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  1. I 've read and did all that but still not working x.x it still stuck and eventually my laptop get overheat and shutdown itself since the fan spin faster and no progress on the patch download x.x ..I remember during instalation system said file broken on verifying files process and it gave me two option which is stop or continue and I chose continue ... also the rar client size I get not 3.3 giga but 3.2giga it normal ? since I lost 100mega on the download process ? is there any manual patch link ? pls help tell me how to solve this so I can play the game
  2. pls help my RTP path download suddenly not moving at 6 out of 13 and I've tried to close it and reopen the SB launcher to continue downloading RTP-D patch it make my laptop shutdown by it self ..tried over and over again and it keep shutting down my laptop after having tiny moving the pink line ? pls help it because file broken when I download the rar pack ? cos 5 out of 13 run very smooth and became trouble at 6 out of 13