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  1. Thanks a lot already!
  2. So im wondering if anynone knows the ranged on possible shell stats or atleats the max amount possible (on c-gear) i.e. Sl-overall: 9-11 or 17 for the max of a single stat, or max 19% s-dmg.
  3. Just imagine that u tried counting up to 11 with ur fingers, u would have a problem, since u cant count past 10 (most likely lol), so u might "roll over" and use one finger twice, which would look like a 1, but in reality its an 11. Basically the same thing happens if the game tries to count past 65535, it just starts with 1 again.
  4. The important stuff was said already pretty much, the games dmg is getting stored and most likely calculated in base 2, since this is just how computers work most of the time. When Nostale got coded back in the day someone decided that 16 figures would be enough for whatever reason, which results in 2^16 -1 since the maximum value would be (1111111111111111)base 2 which is basically 2^0+2^1+2^2+.......+2^15 which is (65535)base 10, which is the biggest value the game can put out when it comes to dmg. If u deal more damage than this amount all the ones basically roll over to all zeros, hence why u can "overcap" ur dmg, getting stuff like 1532 as a result if u hit a mob in lod for example. Im more the maths kinda guy, so i cant tell u how hard it would be to have lets say maybe 20 figures, which would be easily enough, i can only tell u how it works mathematically. If for whatever reason its too hard to remove the cap, id say it could be great if there could be some visual indicator if u overcap once or maybe even twice, maybe give the dmg number a different colour if u overcap or something like that, i already suggested this a while ago i think.
  5. This, dont forget to reach the next multiple of 10 on the other stats if possible tho. 70 atk and 30 hp is usually better than 71 atk and 24 hp for example
  6. Totally forgot about that, not much of a mage player myself haha But afaik its a %bonus which amplifies base stats, so that might be the main reason its very good on swordsman, since the have highest base def. 23% of 700 is more than 23% of 500.
  7. Why is overall def good for mages but not for archers? I always thought they would have similar defense with swordi having the best def.
  8. Is there anything similar for the german language? My english is good enough to play the game without any problems, but id love to have a translation for nostalgic reasons
  9. What do u guys think about the idea if highlevel shells would get scaled up to the strenght of champion gear shells, so theres a point in farming them again? I dont know if thats even possible, but if it is, it might be worth to think about that.
  10. This is true, but its also true that this limit is still retarded, it shouldnt exist for accounts that are pretty old by now and are obviously not gold sellers i.e. accounts like mine.
  11. The point is that i have two chars at around lvl 94+30 and i have to deal with fucking a1 quest and hunt vampies, i cant even sell my eq on these chars so im basically forced to do this shit, and trust me id rather transfer all my money/eq etc onto my main char than deal with this shit.
  12. So how good or bad is this stat actually? And what does it do?
  13. @Nyet i respect ur opinion, but math doesnt so thats that. Feel free to use whichever bow u want tho
  14. Im sry but i think u are wrong on that one @Nyet. Lets do a quick example with some idealized numbers to make the math prettier: scenario 1: U have an r7 azrael bow with 20% s-dmg and 57% crit dmg, it turns out that u will deal ON AVERAGE 1385 Dmg. The calculation is: 900*1,2*2,57*0,18 + 900*1,2*0,82 = 1385. Meaning u boost ur dmg by 485 on average. scenario 2: U have an r7 azrael bow with 20% s-dmg and 150 enhanced dmg, it turns out that u will deal ON AVERAGE 1486 Dmg. The calculation is (900+150)*1,2*2*0,18 + (900+150)*1,2*0,82 = 1486. Meaning u boost ur dmg by 586 on average, which is roughly 100 more. I know that there is no 20% s-dmg, and that u have to factor in the defense of ur enemy, but the calculation is nicer with 20% and the defense is the same in both cases, so it doesnt matter. Also note that 57% crit is really good, most bows arent that great, so crit would be much worse on ur average crit bow, but because of that i used 150 enhanced, cuz thats also pretty good, so it kinda evens out in terms of greatness when it comes to the stat we wanna compare. If u dont like absolut numbers, which i understand, the dmg increase is around 7,3% on every hit, which is a lot. Its the difference between a bow with 19% s-dmg and one with just 12%. tl;dr: enhanced dmg is better
  15. Im actually with Cepik on that one, old IC wasnt overpowered at all, it was actually just fine. But i think its very weird that this change doesnt get communicated/explained at all. Id love to know the idea behind that.