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  1. well 20v20 arena with the ability to have premade parties would be nice
  2. Don't really see why they need to be nerfed, if the person wants to do some hard farming for ECs then let them, not every trial is easy to solo on the EC drop classes. Maybe it is a bit higher than it should be but hey it's NT ECs that can't be sold, can only be rolled... there really is no harm coming from people farming the trials for ECs
  3. Thank you. :)

  4. 我爱你  


    1. Mar




    2. Mike


      xD thanks

  5. my screen reso for EE is 1920x1080 and i also brought down ui and fontsize smaller
  6. I'm always late to the fray
  7. Merry Christmas Everybody <3


  8. So a few people have been asking for my Theme design '-' well here it is. (It's basically the original UI Theme but transparent) Download full files there https://www.mediafire.com/?dmpscisvrrvvmov
  9. I can´t play into my account Eden Eternal

    Hello GS, I do not speak English but I use a translator, I was playing Eden a while ago and the game I get, when I try to enter the game again I send a message where it says that I will try later, but it has already happened 1 hour and still does not let me enter I know what I can do about it, I hope your answer

    1. Mike


      Assuming you were in ch3, Ch3 died and all chars that were logged into that channel are bugged, you'll have to wait until manual restart to be able to log in again, sorry for the inconvenience 

    2. toni123


      Yes, I was in that channel, then it will be a matter of waiting until it is fixed. Thank you very much for answering


    3. Mike


      it's fixed now, you can log in

  10. When most of my guild started at server release we duo ran VSHQ, one as engi and one as mage, the engi would semi tank and kite around while the mage bursted down, I don't think it is that hard to kite those mobs there if you turn camera follow off as engi, the only ones that might give you problems is the jellys
  11. You get that set from levelling up and doing the dungeon it tells you in the quest, you get a set a Lv50, Lv60, Lv70 and Lv80
  12. ask for help in game, there are a few players from Vietnam that may be able to help you in your language so it's easier, Eden Eternal has a lot of fashion to preview them you go to this place in your bag (default hotkey B) then click any of the first 5 tabs. (Head Gear, Back Gear, Body Gear, Weapons and Mounts). to preview you press the ctrl key + left click) some outfits are gender locked mostly body stuff.