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  1. Sorry to break this sad news i highly doubt people will diversify
  2. Classes are balanced no nerfing or buffing people complain cos they want to play just 1 class and dont want to gear others, not my problem nor do i care, just one class wont let u be called heared and secondly gearing a whole branch of class is best tbh if u like orange classes gear all of them best so u wont be told that u suck or whatever. People should know to play all classes atleast if pdps all pdps classes mdps all mdps classes.
  3. I would disagree just at higher caps when u got dd, BTS,DSR it got easy to lvl up but its fine at this stage no need to change
  4. Lol i did exploit it tbh. If u use a skill in pvp for stun and it gives immolize immunity as a MA just stun him again I would love to see them rage like this lmao
  5. I dont know honestly how many people like aoe, but its still a suggestion if aoe can be reverted back to target skills like it happened on samu on MS at lv65 cap, it will be a lot easier as clicking skill and placing aoe is not so good idea i believe in can help in some places but not in others, removing aoe can help samurai main players like me, just spam skills clicking buttons than clicking buttons and playing aoe, as you all know samurai is a class with combos so with puragatory placing and asura slash placing is kinda bugging me. Might get difficult running DD(when its out) or doing 0/10, if u got high eva in samu u can just stand in one place and kill mobs like flies. But with aoe it gets a kinda messy. Hoping for a reply from gs/gm/cm or vendtta staffs and awesome gaming community in classic. Tyvm
  6. May i know who u confirmed it from?
  7. I agree with tuti. Still cant digest the fact that wis grimoire exists, tbh illu and warlock only use grimoire so idk why they need wisdom
  8. Honestly im also like that i dont want to spend golds on gears anymore and saving for lv65 but i have a yellow cestus+6 yellow dagger +4 yes i did trials i farmed the weapons no matter how annoying it was, i have a cruel peryn set, the orange once lv60 fame set. And i do pvp with it, its fun but the problem is when people who use $ have +10 weapons(im not pinpointing someone) its fasconating to see how much dmg they do. And we have trollers who piss all the people there, and are being toxic if u saving for lv65 then dont play the Fpvp let us enjoy
  9. Honestly all the lv60 gold gears i have are crafted but ur right tuti u can craft them but problems come when u need a trophy
  10. I wanted to state the problem which is bugging the players since quite a few time. I know not many of you will agree to it. Im just expressing my opinion about it that the drop rates in trials are so low. I reckon with 4members in the trial party using Loot charms wouldn't make the boss drop the weapon nor the trophy. I personally have done more than 10 trials of century and i still have not seen valmor drop his rings or staff or his trophy. Im playing this game when the main server had Lv70 cap but i cannot recall having so low drop rate. As i already stated that people may or may not agree with me but, trials have become a place to leech classes not to get good trophies/rings/weapons/armor blueprint etc. I personally have leeched no denying the fact because we never get the thing we need from trials, i understand for some players it may drop but the majority are in dry runs. Using loot charm just makes the runs go drier to dry nothing good comes out of it. I only request the GM/GS to give class drops or least increase drop rates in trials, as doing trials for gears will be lot fun than doing it to leech classes.