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  1. Broken classes will exist anywhere buddy, I'm saying the old ones don't even compare to these today. these awakening classes are extremely broken and you know it.
  2. I don't know who you are and I don't care who you are or who you were, but I think you said some mistakes there, friend, hahahaha. 1. All players who want a classic server (including me) want the old experience of joining pvp / pve with pleasure and not playing with the broken classes where you skip and kill everything with a single blow. 2. I don't think you should know what a classic server is, because you compare normal TW to classic and really have problems. 3. Normal TW will NEVER work on this server because everything increases damage, such as 90 achievements, level 120 classes, and arousal set archiving. 4. Laziness? at where? we play this server in beta practically and we always do all the content and even create characters like alt for farm (potion / pod / glyphs etc ...) 5. A classic server is defined with an exciting pvp / gvg / pve to play with and that is why voting is currently winning, because the only ones who voted "no" there are mark and his friends because dominating the server for the first time in PVP, because only they are playing. 6. Don't say things you don't know about my angel. Enjoy another classic video, my baby.
  3. Best PVP of all time. Eden eternal Classic much better than this awakening generation.
  4. These awakening class spoiled our beloved EE 😢