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  1. Hi o/ Can you please fix the wigs cause it been a long time both have a graphic issue. it such a waste for people who has it, we cant wear it cause the wigs have graphic issue.. 😭 thank you.
  2. o/ Altar: Genetically Altered Baby Pepper (Legendary) ✔️12/02/21 Takoyaki Hat (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Sly Kitty (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Sly Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Witty Kitty (Legendary) ✔️12/16/21 Witty Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️12/16/21 Mystical Bunny Paintbrush (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Delicated Cruel Death Frock (Legendary) ✔️12/31/21 Mysterious Rose Eye Patch (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Elite Monocle (Legendary) ✔️12/20/21 Mysterious Dainty Beach Hat (Legendary)✔️12/30/21 Mysterious Earmuffs (Legendary) ✔️01/07/22 Delicate Alpaca Bandage (Legendary) ✔️12/17/21 Mysterious Shark Doll Hat (Legendary) ✔️12/09/21 Box : Resplendent Fairy Wings ✔️12/09/21 Mysterious Wedding Gown (Legendary) ✔️12/16/21 thank you ~
  3. o/ Box: Spirit Of Glossy Black Alpaca ✔️10/28/21 Altar: - Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (Legendary) ✔️10/21/21 - Custom Pacifier (Legendary) ✔️10/21/21 - Sugar Bear Satchel (Llegendary) ✔️11/05/21 - Dark Red Clothing Color ✔️10/22/21 - Dark Grey Clothing Color ✔️10/21/21 thank you.
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