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  1. don't double post. locked
  2. Go to the website click account at the top right then recovery options will appear. They did a password reset a few months ago so all accounts had to be recovered
  3. You could just create one for yourself and have it on your own client, the bgm folder is client side not server, I already have my own bgm set up with songs i like etc it doesn't have to be for everyone, it's a simple process to convert .mp4 files to .ogg as you can see I added a song there for Aven instead of the regular bells and stuff. If you want me to make one for everyone then i'd need song suggestions and for someone to find every single bgm's location like where it came from
  4. Personally i'd go for choice #2 because 10% chance to tripple hit is really strong no matter how you look at it. For ring's i would use sadness + something else and ripple necklace so i can nuke the bosses fast as people will probably already be running those -res stuff, you will still have good res from the trophy combos so its sorta a win / win imo. 3rd option is also pretty good for high base PATK and good proc patk so its based on personal preference
  5. Hello Everyone, Since my party was the first to complete the trial without failure I'll be making a guide to hopefully help everyone with their runs in the future. Firstly when you teleport in you'll be faced with a lot of mobs. These mobs are really important so make sure you kill each and everyone of them. They give : You should give these items to your guild leader as they need x750 for the new Relics. There's also a daily quest you can grab from the start there's a quest giver on the right hand side, you'll get Stone's from killing the boss. When you get to the boss area you need to keep these things in mind. 1. Every time you see the crystals spawn go and kill them instantly, especially the Blue one or your party will wipe. 2. When you see a big AOE on the floor run to one of the smaller orbs located around the area to prevent yourself from being 1 shotted. It's similar mechanics to Robo in Shale Cavern Trial. Run to these when you see a massive aoe on the floor; After you kill the crystals you're free to dps the boss as you wish with whatever classes. Note. You will need 2 healers atleast and a Holy sage. Demonfire (Demon Tamer Skill) doesn't work on this boss. The boss is pretty fun and simple to do if people actually listen so have fun.
  6. Ignorance is bliss ~


    1. Aya


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  7. Post Closed.
  8. following this guide if you have a buddy that could run you, Questing if you don't, Questing will take some time but will still get you pretty high