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  1. Im glad I didn't spend a single euro In this server. We all know this was gonna happen sooner or later guys don't be surprised, I just think It was not the good way to end this.
  2. You clearly don't know how dumb, slow and horrible is the support system from youtube xDD Having a youtube channel Its actually a pain in the ass, do like me: 1 upload for month and don't even think or care about views and you will have a lot of fun.
  3. I rather spend my time in something I actually enjoy doing it, Why I should do something I don't enjoy doing at all? It's easy to say "u're just lazy guyz" Maybe I already played a lot??? Maybe I been since 2009 playing Nostale and im too tired of quest to even think about doing it anymore? My question is.. Is it needed to be so toxic? Ain't crying about it, I simply said if Bash didn't want to hear the community its fine I'll quit the game tbh. My only concern its why you should force people to do something they don't enjoy? There is more ways, you could literally make 5kk rep and higher lvl like 85. If people really think botters are going to raid 24/7 to get the reputation... they are completly wrong honestly. Im not really going to discuss anything, I just want to know what bash thinks about this so I can make a decision and leave the game or not, even tho I really enjoyed this server. Btw as caos1 told me in discord some people used to use bots at 6.1 and 6.2 so they basically are +93+30 and ofc they can create a martial artist.. transfer all the loot to the martial artist sell it, trade it whenever they want to. So as far as I see now, the quest its only for certain botters who are just stupid enough to don't lvl up his chars and use bots in high lvl zones, shout out to caos1 for giving me another reason to discuss about the patch, as long as we don't agree I can guarantee he didn't wanted to give a fair argument and explain why quest are more useful against this kind of botters rather than 5kk fame.
  4. I literally have a early stage of vendetta x5 drop livestream back when the server started on june 14(2017), and it was like 12 hrs , now with x3 drop Idk but It must be more than 12 hrs for sure (Also most of the ppl is lvl 99 so drop rate of items its pretty bad which makes it harder) I hope they eventually fix this because now low lvl top 1 way to make gold(PTS 50-60) its basically dead because you need 3 chars with all quest, fame and also lvl 83 which is 36 hrs plus the time you spend in the fame to start earn gold. And lets not talk about doing fernons (You need eagle and triple so basically main+2 alts without restriction) basically 36 hrs of quests(not even counting on 1kk fame wich I think you can make it really quick) if you want to do fernon like you will do before this patch, ofc you can use the chars to buff yourself but since you need wings of friendship to go to the portal and you can't trade, buy from baazar, pick up items.. you can't use your alts. (Also this will be fixed if the portal was in ciutadel like was a few months ago but It wasn't working apparently) I been always very grateful with the Vendetta decisions overall in this journey from beta - now, but this one.. Dunno I would prefer if they make restrictions until certain lvl, like 99+50 are free from restrictions, like.. lets be honest who is going to start botting or selling/buying gold at 99+50, most of the chars are low lvls right? Most of the people skip quests because they hate it, so making people do quests in a game like nostale.. Its not a very good idea, I would prefer 5kk fame restriction and everyone doing pts 50-60 and raids to earn fame(which will also decrease gillion price and thats honestly not bad idea right now) but skip the quests. Im sure many people when they say "just play the game, you are just lazy" they don't understand its not as enjoyable doing quest that makes you sweat from frustation (Just try capture 1 chcken being lvl 99+50 with all books guys, have fun xD) and also they don't understand you at least need 2 alts, or maybe 1 alt if you are not interested in doing tso or fernon, just 2 accs without restriction its worth 24 hrs in quests @Bash Just want to make clear this is not a hate comment, as you said if we don't like it we can quit your server. Do you prefer people quit playing vendetta or actually find a possibility to be secure vs botting , gold buying/selling and not torture most of the players? This is not a threat: I will personally stop playing vendetta If I need to make 36 hrs of something I hate from the game to play normal again, even If I have 2k hours or who knows how much time I spend in this server. Community should be priority number 1 and keep the game enjoyable for everyone who wants to play, a few friends were going to play again I don't think they will comeback now tho(They are low levels and were planing to do pts 50-60 but now its nearly impossible for them to create 3 chars to do it) , and as for everyone else most of the people are crying because they hate doing quests. So please, take me as a friendly advice and don't be annoyed by something I said, I just want to keep playing this server like I did from the very early beta. Thanks!
  5. In terms of the game itself, the archer its not the best for mobbing, not the best for 1v1(IMO) and not the best for things like rainbow battle, thats what's basically the archer is, something you can make easy gold with but...thats about it. Anyways I reccomend you to play any class, they are pretty balanced even tho what I've just said. For example I started playing swordy in this server since beta, then move to archer and 1-2 months ago I moved to mage, since theres a lot of people playing its not so difficult to move from classes. Good luck!
  6. I use Obs, or Streamlabs obs but I would reccomend Obs if you are pretty new on all of that.
  7. Man I think I got you already, Is your post an off season april fools joke? How Its gonna cost you 9kkk to make anything "Good for pvp" if you have out there most of the top bows for pvp for like 5-7kkk , If you are crying about that why don't just waste all your money on a already good bow instead of gambling? Also another thing to say.. I gambled c45 bows and daggers and most of the time I gambled 1kkk I recover part of the invested gold with SLS or pve/pvp bow/dagger so its not like you lose all your money on gambling, I am right? Bash won't change gambling system It's already too easy, sorry bro you will need to play the game more hours.
  8. Ofc man! I can confirm, If you play more the game you DESERVE be better , you want to be op as someone who is here since day 1? Thats making no sense man, the game will be f*cking boring without some difficulties. If Bash makes something so everyone can get pvp equipment easily on bet then I'll prob just quit the game because the hours I've spend will be usseles, this is not a pvp testing private server where you can buy from shop instant equipment or drop 300kk in 1 hour mobbing or get 10 r7/r8 on 20 amulets lol. The way its made now its perfect and I hope Bash follows this path.
  9. Are you crying because you have to farm to achive good pvp equipment? Is that supossed to make any sense? I have good pvp equipment and I been playing Vendetta since beta and I can tell you I been farming a lot even when the only way to make gold was act 5.2 (And thats boring af) not like act 6 where you can make easily 30kk per hour + if you lvl up someone. Yes it is a private server, but you have to play to achive some things. If you are not enjoying Vendetta why don't go back to official server and really see the diference? Because here you can upgrade your eq and sps without investing money on vgn wich its great. Gambling its honestly fair how it is. Even me wasted this month 2kkk on betting and I'll still bet till I get the shell options I want, since its random you'll never know..Keep trying betting and if you feel frustated save money to gear up directly from bazar.
  10. I just realize about this "topic" introductions & farewells section so I wanted to do a properly introduction. I'm KonataTV also know as Maxtertop from spanish eternity server, actually familyhead of LikeABoss. I have 20 years old obviously from spain (Barcelona), just having a good time with friends and subs in this server. I also have a youtube channel wich I do some streaming sometimes. My IGN its KonataTV , thanks everyone