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  1. Looks like drop rate for 105 blood is okay, but lv100 is almost impossible.
  2. Agreed. When a econ is runied is where we can increase price of almost anything to profit. People like me can get tons of profit with it. I bet people who are still doing leg achiev to join sanctuary is the ones who doesn't like the sutation. Anyway, this is how AH is looking when it comes to EP in the past 3 days: Sure, fix it price then. Nobody is paying 10$ for 129 eternal coins x13.
  3. Besides being a pretty shit way, still doesn't solve the problem of fishing rods increasing EP price.
  4. Please, increase drop rate in lv100 and lv105 bloods.
  5. Since we need eternal points to get the Fishing Rod, right now is a bit hard to get some and it's also causing the EP price to increase. I'm paying around 1800g per Fishing Rod (x2 EP for 900g ea) while other tools costs 800-1000g. Decreasing it's price in Item mall or adding it to crafting altar would be good options to fix that. @Edit: It was hard already to adquire some fishing rods, but today we don't have EP not even in AH, which means the only way we have to buy it is gambling on altars and praying for RNGesus.
  6. I said in my comment that I was not saying that is the current server players. My point is: You're making end game content that people enjoy, but it will mean nothing if eventually the player base keep geting lower and lower. Prices are increasing at an incredible rate since long ago, so I don't really believe that's the reason. I believe it helps, but isn't the core of the problem. If you're geting reports for harrassment or things like that, you know that most harrassment that happens in this server came from old players to old players. And to be honest right now is hard to talk about that since not long ago we had members from two major guilds fighting and harrassing each other while former GS was giving warnings just to one side and after said GS quit the team the situation looks much better (I'm not saying that there are no one harrassing people, but it's usually answered back and no one in complaining about that as before, but I do not think this is something to discuss here or now because as I said things looks much better) I know you can simply give everything free, it would be no fun to gear, people who put a lot of effort to build their character wont be please and all that. And I know you already made Lv95 awaken sets easier, but I still think it needs to be easier, and that GoP drops should be increased, because for most new player i've played with will quit when they get to this point. We have to remember that most of games that is making it to the success right now are the more casual games mostly because people can play without having that much time. So as much as I understand new players can't have it all just free, I think everytime you release something new you could start decreasing the grind they need to get previous patchs stuff. Look, Jordan, I'd like to say there that I do apreciate your work, when I say you should stop developing to look at content that is already in the game, it's not because I don't think you're adding good stuff. I just think we need to start looking what we can change so our rares new players would keep playing the game. Sadly, you're the only one I have to ask, since even tho people come answering my posts like if I was saying you're doing a bad job (Thing I never said), they're the ones who left you alone to reply to tickets, foruns, bug reporsts, and still create the new content for the game. So even tho I disagree with some of your points, I think you're doing a good job on things that you're doing, but as much as we appreciate the new content you're making, you're the only person we have to ask to go back and see what could be changed so new players can stick around. And when we have this change we can start thinking about that players can do to promote the server, since there's pointless asking us to do something about that when even you know that if we bring the new players eventually they will quit. Even if you disagee with me, thank you for taking your time to read and reply For me it shows regardless if someone like or not the stuff you make for the game, you're the only one we can count with to make the game better.
  7. Yep, never said server is already empty and dying without any1 put money into it. It's slowing happening, since Vyzer pointed it. And if you compare you will see he was right. Only someone who isn't playing it would say otherwise.
  8. I'm not the one crying about inflation. I do have gold to do whatever I want even if prices are high, also I have most of my achievements done and enough stardust to finish what i haven't yet. People in peer chat, trying to do their achievements so they can try to finish Dragonside Sanctuary who are complaining about that. For people like you, me, Adrien, etc inflation doesn't matter. For people who have little time to play, people who aren't strongh enough and farm about 10k/day in palace and then have to keep looking till someone sell they 20 coronas for 10k, it does. (Besides the ammount of Eternal Points they will need, that's between 750-900g 129 rn) I don't see your point about my runs price. Most of people who buy from me say it's worth to pay 20k for a good runner instead paying 10-15k for a Totem Master runner and getting around half EXP I can give. And i'm not taking inflation in consideration for my prices, i always sold runs for 20k/h, everything price is increasing and I still ask for the same amount, don't expect me to go lower because people are selling bad runs for 15k. Same for gems, which I used to sell, even with EPs price being double than when i started selling it, I didn't increased gems price. Only thing I sell overpriced are ECs for 400g each, and there's people even thanking me for selling ECs (even with this price), because they just can't find people selling it So I can't understand what you mean with 'you do the same", actually you're the one who like higher inflation because you've been selling overpriced stardust even before inflation started to get higher and higher. That makes the reason you want to deffend server state obvious.
  9. Wait, so it's up to us trying to find new players, even if we are already helping they to gear faster and they still quit? Ok.... Zatch12_EE used to make youtube videos about EE content in VGN server. While some players was making fun of him, you guys ever considered giving him any kind of reward or gratification for his work promoting the game? Even tho he wasn't expecting any reward, some of the few new players I found in the server mentioned his videos from time to time. All I ever saw was people making fun of him.
  10. No one is complaining about new content he is bringing. I believe you know that (Or at least I want to believe lmao), but adding end game content doesn't change much about the server state when most of problem people are complaining in peer chat is due to lack of new players and VGN buyers.
  11. How many new players are joining? How many people are playing on boxes? Why inflation is going higher? We did. And I never said Jordan isn't doing a good job. I said that in his point of view, new players have a "path" to do to reach content old player still do to this day. But most new players we see in the game will quit eventually, mostly in less than 1 month. If a server doesn't get new players, what will happen to him? That's purelly logic, if old players keep quiting as even formers GS did, and the server doesn't get new players, what will happen in a few months? Yes, Jordan is developing good end game content, but you guys need to focus in atracting more new players before that. I'm dying to see what's he going to make for new sets and stuff, but it's pointless if we get this when there's only the same 30 (before u say anything, i'm not saying thats the number of people who play EE everyday, i know it might be more) players playing everyday Or are you going to tell me price for everything is going higher and higher because people wants to sell higher, and not because there's less people playing on boxes, spending VGN, injecting ECs, Stardusts, etc in the server? Well, Vyzer is talking about that since long time ago. Just compare how server state was back when he started now. Besides that, most of us players are all openned to make suggestions if Jordan wants to discuss that with us.
  12. Tuti

    human berserker

    +++++ But not just to take care of community, but also someone giving new ideas or different point of view for patchs/changes.
  13. Do it. Do it, document and and make a full guide for new players. We will see how many new players we will get. Jordan, I don't want to be rude with you, but at the very same time you're insiting you there's a path people can follow to reach end game, we aren't geting new players, we don't have people buying VGN, we don't have ECs, inflaiton is going higher and higher and our the core of PVP is basically a bunch of old player moving from guild to guild. As you said, I know you're trying to make a few changes for the game to become more noob friendly, but as I said before, EE have a lot of grinding to do, and each new patch is a new thing to grind. So in the point of view from a new player, no matter what you think, they just feel like a lot of pointless grind they have to do before reaching end game You might think it's a perfectionist mindset or whatever, but what can we do if that's how people want to play? Some player might even say "If you don't like that, quit." and well, they might be right, but lets just take in consideration that it's being a private server or not, any game need people supporting (donating) to keep the server running. So it doesn't matter if it's a perfectionist mindset, what does matter is that right now we need start geting new player otherwise we will just regret the ones we lost and the server will eventually die. Might not be today, this week, this month or this year but it's already slowling happening. (Might think i'm exaggerating, but if there's old player quiting and we're not geting new players...eventually we all know what will happen). Doesn't matter if we can go from cap to cap till we eventually reach the end game if that's not what new players want to do. And yes, I agree you can't simply give everything to new players because it would feel like old player have no value on what they did to be strong as they are. But without the new players in a few months we might not even have a comunity where the old players can play. Inflation got to a point that even player with a bit more experience, who are already ready to PVP are tryng to improve and they just can't, because they can't find party to thing they didn't have yet and they can't even get stardusts to finish archievements and be able to play another classes. So, being honest, I'd even suggest you to stop developing new things and start to discuss what you can do to really bring new players to the server. Because there's no point in producing end game content (Content some aren't even able to finish, and as i said can't improve their character to be able to because the server state) when you don't even know when people will get tired of prices increasing everyday and just quit the game, as some are already doing. While you don't do that, I'd suggest you to get some new players to guide, teach they ur path into PVP and tell they later they will have to go back and grind T95, GoP, T100, and whatever else they will need and you will see if they're going to quit or not. (Remember they that they will have a lot of difficuty to find a party) Because most people i tried to help, i managed to get they weapons, lv100 sets, trophies, classes leveld and they just quit when they needed to stay online till the find a party to lv100, or they had to grind for awaken sets and other stuff, because they knew that after that they would have to grind something else, and they said they don't have time for that, they have to work, they have to study, or they have to do both. (another thing for you to consider, not everyone have time to keep leveling alt to farm gold) I really hope you understand as much as I don't feel happy about the same answer everytime, I don't want to be rude. But while you keep insisting that we can't make the life of new players easier, almost every new player will just quit.
  14. Tuti

    human berserker

    I just disagree on that because we don't need just a buff in GS/Axe We need every racial to be usefull. I know some races are supposed to be better than others with a kind of class type, but this isn't what happens in EE. How many people are playing bears? How many people are playing froggs? When we are puting any kind of effort in a game we want to feel rewarded for that effort, so the problem that knuckle bracer brings is: No matter how much effort we put into a Zerker, Halfkin and Zumi will always be better. We only have two options, play with Axe/GS to make use of our racial and having less survavibility or play with Club/Sword and always have less damage then they. So you're wrong, Axe/GS zerker can't do damage, because as you said, you can't do damage if you're dead. ^-^
  15. Tuti

    human berserker

    Not everything is about damage. That's exactly the reason Knuckle Bracers made it unfair for 2h weapons. You added alot of damage with much more survivability. While it's easy for a P-DPS to reach 50% block (that nullifys all damage) with knuckle bracer, have difficuty to be able to cap Parry that only cuts damage by half.