Heavenly Silver Griffin from Aura Kingdom. Added Infernal Plum Griffin from Aura Kingdom. Added Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion from Aura Kingdom. Have a wonderful day from the Vendetta Team!
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    Hi GM, I would like to suggest whether the number of CP hypovial stack increase from the current 50? Thank you. Melonade (Royal Guard)
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    Bosses, their order and skills. Note: More info regarding bosses will be added in time. What is currently provided is based on my own personal experience. I suggest using the "Hide All Players" option on the mini-map to minimize amount of lag you may experience. DeLong & Bello; Double boss power! They must both be killed to summon a single hihou. Dinosaur-lizard things that spawns ice everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They are first bosses and spawns really close to the entrance should you die. There are no other notable skills other than ice spam worse than Mei's buffed ult. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/3bbX3LW.jpg My thanks to Taco for the screenshot. Rocker; Notable skills includes a knock back but otherwise, he is nothing special. Destroy their lives like no tomorrow for impeding your quest. Don't forget their hihou. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. OSPAR, Austin, Oscar; This is a triple boss threat and need to be killed at roughly the same time. If you do not, one will respawn a minute later, thus continuing the fight. Don't ask me why OSPAR alone has a name in all capitals, ask the translator who did that, why is this guy so special?! Despite being a triple threat, they still only drop a single hihou. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/rEcwUZR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/etm30ZA.jpg My thanks to Taco for the 2nd screenshot. Jester; Spawns in the same spot as the previous hihou and casts fire on the floor. He can also transform you into bugs so beware! Note: If you step on these red and yellow auras, you can actually buff up the boss! Avoid at all costs! From what I've seen, you can debuff him as well with the same auras but the instructions are in very broken English and the instructions disappear fast. His hihou is special, it can drop the lv75 legendary weapon so if there is a need to use a charm in this instance, it’s for this hihou. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/COTBsBs.jpg My thanks to Taco for the screenshot. Follow the arrows! You will go through a blue light which then teleports you to the next section. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/VdKjkfe.jpg Ou Mula; This boss is special, he shows up to spawn a bunch of birds and other monsters then disappears for a while. The monsters’ skills are very graphic intense which can cause heavy lag and you may die often if you're not geared enough. They don't care how many skills are casted, they will all lap over each other so it's sometimes hard to avoid all the skills. In a sense, this can be a mini-game in itself. Haha, good luck! Fret not, the start point is not closed during this, the timer for starting points begin with the first hit on whatever boss. After bird genocide, make fried chicken, have a nice dinner and you’ll spawn Ou Mula. His attacks are nothing special, just lots of skill spamming. Just like his pet chickens. Note: There will be warnings of destroying an egg before they mature as you begin killing the monsters that Ou Mula spawns. Just ignore this until you get to "Fantasy Egg / WarCraft". Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/4mwxTWK.jpg My thanks to Taco for the screenshot. “Mini Game” – the bridge; This section is a mini-game of some sort. You must get across the path by going from bubble to bubble. The bubble generates a shield around you to save you from a lightning-y death. Disable the certain death linear AoE by destroying the “Space Gun” at the end of the bridge. Note: You can somewhat speed up this process by being reckless/risky with the use of Move Speed buffs + Flip. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/lspnUht.png - the bubble bridge http://i.imgur.com/vomXzxn.jpg - the "Space Gun" My thanks to Taco for the screenshots. Mobs await you at the end of the bridge, killing them spawns the next boss. Ke Maier; After killing the mobs, he spawns. He has no notable skills but due to where he spawns, it is much more cramped and somewhat harder to avoid. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/S3AAQUQ.jpg - "AoE Spammage" http://i.imgur.com/wQXdY2R.jpg My thanks to Taco for the 2nd screenshot. Gus More; Nothing special about this boss other than he spews a deadly green gas everywhere. The gas is very easy to avoid so... Destroy him. Make him regret his actions. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. Fantasy Egg; / WarCraft; If you noticed text regarding a bug egg during Ou Mula’s section of the dungeon, it is referring to this. You need to destroy the egg before the timer ends, if you do not, it will spawn WarCraft. Upon Fantasy Egg’s destruction, it spawns this boss. Trace Bone; He spawns poisonous gas around the map. Find the these "water circles" on the ground, they purify the poison away. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/ehIVXwE.jpg My thanks to Taco for the screenshot. If you do not make it to the egg and destroy it in time, it spawns this boss. WarCraft; He is a brutal boss that spawns fire everywhere. He is very tanky in comparison to his Tracer Bone counterpart. This is because the Fantasy Egg has “matured”, thus making the upgrade to Tracer Bone. Regular “Dream Hihou” spawns after death. Cut scene ensues. If you have not seen it before, you cannot skip it. Note: If you are stuck in the cut scene, you will most likely die as the boss does not care and will begin to attack immediately. This is very unfortunate for new-comers but there is no way to avoid it. Buffy; He spawns fire everywhere and is very mobile. If you happen to be “on fire”, you can search for these “water circles” on the ground to purify it off. If you notice above your regular timer, there is another timer above it that is roughly 1 minute. This is a notifier of when Buffy does his room-wide fire aoe that could OHKO you. To avoid your possible impending death (because it can miss if you have enough 'Evasion'), stand inside these purple aura spheres that are located in the room. His hihou spawns behind the next boss's character model and is quite the distance away from the start point. If you die during this boss and cannot re-enter, make sure to prepare a range skill of any sort, as you may not be able to reach the hihou in time using melee skills before self-destruct. His hihou is special, it can drop the lv75 legendary weapon so if there is a need to use a charm in this instance, it’s for this hihou. Buffy – Stage 2; This guy is quite the jerk. DPSing him isn’t a problem… at first. But once he hits roughly 15% hp left, he will automatically trigger an HP-regen. 1% per second. It wouldn’t too hard if he didn’t do one specific thing… He runs away. And he runs far, far away. He does not even need a target to run away, he simply just flees whenever he wants, making it very difficult to continue dpsing him until he regenerates all of his health. There is no known way to stop the regen as it goes through any CC and is automatic. The only thing you can do is DPS him continuously through his regen until his death. Your best bet is to have everyone continuously stacking DoTs as well as heavy burst damage at the same time. However, it is extremely useful to save any CC for when he is below 20% to prevent him from running away during his regen, making the burst damage easier to deal. His hihou is special, it can drop the lv75 legendary weapon so if there is a need to use a charm in this instance, it’s for this hihou. Upon Buffy – Stage 2’s death, a blue portal spawns, allowing you to leave the dungeon. [/End dungeon.] Date of first successful run done on Twin Saga VGN : Sunday, October 9, 2016 @ the 7:00 entry time.
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    Hello, I was making a list of all ranks which you can get in game and finally managed to make it more user-friendly to be shown to everyone who might need that sort of information. Currently it is in a docx format file and can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwaYbjhomLI5a0VSVXA3eVBWUkU The HP bonuses covered in red are those which I'm not 100% certain yet. And there must be some more of those which i missed. Hope you will find it useful. Document will be updated when new info is arrived and checked. Edit: uncertain parts are resolved, added internal names for the ranks bonuses.
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    Hey Guys! From now until Monday 1st May anyone who posts a guide (showing images and descriptive information) will be rewarded 500 VGN Points per guide! Rules: We only accept 1 type of guide. Anyone who re-posts or does similar guides will be denied. (First come first serve). Do not reserve a thread or topic. Thread must be originally submitted with all the information already included. We do not accept reservations. To know your guide has been accepted by us, it will be replied by myself advising you to create a ticket for us so we can reward your account. You submit as many guides as you'd like, as long as your guide is useful to the community! Thank you to everyone in advance who submits guides!
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    There is no more guides about drop rate. I try to say you everything i remember here. Gears level 10 (weapon and knee guards with 3 good stats): last boss of Derelict Tunnel first floor. Gears level 11-15 (gloves, shoes and suit with 3 good stats): sub-boss of Derelict Tunnel second floor. Gears level 17-19 (bangle and helmet with good stats): last boss of Derelict tunnel second floor. Lingerie unsealer: Every world boss. Lingerie level 17: CX1-Destroyer (Enocia world boss), Devilkin Overlord (Mereholt world boss), Janus Towers. 5 stats weapon level 20: CX1-Destroyer, Drasilmarsh (mobs, first boss, Ogung). 4 stats knee guards level 20: CX1-Destroyer, Drasilmarsh (mobs, first boss, Ogung). 5 stats gloves level 21: CX1-Destroyer, Drasilmarsh (mobs, second boss, Ogung). rare trinket level 22: Drasilmarsh (mobs, first boss, Ogung), Caergate (mobs, Lector, Strider, Titan). 4 stats shoes level 23: Drasilmarsh (mobs in last floor, second boss), Caergate (Lector, Strider, Titan). rare earrings level 24: Drasilmarsh (mobs in last floor only). 4 stats suit level 25: Bitterstone Core (mobs, Thanatos, Mainframe). rare necklace level 26: Bitterstone Core (mobs, Azrael), Turnpike box. 4 stats bangle level 27: Bitterstone Core (mobs, Azrael, Mainframe). Lingerie level 27: Argos (Barbirion-Confessional world boss). rare ring level 28: Bitterstone Core (mobs, Harbinger). 4 stats helmet level 29: Bitterstone Core (mobs, Harbinger, Mainframe). unique weapon level 30: Devilkin Overlord, Titan, Helios, Rabid Dragon Sentry. unique knee guards level 30: Devilkin Overlord, Titan, Helios, Rabid Dragon Sentry. unique gloves level 31: Argos, Behemot, Rabid Dragon Sentry. rare trinket level 32: Viledon (everything), BloodSoul, Subterranean Factory mobs. unique shoes level 33: Argos, Behemot. rare earrings level 34: Subterranean Factory mobs level 33 only. unique suit level 35: Widowmaker (Barbirion world boss), Cairn, Vulcan (Ignis Vortex last boss). unique necklace level 36: Turnpike box only. unique bangle level 37: Widowmaker, Asmodeus, Vulcan. Lingerie level 37: Widowmaker, Catherine (Nemesis world boss). rare ring level 38: Subterranean Factory (mobs, second boss). unique helmet level 39: Widowmaker, Asmodeus, Vulcan. If I forgot something, say and I will add.
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    What is everybody's favorite dungeon? I'm curious.
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    Here is an image of me in game
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    Hi guys. Since I've been receiving some requests of converting prime and alpha items in legendaries I decided to create this post. You can still send me messages for it but you can also post your suggestions here. Make sure to put the correct item name and if it's prime,alpha or just white.
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    ingame name: Drakkar Prize request: Playboy Bunny costume (PU) and ears if possible Image Link, NC-17 Rating
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    Status: ONLINE The server is currently coming back online and you may now log in again. Astral Puzzle has been updated for this week. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. The Astral Puzzle will be changing with this maintenance Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    I think people have the wrong idea about what a GS is supposed to do. We are here for game support, either in game or on forums. There is no requirement on what we do in game. It doesn't matter what level we play at, if we only do PVE, or PVE or both. It doesn't matter what class we play. Our game play has no bearing on our role as a GS. I could stand still 24hrs a day, in game, and still be able to do my job as a GS by helping people with questions and stuff. Playing the game and being a GS are two separate things and some people fail to get that.
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    I am personally against a FC, and more for an attitude change of the playerbase i'm looking from a neutral perspective Idc who wins aslong as people get to fight each other and have fun(like last saturday there was nice pvp during the entire day)
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    No FC, create a toon on the RG side and use it when FK floods the bg of people. Aside from the helmet, bangle, and suit by way of gear, you can move all your top gear to a new RG toon, buy and Pet, level said pet, and well work from there. I am seeing a lot of FK newbies in the game. I help them how I can on the FK side, if RG too stingy to do that even when trying to build their character still that's their issue. my character I play isn't top and I have been slow at it because I do help others. I'd probably already be full uni rank 2 jewel sets if I didn't help these players, but I feel their success in the game can be my success as well as if they have fun I can have fun. Think about that and let that sink in, before you damage your faction by not helping those handicap due to their newbie status. However a word of warning to FK, slaughtering RG in a bg to the point that they just quit and don't return might be the reason for their failure to have numbers. But RG do need to understand that we are not going to just hand over a win because you want it. If you want a decent BG with numbers in the following bg's here's what to expect and maybe treat it different and it is only for lvl 50+ Siren - if you know you can easily wipe out the other side, start with the center boss for loot. Let them finish the 1st chest. Go take first chest and then return to center or the next chest if center boss didn't spawn. If they haven't taken the 2nd chest and you are way ahead so much so that their gain of 30 pts and your loss of 20pts still means you win, then let them take the 2nd chest. One needs to also understand that just because you are behind doesn't mean they should just hand over more points that may cause you to win, but if you are going to win anyway, let them loot as it makes them happy and you can just take center bosses and be happy. 2nd ark - the most pathetic wins are those where the you sit in your spawn area because you are 1 or 2 kills up. Get off that tower and not sit there for 5 min till bg is over and you get your dumb SG replicube as I hope you are cursed and get 1g orb for your boring, pathetic, method of winning a bg. Rant over on that. But here's the thing, bikes don't equal a win. Let them take their bikes if you can easily wipe them out, let them loot, and pvp begins. If it is so easy to win, tell a player or players to not go full on slaughter, but play as a handicap so they get their challenge and you can identify where you need to prefect when it comes to going up against fully geared players. soccer pitch - I have seen more RG do this and use guards as a means to do their damage but take the kill. It's a legit strategy though shows how pathetically geared you are doing so even if FK do so. But by way of the battle itself. if you are winning let the farmers farm, at this point they are there to farm and when they can't guess who doesn't go next bg? as both sides numbers will be down. If they are pvping for center ball the weaker side should understand they are probably going to lose it and waste time if they are there for loot. Note that if you want FC because of lack of people to join BG, a strategy to get them to join should be considered more than a slaughter win in the mean time while they consider opening FC.
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    Dont know if this was suggested or not, but the ability to be able to switch channels in zone maps. At the moment we can only switch channels in the main zone or world map (merida).
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    Neat. I do have a similar list and they seem to line up, except you missed 4th Order Neophyte (4 bars, 49300 RP, 100 HP) so all the others are off. I can make my list available if you need. Edit: I've also put the icons up a while ago here.
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    Well I was thinking of maybe doing an every 2 week rotation of a new dungeon so every 2 weeks a new dungeon is out and the other is closed and you can win new pieces of equipment depending on the dungeon.
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    What is Fantasy Star? It’s a 30 min instance where you kill bosses to steal their egg in hopes of obtaining shiny things like the 75 legendary weapon or the Energy Stars that are used to craft them. You can also earn lv73 legendary armor pieces as well as Star Points which are necessary to purchase items from the Fantasy Star battlefield shop. Note: You must be level 70 or higher to queue/join. How to enter? You enter through queue in the battlefield. Monday, Tuesday : Closed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday : 7pm, 10pm Saturday, Sunday : 4pm, 7pm, 10pm These are server times so refer to the mini map in game. It takes a minimum of 10 people to enter and can have a max of 20 people in one instance. In the event that the instance is full, another 10 people would have to enter queue in hopes of opening another room. There are 2 different ways to queue in. First is "Guild Room Queue"; This is reserved for guild masters who can open their own instance. It is meant for keeping guildmates all in one room, instead of regular queue which can cause people to be put into different instances. What happens when the guild master opens the 'guild room' is that a list opens up that only guildmates can queue inside of. It shows who is coming, their class and what lvl they are. Upon reaching a minimum of 10 members in the list, the guild master can then start the queue. The instance will then open and if there is room, it will also pull people on the regular queue to fill the instance to 20. Guild master has no control over who will enter to fill in the empty spaces, if there are any. Second is "Regular" Queue; You cannot view who else is also in queue. You can only hope there is at least 10 people also in queue to start this instance. If by chance there is opening in a guild room queue that has created their own instance, you may enter this instance if there is free space. If they are full 20/20, you cannot enter and would have to rely on 10 people to make a different instance. The only guaranteed way to enter Fantasy Star is if you are in a guild that has successfully queued together. If you look at the video reference at the bottom of the guide @ 0:00, that is what the guild room queue looks like. It is a full 20/20. They get their own instance to themselves without interference of people in regular queue. What to expect: This ‘dungeon’ is divided into sections where you must kill the boss for each section before progressing on. In each section, you are given 1 minute to enter before the section is closed off. This mean whether you are enter the first time or die and respawn. If you do not enter before it is closed, you are blocked from entry until either the boss dies or everyone wipes. Timer starts from the first hit on each boss. Each section seems to have a gimmick of some sort and will be explained in the next post. Bosses do not drop items, the ‘hihou’-eggs that spawn after it, do. Be sure to hit them. You are given 30 minutes to complete the whole dungeon before being booted out. There are no time-extensions. The countdown starts as soon as the first person loads inside. If you disconnect any time during Fantasy Star, you can re-enter by joining the room unless it is full. Once the Fantasy Star queue ends, you gain a buff that does not allow you to enter another Fantasy Star until the next daily reset at 6am. This may change upon BaSH’s decision. At the Event of Death: Should you die, you may respawn back at the beginning. Instead of running all the way back to where you were, you may talk to the NPC "Transferred Point" and it will transport you to the next "Start Point". It also sells all the listed potions in the next section as well as regular HP potions. Fantasy Star Shop (Battlefield) : Accessed by the Battlefield option on the mini-map, you can buy items with the Star Points that are dropped in the dungeon. Energy Star Lucky Bag : 1500 pts (1-3 Energy Stars, guaranteed) Starstone Lucky Bag : 150 pts Star Pet Lucky Bag : 120 pts Primary Star Potion : 50 pts (+20k Max HP during Fantasy Star) Senior Star Potion : 100 pts (+40k Max HP during Fantasy Star) Primary Star Defense Potion : 50 pts (+8% Def during Fantasy Star) Senior Star Defense Potion : 100 pts (+16% Def during Fantasy Star) Buffy - Sid (Pet) : 10000 pts DeLong (Pet) : 10000 pts Rocky (Pet) : 10000 pts Mini Sid (Pet) : 4000 pts Mini DeLong (Pet) : 4000 pts Mini Rocky (Pet) : 4000 pts I wish I could contribute what the pets do or what's in the Starstone Lucky Bag but they are still in Chinese and need to be translated. For visual reference : http://i.imgur.com/dReBfn8.png Dream Hihou Drops : They are mysterious egg-shaped pinata-like chests that drop goodies that you may like, they spawn after each boss dies. They are immune to damage for a few seconds, allowing people who are there to hit then self-destruct on it's own. You do not get drops unless you have attacked the egg at least once. Bosses themselves do not drop any items, mobs can drop items occasionally. For Visual Reference : http://i.imgur.com/mlSBQtj.jpg My thanks to Taco for the screenshot Star Points : They are used for the shop inside Fantasy Star and the battlefield shop in the mini-map. Not to be confused with the Celestial Compendium currency. They drop in quantities of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000. They also have the chance to drop in "Astral Point Bag (Small / Large)". (10, 20, 50pts) I am unsure of why both large and small give the same amount, it may possibly be an error of some sort. Starstones : Epic : Lv70 Blue Diamond : +Def, +HP Lv70 Red Diamond : +Crit, +Atk Legendary : Lv75 Yellow Trigon : +Def, +Atk Etc drops : Gear Evolution Scroll (bound) ; Accessory Evolution Scroll (bound) Green rank, Acc scrolls drop really often here. Heavenly, Morningstar Blue materials; usage is currently unknown(?) Energy Star Used for crafting the Legendary gear found in Fantasy Star. Star Points (50,100pts) Celestial Compendium currency. Regen. Potion Loot Charms (I, II) Weapons & Armor : Sid's Dominance (Gloves) : 5 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Hand Armor Chest Sid's Nightmare (Belt) : 4 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Waist Armor Chest Sid's Destructive Trample (Boots) : 4 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Leg Armor Chest Jester's Memories (Gloves) : 5 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Hand Armor Chest Jester's Bind (Belt) : 4 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Waist Armor Chest Jester's Firm Steps (Boots) : 4 Energy Star + 400g or Lv73 Legendary Leg Armor Chest Star Field of Force (Weapon) : 9 Energy Star + 1200g or Lv75 Legendary Astral Weapon Chest Weapons can only be found in specific Dream Hihou, spawned by Jester, Buffy, Buffy-2nd stage. Force of a Star (Weapon) : 9 Energy Star + 1200g or Lv75 Legendary Astral Weapon Chest Weapons can only be found in specific Dream Hihou, spawned by Jester, Buffy, Buffy-2nd stage. Any data regarding the upper half of these sets would be greatly appreciated as they do not seem to be in the crafting table nor seen inside the dungeon. It is questionable if it even exists but I would not worry about it as Lv78 Legendary Armor exists in the game and is easily more accessible and some pieces are sold frequently to the community. Personal Advice : Gather a party before entering to begin the dungeon faster. Waiting for people to form parties in the dungeon wastes precious time. Use lucky badges and loot charms throughout the dungeon. Lucky badges especially as it increases the chance of getting higher amounts of Star Points. Loot Charms work only on the Hihou but which # is dependent on what you wish to use. I suggest saving your Loot Charm Vs on the special hihou that drops the weapon box though you may use them on regular hihou as well. Star Points are given throughout the dungeon and are best saved for the “Energy Star Lucky Bags”. They guarantee at least 1 Energy Star with a possible max of 3 per grab bag. You need 9 Energy Stars to craft the lv75 legendary weapon plus 1.2k gold to craft. You can craft the weapon inside your terracottage : workshop @ your crafting table. If you lag a lot or freeze, turn off the following: Mini-map > Hide All Players. Note: This does not hide your party members, which I think is a good thing. System settings > Environment > Special Effects > Hide Friendly System settings > Gameplay > Combat > Other's Floating Damage + Low Health Warning. I suggest taking off the warning due it possibly showing up far too often in FS, causing some lag/freezing. These settings are also very useful outside of Fantasy Star as well and can help you if you have troubles running the game. If you have a crappy pc, these settings help tremendously.
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    Getting Started: Chat Tabs Want to organize your chat box? Well feel free to do so! You might not know what types of chats there are though, so let me inform you! Say chat, Anything you say here will be broadcasted to those near you. [R] Whisper chat, You can whisper to another person in this chat. You two are the only ones that will be able to see this chat. [G] Guild chat, You can speak to your guildmates in this chat. Anyone in your guild can see this chat. [Y] Yell chat, Anyone in the same map as you can see this chat. [W] World chat- Everyone can see this chat, but you can only speak in this chat if you have a Megaphone. Each time you speak, a Megaphone is consumed. [T] Trade chat, If you want to buy or sell things, use this chat. It's purpose is used differently here, so it is more so like a Peer chat, really. Anyone can see this chat. You can start speaking in Trade chat once you hit level 20. With this in mind, please be respectful in public chats. If any GS or GM sees you harassing others in ANY chat, you can get in trouble. Just be responsible guys! You can also add tabs to your chat box by clicking the "+" sign. You can name it and enable and disable what chats you want to see. You also get a cute group of emote to choose from when you speak! You can either click on them to enter into the chat or follow the command when you hover over to enter it in chat!
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    Updated the list with Grand Savant info. Crazy numbers going on there.
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    Hello! In Nostale, the NPC who offers items that can recover HP or MP is Eva Energy. She offers a variety of goods, but in order to obtain Snack* or Food* that can recover a larger amount, you need to cook them via the "Small Campfire" or "Big Campfire" - both of which are being sold by Eva Energy for 5k gold and 10k gold respectively. Both of them last 3 minutes, unfortunately the items required to craft them is not provided or listed until you set the fire up, so as not to waste time or the campfire, this guide will list all the required items to craft the specific snack or food and where to find them. Note: In Nostale there are two types of recovery items: Snack: usable in combat, but does not recover large amounts of HP and/or MP Food: can only be used while seated, can recover larger amounts of HP and/or MP Small Campfire A. (1pc) Fruit Pie - regenerate 400 SP, must be seated - (3pcs) Fruit - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (5pcs) Sweet syrup - sold by Eva Energy for 200 gold each B. (50pcs) Well being Sandwich - regenerates 400 HP and 400 MP. - (3pcs) Vegetable - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (10pcs) Mysterious Condiment - sold by Eva Energy for 750 gold each C. (30pcs) Barbecue - regenerates 1500 HP and 1500 MP, must be seated - (3pcs) Meat - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (18pcs) Mysterious Condiment - sold by Eva Energy for 750 gold each Big Campfire A. (1pc) Fruit Omelette - regenerate 1500 SP, must be seated - (5pcs) Fruit - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (1pc) Mysterious Water - obtained from any mob - (5pcs) Sweet syrup - sold by Eva Energy for 200 gold each B. (50pcs) Hamburger - regenerates 500 HP and 500 MP. - (5pcs) Vegetable - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (5pcs) Cereals - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (12pcs) Mysterious Condiment - sold by Eva Energy for 750 gold each C. (30pcs) Steak - regenerates 2000 HP and 2000 MP, must be seated - (5pcs) Meat - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (5pcs) Seafood - obtained from any mob excluding those from Act 4 - (22pcs) Mysterious Condiment - sold by Eva Energy for 750 gold each 5 "mixed seafood"
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    Please place all submissions in this thread. You can view the original event thread here: Be sure to include your in-game name and requested prizes with your reply!
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    Hi All, as you may or may not yet be aware there were some new additions to the GS Team today and I am proud to say I am now one of them and congratulations to the others who were also successful. If you need to see who your GS's are then the full listing for all the games can be found here - http://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/staff/ and the new ones as per Vivi's post here - http://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/1497-new-staff/ If you need to get hold of me here is a wee list of some of the toons I play on a regular basis but you can always just shout for help in game or in the shoutbox, I'm the one who tends to "Moo" a lot. On the Free Knights side here are my toons I might be on if not on my main (All are "TopArkana" guild) - 50-59 Spherical (main) lvl 59 Medic, MisChief lvl 59 Whipper 30-39 MissChief ME, FelineClawz SW, WhippyBewbs WH 20-29 (don't play these much) SlasherBruce CB, MrLongShlong CB, DizzyMoo WH, MiniMoo ME On the RG side (might be used for events on RG side) 39 at the moment but working on it - IGN Moo lvl 39 medic "Moo" Guild as i say a shout in chat in game or in shoutbox should grab my attention but if you see any of these characters don't be scared to say hello. my real name is Terry but I also answer to Moo have fun and give me a shout if you need help with something, I don't claim to know everything but I should be able to get hold of someone who does know if I dont.
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    Mechs for all classes are included: 17 magic 20 rare 50 rare 50 unique Also included: Asherah Cyclops Ogung Hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) if it doesn't work.
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    Basic rates such as exp, fame, gold and drop have only been increased so far. A lot of these are decent suggestions which could be explained more here: http://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/51-suggestions/ I believe act 6 part 2 is available but I could be wrong. The files I am working on are from January 2017. As stated above only minor changes have been applied to the game atm. My main focus for the first week to 2 weeks is stability and ironing out any of the bugs/exploits that ruin the fun in the game. Afterwards based on peoples suggestions I will act on the changes. Main reason I am wanting some staff during the launch is to aid with the ideas it's been a long time since I've played so a lot has changed. My opinion on the game is based off of 2006 it's now 2017 so you understand lol.
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    lol...some...8000 HP is just some?
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    Yes you can get your own pet chicken :v you even get it for free in a quest line.
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    As Doper explained, it is fairly straightforward. Create an account at Pixel Game Cards, buy about 10 Euros worth, at which point you will receive a code from PGCs at their website on your account. Take that to the "Donate" Page here on Vendetta, log in, enter the code and you will receive credit in-game. Get a pet and the 3 packs of Backpacks and Warehouses. Save one of each of those 6 items for your future use and sell the other 4 for pretty good gold, about 8-10,000 Gold dpending on the market and your patience. As a small, private server, free points would not likely work well, I would think. If you have plenty of money, go for it, otherwise I would say to play the game a bit, check out the classes, factions, before buying. As a tech tip, if you are logged in-game and you tab to a browser window to buy and redeem your in-game webstore points, the points may not show up until you log off and relog into the game. Otherwise it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.
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    well as some of you may or may not know I thought i would try my luck and apply for a GS position, i have done it in the past for another game ith another company and would like to think that i am one of the "fair" players in the game, I have friends on both Rg and FK side, and although fk is my main concentration, I don't really see it as fk v rg but more player versus player and there are nice people on both sides even though i will try and kill them "in a virtual sense" if i am in a battleground with them, I like to treat people as i would like to be treated myself. they may be on an opposing team but at the end of the day you guys need to realise that there is a real person playing the game whether rg or fk and for the game to progress maybe some leeway should be considered instead of all the flaming. as a result i have been doing a wee bit of work on my baby rg toon, I dont think that it would make a major difference to the game in all reality unless i take it to the higher levels, but i think that at the moment rg need some help, although my toon is a baby at the moment on rg side i do aim to "eventually" take it 50+ but i am not going to rush it, and after all i am not really considered as one of the top players so what i do in the background might be pretty insignificant to some but i did state in my application that i was NOT prepared to faction change my current high level fk toon, i would rather make a new toon for this. anyways i might not be successful in my application but if i am, please be aware that im not being a traitor by making a rg toon but i am interested in prolonging the life of the game. sorry for the wall of text and hopefully i will hear something soon and good luck to all the other GS applicants
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    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=378168702583961&set=gm.1692073880820634&type=3 IGN: Spektar Prize: Safeguard
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    how about letting us take X number of bad luck orbs and craft a safeguard replicube
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    Whatever level you are at, you should always try to get the gear for that area: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59. The base gear is free but not great. You are much better off scrounging for Rares and enhancing to +6 or +7 up to Level 39. Enhancement to +7 is MOSTLY successful. At Level 40 you will get good free UNIQUE Kneeguards, Weapon, Gloves and Shoes from Idel in Enocia Base. Idel also gives Experience Boosts, 3 per day. Save the 1000% Boosts for end game. You will get 700%s at Levels 30-39 and 500% Boosts at Levels 40-49 AND 1000% Boosts at Levels 50-52 again. The Uniques from Idel, enhance as high as you can afford and farm for the Zeta L45 Suit, L47 Bangle and L49 Helmet as you level up. In any case, replace that base gear as soon as possible. As to accessories, they are really hard to get so do not feel too bad if they are weak now. Shoot for all Rares by the Level 40-49 area. Try for Uniques in the Level 50-59 areas. Now if you are a 24/7 farming machine or can afford to buy things from the in-game store that will accelerate all of this...
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    Stop with the flaming on one another or this thread gets closed.
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    actually this is what FKs do in "RG timezone" show up when RG are not here, im wondering where that shitload of fk come from, since few weeks, considering that we use to have like 10-20% fk the whole RG time zone and now its an army that come from nowhere, so the comments about RG this, RG that.... you guys do the same shits except a little group( ascension) that pvp in any situation, and have the decence to leave the zerg when it happen. FC if you want or not, if fc happen, 90% of fk will hide, if not 90% rg will hide . its a fact 99% of the SB communauty are looters both sides maybe less trash talk and wrath to each others and we can start to do something interesting in that game , no need to upset people with useless comments about what's wrong RG or FK do, it not gonna fix anything.
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    You cannot expect people to be your punching bag forever. The way you guys are treating each other I've seen and heard of factions who have equal numbers when fighting and one faction will sit it out until they outnumber them. You have no reason to complain about PVP when this is the kind of attitude shown towards it. People don't enjoy that if you want equality in pvp you need to stop just trying to get the leg over the situation and accept losing from time to time.
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    Time Manipulator I'm sorry but this post about Time Manipulator is completely untrue. If you play the class right the class can deal more damage than a gravity manipulator over a scale of time. Gravity Manipulator is a burst mage, it basically does all its damage in one strike then it has a cooling period before it can go again (roughly about 3-4 seconds with global cooldown's etc etc). Time Manipulator doesn't suffer from this and is 15 meter AOE, where as again Gravity Manipulator adds more cooldown and loses any access to its skill damage KP to make it AOE. This doesn't even begin to mention the fact that the classes AOE is a target spam-able with no cooldown, making the favorable CC trophies very good on this class, along with the class having a global buff making any kind of cast gear almost 100% proc chance (like awaken grimoire and awaken guitar). just going through your list: Time Freeze - this skill does not need -Ice resistance nor could you add it without removing the immobilize anyway. Time Freeze (stage 2) - the animation should be the same its just when you spam the key the first animation hasn't finished yet so you get an animation canceling effect. Time Deception - Yes because adding more CC to this class would be fair, i mean having the Frozen in Time status isn't enough already (interrupting casts, stopping people from running away etc) Time Hypnosis - Maybe in the future Fast Forward - This skill needs a duration buff not a cooldown buff, having awaken grim proc'd almost 100% of the time was one of the reasons this class can be as strong as it is, if you remove the cooldown people will just proc more and more gear making the class broken. Rewind - Again this skill has a HP drain for balancing reasons, if it didn't then the class gets what permanent AOE MP recovery while having an AOE +20 M-ATK with no draw backs (seems balanced). The class is used in PvP the only reason it isn't at the moment is because everyone's playing the new classes which I'm well aware that they're a little strong compared to previous classes. There is a reason the buff on the 95 Grimoire for this class was kinda lame and thats because of this reason exactly, classes that are already used a lot or are already strong got ok / average buffs while classes that are not used got decent / better buffs to try and make them more used in general. Just because a class doesn't have a 300% damage buff doesn't mean the class is weak at all, you should be looking at what the class has instead of what the class doesn't have if you wanna be good at it. As one of the first if not first person to main this class I should know exactly what this class can do, just saying. Deamon Summoner As you mentioned about their pets and stuff this class will be looked into as a whole with the other summon classes to make a balance between them all. So i will not comment about your suggestions yet as I'm still deciding whats the best way i could tackle these types of classes as a whole.
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    If you are ever having connectivity issues with our DNS it would be wise to follow this guide. NOTE: This guide does not work every time it can take up to 48 hours for a DNS to propagate so please do not assume it will work every time. Open your website browser and reset your web cache (you can do so depending on your browser by entering options and clearing all your history/password etc). Open your command prompt using administrator (right click open as admin). Enter the following information ipconfig /flushdns If you have done so correctly a message will appear advising you so. Hopefully this helps you guys out if we ever require changes to our DNS and for the process to hurry itself a long a little. Thank you
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    Note: My english is not that good, I will do my best. Also, due to that, It will have less personal comments than the spanish version. With this guide, we can beat the hardest dungeons in the game without help, including those: - Desert Canyon (party) - Metarealm: City of flames (party) - Aquamarine Waterfall (party) The prerequisite is being level 80. If you are not that level, start leveling first. I highly recommend samurai because currently is one of the best classes, with balanced stats in everything. You can also use this guide to build paladin or other physical classes. ARMOR There are two level 78 armors, draconian warrior and draconian protector, which I will call them red and green respectively. In this guide we will use draconian warrior. Basically with that one we can max evasion and critical rate without using a single starstone of those. Also, red armor gives us critical dmg, a very important stat for this build. A tip: enhance first everything to +30 and then the top armor to +50, is the most important piece because it grants defense. WEAPON We will use Sacred Force level 65. This weapon allows us to heal while atacking and while is better agains large group of monsters, it's also good against bosses. There's a better weapon called Star Force level 75. Sadly we can't farm that one without going to Fantasy Star and we need to go a couple of times, so meanwhile we need to use the lvl 65 one. ACCESORIES Both sets are good. On one side we have Luka which improves defenses and on the other hand we have Nutelia which improves our ofense. I would recommend Luka, however its buff is very poor, so you can decide which one to wear. Take in account that if you enhance both sets to +50, Luka lowers incoming damage by 15% meanwhile Nutelia gives 22,5% crit dmg and 6% dmg against bosses. TRINKETS In this game trinkets are very bad, luckily there are some good ones in dragon abeyance. I recommend Olaf's emblem of cruelty and Demir's soul orb. When crafted, they will appear with random stats. I recommend those two because they give 10% crit dmg and 5% dmg against boss and some atk. If you compare them with other trinkets they are better. Recommended stats: Atk +3% / Def +3% STARSTONES This is the interesting part of the guide. I will give 2 options, A and B. If you can't access to option A (which is the better) go with B. To get the desired effects you need to waste 25 gold per try in the NPC bash (terracota) Red Trigon (attack) Option A: Metarealm Sky Tower (party) Option B: Metarealm Catedral infernal (party) Primary effect: Attack Secondary effect: +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Red Diamond (attack) Option A: Fantasy star Option B: Catedral infernal Primary effect: Attack Secondary effect: +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Red Orb (attack) Unique Option : Drops from a lot of places since its the lvl 73 rank blue orb. Primary effect: Attack Secondary effect: +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Red Ancient (attack+crit) Unique Option : Metarealm city of flames (solo/party) 5 glimmering shards + 250g Primary effect: Attack+Crit rate Secondary effect: +5% atk / +5% damage dealt to bosses / 10% chance to deal +50% damage Yellow Trigon (defense) Option A: Fantasy star Option B: Metarealm sky tower (party) Primary effect: Defense Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses / +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Yellow Diamond (defense+evasion) Unique Option : Metarealm city of flames (solo/party) Primary effect: Defense + Evasion Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses / +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Yellow Orb (defense) Option A: Sky tower (party) Option B: Star City (party) Primary effect: defense Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses / +3% atk / +3% damage dealt to bosses Yellow Ancient (attack+crit) Unique Option : Metarealm city of flames (solo/party) 5 glimmering shards + 250g Primary effect: Attack+Crit rate Secondary effect: +5% atk / +5% damage dealt to bosses / +5% def / -5% damage taken from bosses / All resistances +5% Blue Trigon (defense) Unique Option : 50.000 starpoints from blue book. Buy the lvl 65 one. Primary effect: Defense Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses Blue Diamond (defense) Option A: Fantasy Star Option B: Slient Hill, Elite Heracross Primary effect: Defense Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses Blue Orb (defense) Unique Option : Drops from a lot of places since its the lvl 73 rank blue orb. Primary effect: Defense Secondary effect: +3% def / -3% damage taken from bosses Blue Ancient (defense+HP) Unique Option : Metarealm city of flames (solo/party) 5 glimmering shards + 250g Primary effect: Defense+HP Secondary effect: +5% def / -5% damage taken from bosses / all stats +3% Green Trigon (defense) Option A: White Magic Research Office (party) Option B: White Magic Research Office (solo) Primary effect: Defense Green Diamond (defense) Opción A: Aquamarine Waterfall (party) Opción B: Aquamarine Waterfall (solo) Primary effect: Defense Green Orb (defense) Unique Option : City of flames (party) Primary effect: Defense Green Ancient (attack+crit) Unique Option : Metarealm city of flames (solo/party) 5 glimmering shards + 250g Primary effect: Attack+critical rate SENSHIS Sadly in this game is so hard to get different senshis without waiting for astral puzzle. You need to get 1 of each role listed here and raise them to 4 stars. Another thing, you can raise their stats further with some gems. Keep geting a bunch of gold since each gem costs 50g and you need like 50 for each senshi stat, its crazy. Priorize everything else before this. SLOT 1 (healer) Option A: Natasha (astral puzzle) Natasha is the best, she gives 2 of the most important stats (atk+def) and a skill that heals us for 5% of our atk for 9 seconds and 12% movespeed. Get her if you have the chance! Option B: Fina (do fina dailys in terracota) She is half as good as natasha, giving 0 defenses in exchange of haste (a bad stat for samurai) and arcane damage. She appears in this guide because she heals 4% of our atk for 9 seconds. Claire is not an option because it heals less and gives exactly the same stats. SLOT 2 (DPS boost) Note: still researching senshis to fit this role. Unique (?) option: Cherry (LP) The only reason to use cherry is because she helps us to reach 100% critical and gives that precious 15% crit dmg. Don't waste your time using her skill, it's useless except for luring. Make this senshi follow you, because she inflicts a debuff that inflicts +10% crit dmg. SLOT 3 (support) Unique option: Guo (LP) Guo is very helpful. First, she grants our best stats, atk+def. She also gives +5% dmg against bosses, and the best of all: she can "stun" normal monsters for 3 seconds. The utility of this skill is huge, specially in floor dungeons like aquamarine waterfalls. ENCHANTS Sadly enchant effects appear in chinese, you will need to discover them by checking your stats. You need to raise Gathering to high levels in order to make the best enchants (lvl 60 actually). Weapon: +X% melee damage dealt Helmet: chance to raise atk +X% / chance to raise def +X% Armor: -X% damage taken from bosses Waist: +X% damage dealt to bosses Gloves: +X CRIT DMG Boots: X% chance to lower enemies atk. Head Outfit: +X% move speed / +X% loot drop rate (if you use cleric/paladin frecuently, +X% healing) Body Outfit: Whathever you want, all of them gives a single resistance. Premium weapon: +5% damage dealt to bosses Premium back: +5% damage dealt to bosses Premium costume: -5% damage taken from bosses Premium face: -5% damage taken from bosses Premium head: +5% CRIT DMG STAT POTIONS (Opcional) This is optional, we can live without them... but they help a lot. Like with enchants, we need Gathering to high levels to craft better versions. - Evasion Potion: One of the best craftable potions since it grans a fixed % of evasion. The last one gives +20% so we can achieve 85% evasion (the cap) without using evasion starstones. - Critical Potion: Even if we have 100% chance, there are places where we will have 80-90% against specific bosses. In those situations we need to use this potion to get 5-10% more chance. - Haste Potion: Very good potion since it gives fixed % of haste. With samurai is not that good, but other classes really enjoy this potion, so use it frecuently. - Melee power potion IV: Raise some physical classes until you get enough Thrist of battle reputation. After that you can buy those potions in Arcadia for 5g / ea. They boost an incredible amount of 18% melee damage, but be careful since its a gold sink. - Vendetta Regeneration Potion: Can be bought from NPC bash for 1.5g / ea, but you probably used them to beat Nerokas back when you were leveling to 80. My only advice is don't abuse them. Good luck dropping and making LP!