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  1. KonataTV

    Family - Last Online Status

    Just adding an option to make "invisible" my last online will be great, I meet some people in game that I just really got them on fl for business purposes not for friendship. I don't really want no one to know if im taking vacation more than my familyhead or my deputys, to be honest just for privacy.
  2. KonataTV

    Family - Last Online Status

    Its not the same if you want some privacy and don't want people to know your schedule, maybe its just me idk lol.
  3. KonataTV

    Family - Last Online Status

    Stalkers be like: But yeah, totally agree at least for family.. so only head and deputy sees that, and add the option to let keepers see that if you want. I don't really agree about including that in friendlist I don't really want people on my friendlist to stalk me lol, or at least if this come to the server make it optional if you want to people see when was the last time you were online, idk maybe its just me but I don't want certain people see when im online on friendlist.
  4. KonataTV

    C 45 Weapons price

    I don't disagree just proving the point that the raid its already rewarding enough if you are lucky, like some raid do. (for example laurenas wich you can't sell boxes) I agree that the price of equipment needs to be fixed onto 40-70kk minimum. I did more than 200 raids and didn't drop 1 single bow, but bought a bow for 1,5b and next hour of fernon dropped 2 bows, shit happens, but if you don't do raids don't expect the price to drop. Sometimes you lose more than you earn? Don't count it as time lost, at the end of the day I don't go to fernon to make money (I wish to make money) but I only go to have some fun and do some raids, and lets be honest you spend a lot of time in arena like me, why you don't count that as time lost? Just perspectives, wish you see my point on the post, not trying to be disrespecful.
  5. KonataTV

    C 45 Weapons price

    I can tell the raid it's already very rewarding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssjL1rTSbgM&t=1s 2 bows sold each one for 475kkk ON BAZAAR XD (so yeah 900kk~1kkk in 1 hour LOL) xbow in the other hand sold for 16kk and literally no one wanted to buy it.
  6. KonataTV

    [Ban Wave/Gold Selling/Buying] Some ideas?

    sorry for the spam but... LMAO!!
  7. KonataTV

    Make next season +48 only in RCB

    Could be possible to make a matchmaking system with the leagues? or its not gonna happen anything like that and its gonna be totally random like now.
  8. KonataTV

    Make next season +48 only in RCB

    Isn't rbb supossed to be a end game pvp mode? why do I have to be with random c30 players with pve equipment who only want to reach gold ranking to get some gold. It is actually unfair the morale thing on rainbow battle but if you also get a c30 and they have morale its actually so lost that you can only go invi and get some points so you don't lose points on the ranking Its very painful to play with those. So make a system wich you only get matched vs/with people on the same league as yours pretty simple and theres always some people who is c45 and have really good bow and they can do some dmg (For example Im c50 but I have c28 armours and I have no problem to go vs anyone in rbb) I don't really see the point on making it only +48 just find a way that you only get matched with people on the same league as yours. (And if theres not enough people then plat high rank if you are diamond?) Maybe bash is not able to make this idea happen but I think a league matchmaking system is the best option.
  9. KonataTV

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    Man I think I got you already, Is your post an off season april fools joke? How Its gonna cost you 9kkk to make anything "Good for pvp" if you have out there most of the top bows for pvp for like 5-7kkk , If you are crying about that why don't just waste all your money on a already good bow instead of gambling? Also another thing to say.. I gambled c45 bows and daggers and most of the time I gambled 1kkk I recover part of the invested gold with SLS or pve/pvp bow/dagger so its not like you lose all your money on gambling, I am right? Bash won't change gambling system It's already too easy, sorry bro you will need to play the game more hours.
  10. KonataTV

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    Ofc man! I can confirm, If you play more the game you DESERVE be better , you want to be op as someone who is here since day 1? Thats making no sense man, the game will be f*cking boring without some difficulties. If Bash makes something so everyone can get pvp equipment easily on bet then I'll prob just quit the game because the hours I've spend will be usseles, this is not a pvp testing private server where you can buy from shop instant equipment or drop 300kk in 1 hour mobbing or get 10 r7/r8 on 20 amulets lol. The way its made now its perfect and I hope Bash follows this path.
  11. KonataTV

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    Are you crying because you have to farm to achive good pvp equipment? Is that supossed to make any sense? I have good pvp equipment and I been playing Vendetta since beta and I can tell you I been farming a lot even when the only way to make gold was act 5.2 (And thats boring af) not like act 6 where you can make easily 30kk per hour + if you lvl up someone. Yes it is a private server, but you have to play to achive some things. If you are not enjoying Vendetta why don't go back to official server and really see the diference? Because here you can upgrade your eq and sps without investing money on vgn wich its great. Gambling its honestly fair how it is. Even me wasted this month 2kkk on betting and I'll still bet till I get the shell options I want, since its random you'll never know..Keep trying betting and if you feel frustated save money to gear up directly from bazar.
  12. KonataTV

    Hi everyone

    I just realize about this "topic" introductions & farewells section so I wanted to do a properly introduction. I'm KonataTV also know as Maxtertop from spanish eternity server, actually familyhead of LikeABoss. I have 20 years old obviously from spain (Barcelona), just having a good time with friends and subs in this server. I also have a youtube channel wich I do some streaming sometimes. My IGN its KonataTV , thanks everyone