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  1. I see, didn't expected less, after Crystal Utopia , but u're right that's too much ez. Anyway good job. 😄
  2. I agree don't need OP gold methods, i've been out of dng rush for like 2 years and have many ways to get 30k daily without moving map or something like that, just need patience and knowledge. I just agree with some stuff , cause i see 90% of active playing going to other games/servers. Just wanted to have other ways to level up classes, u literaly droped from 158m to 30m so thats like lower enough to be useless, putting 50% of main exp/cp was ok, anyway, i don't wanna discut about it its worth talk about broken things. U have saw already , brazilian community is too lazy to do everything, but they are my community then i wanted then ingame,but most of then quitting cause alot of gold needed to do stuff and they aren't able to farm it cause L A Z Y. But add DSR suggestion, isn't easy to farm and u can have a infinity farm of it. make sure Dragonside Soul (idk if that's name, fame ico item that's easy drop) don't get deliver cause it too easy to farm, or make it x100 for the same reward as others.
  3. @Jordan this topic still working? i know u got many stuff to fix/update , if need help just ask i can do that with papi @Herakles
  4. Nice idea cause adding new dng as trials from other games just make ppl lag/crash/stuck and they aren't that nice.
  5. Excelent suggestion , adding that make drop less items on DNG but u can get back ur money after deliver items, also will upgrade game farm ,making more ppl doing dng for leveling class , cause that's the most annoying thing since DSR come (lv120 painful than lv up 95-100 on DoS, cause mobs from DSR lag most of runners and its too much hard even if u're geared compareted as DoS). @Jordan Could add same npc as Fame ones for DSR, which we can deliver all map items, cause they become useless after having all acessories. EXP/CP same as new maps before nerf. Gold 35g instead of 42g. After nerf all Staff job become useless cause only good thing there is PoD.
  6. Exacly , can be an skill too, that we can put on skillbar then. Also can be ingame setting ''auto repair'' we don't need to click or something it just repair using guild funds.
  7. Auto repair already exist isn't that ez to understand but u can find it on ''backpack manage'' its blue slot on ur bag
  8. Only supports spam 4T before 🤣 in 2 days ppl finished ALL set gems. 4t is only for Pots now Before Daylight Forest came i had 5k of Ether Crystal but they are totally useless now i've 1 stack only incase of any change, like fuse them on arcane box turning into Daylight Crystal or Dismantle to transform into Mini Reactor '0'.
  9. Or just add random tower material to Roger? like it give 1-10 of random item (Demon Crystal,Mini Reactor,Ether Crystal and Daylight Crystal) i know ether crystal is useless but yeah its tower material :'D
  10. don't need changes, gems are used on racial, and most racial u just need gather and craft ur item, TE ,ToF and others that take time cause u need alot of material, gems should keep the same cause they are expensive and making that will just increase the priority of players making gem instead of other racial cause will be easy, doing that will totally decrease the price from gems, cause ur time wont be considered on cost. @Tuti stop being lazy bro , that MMORPG have multiply repetitive stuff.
  11. @Tuti For fame items , its nothing 9 or 12k u can easly do this , just give sometime and u can easly finish all in 3 hours
  12. But u pushined 60% of active players that was leveling classes and having fun with this, i'm not talking about bots, i know have some, Like ZetaSet from my guild which i've reported to Herakles. For gold ok ,that tottaly abusive if u see those many bots farming , but for CP u literaly put from 158m Exp to 38m , 1 mob from DSR is higher than this one, also after lv 115 CP was hard to get then we needed to do runs cause was better. But imagine having a game with 61 classes that u need to level up 60 and when we got good way to level up which don't kill ur body like running 9-10 hours per day, and get nerfed. Running aways was painful , i know its private server and we have extra EXP compareted to all other servers, but this nerf literally made the map useless and u made content that wont be used, only for players to level up classes till lv 80or 90 , cause is hard to get cp anyway. But we can accept and back to runs.
  13. With that u can easy run using Ultimate Beast trophy and Sam as Totem Master.
  14. its a battle map, mobs don't have that much HP u can easy kill in 10 sec if have gears, for new players i suggest gearing Riffliter , u can easy kill it and use the same gear as classes that u will use on DNG for Gold Farming Like Blade Acrobat, Temple Knight lv80 gears +10 with basic Resist gems(Nature For Worms), using Ultimate Beast and Sam Trophy that u got at lv 80 doing Vendetta Reward Quest. Vendetta rings will be enough for now, but u can exange capes,rings and neck from Dimension Of Souls, they are so helpful, as weapon u can just do Shaxia Fae Fields and get any lv 80, those weapons goes to +14 for free without stones, same for all items lv80 below. Try to make lv30 resistence archivments (Cloth Armor) its 3 points of resist already help alot, you also can find a guild for helping you , getting lv 95 sets and weapons for self improvment when farming. If you have friends tell them to use totem master with u, they can use Time Totem which deal 4% hp as DoT and Grace Totem which heals and reduce dmg recived.
  15. I really don't know if its possible but i wish it be. Change Top Class of 1v1 arena Emblem into our head, its possible to change it and able to see without FX effect? cause looks good and i can't play with FX :c
  16. Make Milk (Item from Highlands) stackable to x999 and increase duration time to 30min
  17. Diferent Colors:Black,Dark Red,Purple,Yellow,Dark Blue ✔️,White. Same For:
  18. Round Moonblade (Diferent Colors) ✔️ Mecha Dragon Punch (Diferent Colors) ✔️ Glass Wing Staff (Diferent Colors)
  19. @Jordan also add Samara version to game contents, its blue skin , idk if that's possible but would be good.
  20. buffing rates don't help alot cause i've did more than 250 expedition and never get Quetzal mount. i really want by coins cause i'm so tired of doing this dng just for that, if u increase will be like other mounts i'll do 1000 times and see ppl getting it xD. i'm 100% unlucky to get exclusive items.
  21. Hi. Im here to talk about exclusive mount from Temple Knight , i know some people dont know but opening TK boxes u have a little chance to get Temple Pegasus, i've been spaming tk for like months and didnt get it yet, idk of has been removed but me and my firends didnt get it yet, so my suggestion is Add Temple Pegasus to TK shop, i think 500 coins is enough for it. -Thank You
  22. Hi, after last patch we got many furniture items exclusive from events. Its possible to add new section to Archive for House Furniture? not only for event items but for all of then
  23. Hi here i'll leave my suggestion for guild/Guild Town's. We're having problem with guild towns cause few guildies have Miners/Farm lv12 and their bases break so fast cause many using also take long time to level up it. 1.Add lv20 Miner/Farm Map (1min duration) giving huge amount of exp for town (50 around per map) with 1 fame for each map. 2.Reduce EXP necessary to level up Miner and Farm (From lv 6-7-8-9-10-11-12) 3.Increase amount of maps we can put each time (10 to 20) 4.Change Guild town limit, cause we can just put 3 bases for crafting (3 to 4) , for this one idk if its possible. 5.Increase Durability from (Foundry,Miner,Farm,Alchemy,Altar) double it.(That's impportant cause we lost Rage as miner , Bluntmond is only active guild with this town,Celestial have but no one repair, sometimes takes 2-3 days to find it repaired) 6.After Major patch (After Awaken Sets maybe) add lv13,14,15 for guilds. That's all for now if i've more ideas i'll post here.
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