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  1. Mysterious Ronin Chieftain Costume (Prime) Altar ✔️11/23/19 Dark Rose Knight Suit (Alpha)Altar Mysterious Tennis Team Uniform (Prime)Altar ✔️11/29/19 Blazeblight Cestus (Prime)Altar ✔️12/06/19 Pitch-Black Rose Wings (Prime_Altar ✔️11/29/19
  2. Didn't know we can do that :000 thank u^^~
  3. I know people dont want this bcuz they all mostly have legendary clothes and stuff. But other people might want this.. i dont do polls bcuz it seems unnecessary to me and i already know what they're going to pick and say. Im only asking a question to see if its possible. Some people spend money on games and some dont. And i dont see how anyone haven't notice that the same stuff keeps being put up in the altar. I keep seeing the same legendaries being put every other different day in the altar. And sometimes the same prime clothes be in there too and tbh the altar just mostly be filled up with legendaries than primes.
  4. I've noticed there's a lot of legendary clothes and stuff in the altar and in auction. I was wondering if there can be more prime clothes and stuff too.. It's just that legendary stuff is expensive for me to buy out the auction.. and there's a lot of other prime clothes that's havent been put out in altar at all and the same stuff keeps being put out in the altar every other different day.. So i was wondering if its possible to have less legendary's and a bit more prime clothes~
  5. ◘Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!◘
    Eat Poop DUDES!

  6. Ok so I've never'd made a intro in like how many years this is my first time making one anddddd I just came back playing eden its been so long that I haven't played....Good memories.... Hai All