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  1. Hey ! I agree with what Infecttado says, I did a lot of TK and I never had the mount, I ended up believing it was disabled. But I wouldn't be against the suggestion of being able to buy the Mount with the TK Coins which nowadays are no longer useful. Or to try to increase the loot rate. Thank you: D
  2. Hello. I think you are talking about the Free Starter Pack in the Event section on our Website? If this is the case, you must simply open the "Item Mall" interface (i key).
  3. Hi Just need to wait the new link with the last update. Maybe try with one other net navigator for moment.
  4. Hello, from my point of view, no matter what your race is, you can play all classes, even if some races are more practical with race bonuses or racials skills. But to answer your question, and this remains only my point of view I would say: Human: Samurai / Luminary / Warrior / Knight / Templar Halfkin: Bard / Dragon Knight / Ranger Anuran: DPS Magic and Physical DPS / Healer Zumi: Sage / Physical DPS (orange) Ursun: All I hope this helps you. you can always consult the Wiki to get your own idea. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CAkzpiMKacccouaYzLoi2uKEPyJ0s07caihNP5QLv6Q/edit#gid=391268784
  5. Bonjour, tout d’abord sur le forum il faut parler Anglais ou bien ajouter la traduction en anglais. Pour répondre à a question, Oui il y a encore du monde. Et il y a 2 guilde FR (Chocolat & Kiana) Bon jeu à toi ! Translation Hello, first of all on the forum you need to speak English or add the English translation. To answer the question, yes, there are still people there. And there are 2 guild FR (Chocolat & Kiana) Good game to you!