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  1. I'm going to repeat myself again on behalf of the entire staff, we have no plans to open another server at this time. When we decide to do so, I think you will all know about it, but for the moment nothing is planned. *Closing for Necro*
  2. This can only be obtained with Achievements.
  3. Hello, You should rather try to ask directly in game, and try to join a guild for much easier help 😀
  4. I like LW enough, yes some things are a pity, that it is not tanky enough, or that it is not debuff, but it is only a support, not a pure heal. I like to use it in PvP, or against Karen, and with the 115 set, I tried to buff it a bit with the Requiem set. (This is purely my opinion as a player, but the LW is fine as it is) Also, I manage to heal correctly, I have the time to put all the buffs + the Holy skill during the skills cd (while I cast instant)
  5. Hello everyone! Today with the new Patch v25, new Class System Drops are available, so here is the exact list of dungeons and bosses you can farm them on ! They are available in Trials Lv 70! This guide may change with future Patches. Of course, it works with Drops classes. Notes: *The drops are NT. *Each Boss gives 20 Eternal points, except the last one which gives 35. Sturmfrau Zagdon : Safety Stone - Warlock Eternal Point - Templar Eden Crystal - Cleric Gimu : Safety Stone - Blade Dancer Eternal Point - Warrior Eden Crysta
  6. Please Edit ur post, and translate in English.
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