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  1. usually Altar Diamonds are available for big events like Christmas and others, but it depends mostly on GMs, you can keep your Diamond Gems in your bank like I do
  2. Jordan : I'm not sure, I mean technically its possible but there is a lot of other things that need to take priority for both games and I just don't really think a feature like this will really matter in the long term. People can see your procs and stuff and theres only a finite number of gears you can possibly use at this level cap atleast. Maybe in the future but I kinda feel like 90% of the players of this game don't think and just copy anyway so you'd kinda just be pushing them away. If they didn't think before I don't think they would think now. Thats how I've always seen it anyway.
  3. Currently, I'm not sure if we need the source code to change/add this, or if it takes Jordan a long time to do it. I'll clarify this later. We have a Status Assistant that allows us to earn some space in our skill bars, anything that is Luna Rock, Stone, or Meteor and the mount and some potions you can use the Status Assistant. PS : At this level of the game, compared to the Awaken server, we have much less potions or items that we use, I find that the 3 skill bars are enough. It's always been this way, if someone tries to steal your run room, you just have to report it. With proof (preferably video). We still have time before those areas arrive though. Adding them as stats in the character's stats is unfortunately not possible. But I can't give you the G-Heal numbers that 1 WIS gives, I don't remember. On the other hand the G-Heal is very important. I think it's possible, Or add other PvP instances if we have requests for more PvP activity. like Elysian Island or even later Deserted Island Survival. In general, I agree with your idea 1 and 5! Thank you for your suggestions, and I hope I was able to help you with my few words.
  4. Add in the bug/typo list, please use the right section for next bug report. *closed*
  5. It is still valid, it will be done with a future Patch.
  6. I am closing this thread because it is no relation to the main subject. Bash or Jordan are free to reopen the thread if they think it's necessary. PS : If you have a problem with a member of the staff, you can absolutely make a Ticket instead of criticizing anything and everything on the forum.