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    Hello everyone it's been a while since I have given everyone an update on the status of the network and what the future holds. For those who do not know... we do this every now and again to keep everyone informed on our progression here at VGN. We like to keep everyone in the loop and we like to ensure we are transparent as possible when it comes to the future of our network. 9 Years May this year we will be celebrating 9 years of this network being alive. Wow 9 years eh!? It's been a long time since the days of "Perfect World version Vendetta". But anyways I will be designing events throughout May for us to celebrate 9 years of the network. We've had some great games here and some great communities and it's been a blast hosting a lot of the games. Of course we have the ups and downs but overall 9 years is a great milestone and I hope for many more to come! New Game We're hopeful to be announcing a new game coming to VGN in the next month. Yes it's the game some of you expect it to be it's nothing new to a surprise for some. [GM]Jordan The reason I am wanting to move onto more games is mainly due to the fact I am free of a lot of work now. GM Jordan has stepped in to be dev of Eden Eternal and Twin Saga which gives me a lot of free time. Of course I am still going to be a part of the patches for all of our games but a lot of the heavy lifting is now on Jordan so it gives me enough free time to look at progressing our network and building our community. People have asked me to involve more devs and with Vivi doing SB and now Jordan doing EE/TS it gives me enough space to focus on what matters. Thank you again for Jordan and Vivi stepping up and taking these roles. Twin Saga Twin Saga is now back on track and Jordan will be taking over the development of this game in April. We have a lot of custom content planned and just overall a lot of suggestions/QoL fixes we believe would improve the game. The new patch was launched yesterday and it has been great we've seen players return and the game is rebuilding just like we planned. Eden Eternal Eden's big patch is around the corner and boy are you guys in for a treat! Jordan has been working very hard on releasing a patch that he believes the community is going to love. It's taken him 2 months of hard work to get everyone done. The patch is currently undergoing testing with the support members and I hope to announce a date in the coming week. We do apologize for how long it has taken us for a patch considering the last big one was September but as you're all aware a lot has been going on in my personal life but everything is now back on track. Scarlet Blade We're currently looking into ways to progress Scarlet Blade. We are currently discussing class balancing and looking at more bugs. We're aware of certain glitches and we're looking to stomp them out. After EE patch is launched myself and Vivi will begin working on a new patch for SB which will include a lot of known bug fixes and some quality of life changes. As for a content patch. I do not know of any plans as of now but you guys will be the first to know when it does happen. If you have any suggestions on improving the game please do so via the suggestions section of the game related forum! Anyways thank you again for your time and I hope you all have a great weekend!
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    Major Changes: Added new awaken classes for "Dragon Knight" and "Luminary". Added new 5 player dungeon "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new 25 player raid "Dragon Slaying Expedition - Stormy Ridge". Added level 95 weapons to the previous level 95 trials. Added new awaken level 95 armors. Added new quests, used for obtaining the level 95 armors. Added new trophies that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new guild town statues that can be obtained from <Lost Spirit> Arvad in Aven. Added new special gems that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new racial crafting for level 95 (for all races). Added new gathering tools and gathered materials for level 95. Doubled all levels of class stress weekly performance (Allows all classes to gain more CCM) General Changes: Added level 95 crafting items (Essence, Stardust and Heart flame). Added several arcane box formulas. You can now re-roll DoD weapons for another chance at a different percentage. You can also re-roll level 95 weapons for another chance at a different percentage. Added new NPC in aven <Blueprint Seller> Elika who sells many different custom guild town merchants. Converted all missing prime star stones and luna rocks from legendary to prime. Added greatsword, Sword and Rapier to the Oberon 3 piece combination. Added level 95 gem formulas to the gem merchant. Added new Reaper Luna Rock's. Buffed movement speed on the Fantasy Dragon to legendary standard. Added Inquisitor path of destiny buff. Dimension of Souls bosses now give achievements and channel announcements when killed. Added more quests to <Soul Trader>Shyman for easier hand ins. Updated the Archive with all new gears, pets, costumes and mounts. Awaken Knight quest item can no longer be sold. Wedding items Extravagant Engagement Ring and Wedding Reception Coupon can now be discarded. Added 3 more honor titles (Ones that give stats without being worn) New Cosmetics Added! Head Gear Back Gear Body Gear Weapons Mounts Bug Fixes: Fixed several archive bugs. Fixed bug with Luisaka's Swift Ring. Fixed bug with Blisterbreeze's Sythesis Ring Fixed a small bug with custom bosses and auto pathing Fixed Damage scaling of Temple Warcry Gem Fixed buff of Holy - Guillaume's Soul Essence Fixed buff of Holy - Ram Blood's Goreclaw Fixed debuff of Oathblade necklace Fixed Awaken Blade Dancer's glyph icon. Fixed the class expertise of Assassin and Kage to give the right bonuses Fixed Luminary path of destiny buff's description and icon. Fixed portal bug in Valley of Kings to Wetlands. Fixed the tandem bug on the Ocean Fun Itasha mount Fixed the nameless pet Fox Spirit Inari Translated buff on the Royal Heart Palanquin mount. Fixed Typo's on the following: Balance Changes: Rifleteer skill "Holy - Illusory Phantom" now gives immunity Small Luminary changes to prevent it one hitting 100% of the time Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent skill fail Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent 60% damage reduction with no way of removing it Minor changes to both "Shake Sonar Study" and "Staggering Blow" certificate to make them more comparable (not one being better than the other in every way) Enjoy the patch everyone!
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    Here is a more direct set guide (in case this is what you are looking for): Great Elemental Guardian Set Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Great Elemental Guardian's Armor - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Great Elemental Guardian's Belt - Natalia (Graylin) Great Elemental Guardian's Gauntlets - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Great Elemental Guardian's Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater) Grim Bahemoth Set Grim Bahemoth's Helmet - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Grim Bahemoth's Armor - Yagi (Kahlo Tower), Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Grim Bahemoth's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Grim Bahemoth's Gauntlets - Forsinol (Graylin) Grim Bahemoth's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon Set Chaotic Dragon's Helmet - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon's Armor - bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower), Lino (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon's Belt - Taipan (Meteor Crater) Chaotic Dragon's Gloves - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Chaotic Dragon's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus Set Flame Cerberus's Hat - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Flame Cerberus's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Lino (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus's Belt - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus's Bracers - Natalia (Graylin) Flame Cerberus's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Wicked Necromancer Set Wicked Necromancer's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Wicked Necromancer's Gloves - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Leather Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater) Swift Hound Set Swift Hound's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Swift Hound's Brigandine - Aelius (Graylin), Luala (Meteor Crater) Swift Hound's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin) Swift Hound's Gloves - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Swift Hound's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Tempest Enchanter Set Tempest Enchanter's Crown - Aelius (Graylin) Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Tempest Enchanter's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Tempest Enchanter's Gloves - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Tempest Enchanter's Leather Boots - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Elemental Voodoo Set Elemental Voodoo Master's Hat - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Elemental Voodoo Master's Brigandine - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Elemental Voodoo Master's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Elemental Voodoo Master's Gloves - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Elemental Voodoo Master's Leather Boots - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Infernal Pyromancer Set Infernal Pyromancer's Crown - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Infernal Pyromancer's Robe - Aelius (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Infernal Pyromancer's Belt - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Infernal Pyromancer's Gloves - Natalia (Graylin) Infernal Pyromancer's Boots - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet Set Divine Prophet's Crown - bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet's Robe - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Divine Prophet's Belt - Aelius (Graylin) Divine Prophet's Gloves - bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet's Boots - Natalia (Graylin) Frost Spellbinder Set Frost Spellbinder's Crown - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Frost Spellbinder's Robe - bel-chandra(Kahlo Tower), Luala (Meteor Crater) Frost Spellbinder's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin) Frost Spellbinder's Gloves - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Frost Spellbinder's Boots - Forsinol (Graylin) Warrior Skull Smasher - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Fierce Impact - Natalia (Graylin) Warrior's Blade - Luala (Meteor Crater) Skull Cracker - Aelius (Graylin) Warrior's Soul - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Sword of the Forgotten - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Broken Blade - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Demon's Club - Seven (Kahlo tower) Knight Holy Knight's Blade - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Holy Knight's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar) Queen's Protector - Natalia (Graylin) Queen's Savior - Aelius (Graylin) Templar Templar's Justice - Forsinol (Graylin) Templar's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar) Great Blood Knight's Axe - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Great Blood Knight's Katana - Aelius (Graylin) Great Blood Knight's Spear - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Great Blood Knight's Sword - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Paladin's Protection - Meteor Crater (Taipan) Dragon Knight Ultimate Dragon Tamer - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Spear of the Dragon Hunter - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Spear of the Dragon Slayer - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) King's Lance - Luala (Meteor Crater) Thief Neck Shredder - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Air Cutter - Luala (Meteor Crater) Martial Artist Iron Fist - Natalia (Graylin) Five Sided Fistagon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Blade Dancer Sword of Elegance - Forsinol (Graylin) Rhythmic Dance - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Samurai Tachi - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Tsubari - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Hunter Hunter's Mark - Forsinol (Graylin) Engineer Annihilation Cannon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Magic Cannon - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Ranger Celestial Bow - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Ranger's Pistol - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Inquisitor Doomsday Scythe - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Magician Great Magician's Staff - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Illusionist Great Grimoire of Illusions - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Warlock Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Rules of Unholy Truths - Seven (Kahlo tower) Luminary Blade of the Holy Chaos Knight - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Sword of the Darkest Magic - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Rapier of Chaos - Seven (Kahlo tower) Cleric Holy Cleric's Mace - Luala (Meteor Crater) Holy Cleric's Scepter - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Justice Staff - Meteor Crater (Taipan) Holy Rules - Aelius (Graylin) Bard Songs of Compassion - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Demonic Riffs - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Shaman Nature Mace - Natalia (Graylin) Nature's Power - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Sage Mace of Justice - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Holy Hammer - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)
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    Hey, all. Some of you may remember the PvP event I hosted back in Aeria. I can host one here if you all would like a chance to have some organized, fun, even PvP. We, as a community will have to show that we can control ourselves by not attacking each other out of turn. We can also have some sort of voice com (discord/ventrillo/teamspeak etc) for each faction that we can all use to make the experience even more enjoyable. Here's the link to the original thread from ASB We can try it once and it's successful, it can be an ongoing thing. We can even have a GM spawn a boss at the end for us to fight for (if the numbers are somewhat even). If not, balls for each side? Video of the event If you are interested in this event, please help by leaving your suggestions to make it better.
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    I want to thank everyone for being so patient with us. It has been a very long time since we done a patch due to unforeseen circumstances and for that I do apologize. This is a new beginning and we have a lot planned for the future of Twin Saga Vendetta. For now our focus has been just catching up on official content. Our next patches will be custom changes and quality of life focuses so please feel free to list any suggestions you believe would improve the game right here: http://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/33-suggestions/ I hope this patch comes as good news and this is the start of something more. With the new staff and help from our current staff we can make this game great once again! (I really did not mean to sound like Trump there for a second haha). System Changes: - Updated the game up to the current TW Patch. - Level Cap increased to 85. - Class Level Cap increased to 80. - Couple System added. - Drop Rate has been improved slightly for rare items. Localization Changes: - Updated Item names. - Updated NPC/Monster names. - Updated Dialogue and UI. - Updated Titles and Achievements. - Updated Skills and Buffs. - Updated Senshi Information. General Changes: - Applied all custom changes from previous patches. - Dressroom Updated. - Fantasy Star now only requires 3-20 players instead of 10-20 players. - New equipment added to the game. - New Maps added to the game: Phosphorescent Coast Snowy Falls - New Dungeon added to the game: Crystal City - New Terracottage Room to access: The Loft - New Costumes added to the game: +many many more! - New Mounts added to the game: +many many more! - New Senshi's added to the game: +several others! - Lots of new Quests added to the game. - New Arena added to the game: Death Valley Item Mall Changes: - We have removed and reverted all the Grab Bags we edited as we will no longer be doing the rotation we had initially. - Added several Blue and Gold costumes to the Loyalty Shop and Item Mall. - Removed formulas from the bonus shops. - Astral Puzzle has been updated this week! - New "VGN" tab added. - Enchantment Card Grab Bags have been reduced from 800 to 350 bonus points (basically buy 5 from AP get 1 free on bonus points). Known Bugs: - We're aware of the random room function missing bug with Terracottage (option the new NPC has). - We're aware of a few graphical bugs as well.
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    I'll just close down SB if this is the kind of disrespect we're going to get how about that? Fucking logic of some of you is stupid. Haikana why don't you just leave if you think we don't care? We clearly do but hey you know because we didn't hop skip and jump to some half assed videos we suddenly don't care. If we acted on every stupid report that you band wagon fucking weebs put in we'd have no community but hey we don't care right? Your ego is the fucking problem. Same goes to you Kawaii why don't you bother replying to your report ticket the questions we asked about it instead of just rampaging around the forums and being a total fucking idiot?
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    As the dimension trials have been out for a couple of days and they seem very popular a few people have been asking me where specific pieces of armor drop. So i thought i would post a guide of such to what each boss drops so that you know where to find the gear you are looking for. Dimension Trial - Kahlo Tower Yagi Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet Grim Bahemoth's Armor Chaotic Dragon's Gloves Tempest Enchanter's Leather Boots Yagi's Power Gear Sword of the Forgotten - Warrior Songs of Compassion - Bard Mace of Justice - Sage Blade of the Holy Chaos Knight - Luminary Seven Grim Bahemoth's Belt Tempest Enchanter's Belt Elemental Voodoo Master's Brigandine Infernal Pyromancer's Boots Seven's Armor Key Demon's Club - Warrior Rules of Unholy Truths - Warlock Rapier of Chaos - Rapier of Chaos Lion's Honor - Mimic Michelano Flame Cerberus's Leather Boots Swift Hound's Leather Boots Frost Spellbinder's Crown Forst Spellbinder's Gloves Michelano's Spirit Skull Smasher - Warrior Annihilation Cannon - Engineer Five Sided Fistagon - Martial Artist Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock - Warlock Bel-Chandra Chaotic Dragon's Armor Divine Prophet's Crown Divine Prophet's Gloves Frost Spellbinder's Robe Guardian of Kahlo Towers Power's Cube Broken Blade - Warrior Rhythmic Dance - Blade Dancer Great Blood Knight's Axe - Templar Dimension Trial - Graylin Natalia Great Elemental Guardian's Belt Flame Cerberus's Bracers Infernal Pyromancer's Gloves Divine Prophet's Boots Natalia's Secret Stash Fierce Impact - Warrior Queen's Protector - Knight Iron Fist - Martial Artist Nature Mace - Shaman LAB-TR-000 Flame Cerberus's Brigandine Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine Swift Hound's Belt Frost Spellbinder's Belt LAB-TR-000's Heart Neck Shredder - Thief Great Grimoire of Illusions - Illusionist Great Blood Knight's Sword - Templar Ultimate Dragon Tamer - Dragon Knight Forsinol Grim Bahemoth's Gauntlets Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine Divine Prophet's Robe Frost Spellbinder's Boots Forsinol's Bone Hunter's Mark - Hunter Sword of Elegance - Blade Dancer Templar's Justice - Templar Aelius Swift Hound's Brigandine Tempest Enchanter's Crown Infernal Pyromancer's Robe Divine Prophet's Belt Guardian of Graylin Power Cube Holy Rules - Cleric Skull Cracker - Thief Queen's Savior - Knight Great Blood Knight's Katana - Templar Dimension Trial - Meteor Crater Luala Great Elemental Guardian's Boots Wicked Necromancer's Leather Boots Swift Hound's Brigandine Frost Spellbinder's Robe Luala's Lucid Jewel Warrior's Blade - Warrior Holy Cleric's Mace - Cleric Air Cutter - Thief King's Lance - Dragon Knight Stonmo Great Elemental Guardian's Armor Grim Bahemoth's Helmet Wicked Necromancer's Belt Elemental Voodoo Master's Belt Stonmo's Hideous Mask Ranger's Pistol - Ranger Spear of the Dragon Slayer - Dragon Knight Sword of the Darkest Magic - Luminary Face of the Demon - Mimic Taipan Chaotic Dragon's Belt Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine Infernal Pyromancer's Robe Divine Prophet's Robe Taipan's Golden Jewel Justice Staff - Cleric Paladin's Protection - Templar Shield of Valor - Mimic Lilli Great Elemental Guardian's Gauntlets Flame Cerberus's Hat Elemental Voodoo Master's Gloves Elemental Voodoo Master's Leather Boots Guardian of Meteor Crater Power's Cube Holy Cleric's Scepter - Cleric Tsubari - Samurai Spear of the Dragon Hunter - Dragon Knight Dimension Trial - Rheutear Temple Lino Chaotic Dragon's Armor Flame Cerberus's Brigandine Wicked Necromancer's Gloves Infernal Pyromancer's Belt Lino's Tusk Warrior's Soul - Warrior Great Blood Knight's Spear - Templar Celestial Bow - Ranger Doomsday Scythe - Mimic Lendar Grim Bahemoth's Armor Wicked Necromancer's Leather Hat Swift Hound's Leather Hat Swift Hound's Gloves Lendar's Special Feather Holy Knight's Honor - Knight Templar's Honor - Templar Evalach - Mimic Wanda Grim Bahemoth's Boots Chaotic Dragon's Boots Flame Cerberus's Belt Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine Wanda's Diamond Magic Cannon - Engineer Nature's Power - Shaman Tachi - Samurai Holy Hammer - Sage Sachiel Chaotic Dragon's Helmet Tempest Enchanter's Gloves Elemental Voodoo Master's Hat Infernal Pyromancer's Crown Guardian of Rheutear Temple's Power Cube Great Magician's Staff - Magician Demonic Riffs - Bard Holy Knight's Blade - Knight
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    We're not doing maintenance on Tuesday next week due to some other work needing to be done so we're doing it the day after. We're finalizing the Eden patch for Wednesday as well (main reason we're delaying maintenance by a day). This applies to all games.
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    Q.Q Yumi here ~ I haven't forgotten about you all at all! I'm currently busy with College and I sometimes come on and play some VGN games when I have downtime. Surprisingly, I have a lot of downtime right now... I miss you guys too. I hope everyone is doing well too! <3
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    We all gather around Gloria! Don't click the spoiler! it contains nudity, boob squeeze, and then some. Only read the text because that's exactly what you came here to see... my horrible typing skills... if you can play SB, you can click this! [spoiler]http://orig08.deviantart.net/cb08/f/2017/067/a/3/gloria2_by_orgaorca-db1ljlo.png[/spoiler] Rofl. Its International Women's Day Today! So lets take a moment to appreciate our favorite NPC! I need some help tho, the colour is pretty basic, I need you to colour this this photo nicely, add makeup and shadows and stuff :3 Here is the line art! Break out the crayons and go crazy! Repost your colouring here or if this post gets nuked by Vivi for going too far, Send it to me orgaorca@gmail.com. dont forget to drop your signature! [spoiler]http://pre14.deviantart.net/2a04/th/pre/f/2017/067/f/2/gloria_by_orgaorca-db1lk59.png[/spoiler] Cya Next time! One more thing! feel free to add any background you want, this photo makes no sense when it comes to space, they all might as well be floating in space so don't think about it too hard. Do what comes naturally
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    The fact you use the name "coder" puts you in no position to judge my knowledge haha. BTW when does your comment have anything to do with management of an issue? You have to be able to "code" to know the difference? Because all I am seeing is a bunch of babies crying that they're getting their ass kicked so are now resulting in trying to get people banned. Get over yourself and accept you suck at a game made back in 2005. So instead of trying to get people banned and proving a point why don't you and your little posse put some of that effort and communicate with us and explain the bug so we can fix it? You know the same way only ONE of you reported Thunderella? If one bit of evidence sufficed all the time we'd all be fucked in court wouldn't we? But no go run back in your corner talk a little more then show your face again with irrelevant rabble.
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    Somehow SW think that enjoying technical invulnerability with no offensive stat penalty and the ability to engage a target completely undetected isn't enough, they should be able to kill anyone they want, any time they want. This is what happened in ASB at the launch of 54 cap, and it caused a great imbalance since there was, at the time, no way to deal with an SW. Now they are back where they should be, good defensive aspects, good damage, but not strong to the point where you have to outgear/outskill one significantly otherwise you lose by default. considering they can get the same amount of burst as CB/DE while not having to have a defensive stat debuff, in fact, being able to buff their eva to point where they can't be killed by standard chakra build dps, gives the an advantage in mass pvp over CB/DE. I don't see any CBs/DEs in here complaining it's too hard to kill maxed out medics because it damn well should be, the life and death of a medic on the opposing side determines wether or not your faction wins in pvp, so it should be really hard to kill them. Try killing healers in other MMOs where you have a lesser stunlock and healers have 1-3 self cleanse abilities, and cannot be solo killed by a single dps alone. The fact you have a chance to kill them solo says this game is already imbalanced in favour of DPS.
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    STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Altars have been updated as well as mystery boxes. Preview of the mystery box items can be found in the forums as well as in the archive in-game. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the servers. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Patch v17 will be live with this patch. Please give yourself plenty of time to download this patch as it is a large one. Patch notes can be found here: There has been a small change to the altars with the new tool (pickaxe, gloves, orbs) additions. These will have set days they rotate on each altar. These will always change on the day and will not change with maintenance or with any other altar interruptions. Crystal Altar Tool Rotations: Monday - Lv. 60 Tools Tuesday & Wednesday - Lv. 95 Tools Thursday & Friday - Lv. 85 Tools Saturday & Sunday - Lv. 70 Tools Gem Altar Tool Rotations: Monday - Lv. 30 Tools Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday - Lv. 45 Tools Friday & Saturday - Lv. 30 Tools Sunday - Lv. 60 Tools During this downtime, the Crystal Altar and Gem Altar will be changed. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    Nostalgia hit me and I started looking at old videos/ pics. Anyone got more old ScreenShots to share with me? PvP event I hosted. PvP event I hosted.
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    Hi GM, I would like to suggest whether the number of CP hypovial stack increase from the current 50? Thank you. Melonade (Royal Guard)
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    General Changes: - Reduced fee for synthesizing class specific Advanced skills from 20,000 to 3,000. - Time limit removed from Loyalty Points (Won't affect current ones counting down so use them before they disappear). - Adjusted drop rate (again). - Aquamarine Waterfall cooldown time is set to 4 hours instead of 8. Item Mall Changes: - Removed Senshi's. - Added Senshi grab bags as requested.
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    HnS(hide and seek) Quiz Type Fast Monster Hunter Boss Invasion
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    I think I can add some of the boxes soon for sure with those items above for you.
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    Since lv 59 cap came, SW and WH has lowest damage because they dont have any buff to increase damage. SW is an assassin but her damage is so low to kill any class(full gear) with 1 combo(except another SW). i will make a comparison: DEF: SW has escape artist give high eva and ch eva in 9 seconds, well this is a great buff made sw. both PU and SE has duo void and eva buff, they are lower but longer than sw's buff ( ok maybe balance) DMG: SW has precision give 19% crit rate, this is a sux buff to compare with others, for CB and DE they have reckless shout and frenzy that makes them have high damage (no need to compare with SE or PU;For ME, most them are using support build so i dont know how their damage). This is unbalance, tanker has higher damage than assassin. At lv 54, everything is still ok cuz at least a geared sw can kill a geared PU or SE by 1 rotation(full arkana and mech skills), at lv 59 there is no way and no build to do that. So, i suggest buffing sw's damage such as: add crit atk for some skills or add crit atk for precison( make it become duo crit buff like PU or SE) or add debuff for SW skill. For WH i have no idea to buff her cuz i dont play WH much Hope u care about this suggestion, thanks
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    Hola Amiguis. First of all I want to thank to all the women (*like me*) in the world for being part of this world’s beauty. Second to Remember the workers females and women of the past that were fighters and did a change for better rights. Well International women's day was a memorial of a tragic event that turn to be a women's protest In New York in a industries of all women's workers die after a fire in there. They had protest about there poor paid and were imprison there making them work more. Then the fire happened many women die. After that many other women protested of this event and how injustice it was. They even "burn there bras" So guess that any idea on games of bra-less women been related with strong spited fighter is not coincidence. That started many law changes in USA and others countries. Today in Russia it is a National Holiday (*Smart Russians*) J In USA should be the same. Googogo Girl power Hola Amiguis. En primer lugar quiero agradecer a todas las mujeres (* como yo *) en el mundo por ser parte de la belleza del mundo. Segundo quiero recordar a las mujeres trabajadoras y mujeres del pasado que son y fueron luchadoras e hicieron un cambio por mejores derechos. El Día Internacional de la Mujer fue uno para recordar de un trágico evento que se convirtió en una protesta de mujeres. En Nueva York en una industria donde las trabajadoras eran las mujeres murieron después de un incendio en su lugar de trabajo. Habían protestado por el pobre trato y allí estaban encarceladas haciendo que ellas trabajaran más. Entonces un fuego pasó. Consumiendo la vida de ellas. Después de eso muchas otras mujeres protestaron de este acontecimiento y cómo por la injusticia del genero feminine (relacionado con el trabajo). Incluso ellas"quemarón sus sostenes allí" Así que supongo que cualquier idea sobre los juegos donde las mujeres sin sujetador se ha simbolizado de espíritud fuerte no es pura coincidencia. Eso comenzó muchos cambios de la ley en los EEUU y otros países. Hoy en Rusia es un día de fiesta nacional en Rusia (* Rusos inteligentes *) J ` en EEUU/USA deberia ser Igual. Que vivan el poder de las Mujeres.
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    finally got one sg out of 3 boxes and finally after 17 straight fails got my last bit of gear to +12 thanks fook lol
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    I've been working on other x-legend conversions to this game but nothing has stuck due to the upgrade of the model libs.
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    @HaikanaKeep your trash talk out of forums. If you're going to try and troll, at least troll in a game that you actually play.
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    Some suggestions to help the game run more smoothly/make more enjoyable for all. Most are simple suggestions, a few are more complicated...I'll list those first: (My apologies in advance for repeating any suggestions that you're already working on.) Fix Mech glitch[on hold indefinitely] Bug: Player affected is unable to use mech, bike and HP/SP/CP hyovials until logging out and logging back in Possible trigger(s) Being hyperclustered/napalmed when close to 0 or at 0 CP Special Note: Player is able to use HP/SP/CP hypovials (and bike?) again if pet is cleared and then resummoned but remains unable to use mech until after account is relogged. Shop Suggestions Making the following items available in shop Premium Medallions Jewel Fusion Safegaurd Pet Expansion Slot Spanners Strawberry/Grape/Peppermint Candy Golden Chronobuff and PVP defense (exact name please) Hypovials Costumes/weapon skins that we haven't seen much of lately Gold version weapon skins Special #11 costume and its pink/yellow version Icy jumpsuit Military Cap Decreasing the price of Wanted Registration Item By my calculation it would cost 135,500 ap for bounty hunter achievement per arkana and that's assuming that you get the kill on every Wanted person you've registered which just won't happen!!! Lowering the price would equal more revenue in the long run as more people would be spending VGN to get this item Traveling and Movement Remove the four second delay when trying to drive a Stormchaser Adding the option of traveling to Amara from Guild Hall, Delilah Lounge, Ellis, Nemesis v2 Long Range Portals A Cheryl and a Pon in every dungeon [can't be done] Transmitters; need more of them, placed in every vending machine **The goal here being to transport more easily...if every vending machine has every transmitter for every location it would mean no more headaches in getting where one needs to go** Transmitters to Create *Create* Nemesis Transmitter *Create* Nemesis v2 Transmitter (only way to get there currently from Delilah Lounge) *Create* Narak Spaceship(Subterranean Spaceship) for Nem V2 only (not v1 to prevent spawn camping in PVP zone) spawn by dungeon *Create* The Acheron Transmitter spawn by dungeon *Create* Amara Transmitter (only way to get there currently from Delilah Lounge) Places to put transmitters Cheryl's that rest in guild halls & dungeons (not possible) hopefully transmitters can be added to guild hall cheryls? ***Include all transmitters Enocia Misc Items Vending Machine ***Missing Mereholt//Barbiron/Nemesis v1&v2/Scylla/Ellis/Amara/Subterranean Factory/Ignis Vortex/Narak Spaceship/Acheron/ Mereholt Misc Items Vending Machine ***Missing Barbiron/Nemesis v1&v2/Scylla/Ellis/Amara/Ignis Vortex/Narak Spaceship/Acheron Barbiron Misc Items Vending Machine ***Missing Nemesis v1&v2/Scylla/Ellis/Amara/Narak Spaceship/Acheron Ellis Misc Items Vending Machine ***Missing Nemesis v1&v2/Amara/Narak Spaceship/Acheron *Create* Nemesis Misc Items Vending Machine (for both Nemesis & Nemesis v2) ***Include all transmitters *Create* Scylla Misc Items Vending Machine ***Include all transmitters Amara Misc Items Vending Machine ***Include all transmitters *Create* VIP Lounge Misc Items Vending Machine ***Include all transmitters *Create* Delilah Lounge transmitter (would be nice not to have to travel twice just to get into club) Drasil Marsh Hardmode and Crafting Spawn away from "gigantic leaf" at the start in Team mode (Spawns properly in Solo Mode) Spawn on lowest level (Drasil Marsh 1st Floor) when lowest level has been reach on Drasil Marsh Hardmode (Team) when killed (Also spawns properly in Solo Mode...not sure why Spawn remains all the way at start in Team Mode) [can't be changed] Spawn outside of Mereholt after completing Drasilmarsh Hardmode dungeon instead of Enocia Increase droprate on Binding Stone in Drasilmarsh Hardmode [most likely will not change] Can we please have peppermint candy added to the shop to help with this? It gives 5% drop rate increase any little bit helps!!! Powered Binding Stone to Binding Stone Crafting at Julia Maybe say 3 powered binding stones can be converted to a binding stone at Julia Passcard to Hardmode Passcard Crafting at Julia Convert 100 Passcards to 1 Hardmode Entrance Card Smoldering lava rocks unnecessary for both pet chips and jewelry Malachite scanners that are only needed temporarily for WH and CB gear and would be a much better fit in place of smoldering lava rocks for pet datachips(amethyst beacon also not often used) Malachite Scanners should convert to CP vials instead of Smoldering Lava Rocks at Julia (see above)(and or with amethyst beacons) Remove megaphone crafting from Julia? Being only 30s in Misc Items Vending Machine just a few steps away. Can be left as is but I doubt anyone would trade 10s and two crafting components when they can get from vending machine few steps away. Have Ogung drop 12 hour hunger hacks instead of 1 hour ones in Hardmode they are rare to come by anyway might as well be a 12 hour Give Ogung a chance to drop hardmode passcards Ogung Hardmode still drops 400 cp hypovials instead of 500 Frustrating having stacks of both 400s and 500s taking up space in my already limited inventory Drop Rate Increase Slightly increase rate of Ancient Slot Expansion Spanners from quest boxes Increase rate of Safegaurd Replicubes Rate on this is far to low; many have complained of opening up to 25 boxes at once and only recieving 1 safeguard or none at all Maybe rename to 20% Safegaurd Replicube to dispel any confusion? Visual Suggestions Level 50 crisis vials being mistaken for lvl 25 sp hypovials Accidentally deleted several hundred gold worth of these vials thinking they were for lvl 29 cap They should look like the lvl 50 crisis hypovials but blue lvl 50 Unique Cyberskin suits still look like rares when they should look like lvl 49 uniques Miscellaneous Suggestions Alpha/Beta Hexweave packs and Stamilar Replicubes only stack up to 10 would be nice if they could stack up to at least 50 Team Medal Vending Machine should allow you to purchase mother miracles with team medals instead of medals of valor New Content Suggestions (Most are from old Korean Server) Level 5 Pet Datachips Level 5 Ordinary Jewels and Ancient Jewels (introduce jewel fusion safegaurd please!) Legendary Gear +15 Enchantments Rank Point Cap Increase 100,000 k cap RP daily instead of mere 50,000 That's all I can think of for now Will be adding to this list & hopefully crossing stuff out as it's implemented.
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    This event is now closed. I will deliberate and chose winners.
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    With the new patch we added a new feature that allows you to re-roll your gold level 90 and 95 weapons to have another chance of getting a higher percentage. This feature is accessed through the arcane box and requires you to break level 90 and 95 gold weapons in order to re-roll other weapons. Note: The success rate of re-rolling is 80% If you fail at re-rolling your weapon is not broken but the materials taken and the gold will be spent You lose all fortifications, gems and enchants the weapon has once you re-roll Re-rolling gives a complete random % and your chances don't increase over time Dismantling To dismantle a weapon you can simply put any level 90 or 95 gold weapon in the arcane box and and dismantle the weapon. Each level of weapon and weapon type gives different amounts of Emerald Crystal Sands, here is a list of the amounts you can get: Level 90 1HD Weapon: 14 Emerald Crystal Sands Level 90 2HD Weapon: 28 Emerald Crystal Sands Level 95 1HD Weapon: 16 Emerald Crystal Sands Level 95 2HD Weapon: 32 Emerald Crystal Sands Re-Identification To re-roll a weapon requires 2 materials and the weapon you want to re-roll, again this is done through the arcane box. Each level of weapon and weapon type requires different amounts of Emerald Crystal Sands and also different amounts of War Stones, here is a list of the amounts you need: Level 90 1HD Weapon: 58 Emerald Crystal Sands and 1 War Stone : 60g 877s Level 90 2HD Weapon: 115 Emerald Crystal Sands and 2 War Stone's : 121g 754s Level 95 1HD Weapon: 65 Emerald Crystal Sands and 1 War Stone : 66g 965s Level 95 2HD Weapon: 130 Emerald Crystal Sands and 2 War Stone's : 133g 929s
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    Over time we will frequently update the item mall but it won't be to the extent of a rotation all the time. The Astral Puzzle is what is used for people to sink their LP and AP into to obtain the costumes. Maybe on events such as Xmas we might add some stuff for a short period but there are just not enough costume pieces to make this doable.
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    Im entering just with this one, i just wanted people to see awesome screenshots
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    If you are not entering don't post a pic here. ~
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    <Guild> Sakura AkiSenpaii
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    Guild <Sakura> AkiSenpaii Gungnir
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    Guild <Sakura> Members Gungnir AkiSenpaii
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    I don't think you're choosing small enough text!
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    Very true felt sad but was a lovely day that many many many players had gather for the last time so we created a great memories of it that prevails even today. Cant believe how a Game experience can be such a treasure memories in life of a gamer... I still remember how many of us took many SS and the VIP's Dance Strip platform was full more than a hour and the music was so loud like a huge ULTRA Cyber party that had never Aeria had seen before. All was fun and chat was spamming like crazy.... Until that last second that same last second we all share that ended it all with a black scream and we all know it was GAME OVER ASB. But same time we were hopeful because we knew Vendetta Scarlet Blade was out new Hope that rescue this cool Game. And... now we are here. Today we STILL SURVIVE AS A COMMUNITY AMIGUIS.
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    aaa yeah i miss that and i just posted a photo while i was kinda newbie and you posted photo with mw when i was powerful finally i miss my CB and ofc everything from back then. Edit: Btw i have that photo too but i hide the chat :3
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    Thanks for the input I will take a look and patch tomorrow for you guys
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    I've done the best I can with drop rate it seems official has really tampered with it. Maybe they had a flood of LP or something? I will take a look asap but for now it will have to remain.
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    Xigncode is very finicky sometimes. These are only some of the programs Xigncode can find on your pc and be considered suspicious: Avast Anti-Virus, BitDefender, AVG, or Avira LogiTech Gaming Software - these are expressively inclusive to those that have macro's/auto click/multi-key settings/auto hot key, etc. MSI Afterburner Setpoint mouse software Daemon Tools (any virtual drive, really) NVIDIA Interfaces Browser Extensions and Toolbars (Plug-Ins) - Any of them. If you're going to run the game, you may have to manually disable any extensions and toolbars on all of your browsers, if you are using them, though it wouldn't hurt to try disabling them when you're not using them. Google Hangouts sometimes causes the error. Team Viewer Most Macro, Auto Hot Key, and Auto Click programs. EVGA Precision Sandboxie Net Limiter Rivatuner Any malware/trojans on your computer (even if you don't know that they're there) can cause it. Dxtory Any Program that causes an overlay (ex. Curse/Mumble) DropBox Google Drive Some VPN's Sometimes Skype Microsoft Security Essentials Steelseries Engine 3 (mouse software) Wacom Tablet Helpers Possibly others If you have any of the above actually installed, then it may be best to uninstall, restart your pc and try logging in again.
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    do u understand how the bug's rtd work or did he explain about this? i'm sure he cant do it if he is stunned.the thing u show here is not same what u report thunder, trying to think before u conclude. This is just make others laugh at u
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    Dont know if this was suggested or not, but the ability to be able to switch channels in zone maps. At the moment we can only switch channels in the main zone or world map (merida).
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    If you can get me the names of the NPCs and such, we can try something out and see. Though my only worry is removing the bottom ones from SP, since some people managed, some time ago, to find a way some time ago to get extremely close to the faction's spawn and camp them from down there. Side note: Bandwagoning! I'm not touching the entire statement as Bash pretty much said it all. I've asked players (since only 1 video was actually submitted) to give us exact dates and times everything went on. We need solid server side proof to claim someone's a hacker when it's not as obvious or there are too many "It could be this", or "It could be that". Everyone seemed to go silent when I asked for dates and times.
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    Just a heads up to everyone please use any item mall grab bags before the next patch as we are reverting the rates and containing items back to official as we will no longer be using them on rotations.
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    I felt like an uber dbag when considering reporting them because they arent necessarily cheating, theyre just being aholes for no good reason and thats not really a reason to report someone :c i'm lvl 25 at the moment just trying to finish up the area im in. like i said, im just really annoyed and disappointed that one of my favorite parts of the game i cant even participate in. when i played before, rg was always OP as hell and rg always won but my team would at least try to participate and that in itself was really fun. but now no ones even trying ):
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    What is now in the crafting list, only that the individual is crafting supplies and equipment !!!!!!!! Pocket transmitters and the cluster is complete nonsense, in my opinion !!!! I hope GM and the other players will support this suggestion as I think it will grow online and attract new players .. Yes, I do not deny that this will lead to more PVE, but in the future it will increase PVP, and there will be more and more interesting battles in the PVP areas and battles. As we all know, in the Dungeon DMHN that everyone was going to craft myself gear and accessories , there is plenty of magic (green) and rare (blue) components, but also unique (that someone very often, but for someone terribly rare ) and for some it is a very long process !!! and most of the usual components (green and blue) are simply piling up and nowhere to put them !!! Why not make all is not lost, and how it was used. And that's what I want to offer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? General questions magic Azure Ore - x200 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Power core - x200 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Malachite Scanner - x200 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Lava Rock - x200 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Amethyst Beacon - x200 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 rare Major Azure Ore - x100 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Charged power core - x100 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Powered malachite Scanner - x100 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Smoldering Lava Rock - x100 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Lit Amethyst Beacon - x100 + 50 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1 or Binding stone x1 Uniq Powered Binding Stone - x3 + 100 gold -> Binding Stone x1 Binding Stone - x3 + 100 gold -> Powered Binding Stone x1
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    just change all the attack sounds to that....