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  1. Thanks folks! such warm welcome from you guys. Cheers!
  2. Hey there! It was nice stumbling upon this community. First off, an introduction. I'm Zeus, from a small country in the south east Asian continent, the Philippines. I've been an online gamer since I was in high school. Though I sort of moved from PC gaming, into Mobile gaming due to change of pace in terms of priorities, I've thought I'd give PC Gaming another try. I've played Eden Eternal from Aeria Games when it launched way back 2012. However, had to quit due to some odd reasons even I myself forgot. Haha! Then tried going back to the game just a few days ago. I've noticed that it's a bit too quiet. So I went on to check if there might be any private servers for EE out there. And saw this group. Will give this a try and let's see what happens in the future. On a side note, you can follow me on my Instagram (I post some art stuff, and my bike rides are also posted there, but mostly, random stuff): IG: zeusplara22 Deviantart: http://zeusplara.deviantart.com Have a great day everyone! Cheers!
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