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  1. Adding more HP wouldn't make it harder to kill parties with 2~3 healers?
  2. Instead of simply adding one of effects A or B to scrolls, make a new scroll to have the effects, that will be obtainable by fusing scorlls on Arcane box. With a lower drop rate on scrolls, so if you want to have your fortification easier you have to drop more scrolls and fuse.
  3. Its possible to disable it in 3x3? Otherwise I don't think its a Minor thing since its the PVP that is open for more time for people to play and its always active.
  4. Its clear that a lot of people are unhappy with current fortification situation. Some already quit the server, some are thinking about it. Regardless of what Bash says that acivity seems the same, we can clearly see that on PVP with less people on TW and GvG. Its also clear that Staff doesn't want to change the 10% stones since they are concerned about server longevity and they think 50/75% stones would make everything to easy. So I'd like to try some differnt stuff to make fortifying easier without making it to easy. I believe some people are doing some things wrong when trying to
  5. If you take warlock as example, you can't simply tab and cast fear since its a paceable AOE. Same for Illu sleep, even tho it has a bigger area, you could try to sleep a knight that is using another class skill. Even if you tab, there are situations that you need to move your mouse and click and someone will be at a disadvantage by having people playing x class with y costume. You can argue that any costume can have this effect since we can't know the class someone is playing just by looking at it, but t least normal costumes only "hides" the class someone is playing, don't misslead you
  6. I don't like this idea. Imagine trying to fear a martial artist in arena and it turns out to be a warrior/warlock who cant be feared. I know that would be hard to happen since you can see the class of your opponents pressing Y and when targeting him. But if it can happen once means that this costume can get you a advantage it shoudln't.
  7. I willl tell you how 10% stones is protecting server longevity: "If I had a refund option i'd quit this server without a second thought"
  8. Here I will say the same thing I've said in some other posts: Not being a top PVP player doesnt mean I can't have fun trying to perfect my gears the best way possible. If people only geared for PVP, Awaken server would be shutdown already. You know there are people who will never step foot ouside PVE and is paying 50$ for one single legendary pet on awaken so I really don't see the point of your argument. You say yourself a lot of times that there are things that's not necessary but its not a problem if people go for it (120% was one exemple, AND I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE 120%, PLEAS
  9. No one is hoarding because we are trying to inflate the price so staff can make it easier. We are hoarding because its the only way we can asure we will be able to fortify our gears. Just look at the amount of stones I used to fortify the gears I mentioned. If I wasn't saving stones I'd still be trying to buy them overpriced at market now, making it even more exepensive than 800k Hoarding isn't causing the problem, its just a reflect of the real problem: 10% stones. I still don't understand how you guys expect a stone wipe to fix anything. Instead of buying stones to stack we will j
  10. I've fortified all the gears i mentioned without closing the window. I can asure you all that this doesn't fix anything unless bonus % for failing is highly buffed.
  11. When cap started I had around 1000 stones. I've bought around more 250 stones since then. I've also used 12 coral sublime stones. All that was enough to +10: Zeus Rage Set x1 Spectral Pinion set x2 Heaven Angel Mace x2 (Sublimes used) God's Eye Sheild x2 (Sublimes Used) Blood Shouter x1 (Sublimes) Failing Star x1 (Sublimes) Hecate Newborn Staff +10 (Sublimes) Premium Safety Stones 218*250 = 54.500g Premium Lucky Safety Stones 222*550 = 122.100g Viridian Lucky Safety Stone 363*500 = 181.500g Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stones 235*700 = 165.900g Coral Lucky Saf
  12. By the way, i'm not even talking about reset scrolls yet. 1.2k each? Really? And that's not only community fault. That's because of it being ages off altar and also having a shit rate to land on. That thing went from 200g after beeing in altar like 4~5 altars in a row, which was already expensive when you were looking for perfect forts (which eveyrone instead of just giving +6+8+10 reset keeps the same blablabla u dont need perfect forts) to 1200g each because it comes to altar once every 10 days. Now its expensive even to reset without looking for perfect forts, thank you. VGN is p
  13. Just do the maths of how much it costed in AP/VGN/USD to +10 2 parts of ur set. At this point, that's no longer a matter of keeping server longivity or paying for the servers to be online. With all respect, that's either unbelievable greed from staff or you guys just can't see what is happening with those stones. It costs at least 30$ to +10 one piece that is already +8. I'm not even counting the stones to go +8 before. That's just EA level of greedy.
  14. I was thinking about ways to add a "surrender system" before giving this suggestion, because I think it wouldn't be simple for Jordan to implement a intire system for that. (like, the one you vote and etc) Well I could not really found a good solution. But its possible to make something like a GvG bomb but that only affects allies? We could spawn with a tradable item. So if we want to surrender we can just give it to someone and with 6 (out of 10) he can trade to a bomb that wipe his whole team making him lose. I know its not a really good solution, but it was the less worse solution i c
  15. 1/2: are ideas that there's no reason not to add (besides what Jordna said that its a lot of work). If someone doesn't like can simply don't use. 3: I think it would be nice like Awaken server where battle maps have a alternate version for runs, without any bosses. Idk how server activity will be, but having 10 spots to run can reduces the chance of someone steeling areas or of you trying to run and just being frustrated because all 5 channels are taken. 4: It would be nice even if we can't see the formula on g-healing we could compare someone who is having good heals/bad heals and se
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