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  1. Always the same answer. If one day we intend to open a GF server, I think you'll know. *Closing the topic*
  2. Hello ! I know that sometimes some of you wonder where to find some cosmetics. So today I'm going to try to be as accurate as possible to tell you the location of each Cosmetics. Note: If a Cosmetic is not in any of the lists below, it means that it is in the Crystal Altar. Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Head Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Body Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Back Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Weapons Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Mounts Exclusive Mystery Boxes : Pet Thank you !
  3. The dungeon is not even 1 year old yet and we have already made some modifications to make the Weapons crafting simpler by increasing the Essences loot. I think it's still early to add this, or to make the HoOs even easier, the dungeons are quite new. Maybe later yes. My simple opinion ^^
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