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  1. Welcome o-o
  2. You can't make everyone happy, some people are just ungrateful.  



  3. Welcome to the server
  4. Welcome to the game
  5. @Vivi Will be uploading one for you give her some time, mine kept bring up problems, hers should be done soon or it might be already
  6. @GeovaniDS My Upload speed is very bad so I'm not sure when this will be done if ever seeing how it just cancelled. Please keep in mind that if you keep reinstalling the original downloader it will still bug out for you, you will NEED a fresh download with your anti virus protectors off. Please try this method as it will save a huge amount of time, when I installed first time on this computer I had those issues and i just disabled everything including my firewall and i let the game download and install before turning them back on and after it either removed something and gave me an alert and i clicked allow it through or add to exceptions list and ive not had any problems like that ever since. Just so you know i'm not giving you the run around, I will continue the upload but its going to take a really long time for it to complete.
  7. Welcome to the community, if you need assistance feel free to inbox me or message me ingame. Until then ~
  8. Q&A

    Does it have PVP 0.0
  9. set the files to read only or in my case i overwrite one of the original folders, didn't name change or anything just the content of the folders
  10. nah
  11. To your Unusable comment, that class is in every single party lol go look at all recent GVG / TW Vids of this server you'll 100% see a Time Manipulator, E.g. (me using it) (someone using it in my party) TM is a very good utility class and a main wiping class imo and in the eyes of every top PVP Guild. The increase in MATK, Slow, GLOBAL Movement speed buff, and constant MP for everyone in the party is second to none. If built right TM will always get top kills or close to it and do most damage. Ive never played GM or Awaken Lumi in GVG/TW and I've always out dmg'd and outkilled most of them on my old TM build which I took from Jordan's guide. I don't think anything on TM needs to be changed, it's one of the most balanced classes in competitive play right now.
  12. So when I was at 90 cap and 90 gear was meta what I did was go to mayland and pod farm where those soldiers are that respawn instantly, You can farm for Erubus/ Succubus wills and either sell them (probably wont make a lot) or use them to get fame as you can now use wills for all levels instead of a specific level now. When you get fairly geared then getting your DoD weapons would be your next best option. I'd recommend getting Engineer to 80 1st for Annihlator (every dod party needs it for the drops) and Mecha for general farming purposes. You're at 90 which shouldn't have happened, did you skip some quests somewhere? because after all quests recently it was changed so you'd get double the amount so players wouldn't get stuck at 89/90 and be at 91 where you'd be able to get a friend or buy some DoS runs for classes / Exp. If you have friends willing to Monster taunt run you on the illusions until you reach 91 that would help aswell as you'll still get the exp from monster taunt. Personally I'd farm wills and sell them to afford runs and gearing mecha so I can farm shaxia fae fields for stable income as running it all 10 times killing the bosses SHOULD net you around 6-9k gold depending on your drops.

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