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  1. Loged in to my tiny lv 49 medic alt... I can just max out ALL buffs and all important heals x,D So yeah medic now broken too, buffs make no sense and are all over the place sure but dosent matter. If you can just max them all out anyway and stack insane power to a player. Ow and shadow walker rejoice, they got a detection field too on top of 2 acc buffs lol. They also got a anti dot buff and can also buff move speed of a player. Also medic got now 2 stuns. GG and punisher can shot like no tommorow haha perfect farming bot class. Why I even bother to look at this shit when It was already clear to me that all classes are gods now but whipper.
  2. Try out? Nice joke I dont saw they handing out free skill resets so people actually can TRY out anything.🤣
  3. PU was the god tier class for pve now it´s god tier ascended devil god in pve lol. CB was already a god 1vs1 and now they just the all might being in 1vs1. DE reflect is a joke beyond belive like sand also mentioned above making them broken as hell ME only heard complains that the buffs makes no sense anymore and are all over the place. SE nerfed and buffed is some areas seems fine? Have to ask more to be honest. SW more broken then ever, was already broken before, what a joke and now with 0 ch acc on pull they back to untochable. WH trash only got nerfs, nerfs and more nerfs, shied nerfed by increased cd and lower duration, ch acc taken away, cc nerfed to hell by double cd and lower duration of cc. Damage outside of mech still trash, so less cc and still crap dmg. Max Aoe Target reduced to a joke, aoe range reduced to a joke let me give you a taste. Electric tempest maxed out (the aoe disable of wh) has now 12 diameterso 6 m range... nice aoe master class LOL, whoever made the "rebalance of wh" clearly hates whipper and gave them nothing but nerfs nerfs nerfs nerfs nerfs nerfs and more nerfs nerfs nerfs nerfs nerfs GG (NOT) Pull Bug not fixed can still stun whipper once she pull you with single target hook and sinker.Will I keep playing whipper?... no... just rerole to cb, sw or de since they are now ridicoulse brainless classes. that are broken beyond believe and for pve pu the brainless god class of dmg and endless coccon buffs. Or just outright quit since I have not the time and energy to start all over again because you guys have 0 fucking idea how to balance a rpg.
  4. So the bug is unfixable and whipper is stuck with it, good to know. Also seems fair that all classes got something new or are more op then ever. And whipper only class that got hit with a insane amounts of nerfs in every aspect. Might as well delete whipper class and give me a class changer item or something. Because else I quit and other whipper player will quit or play other class. Whipper is the most garbage class in game now, good job.
  5. And then they came and so did the blood out of my head, while hitting the wall with it in an endless circle.
  6. Defender reflect is broken op... just combine frenzy with reflect and your enemy dosent know wth to do lol. Hit the defender will lead to you kill yourself, not hitting him will lead to him kill you, broken much? CB buff gaudian shout is broken as hell and can be pretty much endless rota with metabolism... All class got buffed or even got new op things. While whipper got nerfed in every aspect... You want me to stay polite and I try to but that´s really hard at this point, it feels like a bad joke to me. Shields... nerfed. less duration more cd. CC ... heavy nerfed less duration wayyyy more cd, less combos... and combos fail duo to bug see below Pull range heavy nerfed, bug that people can still hit you first sec you stun them? (hook and sinker single target skill) Not fixed at all, ch acc completly removed... from both pulls, so sw can do what they want with you or your medic. And more ridicoulse nonsense... I ask again is this some kind of troll patch or we get the real wh changes soon? As of now I just want to quit this class or game that you made useless while making other classes godlike... thx for nothing.
  7. Just one question everybody ask themself but not bother to ask in forum for some reason... When will those things in the title of this post happen? And more importantly will they even happen at all today or in the near future (next week or 2)? Rumors say they come with the next maint, is that true or just nonsense? We all wait for those things to happen to be honest and are bored...
  8. Yeah the game has some tricks, like use a skill and instant bike... Sometimes I use it for pull then quickly bike away. Because whipper got a bug when you pull someone they get stuned but can still stun you back even tho you pulled them. So standing still and pulling someone always will backfire on you which sucks badly. This trick sometimes helps to flee from the backfire bug which is ridicoulse to use a bug to fight a bug. Clock bikes would be op indeed and they already exist, sw has probably most bugs and glitches of all classes. double ultimate, cloak bike, out of combat flee and cloakbike combo, animation cancle, kali bug exploit is op with sw aswell. And many more rather unknown bugs which i will not say else it would be even more stupid since people love to exploit. But back to the topic with lag and teleport being a hack. Yes such tools exist and yes some people use them. Like teleport behind you instantly or away from you, not only when pulled but anytime they feel like nobody notice. Since the game is lagging most of the time anyway its not actually super easy to find out if it was lag or teleport. Lets just wait for the patch and hopefully a halloween event, to raise peoples spirits. Mine is atm very low, just tryed to log in just to get instantly kicked again. And then have the next bug in my face after. The awesome and well known bug that tells you you use a wrong ID or whatever which is nonsense. Some people have that 3 times in a row I just had that on my alt and on my main at the same time... like wth... Now imagine a new player seeing all those bugs... specially the once that say to you NOPE YOU WILL NOT PLAY... And close the game with some bullshit text, that isnt telling the truth ... sighs...
  9. @Vivi Is it possible to get "Hatchling Pet or Skin"? You know the tiny cute dragon, also viewable on the art of my signature. I would really love one, since it was my fav in aeria times.
  10. Saw this happen to many times and also just where like... yup lag if its only few meters. But sometimes it´s unrealistic to be lag, example... I pulled a cb (not gonna say the name) in NB. He was pretty close to me maybe 16 m away pull has 23 m range. He got pulled correctly and stuned... and suddenly boom... he teleported 50 meter away to the end of the room...?! I instantly was like... wtf? And asked the other rg if they saw it and they did... so all people had same"lag" that makes someone teleport for 50 m? Idk... seemed very fishy to me, specialy since some people claimed... that they can mod the games client, isnt that right mister xxxx and xxxxxxx? You know who you guys are. I also always found it strange that people could atk me when I stuned them with my hook and sinker single target skill. However that one is a bug that people abuse to kick your face like bikini and others and a fail of the vendetta team. When they changed the skills and other classes have bugs and issues too.
  11. Just because those 2 having a little argument? It´s human nature and it didn´t really looked all that extreme to me. So please calm down all 3 of you. I want this important topic to stay alive and well. It would just hurt the game and community even further if we lose this topic and can´t voice our concerns and opinions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to topic, it seems like fk get back on track and actually dominate the Nuclear Bunker Battleground. Bringing and absurd amount of whippers and medics. And since rg is so spoiled of the last other weeks of zerg easy win. Ofc they lose, it´s funny seeing them atk a defender and other pointless targets and not even try to go for the medics. While other fk on there rg alts feeding fk further. So it dosen´t seem to me that fk needs help in Nuclear Bunker. Infact there won both yesterday. Idk about kasava tho the one I can´t join since it´s in the middle of the night for me. And there I am sleeping. But the one I can join is always rg zerg fk. So there they still seem to need help. So making a extra toon just to jump once a week in kasava seems uneffective too me. It be nice if the game ask you each bg, which side you want to join and you jump to that team regardless of being rg or fk. But that is probably not possible and unrealistic. Perma faction change at the day of kasava might be a way. However, most people will just join the winning side because loot I´m afraid. It´s the main problem of bgs. Those who have the power and 2 side toons will sadly not do the right thing and abuse it for there own benefit. And some are afraid that fc and perma fc npc will just be abused... sighs... peoples mentality is the issue. "Want to win, even if zerg, not care if balanced or fun, want loot, want sgs, fk now better going fk, rg better again going rg" "Serah stupid not care, all pointless anyway, switching to whatever side gives me loot and wins, send lowbie toons for feeding" Just to name some obvious short thoughts many of those people with more alts on both sides probably have. But there are ofc some special cases who have some honor left and try there best and do the oppsite. Those are however the minority... That is something that neither, vivi, her team not me or anybody can fix, but the people themself. Ps: Keep this topic clean, Thank you ❤️
  12. Hm, I was observing the pvp the last couple of days. And for some reason since I made this post here. Fk suddenly can fight and actually had 2-3 Medics in the first NB of everday day. They also had once a score of 18-130 or something x,D Today I had a lot fun pvp left and right 7 + hours long... so idk what changed but it be nice if it stays that way. However I am afraid it is just because its weekend or some other factors like people with double accounts. Most people just switch where the medics and loot are, and that side will zerg the other. Also timezones are a thing, fk seems to win first bunker or got great chance too. Second Bunker is always rg zerg fest and fk switching to alts to rg and join them for loot. I could call names of the people I oberserved doing that but I rather not, since that is not nice. And I rather stay nice and friendly here. I just want fun and as balanced pvp as possible. Because those are the fights that give me joy in playing this game. But back to faction change topic in general, duo to this observations and a lot people giving me some backgrounds. I am kinda unsure, struggling with myself... should I FC or not? ... will it solve the problem... ? not really... right? The main problems are double crossing players with rg and fk charackters, looters and timezones. Idk if it would hurt the balance going to fk or help it at this point or change nothing at all... I´m very confused of what to do to be honest =( I am also thankful to GM Vivi for not instantly shuting down the request and considering it too. But as of now... like I said I am very unsure if I want fc afterall or not. Also I wonder if fk will even accept me in there ranks or will ignore me, and I am all alone ... Maybe thats also a reason the fc rgs that went in the past vanished after a while. Because they where left out and alone? Well I go sleep now late here ... Sorry for writing so much and thx for reading. x,D
  13. I rather fight for the fk vs the rg zerg then sitting on my butt all day long being bored to death by pve... If some rg would follow me and the little rebel groub in fk I saw sometimes join forces with us. I am sure we can kick rgs ass and bring some moral back to fk. Or atleast in a bad scenario still deliver a strong resistance and barley lose. So that other fk see... if they would join as well they could turn the table and give some payback time. They real problem is not the faction change. The real problem is people who have 2 toons one on each side. And switch to the toon to the winning faction to loot and then leave. It seems most people dont even care for pvp and ruin the game for themself and other players. By acting like that and spreading this behavior. But let me say this... I rather fight 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 players or a zerg at once... Then fighting the dust of amara... its for real just a empty waistland...