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  1. So my antivirus programm completely escalated when i tryed installing the newest patch, since it found some malware inside of it, does anyone else have the same problem? Whats up with that, seems VEEEERY fishy to me.
  2. Toryss

    Shells Options

    I didnt read every post, so forgive me if this was said already. Bad shell options are needed for game balancing, since u dont want every weapon to be perfect in an instant, there has to be something to grind for, and if u only had very good shell options the grinding aspect would be removed. But im totally in favor of making shell effects do what they actually do, so thats a good point, since id consider anything else a bug.
  3. Toryss

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    Beach costume and hongbi pls
  4. Toryss

    Make Holy great again

    I see where u are coming from so let me answer one more time. I admit that i didnt consider trophies, but they are that expensive because there is too much gold to begin with. The point i was trying to make is that pve content is very easy, cuz u need 4 mins to do the hardest raid, like wtf is that logic And yeah thats kinda sad that he isnt planning to do it, i still would like him to do so.
  5. Toryss

    Make Holy great again

    Nr. 1 Yes only holy, cuz holy is the only sp which is meant to be a big healer, so yes its only one sp, but its still a complete class Nr. 2 Think about whats the reason why u are overequipped Nr. 3 Never said that i wanted 100% pots removed from farming a6, i put my focus on raids Nr. 4 Stating that there are other useless classes, which there are and its sad, still isnt an argument. And yes we can oneshot erenia, but thats cuz we are overequipped, so that point is basically Nr.2
  6. Toryss

    Make Holy great again

    No offense, but it seems that u didnt really understand my points, so ill try to be a little more precise. The actually stupendous amounts of money are too high, but its not really a problem, because everyone has access to it. But it still is a problem, because the big amounts of money are warping the servers ecosystem nearly singled-handedly, together with erenia raids ofc, cuz both these things create a fuckton of money out of thin air (one blue soul is 200k, one avenger is 5kk, one piece of c25 eq is worth 15kk (might be wrong on that one)), this effect is called inflation and it effects all of us, its the reason why everybody and his/her dog has atleast +13 sps and atleast +8 eq, which isnt that bad but still a thing. Yes i can imagine trying to survive a raid with a reworked holy healing me, cuz a rework might make holy a thing again. PvE content is a joke cuz people did like 12-15 erenia raids an hour like 3-6 months ago, when c25 gear was best in slot, while erenia is the raid u get it from, doesnt make a lot of sense to me, i myself dont know much about the new raids, but i think pretty much the same will happen again. But my main point still is, pls make holys useful/strong again, i know that this will slow down the farming of raids, but i dont think that this is so bad, considering an entire role will be worth playing again, i think its a good trade-off. Feel free to disagree with me tho, its just an opinion.
  7. Toryss

    Make Holy great again

    Yeah, i think that 100% potions are actually a big problem to the game overall, considering: -they allow u to solo farm a6 and earn stupidly high amounts of money (not that big of a problem tho) -they render healing classes useless -pve content becomes a joke at this point The clear biggest problem comes from raids tho, maybe dont allow them to work in there like it is in a4.
  8. Toryss

    Make Holy great again

    Back in the day Holys actually had a job, meaning not only his buffs, but also his heals where meaningful. Nowadays i dont even use the single target heal cuz it doesnt matter anyways, everyone is at atleast 25k hp. So why is that even a thing u may ask? Its because the hp pools grew and grew, while the heal was left behind in its state of scaling with lvl. I dont know what a good fix would look like, but id like to see holys being more than a buffbot again.
  9. Toryss

    Update LoD (Item Spawn)

    If u wanna mess with the loot pool in lod, i would want to keep complete soul gems and sp point cards, since the cards are just nice to have and the gems arent useless, i actually like to drop 100-200 of them in one hour of lod.
  10. Toryss

    Enhanced Damage on Shell

    The only effects, which are useful while not using said weapon are SP-Stats and the usual effects every weapon brings with it, like softcrit for example.
  11. Toryss

    c45 Gun

    Yeah thats what i guessed, but i couldnt really believe it, cuz it would be the first time that the new eq isnt utterly op, which made me think i missed something.
  12. Toryss

    c45 Gun

    So my question is basically if the effect is even any good, if i understood it correctly i get 20% light res and my opponent looses 20 light element, but i dont even know how effective loosing 20 light element would be, and if it was good, it would be useful against light element enemies only, wouldnt it ?
  13. Toryss

    Solo A6.1 with avenging angel

    Ty, will test it a little bit more and see if its gettin better with maru, i know the dagger isnt great, but i got it pretty cheap
  14. Toryss

    Solo A6.1 with avenging angel

    Its not my main character, so i dont even have jewelry apart from katols bracelet (1,3k hp) lol, im working on laurenas tho. My shells are (will only list relevant stuff ofc): Bow: 11 damage, 9 energy, 11 all stat Dagger: damage to animal and lower society monsters: 8% (dunno if relevant tbh), 148 enhanced dmg, 10% s-dmg, 15 property, its 7+9 as i said Armor: 7% anti crit chance, 48 melee def, 106 long range def, 156 magic def, 19% fire resistance, 23% overall defense I am also using steampunk bow skin ofc.
  15. Toryss

    Solo A6.1 with avenging angel

    The defensive sader buff, gives u morale and a flat plus for ur armor of +1, and while the % bonus on hp/mp is smaller its also uncapped, while bear is capped, so if u are a swordsman with a lot of hp crusader gives also more hp. So in short: it gives a lot more than just hp/mp, and if u have lots of hp it even gives more hp.