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  1. If you can do digital art , then you will be okay doing traditional art. q.q Just like digital art, you need to practice. And btw, I'm not that good on digital art, but not that bad either, it's just some people excel on other style than the others. QQing all day.
  2. AHH EMM GEE! THE FIRST CHIBI IS ME Q.Q I do draw. I was in Fine arts major in painting, shifted on Advertising arts after some time. Currently working. I mostly draw portraits, Abstract if I'm in awe and stuck in for some ideas. Here is my DA, but it's not updated. Been some years already since I last posted, most of my works aren't posted. (I'm not a cool guy so...and I don't have time to open my phone and take a shot on my works and post it on instagram or other social networks just for "wow" and "awesome" comments from people q.q) http://hamhamscribbles.deviantart.com/ The mediums I really like to use are pencil and watercolors, mixed media of watercolors and pens are kinda cool too if you get the hang of it. PS: I'm bored in twin saga so I was clicking things in forums owo
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