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  1. I think there's enough voting, as Jordan said at the moment it's not on that priority list. PS : I also agree *Locking the thread. *
  2. It's a forgetting on our part, they'll be removed.
  3. I kind of like the idea, even though the rewards are up for review and should be much rarer. And change a little something. Then we'll have to see if Jordan's open to the idea. But that stays in the corner of my head just in case, or for later!
  4. Just to be clear, most threads have been locked by myself today, some have been locked temporarily to calm some people down. They can be opened again if necessary. And I agree with @SenorBernd
  5. Herakles

    Drop rates

    I have a small idea of Events for our 2 servers that would take place on the forum. I have to think about it to prepare it. But I hope to be able to share it with you soon enough.