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  1. Such shocking and sad news. The passing of a friend, rival and guildmate on a game is never something you really expect. Rest in peace wolfy... you'll be missed and always remembered.
  2. + 1 for all the event titles and new ones. Would love to have the ability to craft Winter Coat and Pvp Hypos with Medals and/or Epoxy glues but with lower reqs. 25 medals for golden chrono is a lot; maybe cut it down to 10-15 for all of these buffs.
  3. For old times sake, simplicity and a lag free experience, bring back Caergate with major adjustments such as the following: 1. Guards at spawn can 1-hit anyone trying to spawn camp. 2. Add every missing NPC from previous maps 3. Increase rewards of escort quests 4. Add the blood soul portal that would appear every 2-3 hours. Inside you'd have a chest, boss or anything like that gives tons of shit to fight for. 5. Adjust titan and all the mini bosses with exceptional drop rates 6. Every pvp kill (by the group) in this new map will reward you special dog tags that can be traded for jewels, lots of gold and more. 7. Change the name of these exploding bugs in enocia to Tat.
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