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  1. I won't deny that there was a lot of toxicity from both sides but the line, "we eventually became toxic", was from my own point of view. Because I wasn't apart of the drama that came with the private server before VGN. The "PlayEden" server where there was a lot of already incoming drama from groups between the guild you ran and the guild I was in during VGN prior to even starting the server. After being clarified to that in discord, I do realize it's wrong but again, that point was made with my own point of view and opinion because I hardly played the previous private server. I mostly played the official Aeria server and only managed to play a little of PlayEden due to school and irl family issues and afterwards, the abrupt shut down. The toxic behavior was there, it just festered into higher proportions during my time in VGN. ___ However, it may be very white knight-ish of me but I don't believe the instigator to be my boyfriend but rather the person who even bothered to post the thread in the first place on another private server's discord. Where a lot of us were just chilling, trying to enjoy our night before that. It was more of a pent-up reaction because of the previous thread where the last time that private server went up, a similar thread was put on VGN's forums regarding a classic server and our own reactions to it. That's why I thought the whole thread was just embarrassing on both sides. It shouldn't have happened at all but I do wish Bash was a little more mature regarding some of his responses. I can only wish more of my own friends as well but the damage has already been done. Thank you for reading my post though and replying! I do still sincerely wish you all the best. This will probably be my last post. However, I just can't attempt to try a VGN server after the last time. Having my privacy invaded and my pictures posted, seeing the names people were calling me from complete strangers traumatized me and brought back ptsd from another time where I was harrassed and stalked in real life when I was younger. It hurt a hell of a lot to see that nothing was being done about it and I can't ever forget it and I don't think I could ever forgive either. I'm glad that actions are being taken more seriously. I just wish action was taken more seriously back then because even now, I have nothing but unhappy feelings more often than not when it concerns Eden Eternal, no matter which server. I wish it wasn't so because I do enjoy this game.
  2. After re-reading and witnessing the original thread aimed at gathering opinions for a "Classic"-style Eden Eternal server, I feel embarrassed for both sides. The thread where "hatred" that was mentioned in Bash's post for a new server was a 2-way street and handled poorly by both sides. Afterwards, the thread was deleted. But it just further reiterates why I just can't trust the management at all. I can avoid people if they bother me, a block list is there after all but I can't avoid management for a game if I play it. This is all my own personal opinion however. I only found out about that thread in the first place because it was instigated by someone else who posted it onto a different private server's discord. Why even bother posting? Because I still think it's good to post at least my own opinion, whether good or bad towards the new server. Whether I play it or not. If it influences your opinion, then my post was worth it. If it's nothing but just a wall a text for you, carry on. There is no tl;dr. In the end, I never got a response to age old wounds because the thread was closed before I got any sort of response from management. Why I wouldn't come back to a classic server by VGN, despite the initial post hoping that people from years prior would come back for a classic experience. Cyberbullying should be taken seriously. I still wish VGN the best regardless. This thread will probably be ignored anyways. If it isn't, then hey! What's up? Greetings from a city on lock down! Stay safe out there! /end rant. Image below is my post from the previous thread before it was deleted.
  3. Because there's an insane (imo) amount of poses, do you ever think you've accidentally done multiples? Do they/Would they catch the multiples of the same pose? Oh man. Dance videos. That's a great tip tbh. Rip people who crammed. if I'm getting annoying, just tell me to stfu. ok? ok.
  4. w-what. Your poor hands. DO THEY HURT? Did you build up extreme calluses on your fingers from all the drawing? 1700 in just one quarter. That's absolutely amazing. The 1000 midterm project, is it free for all or on a specific project. I can't even wrap my head around even doing 100 in the first place. I'm jealous but not jealous.
  5. What's Animation like? I've tried on my own as a bit of experimenting and it was just so... tedious. Haha. But I wanted to do my own little skit. Haaah~ rip me. It's so pretty. ; o ; Though I probably would carry my laptop w/ me regardless. Haha. ....oh man, rip my wallet if I ever want either one though.
  6. when all you got is a hammer pen, everyone everything else is a nail nope. edit: besides, all of those ugly erased lines
  7. lmaoooo, I just can't. I really just can't. I've tried to do traditional and then I find myself going, "LF> Ctrl+Z". My hand does this little motion habit like I'm about to press it. w/ traditional art, I find myself wonderful with line art like it would be w/ digital but I can't do much more than that. I can see what I want to do but I can't pull it off.
  8. Ahh.. Mine aren't. Or at least.. weren't. They're trying to be supportive now that it's too late to change what I want to be. lmao. They had just asked last year what did I want to be if I didn't want to be a doctor. I told them the truth. That I didn't want to be a doctor whatsoever and that I only became one because they've been pressuring me into being one since I was 8 years old. I originally wanted to be an architect. Ahh, I see. At least SAI is cheap in comparison to other programs. I gotta keep this in mind now whenever I attempt to buy a Cintiq. ; u ; They're so pretty.
  9. Yaaaaaaas. I ended up drawing a bunch of them. One day, I'll actually do something better. I wanted to use it for the guild recruitment page, haha but I'm slow on graphics. Your art is so great though. I can't do traditional worth shit. When I do try to do those sorts of things, I usually stick to pens or markers only.
  10. Sounds awesome. I've always wanted to go into art in school but I got dem stereotypical asian parents so.. Haha. Rip me. It's very understandable about not posting actual works. I've had art theft happen to me before and so I pulled out all of my official works and only post things I don't really care for. Like the stuff in OP. Also, I did not know that. O: That's interesting. Was it downloaded from tpb or off dA? As far as I know, dA has some un-cracked clean versions if you look hard enough.
  11. I find it therapeutic sometimes. I also find it frustrating as well. Do you draw? If so, what do you like to draw? Got some art you wanna post & brag about? How about your favorite artist? What kind of mediums do you prefer? Traditional? CG? Anything, really. EDIT cause new wip: I usually do small little scribbles, I really like landscapes. [medium] digital [tools] wacom intuos 3 medium + laptop [program] paint tool sai [guild] owo
  12. くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡
  13. I thought I'd post an introduction as well. Hiya. I'm an Aiko. && Hopefully the only Aiko on TSV. I'm apart of the guild <owo>. I've been apart of this community since the launch of VGN's Eden Eternal buuuuuuuutt... I've been terribly inactive due to other games and school/hospital work. Also lots of drawing as well. Oops. (current wip) I hope to play with everyone for a long time! About me? Ahhh.. I'm an asian grill "gamer". I'm 23 turning 24 in October. In medical school and on my last year. (Ayee! We did it, boys!) I'm also helplessly in love and have been for the past 2 years and a half. My favorite classes in TS so far are Grenadier and Gunslinger. I like to play Overwatch as well. (but tbh, I'm TERRIBLE. I play like a potato.) But I'm more than willing to get on and play it with you if I'm not busy! Is this too long? I'm sorry but this is just so exciting. IGN on both EE & TS: Aiko
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