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  1. Crystal Alter Body: Mysterious Striped Kimono (Legendary) ✔️10/10/20
  2. Actually, I'm saying that some players are spamming all bosses in order to get the materials and it makes other players, especially players who cannot online all day long, can't even do the event quests. For example, one of my friends can only online at night and he cant even find any bosses in DOS. And I'm not complaining about the drop rate and I know the drop rate of the items are very good. The shortened respawn time of the bosses can only apply during the event period, it doesn't have to be a permanent change.
  3. As we all know the enhanced DOS trophies require materials from DOS bosses and make it really difficult for players, who cannot online all day long, to get the materials. Some players are just spamming all the DOS bosses 24/7, it makes other players can't even finish the event quest. Therefore, I would like to suggest some ways to improve the current situation. 1. To shorten the respawn time of DOS bosses from 3 hours to 1 hour 2. To add more ways to get the materials (like adding a new DGN or some daily quests, then we don't need to "stalk" those bosses) 3. To add DOS bosses in Alternate DOS map I believe by adopting one of the above suggestions, the current situation would be improved effectively.