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    Changes Temple Knight Weapons level 80 will now scale to level 95 based on the characters level. Temple Knight Weapons level 80 are now restricted in Normal Class TW. Temple Knight Armor level 80 will now scale to level 90 based on the characters level. Temple Knight Armor level 90 will now scale to level 95 based on the characters level. Territory War teams can now be predecided by a GM. Note: This can be enabled and disabled freely during the week so this might change at any moment (Will provide announcement on changes). Note: We will be starting with MoneyTeam vs Garden only. Removed Christmas Decorations. Lowered the level of "Snow-white Sakura - Red Lady" to level 80. Lowered the level of "Scorching Flame - Sea of Fire" to level 80. Famous Forger now lasts 7 days. Famous Forger now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Master Craftsman now lasts 7 days. Master Craftsman now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Summoner Master now lasts 7 days. Summoner Master now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Master Botanist" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Farm)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mineral Master" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Mine)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Summoner Master" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Altar)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Balance Changes Assassin Sprinting Stab: No longer deals Double Hit Damage. Neck Twister: No longer deals Double Hit Damage. Note: This change doesn't remove its 1 shot chance, rather just reduces it to one 1 shot abillity rather than 3, similar to Gravity Manipulator. It's capping should be unaffected. Bug Fixes Fixed Monday Awaken Territory War from being a second Normal Class Territory War. Honor should now be collectable after GVG has started. Fixed Normal Class Territory War effecting the cap limit of Awaken Class Territroy War. Permenant "Enable to Switch" buff should now be removed upon entering Aven. Sinash Trophy should no longer deal 5000 damage to the caster on Spawn/Equipping. Added the missing sounds from the Christmas Mounts added in Patch 42. Text Fixes Fixed the text of "Drake Energy Safeguard". Fixed the text of "L80. Nikola's Secret Research Project IV (Engineer)". Fixed the Description of "Holy Glow Shield". Fixed the Description of "Awaken Mighty Blessing 3-Piece". Have an amazing life!
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    Hi its me Nayxa I came up with a idea for you guys , however i will put this first into discussion to see if people like it or not then i will leave it or make it in sugestions(or ask a GS to move it) This idea was inspired by the viking(nordic religion, also my religion) theme thats around act 3.2 and some PsPs in winter event So i propose this, a event that lasts 1 week or less(depending on comments) every month This will be the "end of the world" so prepare for madness -3 world bosses that have HUGE HP and defenses around the maps, they are inmune to debuffs The first boss would be Fenrir(u can just use the same we have as pet and make it bigger) and would be easy to do The second is Jörmungandr(Midgard serpent) which will spit corroding acid at you(DoT damage effect ) and damages you normally The Third is Hel(Nordic God Of death) which i think the debilitating debuffs and summons of skeleton/zombie armies will suit her The rewards would be likely to be PsP or other items related to the norse religions However, this might not be implemented into the game so up to you guys This is it for now , hope that you might love this idea @Bash this is one of my ideas that might be fun or fresh air for all
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    I was talking to a friend how to improve NosTale. One of the suggestions is: Add a Family map. What should a family map look like? We thought about that once you hit familylevel 7(?) you are able to purchase a family map at salim. Since @Bash doesn't have a Artist, I thought that you get 3 suggestions for the family map. First. Grenigas Boss Room, maybe with more movement grid. You can use this portal (it is at the side of the grenigas boss map) to get back to nosville. Second: A "happy map" like Miniland, Nosville, but a map which isn't used regular a lot. Maybe something like Seli-Lusha Third: The PvP Arena Map on Act4 which got deactivated. Just the map! Not the pvp! What can you do on a family map? Summon Vessels, Start Family quests (when they come soon.. I hope..), Some NPC for Gambling, Upgrading etc. and just chilling out. Maybe soon you can add custom Guild Equipment and Guildwars. Spawn some Event bosses? Like once a week you can fight on the first map, Jack Lantern, second Grasslin and third snowman [regarding the theme of the map] and gain some special rewards. Just some thougts. What do you think about this?
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    Hey, Everyone knows that atm, act 4 is quite dead at almost any time (apart from Caligor) and I thought that maybe some little adjustments could change this a bit, mostly regarding to raids. Raid changes: -Reduce the raid timer from 60 mins to 30: Atm, each raid lasts 1h and the boss can be killed after the first 30 mins. But these 30 mins are useless since you dont get any good items from killing the mobs of the raid map, and what everyone does, is just afk 30 mins until the boss room is openned. So what I suggest, is to delete the first 30 mins, so after mukraju is dead, the raids will last 30 mins and the boss room is openned from the beginning. -Make the % go up easier: Well, I don't know how the '%' in FC works, but I think it should be easier to increase it since sometimes it gets stucked at certain %, and even I kill mobs, demons or whatever is around, the % still remains the same, and this is quite tilting tbh. I know that a similar change was made like a year ago and it didn't work very well, but with some little changes could be balanced, and ready to have it back in the game. Raidbox changes: -Increase drop rate of essences: In the end game, due to champion gears, the shells arent needed anymore (r7 shells were the most valuable item in the raidbox) so late-game players will only go fc to get essences to craft fernon fairy. But the drop rate is quite low and you actually need a lot of them to craft the fairy, so If the drop rate was increased (or the drop amount to x2, for example) I think the FC raids would me more spammed. -Add dragon heart to item pool: This is also related to Fernon fairy, since you need a lot of them to craft the fairy and there are just a few ways to get them. So if it could be dropped in FC also (with similar % to draco-glacerus raids would be balanced IMO), this will encourage ppl to do these raids. -Add 70% Fairies to item pool: This is something that @Bloodevil suggested a while ago and I agree with him (also to make Fernon fairy a bit more accessible), since these fairies can only be obtained in the mall. NOTE: I know that the fernon fairy is something of late-late-game and an item that isn't for everyone, but these changes, will just motivate ppl to craft it (I have only seen one in the server) but still it will require some work and put effort on it.
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    I don't think so... Why i should quit fernon if there are possibilities to find a thing that i can sell forr 300kk+ ? If in 5h of fernon i find only crap things i feel sad but after i find 1 bows i get so much rewarded!
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    I love all of what happend. ~ Didnt play in 1 year
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    Personally idk if having fernon fairy easier to make would even be a good idea, since jennifer's hat got introduced in the game + fernon fairy, some people already do insane amounts of damage, with those 2 alone thats 25% dmg in pvp. Seems a bit OP to me
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    Leave it 1hour but be able to join the raid at the beginning of those 60 min.
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    I'd say, that the best wings for every sp are onyx atm. The only exception can be warrior: golden wings suits him more since he can get more defence from them. Another choice for every sp can be archdaemon wings; archangels and etc. They are better in some way for PVE and cheaper
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    Agree with this, especially with recude the raid timer What about raid drop: I more like Kaizou idea
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    +1. Fernon Fairy is impossible to make now since there isn't enough fairy essences on the server. Also there is no Fernon anymore on the server since the only player, which had her, got banned. So actually we have this patch for 0,5year and still there isnt any fairy on the server.
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    Well i agree in those parts Anyway we should wait until Bash have done the rework hes working on...
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    I guess it wouldn't hurt to be buffed, however personally I think it just needs some defences, like 80 defence in everything. Keep the res at 0 so even at s6 with avenger it will only be 48% all resistance.
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    when martial artist started everyone did rush to that class, but after while everyone totally ignore it in official server because the idea was not completely executed, and tell now that class count as low slow and weak for anything like raids etc etc. so its better to wait tell whole idea done, even if that will take some time.
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    It depends on how twin saga maps the wigs colours. It's tweakable but because I'm a programmer not an artist it's very difficult for someone with my skillset to change things like this.
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    Hello, can you guys put Ice Queen Hairdo Box 01/17/19 or Metamorphosis Hairdo on boxes.✔️Box 02/14/19
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    maybe if we got the clock inside the game would things be better 100%.
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    I was talking to a friend how to improve NosTale. One of the suggestions is: Add a Family Note Interface Many Families use Discord to manage things like to have a list of LOD times, familyevent times, guides for how to get level 90 the fastest way etc. We put such information in channels in discord. Not everyone wants to use discord and we don't want to force anyone. Why don't we add a Notesystem where the familyhead/deputy can write in information which are saved forever? The family quotes or hints are useless with that cap of symbols. What do you think about this? Here is a little suggestion how it could look like (ripped from aura kingdom xD)
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    I am always ignoring the chat, as the text is barely visible for me. My suggestion would be to have the option for the chat background to be permanently visible. That, and the little private message notification on the lower right corner should be atleast a little bit bigger.
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    One thing that has always bugged me about shells is that some of their effects are unclear because of how poorly worded there are. It would be nice if they were fixed to actually make sense. Examples: Referring to mage staves as "Sticks" Adding a percentage symbol onto "Increased Shadow Energy" (which is just weird and misleading) Using "SL Property Stat" instead of "SP Element Stat" Referring to blackout as "stun"
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    20% sales do nothing but create bad habits. Nowadays it's the only way people purchase currency from GF is when they do a sale their hand is forced if they want to make money and that's not how I want it here. It only feels like nothing because you're buying VGN to make money. You shouldn't be just buying VGN to make money it is there as a service and we should not be forced into improving our prices because people wish to trade illegally.
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    Got some free time after working other drawings so i pull a quick one for my EE in game character. didnt add ice cream maybe when i colour them later. some detail also missed. Edit : Colored version finished! Mask on Mark Off In game
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    This event will end 10th January 2019.