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  1. I decided that Im quitting sb cause im not enjoy at all anymore and want work on other things like streaming. Thank you all that had fun times with. sighing out : fk side: serenity with werid t (aka takiea)taxi, rg side:takoria,satantaco
  2. Would be good to have fc open again cause been long time since they have been.
  3. Had idea to make rp cap area in pve zone so pve players who don't want to pvp or be attacked by other players can cap in peace.
  4. Irl and your health does come first take care of yourself and good luck.
  5. Monogatari no game no life to love ru darkness accel world Full metal panic fumoffu There many others but that few of them.
  6. I think the they should make it weekday ak close to early nb like 2h after it. So can at least join on ak cause its getting silly now been almost month since want into ak...
  7. There one idea I have for new pvp map is have collection dailies and other quest like pvp ones that give each faction points and when reach like let say 100 (could be alot more) bosses spawn for that faction. Have this idea cause it would keep players more active and have work towards bosses. With new player maybe make team dungeons for low cap more rewarding and worth doing so they have change to see older dungeons and learn how use there classes. Also having dailies for the bosses with good reward. Oh also could do use my faction point system for the horde style event too by same way as spawning bosses. Will post more if can think of it.
  8. As I said before think It would work better at least making wed ak 2h earlier or even 3h cause when that was done on Saturday it was still active and people similar time zone then me could probably make it. For me 2h earlier was 12am and 1am finish which can stay up for
  9. For me this new change to ak times make me not able make it for either cause they start at 2am for me and end 3am. How ak was before any changes were done, work well for me cause Saturday one was 2h earlier which could stay up for and the Wednesday one was in middle day for me. But do understand why ak was changed on Wednesday it lately has been kind dead with numbers.
  10. With full dps medic are they going be counted still as a medic? I guess in way even do they don't have heals they have buffs and mech. But on other hand the team would have no arkana heals
  11. Thank you so much for how welcoming you were when I first start playing on rg side, givng me place there and all fun times we had. Not sure what else say but think that enough lol
  12. IGN: Takoria my wish is suer huntress for medic
  13. Would it be possible to make 2nd costume tab which changes when you gear change? and possibly way to swap titles and having ling change with gear set too. Because right now cause with all 65 lings, titles from last event and all unique costumes out there which make using two gear set mid fight sort of pointless cause you lose to many stats.
  14. Haven't try tt hm in ages but with my full dps me I did it in 36 mins Will have try it again and make video.
  15. Takiea

    Lvl boost

    Really getting gear isn't to hard it just take time, The hardest part of gear is the ap items and upgrading pet chips. The problem is lately no one wants to lvl alts so there has been barely any dv pt or even suer and that best and easiest way to lvl. Like if you were going solo lvl 60 to 65 that just crazy would take ages.
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