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  1. Agreed. He is complaining about Mark (I'm not attacking anyone here) who was playing on new PS and voted no. TBH I also see no reason, but he might think it will affect your job in current server so pointless to discuss people vote.
  2. Don't really care about it. I'm here to speak about the new server. Silly attacks from pathetic persons doesn't really change anythign about this.
  3. Do you understand that not everyone who plays VGN server have a forum account? Pudim122 and Sanzio was MT members. Meyumi is Mey (who played in BornForThis and BrightShield) Baraca played in Brazil server Now i'm not sure who is "tutifck". Do you know, who is, Mark? Also, the same way there are people who doesn't had a VGN Forum account or doesn't even play in VGN server and is coming to vote yes, there's people who already stopped playing EE and are voting no.
  4. As I said, no matter if someone disagree with changes u make, it's still your merit to be able to create so much content all by yourself. In fact, since ur most recent changes we can see that Vendetta community is even a bit more active, even if PVP isn't (which I can't say it is or not, since i'm not playing PVP anymore) is the thing that make us believe that is possible to run two servers without killing the current server, because people who are wishing they can play a "Classic server" and people who want to enjoy new content are different people. Well, there might be some that want to play in both, and would play both VGN servers if the new one comes tru, but most of people aren't playing in current VGN server so I don't think it will affect in any negative way the activity in current server. @Deathoniak I told you he could do that, suck that u-u Prob not like a copy and paste, with some work to do, but the fact that VGN already have a server running without any major bugs makes it much more easy to make one at cap 50-55-60-65.
  5. @Deathoniak you're forgeting people was expecting a "classic experience" where we didn't even had stuff like craft mats in EP. Which means it takes much more time for cap to increase, because players need more time to farm for gear and for achievements. Leveling guilds, farming mats, those things are a bit time consuming, so people will prob play a few months before wanting a cap increase. And cap most people asked for server to stay was 65. I think you're mistaking what people consider to be "classic content" from EE. What i see is people trying to play content that is already created. I'm not saying Jordan wont have any work because it's already created, but the question is to see if Jordan think he can do it and if the server pays off. As we said, we believe it can be rentable, since a lot of people are trying to donate in a server they aren't even able to, but only people who can say this is people who know how much it costs to run a server.
  6. Yes, most of us do. And in fact, while you say we don't like Jordan work, the reason they decided to ask Jordan is because, as I said, despite desagreeing with some ideas or visions Jordan have for the current server, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know that is supporting this suggestion believe Jordan is good enough to make it work.
  7. Exactly. That's a suggestion from inactive vendetta players, supported by other inactives players. In fact, noticing that you point that Vendetta has nothing to loose if they open a new server. They will get back inactive players who are supporting this suggestion while people who aren't will just keep playing current server. Thanks for noticing that, it's a good point to add.
  8. This tittle is to make a joke with people who aren't able to finish the hard mode. In fact, with this tittle u get even less stats than with Trial Master and only 3% MS buff compared to GoP. There's a few games that mock people who try to play in easy mode or use cheat to be able to accomplish stuff and people see this as funny.
  9. You're nothing. You lose all credibility when u start to try bringing stuff that's not related to the suggestion. Also have to note that this is not a suggestion from me, I just support it. And I don't care about who thinks i'm nice or not. Also, playing "a mode" in VGN current server is totally different from playing a classic server. I don't think you should be saying anything about a suggestion ur tiny brain isn't even able to understand. It's a pool, everyone have the right to vote, but if u didn't understand, stop trying to change the focus of the suggestion. Trying to attack people while not even understand what they are suggesting is just pathetic.
  10. Also: Rates, doing achievements, and other stuff would be very different than playing in current server as if you're in a low cap just ot play normal TW.
  11. See, the problem here is trying to compare a "classic mode" with a "classic server". As you're saying, normal class TW is dead. While in new private people are really trying to play even if it's buggy as hell. Ya all got put in your mind that most people who are playing the other PS are old EE players who doesn't want to come to current server. So you can't say it wont work because Normal Class TW isn't active and you can tell they to go play it for the same reason
  12. Most of people who are already trying to play on the "classic server" doesn't want to go back to play on Vendetta with awaken classes.
  13. No one is discrediting Jordan for awaken classes. Awaken classes are meant to be broken, and in fact they are, or you see people playing with any normal class? Now, Jordan balancing awaken classes can make they better, can make they more fair in a cap where everyone is playing with broken classes. But for people who doesn't like that, it doesn't change that much since they're meant to be broken, and even if they're balanced between awaken classes they will still be broken. I don't agree with the way Jordan thinks about some stuff, already told that to him, but even if i disagree in something he want to do, it doesn't mean he is not good. Jordan can be good developing a change that someone disagree, that means he is doing a proper job, in time, without major bugs, even if someone doesn't like that change, I don't know if ur little brain can think about that. Actually, I don't even know what anything you said have to do with a new classic server. U're just being a cry baby trying to attack everyone in forums.
  14. I see any reason not to make a new private with a "classic Eden", since as you mentioned, there's already another private full of bugs and even with those bugs people are still complaining they can't donate. So if this one doesn't succeed, someone else will keep trying because it seems to be very rentable. And if someone is going to try, I see no reason to not be Vendetta. Yes, current server might lose a few players (Not many, I think) to the classic version, but if this is going to happen better be to another vendetta server.