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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/itmqDcG9UPKy2QMm7 My class is punisher and so far my equipment is: Explorer Earrings Veteran Necklace Soldier Ring Gammabane Ballista Base Gammasbane Helmet with a transfusion Base Gammasbane Suit+1 Base Gammasbane Kneeguards Base Gammasbane Shoes Base Gammasbane Bangle+1 And Base Gammasbane Gloves.
  2. Im a newish player so dont take it too hard, but the whole passive and aggressive enemy placements are kinda messed up. All i want to do is grind quests to get out if the area ive been in for days now. Most quests have me running back and forth on the map which is irritating. Whats even more irritating is when im tasked with taking out 10-12 enemies who are passive but are almost always surrounded by aggresive enemies who attack on sight, wether you are in their range or not. I find it unfair when you are already attacking an enemy the same level as you and all of a sudden another enemy the same level as you but is marked aggresive comes charging at you. This happens when youre not even trying ti fight. Just the other day i had to jump to my death in Merehold because when i tried clearing a quest after finding an item the quest told me to find, a mech type enemy attacked me and disrupted the menus screen. It follwed me where another aggressive enemy spitted me and soon i had two of them attacking me. I was down to about 40 percent of my health within two hits( one from each of them) while having the highest gear i could obtain at level 28.
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