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  1. Pandemonia

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hey there NosPlayers ! Since some people found it funny to request so, I may remember that Onyx wings can't be requested here. Further Onyx requests will be ignored and deleted. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Panda
  2. Pandemonia

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hey there NosPlayers ! You can obtain the following items in this weeks (28.02.2019 - 07.03.2019) mystery box rotation: Box[1]: 'Blazing Blades' In-line Skates (mount) Box[2a]: Magnificent Party Set's (Female, Costume) Box[2b]: Mysterious Detective Set's (Male,Costume) Box[3]: Erdimien's Key (Partner) Best regards, Pandemonia
  3. Pandemonia

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hey there NosPlayers ! You can obtain the following items in this weeks (31.01.2019 - 07.02.2019) mystery box rotation: Box[1]: Football Bushi's (Pet) Box[2]: Peculiar UFO (Mount) Box[3]: Fairy Wings (Costume) Best regards, Pandemonia
  4. Pandemonia

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hey there NosPlayers ! You can obtain the following items in this weeks (24.01.2019 - 31.01.2019) mystery box rotation: Box[1]: Fluffy Rabbit Set (Costume) [m]: [f]: Box[2]: Cowgirl Chloe (Psp) Box[3]: Vivi's Cat Collection (Pet) Best regards, Pandemonia
  5. Pandemonia

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Hey there NosPlayers ! You can obtain the following items in this weeks (10.01.2019 - 17.01.2019) mystery box rotation: Box[1]: Icy Ike' Magical Skis (Mount) Box[2]: Frost Warrior Set (Costume) Box[3]: Historical Bushtales (Pet) Best regards, Pandemonia
  6. Pandemonia

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    Hey there NosPlayers ! We will close this topic by now due to a clear answer of an Administrator was given, and the topic goes morely off-topic than straight up into discussion. If there should be any need for a re-open please contact a Staff-Member. Best regards, Panda
  7. Pandemonia


    Howdy NosPlayers ! This Thread has been closed due to that the creator of the thread has asked for it. If there is any need for a re-open of the thread please contact a Staff-member. Best regards, Panda
  8. Pandemonia


    Hey there @Unterro! Too be honest we had this topic and discussion over and over by now and had many threads for this already, for sure doing something with the reputation system in general is probably a good idea for a future update but morely in a different way since as you've might already noticed it's very easy to reach the maximum reputation if you do raids for example steadily. Another problem would be the natural "dick-comparsion" of the community on this so what might be best is to simply higher some of the reputation caps and make those ranks accesable for most of the players, they all got atleast for a certain duration of time a new goal to reach but in a way where it's a little more open for everybody and less competitive, anyway that beeing said I'm sure that someone will take a look on the whole rep-system in future and that we can lay our hands on that but in a less comparing/competitive way so that it's fun for everybody. pps: Even tho those icons are not available currently the ranking itself is so except the icons and the obviously unnessecary hero chat there is not that much difference in the official and vendettas rep-system currently. Best regards, Panda
  9. Pandemonia

    [Guide] LoD - Timetable

    Hey there NosPlayers ! Here is a table with all new LoD times based on our ST (Servertime) & CEST (Central European Standard Time). The times are based on the update of Patch v27 that was released in November. If you wish to add up any further timezones please let me know via PM here at the board I'll try to add them up as quickly as possible. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Channel 2: Entrance: 00:00 DH: 00:30 End: 01:30 Channel 3: Entrance: 05:00 DH: 05:30 End: 06:30 Channel 4: Entrance: 10:00 DH: 10:30 End: 11:30 Channel 5: Entrance: 15:00 DH: 15:30 End: 16:30 Channel 6: Entrance: 20:00 DH: 20:30 End: 21:30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Channel 2: Entrance: 02:00 DH: 02:30 End: 03:30 Channel 3: Entrance: 07:00 DH: 07:30 End: 08:30 Channel 4: Entrance: 12:00 DH: 12:30 End: 13:30 Channel 5: Entrance: 17:00 DH: 17:30 End: 18:30 Channel 6: Entrance: 22:00 DH: 22:30 End: 23:30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Channel 2: Entrance: 01:00 DH: 01:30 End: 02:30 Channel 3: Entrance: 06:00 DH: 06:30 End: 07:30 Channel 4: Entrance: 11:00 DH: 11:30 End: 12:30 Channel 5: Entrance: 16:00 DH: 16:30 End: 17:30 Channel 6: Entrance: 21:00 DH: 21:30 End: 22:30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Channel 2: Entrance: 03:00 DH: 03:30 End: 04:30 Channel 3: Entrance: 08:00 DH: 08:30 End: 09:30 Channel 4: Entrance: 13:00 DH: 13:30 End: 14:30 Channel 5: Entrance: 18:00 DH: 18:30 End: 19:30 Channel 6: Entrance: 23:00 DH: 23:30 End: 00:30 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Pandemonia

    future of the server?

    Hey there NosPlayers ! Please be aware that even releasing and reworking such events takes tons of time and since it haven't even been christmas yet I simply don't see the point what kind of delay you're talking of, aswell as the reason for any kind of recompensation. Anyway that beeing said I'll close the topic at this point since it simply get's necromanced over and over and is not used to discuss the actual topic. Best regards, Panda
  11. Pandemonia

    [Event] Halloween Art Event

    Hey there NosPlayers ! The time has come to announce the winners of this years NosTale Halloween-Art-Event, congratulations to those who have won and a very big thank you to all those who took part in this contest ! Here are the winners: 1st place: Name: ReginaBeta | Board: Songo Fan-Art: Story: 2nd place: Name: M4lum | Board: M4lum Fan-Art: Story: 3rd place: Name: xInfinity | Board: WATSKY Fan-Art: Story: NOTE: To all that have taken part and won in this competition. In order to receive your price I'll need you to write a ticket with the subject General, please mention the wished for prize, your ingame name, your board name and that the ticket has to be assigned to Panda inside of that ticket till November 29th . Congratulations !
  12. Pandemonia

    [Event] Halloween Art Event

    Hey there NosPlayers ! Due to personal sickness issues the choice of the winners might will take up till Sunday/Monday, sorry for the late response on that, they've not been forgotten, I just weren't able to work on that yet, anyway the entry will be closed by now, already in forehand thanks for taking part and stay tuned for the winners ! Best regards, Panda
  13. Pandemonia

    [Event] Halloween Art Event

    Due to the amount of people taking part we have extended the event till 22nd November.
  14. Pandemonia

    PvE trophy (Peaceful Hourglass)

    Hey there Azna ! If it is calculated like it should be then it is this: Player [LvL] > Monster [LvL] (So basicly if your level is higher than the level of the monster you'll have a certain chance to deal a certain amount of more dmg) Best regards, Panda
  15. Pandemonia

    [Event] Halloween Art Event

    Hey there NosPlayers! Even though Halloween has already passed by we thought it would be a nice idea to host a spooky little art and story telling event for you. What will the task for this event be ? That's quiet simple ! Simply draw a NosTale Halloween related fan-picture of your favourite villager of Nosville and add a fitting spooky story to it ! The duration: Start of the event: 1st November 2018 End of the event: 15th Novermber 2018 What are the "Rules" for this Event ? Both hand drawn and computer drawn artworks are allowed It's allowed to edit your artwork with software like: "Photoshop, Gimp, etc.." You're allowed to take part with only one account per player, if we catch you taking part with several accounts you'll be disqualified from the event You're not allowed to pick up artworks from google ect.. if we catch you doing so this could result into a permanent ban from all future board and ingame events The artist mark needs to be in the bottom right corner with date and name Be polite while drawing/designing and do not copy from other artists The prizes: 1st place: Skelekat Groom or Zombikit Bride (in bead) 2nd place: 1x Horned Sweeper (in box) 3rd place: 1x Divine fairy of your choice Note: We're always allowed to deny the choice of your item. Feel free to leave your entry here: Enjoy the event Villagers of Nosville, have a spooky time and see you on November 15th !