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  1. Hello, I will give my opinion, I like Aura Kingdom May if I should choose between Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, I prefer Grand Fantasia. There has been a discussion on the top of the GM Vendettta team do not want to open another games for now because a lot of work with the old + Nostale. In addition I am of the same opinion as Reijiarisu and MasterOfShadows.
  2. Hello Xaoc, I can not change the color of the texts or the numbers, it belongs to the sources of the game and not the theme. I can lighten the dark to better see the scriptures, badly I can not do more.
  3. There is no Vendetta theme, you have to create it
  4. Found, thank you to one of my guild members ... topic deleted.
  5. Hello everyone, I know there is a lot of Spanish on the vendetta, I ask you for help for a title of a music please. Buenos días a todos, Sé que hay mucho español en la vendetta, te pido ayuda para obtener un título de música, por favor.
  6. Hello I made a bonus video that consists of giving you research ideas for your future themes, and two examples of my two Star Wars Sith / Jedi and Twin Saga themes.
  7. Hello, I just made a video to create a theme about Eden Eternal, however I do not speak English video and in French. If some of you understand French I allow you to do a translation. good luck .
  8. Hello, I am completely for the vote of a server Grand Fantaisia Vendetta, I tested the private Spanish server I find it not so well that.
  9. Hello Kira I'm trying to learn Japanese in May I was in lack of motivation, I wish you happen to your project, and good luck for the future
  10. Hello and welcome Dave15
  11. Hello Doper Have the same name but is not written like
  12. Hello I will for the first time introduced me to the other players and player of other language ^^ . Mickaël I call, I'm 26, I live in France and more precisely in the Dordogne (24). I spent my childhood in game consoles like the Super NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Playstation 1. My first online games Grand Fantasia is, since I'm a big fan of MMORPG May when I saw Eden Eternal official release in beta, its was my favorite game, however, I tested different games like TERA, Aion, Blade And Soule, Aura Kingdom, SWTOR, Elsword for the most scoring games. Then I discovered the private servers, my first Play Eden I play about one year and the waiter closed: / I tested a private server Grand Fantasia, and the youngest is Vendetta Gaming <3 Here I think I've been around ^^ 'although I am totally in English no it does not mind getting to know you and why not share different thing, against only by cries as the forum because I have constantly translate ^^ ' I wish you all good games ^^
  13. Hi, the theme Twin Saga is complete, you can now download of my hoster ^^
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