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    As promised last week we said we will be delivering some previews of the upcoming patch 17 at EE Vendetta. I want to point out that no credit should be given towards myself this has been a solo effort from GM Jordan and he deserves all the credit for this excellent work. I will be joining at the end of the development stage to add certain stuff and help with map developments and such but expect some awesome things coming to this next patch! But for now enjoy the new class previews!
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    Sentimientos de un flan ¿Recuerdan ese sentimiento de cuando consiguieron el trofeo de Petra? Esa es la felicidad que experimento cada vez que te veo, ¿Recuerdan eso que sintieron al conseguir esa arma 120 que tanto buscaban? Eso fue lo que sentí al encontrarte, Debió ser mi poca eva o tu gran acc, Porque fácilmente flechaste mi corazón. Por esos días en el que el lag me abrumaba y no me abonaste, Por esos días en los que no tenía ni un g para cruzar el portal pandeo, Por eso y muchas cosas mas, Siempre serás la persona mas OP en mi corazón. IGN: Rafael Category: POEM
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    I'm not sure why I just saw this now, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it all. It means a lot to hear some people say it
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    We've had to schedule a hardware maintenance for our core machine and the only open slot is Wednesday 8th February 2017 so to avoid having 2 days worth of maintenance's we will be moving all maintenance for all games to tomorrow only. Altars, Mystery Boxes and Astral Puzzles will be updated tomorrow as well. Sorry for the small delay and I hope you understand the hardware maintenance is important for us. The downtime shouldn't be long it is only some extra hdd's being installed but we need it as it's getting clogged in there nowadays. Thanks!
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    ================== Hush, Hush My Love ================== Hush, hush my love, We can run away together. As the doves soar from above, Our love will last forever. No one will separate us, my dear. They can call us gay, spread envy and hate. We may not belong here, but do not fear, Let us elope and commence our fate. My heart and body now a wreck, Ending your life, infernal. As you slice your neck, Left alone in this world, eternal. I will see you soon so hush, hush my love; Our absence is short as I join you above. ================== IGN: Yumi Submission: Poem in Shakespearean format (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG) Picture: Photoshopped by me~ ==================
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    Just thought I'd say thanks for all your work. You have been one of the most dedicated GM's I have seen for this game in a very long time and very appreciated and respected. The only other GM of comparable nature was our much loved MamaHena From Aeria. Though I actually don't know what the other GM's do for this game, but I love the work you have done with increasing lvl cap, trying to fix bugs, and take on challenges of players complaints on my most hated topic of "balance", which I feel is started to be a curse word by now and should be prevented from being used. Just thought I'd add something positive to this forum since I mostly see negative complaints.
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    Hey, Sorry about the drama in my last post as it was not intended and pretty sure this post won't have any. I will highlight things so people don't just skim. SO, getting SGs is SUPER hard now as many people cannot get into bgs because not enough people sign up. I had a +10 bangle and since SG's are so hard to get and you have like a 1% chance of getting them from replicubes, I tried to enhance it without a SG and now it's +6. :D. I am wondering if we can recreate Hauler quest and Communication Tech quest with rewards of a one of those cubes you get when doing airfield quest and that stuff, plus a SG replicube in Amara. Maybe it will create some fun PvP without boss debuffs. Hauler and Communication still happens, just cannot receive the quest. Think about it, please~!
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    I'm in the process of remaking all the hauler quests and stuff in Amara. With over 200+ processes that I have to recode from scratch, it's not as simple and quick as I would like it to be.
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    Hi Gm Bash n.n, Idk if u remember my Topic "Custom VGN Dungeon (With NPCs)", thanks for answered btw, well i bring to you an idea that u can implement in some way, its a VGN Custom Dungeon: VGN God Mode. Now the players of VGN Twin Saga can be part of another adventure, in this case, a Really Hard Dungeon, the purpose? make another goal in the game for players that wants to be "Ultimate Players" or "VGN Legendary Players" or whatever can call it, anyway, only the best and full gear players will have a real hard challenge for doing with their friends, making more interesting the game when you already complete your gear and most of the achivements. Lets take a look. Dungeon: VGN God Mode. LVL for get in: 80 Char - 75 Class Modes: 3 Players (Its just an example, can be 5 like the others Dungs in the game) Notes: Like in the other topic, you can activate the dung talking to the NPC, The Dungeon can be open only 2 times in the day, and u can create an alert in the world chat. Now, if u can see the reward, its only 2 parts (Chest and Helmet, why? u can gain stats when you get these 2 parts like the others sets), 1 Weapon and 1 LP ticket of 5000. Rewards in the Dung: - VGN Legendary God Sword (example image) - VGN Legendary God Helmet - VGN Legendary God Chest - 5000 Loyalty Points Note: The Sword must be special (like the others parts) made by VGN GMs, with special stats as u can see (of course you know of this better than i, you can add better stats), and thats stats only can be provided by a Custom VGN Part. But this is not the only thing, you can enter in the Ranking with your friends and still Win something!! Well, but how looks the dung inside? The Dungeon can be in my opinion in 2 ways: 1. Like God Palace Dungeon, where u only have to wait the boss make a dramatic entrance. 2. Like Dungeons with floors, every floor, a new Boss. (but the bosses in the dung are not like the others, more floors more dificult?..No they arent. Please keep reading n.n) Let me introduce the Bosses of the VGN God Mode Dungeon Bosses (Senshis 4 Stars lvl): Claire - Natasha - Luna - Alice - Gaia - Sakura - Aryn - Kyi - Lena - Eve (not in this order, can be other) This is not only a fight with a senshi for their contracts, nonono this is all or nothing, if u want and great piece of gear made by VGN GM's, you will have to fight to the dead with the Senshis at 4 Stars and their ultimate attacks at that lvl. (of course the senshis needs adjudments in stats and other things like their ultimate habilities for this fight, things that the GMs knows better). Well, I hope u like the challenges like me n.n, anyway this is just an idea and anybody can do it better. PD. Remember its Just a Comment (and Sry for my english im from other country) (the images are manipulated with photoshop, Not are from other server)
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    Hi all, We've been receiving feedback for a while on our mystery box system so we've decided to change it up a little based off the feedback. What we have done is add a 100% reward system to the mystery box. What do you mean 100% Reward System? The 100% reward system works on the amount of boxes you have purchased. You can see an example below: You can see the "100% win count" and it's value being 34/70. What this means is when you reach 70 you will be guaranteed to win 100% one of the main prizes in the box you're opening. Do I have one number for all boxes? No each box has it's own counter so you will have to purchase for example x70 of that box to gain 100% chance of an item. What is your focus on this idea? The main focus of this idea is to address the whole "light at the end of the tunnel" as some players are not as fortunate in winning the prize. This can be discouraging for users as they may feel ripped off or even not want to support the server again because of this. What we aim for is to at least reward users lucky or unlucky as a thank you for purchasing the box over time. Does my box continue even though the box has ended? Yes if we were ever to re-release the box again your number will remain the same we will not modify or reset the numbers so if you opened only x amount and we re-released the box you could continue that number again. Can I choose my reward? Unfortunately we don't offer this feature but you do get one of the main prizes none of the common items so it can be bitter sweet for some users. How many boxes must I open before I win? As you can see on the image above the amount is displayed on that box. The number will vary depending on the items inside the box and the amount of items in the box. For example an item containing only 1 rare item will be a lot more than normal as there is only 1 rare item. But a box containing a lot of items will have less due to the fact there is a bigger pool of items. On average though each box will cost 13,390 VGN Points for a 100% reward which is almost $30 worth of VGN. Anyways, I hope this new feature is good news to some of you. We have listened to peoples concerns regarding the rates of the boxes and so on but we've attempted tampering with the system and the outcome makes the boxes and items feel less important given small upgrades make a big impact. The feature is however now live. Thank you and enjoy!
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    So we'd been wanting to download and play Scarlet Blade for a while now but by the time we finally got time for it Aeria Games had shut it down! Thank you to VendettaGN for giving us the opportunity to finally play it (in all its.. glory? LOL) I'm not sure how many people have created videos for Scarlet Blade in the past (or how many currently create content for it at all to be honest) - but we recorded our first experience over here: Hopefully that's allowed and you guys enjoy. :^) It was definitely.. a unique, very nipple filled experience for us haha. Regards, Stix.
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    Just a few preview images on what to expect with this upcoming patch! We're still busy translating and testing the content. We are waiting until we hire the new staff so they can assist with some extra content and custom changes. Expect new level cap, dungeons, maps, cosmetics, items and a revamped item mall/astral puzzle. Hope you like!
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    Remove 2 sec charge time from SE and PU mech skill , Extinction Event and Divine Justice 2 most useless skills in the game.
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    The Moon Shines, so bright... Yet there is a glimpse of Sorrow in my eyes. In this night,...I can see every stars shining together as if they are happy to be ~ Yet i can't see mine. And i miss you... But you do know one thing for real. That when my heart cries for you. My feelings are real for you. In the end the painful smile you bring to my face yet till now. I just can't deny it that,..I love you ^^ Category: Poem Ign: Vyzer
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    Dear X, Thousands of miles is what separates you and me. The barrier of tongues not arranging anything, we strive to understand. You tried to learn my mother tongue, it was touching, despite your difficulties. I see that you are sad. As your feelings evolved in love not to share ... But I can not make you happy ... Sorry I will always be grateful to you for all the help and attention you have given me. Despite your lonely side, you have always been there to support me. Despite my companion IRL, you have not changed, you stayed close to me, you stayed the same and I thank you. "X" I want to tell you that I love you even if it is not the "I love you" that you Aurai loved to hear, it remains a powerful feeling! " Your Aliice..... Category: a Story ING: Aliice
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    “Stolen” I saw you passed beside me My neck gently turned The reality stops for a second When you glanced at me I noticed that you are chasing someone Because you looked exhausted I felt that person is important to you I hoped that you'd make it But that is impossible Your feet versus his vehicle The perfect fable for the both of you is “The Hare and the Turtle” After a while you gave up, I followed you Your tears started to fall, I comforted you Then suddenly you became irritated, I asked you why? She said that her heart was taken by that guy IGN: Jaythefallen
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    Este poema é dedicado a Natacha, uma pessoa muito especial que conheci no jogo que mesmo com a dificuldade do idioma, fuso horário e brigas, é uma grande amiga. Titulo: A esperança de um tolo Está não é uma historia de amor mas uma historia de dor de um coração partido por um amor não correspondido. É possível mandar no coração? Para conseguir te dizer não Se teu simples sorriso, é suficiente para me manter vivo! Mas mesmo não me amando Viverei te esperando E quem sabe no fim Talvez, você goste de mim. By Cryska!
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    Further update it appears that the reason is due to the hardware not being delivered yet so it could be tomorrow if it arrives I hope!
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    Now ~ In life there'll be moments of happiness and moments of sadness. I'm no one to look forward to the future. I'm no one to know where the future will take me. I'm no one to know if you'd be with me, but for this moment, let's just hold on to this memory. Just love me with each and every moment that you're here. Don't ask me if the nights will be lonely and don't tell me you'll always love me. I don't want to hear any words that'll fly by like wind. I don't want to have to tell you this moment won't last forever. I only want to live this moment in silence, because I know this love won't be eternity. But for right now, let's not think about tomorrow, let's live for today. ~ IGN: Crush / Category: Poem Happy Valentines Days
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    That's not true tbh. If there's 2 bunkers, they will be 12 hours apart. RIght now there's one bunker at 12 PM EST/9 AM PDT (RGs hitting their peak at 35-40 players while fks get 20ish) and the other bunker will be at 12 AM EST/9 PM PDT. If I remember correctly, rgs start waking up and gets a decent amount of ppl even an hour or two prior to asmo while FKs would be reaching the end of their prime since most of us go to sleep. There's no way whatsoever that this will break any balance. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but RG turrets also occasionally bugs on Tuesday/Wednesday's AK so don't think RGs are the only one being disadvantaged in this, especially when it comes to drops. This argument of yours holds no water, it's dishonest and completely 1-sided.
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    i boycott cause bottom guy is back
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    Now that everyone is finally around, responded and ready to go, I'm happy to announce your new Twin Saga Game Sages: Chub Gungnir Mariowsp Merinori I'm happy to have brought them on board and I hope everyone will welcome them with open arms.
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    Unfortunately Bash had to run out due to some health concerns he was experiencing this morning. I do not know when he'll be back, so either maintenance will be late in the evening today or early tomorrow morning.
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    Hey guys, Cupid here a.k.a [GS]Mike =) i'll be hosting an event starting today and ending on February the 13th, the winners will be announced on Valentines day (Feb 14th) The event will be writing a poem or short story about love/romance/a couple or something of the sorts. Please no longer than 10 lines for the reader's sake and for your own. Rules: 1. No plagiarism of any kind, try to be unique and original. (No stealing from the internet) 2. Stick to the main focus ( Love ) try not to go off topic on random stuff, Heartbreak will be accepted, maybe a sad love story or breakup is fine too. 3. You're only allowed to submit a Poem OR a Story, you can't submit both 4. No posting in here unless it's your submission. Prizes: Winner will get any legendary of their choosing! Runner ups will get Eden Crystals. No anniversary items, no items that have never been released, some mystery box exclusives are excluded too. This includes Diamond altar exclusive items so if you pick one of these you will be asked to change. Goodluck People ~ Mike Winners: 1st Place. JayTheFallen (Legendary of your choosing) 2nd Place. Yummy (50 Eden Crystals) 3rd place. Nazgul (30 Eden Crystals) Runner ups: Trish, Alenda and Crush (20 Eden Crystals)
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    -¿You...don't...love me?- I tried to pronounce the words, confused by how they sounded, placed in that order. -No I looked her, without understanding anything. She stared back at me without regrets. Her eyes shined like Sapphires, hards, clear and deep. I felt like I fell into them and I couldn't find anything, in its depth, To counteract the word she had uttered. IGN:Deadpool Category:Story
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    Poema dedicado a una gata de mi sector :3 Simdy Llegaste a mi puerta de un lugar remoto quién pensaría que eso causaría un terremoto Pensábamos que eras tierna, tu lindo pelaje, como la nieve jugabas con los niños y conmigo en la plaza, esas noches que me visitabas unos de estos días se que te irás y mi corazón se marchitará... Pero está bien, supongo que es así la vida me gustaría tener un poquito más de ti cada día aún así, me da pena al recordar. Tus momentos eran como la droga, cada vez que pienso en ellos me ahogan dormida estabas sola, cada noche y a la hora Así que encuentra tu hogar pequeña, hasta pronto o hasta nunca. Category: Poem-Poema IGN : Nazgul
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    - Item mall FX enhancement glow colour change(FreeKnight +10 is red/+12 is pink // RoyalGuard +10 is blue/+12 is golden, would love to see more or change beetwen these if possible) - Item mall mech/cyberskin grafting tool - Item mall increases any bike top speed - Crafting tech make it possible to craft multiple <Powered Binding Stone> into <Binding Stone>
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    It's being worked on there's a lot I've had to aside of Twin Saga but the only patch work I've been doing is Twin Saga.
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    Along with the distance, the more you far away ,you make me feel like i want to come closer to you, every inch miles, makes me miss you and leave everything behind my back just to get closer to you, im not the only one i can reach to you, your in my dreams, your in my future, i can see you smiling everytime i write a song for you, a little story, not just that, im not a person who just wants you always, do you know how much i love you? do you know how much i care about you? do you know how much i spend my time with you? im the only 1 in this world that wants you in my life, in my heart, in my deepest heart, i dont' care what they say, they say nothing to us, they can't cut us our line off, it's only you and me can make this world happy, every moment of my life, i read this, and remember my heart, im always looking at you, your the only thing i have in this world nothing i have than you, I Love You The Most ~ For My Precious Heart <Fuyuka> Category: Story IGN: Mako
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    STATUS: ONLINE The server is currently coming back online. The crystal altar and gem altar have been updated. Thank you for your patience! Just to note: Since maintenance was done on a Friday, the altar will not change twice. This altar will remain till next Tuesday or till whenever the next maintenance will be. ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the servers. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. During this downtime, the Crystal Altar and Gem Altar will be changed. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    What if you don't have any friends like @Bikini?
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    Sorry about this guys but our hardware maintenance has been pushed to Friday. I have no idea why but they've asked for us to be around friday so I will push maintenance to friday sorry!
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    "Oh no Oh no.... I lost these very important items that are key to keep the server running. Man if the Boss finds out i'm in so much trouble I'd better find them" "*Spots you, a Arkana, Hey you ye you Arkana would you mind helping me finding the following items...." Hello guys and girls and anything in between, as you can see i'm holding an event. This time it's and Treasure hunt where you will have to find and link me specific items that I will ask for on the event day itself. (I will probaly also give some "reasoning" why we need that certain item.) Oh right i should also mention the event day and hour well it will be uhmm... *looks at script Yes Yes it will be this Sunday(9/02/17) 10 am to 12 am(Gmt +1 a.k.a. server time) and it will be coordinated by Gs Extinct(Fk) and again Extinct but then on his Rg char named BeaterAsuna(Rg) also GM Jordan will be there to make sure that there are no cheaterinos. It will be Rg first at 10 am, then it will be for Fk at 11 am Gmt +1, a.k.a server time. Now because those parts are so very important for the maintenance on the server. I will also reward the first person that finds the item and linked it to me. There will be a total of three items to be found per faction. Prize 1 and 2 are 3 day medalions Prize 3 is .... dam.. seems i spilled some coffee on the script well thats too bad seems I also don't have a copy of the script so you guys will just have to wait and see what it is. For each item there is one prize, the last prize is the best... ofcourse . Also don't forget if you already won something you cannot win again but feel free to keep playing. Have fun and don't forget be quiet against my Boss about this "little important item loss" don't want them to be unnecesarry mad at me. -- Extinct A.K.A Doper "You will need this a pirate once said"
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    So, As everyone knows each faction has a time zone. So, since there is ONE NB a day, most likely the one with the better timezone will win full stop. So, I recommend, two Nuclear Bunkers! It will be fair for the people whom do not have the timezone when NB starts normally. As we can already use AK as an example. Today it was 50 RG vs 33 FK to start with in AK. RG's timezone is early in the morning for me as my timezone and most AK time zone is for me is night time my time, same for many of my friends. People on FK normally have to wake up super early in the morning to go to FK on Saturdays and it's probably the same for RG on Wednesdays, but we each get a day where it works with our time zone. Another idea is, make one day NB morning (EST time zone) and make the next day NB evening or night time (EST time zone.) Who else would think NB twice a day would be a good idea or bad idea? Please comment below. : )
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    Nice that you gave your opinion whether you disagree with it or not along with reasons why which im not attacking you on at all but as Satana said (which I had to remind you about since you don't seem to get the point) we wanna keep on posting suggestions and stay on topic instead of a full on complaint prior to why its unbalanced like you had posted so you don't get warning points etc or any other drama thats all im saying lol and lets just stop arguing about this please ty
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    I honestly agree on making two NB's since it's not necessary one sided on which faction is going to get the most loot blah blah blah... rather it can help some people make it suitable for them to attend both times (regardless which side). Although if we really wanna encourage more people on both sides to attend it we need to make it have better drops like Daddy said so there can be more reasons to come. But I feel like we shouldn't quickly determine the outcome of it right away unless we see it happen ourselves and if it doesn't go out well then we can try the alternative suggestions and experiment which works the best and which doesn't.
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    no one asked you about that, keep your sarcasm to yourself. consider this your warning.
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    ¡ No te vayas ! Toma mi alma y desgárrala otra vez. Pero no te vayas... Toma mi corazón y hazlo trizas. Pero no te vayas... Ven y acuéstate conmigo una vez mas. Finjamos que todo esta bien y que el dolor se fue. Ven amor mio, quédate una vez mas y hazme sentir que este. No sera el final... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: Lenalee. Categoría: Poema.
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    Of all the thousands of words there are in this world, Only three can just barely scratch the surface of my love for you. I know that even this poem could not penetrate the surface, either, and yet I try. Such words are as they are, mere words, But some words can break through the surface. I want to make mine break through; To break through the barrier that hides your heart from me. And finally get to hear you say those three little words to me. | IGN: Tenshi | Category: Poem | H a p p y V a l e n t i n e ' s d a y !
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    Thanks for all the hardwork. @Jordan , @aSH, @Vivi. Keep it up o/
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    Aight. Ill wait for the application form. But can i still bite people ?
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    Get someone who played tw Im willing to be a hot
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    Even after so many discussion people still whine about same RG did this RG did that,,,for fck shake why even u dont see urself? No i iwl play with my alt lvl 29 where my friends at lvl cap getting rektd,,,,.Many Reasons are there Keyboard warriors have no work only to qq on forums to waste GM time to hink abt it....B4 patch how many FK showd up? NO ...but after patch they came like huge army....where were u?Daylight savings schoools? or some alts?Nah i just want to give GM headache to think if they dont do it our way...we go forums.....Best way ^....No grown up thinkers posting here .....Just making a Mes of all...
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    Then rg boycotted when Steve went back to fks, just endless cycle of people boycotting. Didnt realize he was the only member of curse to fc to help rgs.
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    If you need someone just pm me. Chub/Jii Enjoy playing VGN EE.
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    Accessory stats Please note all accessories crafted are NT Stats for craftable Rings: Stats for craftable Necklaces: Since Earrings display in game and Trinkets are abundant I've opted out of displaying them here. Enjoy~
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    Voice Your voice, my voice, will always resonate You and I, we share anything, everything I wonder if I can get used to seeing you, to seeing us You always make me bewildered You always make me excited Your voice, my voice, will travel everywhere You and I, we are two people in one I will deliver lots of feelings to your place, to our place I'll give you excitement today I'll give you countless miracle ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: Reina Category: Poem