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  1. That guy is obviously a hack. Copy pasting my post on a different thread. God 😂😂 As for 'completely wrong statement'.. come on Perhaps a -How to achieve 1mil rep- guide would be helpful. There, a suggestion instead of complaints!
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    New prices

    You're making a MMO, virtually single player until a certain goal. I might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure the psychology and attraction of MMOS, among other things, is the MULTI PLAYER part. Which means interacting with others. Trading. I rest my case. You will only defend it with 'but the gold selling bots.. bla bla', which is a weak argument really
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    New prices

    Yup, but behind those alts. Do you think they were new comers to the game? let's be honest here Of course you like what he said. He's validating what will prove to be a terrible panic patch.
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    New prices

    So, what you've managed here to do is make everyone's life hard, in an attempt to stop exploit abusers. You know there's a problem when you change primary mechanics of a game, just to avoid exploits. Here i am, with all my gold on a lv1, having to get another 500k rep on my main as well. I'm sure there's plenty of people in my situation. You know what the funny thing is? The people that used those exploits, I'm betting 9/10 were high levels. Sooo, they most likely meet your trading requirements now. Which is great. Cause you've managed to punish everyone else but them. Cool huh? And to whomever was implying we should go to a different server, I fear a lot of people might do just that I acknowledge the attempt to fix an issue. But in turn you might have made it even worse.