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  1. Hey there ! Even tho I don't like the actual character modell which looks very raw, I'm still hyped about having a new class at NosTale even thos I can't really imagine how weapons and Sp's of a meele fighter would look like ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  2. Make mane/claw tradeable

    Hey there @Squizzy, First of all thanks for your suggestion ! I personally must disagree with this suggestion, since this would mean that people could do Draco/Glace with 15 characters (Which is not very hard to do) and simply claim those claws/manes to trade them on their mains gaining perfection faster then other ppl which would create a huge advantage for those who can abuse this, the same goes for Erenia, Zenas and Events. We sadly must always consider that such things will be abused by alternate characters, this will always be part of NosTale so I think the idea is good if everyone would have like 1 account and not 3 or 4. The second point is as my pre posters already said perfection stones are meant to be self gained through bringing efforts at raids like Draco/Glace or Erenia/Zenas and were never meant to be tradeable and I think it should stay like this so it's actually something you can only get by spending time at the game. Greetings, Pandemonia
  3. Complete LoD times

    Hey there @GoRy This indeed is a very usefull guide thanks for your efforts ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  4. Extra Large Warehouse, tradable?

    closed~ since the thread owner sees the discussion as solved. If there is need for a reopen please contact a staff member ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  5. Screenshot Show Off

    Greetings from Nosville <3
  6. And once again something that does not fit into NosTale ! I don't know who designs those costumes but hell no why they bring polar bear winter jackets. I want to remember on these two here they did also not fit into NosTale:
  7. Transfer client to other languages

    Hey there ! I will close this thread at this point since another similar thread is active and existing ! Greetings Pandemonia
  8. Hey there @Bash There is no real eta on that. It seems to be very unusual, sometimes it takes 2 months and sometimes 3 months till stuff hits the gameforge servers especially on cosmetics. Greetings, Pandemonia
  9. Since the thread owner asked for it. ~closed
  10. Dragon skin/blood/heart

    Hey there ! First of all thanks for your suggestions. In my opinion we should keep this "dragon" upgrade stuff as it is since the raids are still well done and don't even take 20 minutes a day and bring you with some luck about 5kk a day and upgrade materials. Greetings, Pandemonia
  11. [Guide] Raid-Timespace's

    Hey there @DatNegroTyrone, Thanks for your feedback I'll try to fix those pictures during the day ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  12. New wing

    Hey there @GreenCoffe I'll close this thread at this point since this suggestion was already made before, for future please try to use our research function so the board stays a bit more cleaner, I've also linked the older suggestion on this topic ! ~closed~ Greetings, Pandemonia
  13. We need to make changes to the arena of talents

    Hey there @Seifer97 I want to remember that the board aswell has to be kept in English, please edit the post above into an english translation aswell, otherwise this thread will be deleted. Greetings, Pandemonia
  14. New Partner SP

    Hey there @Kailash First of all thanks for your suggestion ! I really do like the basic idea of this suggestion and I think this is defenently some kind of awesome custom content and I would really like to see such things InGame ! Anyway what I'm not okay with are the buffs/debuffs those specialists are giving, since some of them are a bit let's say too strong but I really like the idea of having those psp cards at the game ! Note: "All I wrote above is my personal opinion and how I see this suggestions." Greetings, Pandemonia
  15. Antique Fire Mask

    Hey there @MrsStranger I agree with you that this mask is hard to get and that some not even know how to, so I'll try to lighten things up a bit in this situation 1. How do I get the parchment for this mask ? As far as I know this parchment will dropp from monsters like: "Strong Burning Leash" "Lava Ghost" "Phoenix" & "Blazing Creature" 2. Where can I get "Hot Golden Thread" ? Hot golden thread is an item that dropps from basicly all robbers that appear after Neils and Melkis camp. My personal opinion on where they're dropping best is at Temple path since there is a solid amount of them in a corner and they're respawning fast. 3.Where can I get "Ancient civilisation tablet" ? The only way to obtain this tablet is doing act5.2 raids since it's a "medium rare" reward from raidboxes of those 3 Raids. My personal opinion on this topic is that those items should stay how they currently are since it's one of the last "hard" grindable things left at vendetta and should stay like this, since the game already is way too easy and people forgot how to grind. Greetings, Pandemonia