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  1. that magic-donkey-piniata -mount (that was announced on official)
  2. Puppet Master's Costume Set🐻
  3. This whole suggestion with adding a timer for save-zone just keeps adding more and more regulations to the already messed up arena-system. Normal arena is already a messed up place where just the number of people matters that your family can gather around you. Tiny families or people who are solo-playing the game are left behind. What's the next step? Forbidding pvp-partners in a4, making all pvp-specialist-cards for partners useless? Just think about all those regulations first before you suggest stuff like this. Most people in arena are friendly, helping you if you're getting killed by a safe-hitter without a reason. If no one helps you, you should think about why you're getting killed and no one jumps in to help you. After all there must be a reason why the game developers on all other servers didn't introduce a timer, even after they reworked their systems. Just reconsider that there are more types of players, than just the group-pvp-players gathering around save with 10+ people to hunt down one person.