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  1. I’d like to know the inner workings of how healing works and I honestly would try it for myself if not for 2 main reasons that make it extremely tedious to find out: Healing stats are not displayed There is no healing spell that has no variance (or at least none that I know of from all that I’ve tried) I’ve done some tests here and there but I’ve always taken very long to get little data, which I always find puzzling and still doubt the accuracy of because of the variance. So I just thought I’d ask my questions here. The most important thing I’d like to know is how wisdom converts to g-heal. Then, other details would also be nice, like how wis converts to p-heal as well, if there’s any difference between white and green stat for p-heal and g-heal, how the spell healing amount affects it (e.g. heals 1999 HP), the actual effect of increasing spell % healing (like healing radiance +5%), and how achievements (mace and guitar) work.
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