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  1. Pandemonia

    NosTale Roadmap

    Closed~ since the creator of the thread asked for it. If there is any need for a re-open please contact a staff member Greetings, Pandemonia
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  3. Pandemonia

    What's your favorite Ice cream flavor?

    My favourite ice flavour is raspberry !
  4. Pandemonia


    Damn the clapping fits the beat @DrDieLess
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    Congrats doctor Nate !
  7. Pandemonia


    ~closed since a clear answer was given by a game administrator. If there still is need for a re-open please contact a staff member Greetings, Pandemonia
  8. Pandemonia

    [Event] Find the bunnies !

    All bunnies were found and brought back to Nosville ! The event points of those who found a bunny will be send out in the next 24 hours. Thanks for participating and a happy easter ! Note: you can exchange your event points here: Update: All event points have been shared !
  9. Pandemonia

    [Event] Find the bunnies !

    Note: Since it seemed kind of unclear, the bunnies are randomly added to other peoples posts inside the Nostale board section, so take care ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  10. Pandemonia

    [Event] Find the bunnies !

    Hey there villagers of Nosville ! As you all know today is the day of Easter, and usually the bunnies of Nosville are decorating our small village tremendously with colorful eggs and choclate bunnies. But this year it seems the bunnies have suddenly disappeared and got lost at the Nostale board section while trying to get back to the village ! Now it's your turn brave adventurers to find the lost bunnies and to bring them back to our precious village ! What will be the task of this event ? There are 12 bunnies hidden arround the Nostale board section, your task is to find them and to report them to Pandemonia via a direct message so they can be brought back safe to our Nosville village ! Don't worry if you struggle to find a bunny there will be usefull hints every 30 minutes for a specific bunny ! What are the Rules for this Event ? Every board user can only win once If you find a bunny after you won already it's forbidden to tell another board user about the location of that bunny, if we find out you did you'll be disqualified Every bunny can only resolve in a single winner, fast comes fast wins. How long will the event last ? You'll have time till April 1st 23:59:59 server time You can find our server time here: Anything else I need to take care of ? Just make sure to leave your InGame name and the game you're playing in the direct message sent to Pandemonia this will help alot to share you the winnable event point ! Make also sure that you took a screenshot of the exact position of the found bunny and add it to the direct message ! What will the prices be ? 1 event point per found bunny disclaimer: Every user can only report a single bunny and win a single event point ! What does a bunny look like ? sample: Well that's it so far all left to say now is that the VGN-Staff wishes you a happy Easter and good luck on finding the bunnies ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Domme04 | Ign: Emily ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Kuscheltier | Ign: Kuscheltier ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: GraduateGoon | Ign: fatte ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Backyusa | Ign: Backyusa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: OneLast | Ign: OneLastArrow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: ratiller | Ign: fela ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Evlle | IGN: DrunkPanda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: This little bunny likes events ! This little bunny likes riddle me games ! Winner: Board: Hotteka | Ign: Hotteka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Senri | Ign: Senri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: onishogun | Ign: Bumbelmage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Wolis | Ign: Wolis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread: Hint: --- Winner: Board: Azukiel | Ign: SuicidePie
  11. Pandemonia

    New server? Please make Vendetta server 2 he's new ;D

    closed since a game administrator has given a statement ~ If there is need for a reopening please contact a staff member ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  12. Pandemonia

    New Player - Punisher Build Questions

    ~ Moved into the right game section ~ Greetings, Pandemonia
  13. Pandemonia

    Arena changes

    Hey there since the last posts were nothing but fingerpointing I've wiped those posts that where posted and did not fit into the topic, after @Vivi clear and simple warning. I've also decided to keep this thread open but I want to remind you to stay polite and to keep the discussions topic. If its not constructive or does not have any point to the topic, don't bother posting it. Greetings, Pandemonia