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  1. Hello, and welcome back. 1.) As Sicat said. This game is based on Mystery boxes if you wanted to spend VGN points, but you can also spend them in game, if you press V for pet chips, pets, etc. The mystery boxes on the website are just costume and bike based with an exception of smaller items like fireworkers, pet hunger hacks, and I believe even mother miracles. 2.) Drops are pretty high at end game. There is always some sort of unique drop from every boss there. However, just because there are unique drops, doesn't mean they are exactly "unique" as they are not worth anything, especially most Kappa gears like suits, shoes, gloves, etc. You also have a high drop rate in TT (Tartarus which is level 60+) when it comes to unique costumes which were not on the Aeria server ever. They are not top priority at end game due to how little stat bonus they provide, but it gives a little difference. Pretty much, Vendetta is less P2W compared to Aeria for sure and drops are easier to get. Pretty much if you spend once in a while it will be easier than how it was with Aeria where if you had spend a lot of money to become the best of the best gear wise unless you constantly farmed all the time for hours. Spanners are extremely cheap along with ancient spanners. Also, crafting gears is a thing as well and if you rather not spend tons of gold for gears in AH, you can ask friends for Recognition medals which you use to craft gears along with unique and rare scanners. 3.) The player base is not huge for sure. Typically it's the same players and not many new players are coming. However, once you get to end game and/or join a helpful guild (I always recommend Filomena's guild, if you join RG as Filo is EXTREMELY helpful to new players) you will get things going and form some bonds with other players.
  2. Try making the textures higher than low and it will work... We will have to look into this problem more. Regards to the costume texture issue.
  3. Annie, No one is going to take you seriously or even listen to your suggestions if you talk like that to people. I know you hate Goddess, but this is quite childish on how to talk to someone. If you want your suggestions to be looked at, you should speak more respectfully and just ignore the people you do not like because right now, I would get why a GM would want to skip over your forum post if they see it.
  4. I remember in the beginning of this server, uni jewels were quite cheap. I finished my uni ch-acc r 2 jewels as medic who had a build that made it impossible to farm within maybe three months or probably less. It's so strange to see someone get mad over making things easier for players. I mean, remember when people worked hard for ancient jewel spanners before and then that event happened where they dropped like hot cakes? I never seen you complain about that one time. Other players (I think you included) on here actually gotten angry when the drops were lowered for Seona Dungeon. I think you are more mad at something that only came to you, not to all of the players. It feels like if you didn't get uni r 2 jewels before, you would be liking this instead of being mad.
  5. This actually a good idea about implementing rare level thirty mechs because that would definitely would be awesome for new players to use instead of these level 20 mechs at a level thirty cap while leveling. We will try to look into that.
  6. I am sorry but that is a bit ridiculous. So, new players can be killed even easier than they already are. We want players coming to end game. It's fine if you want to stay at 29, but there is a reason why we implement more for end game players than lower level players. 29 is fine the way it is. We should help players who are new to the game, rather than buff players just camping a level where most new players decide to quit at due to thinking that the game as a whole does not do anything to benefit new players because they are easily killed at lower caps by players who have 10k+ HP at a low level cap.
  7. I really agree that people duo-logging is an issue, but as everyone said above Xigncode is lame, so there isn't much that can be done. Only possible option would be making duo-logging bannable if they are duo-logging on two different factions, but then a lot of players would probably get banned because it's not abnormal. Heck, I would propose that duo-logging in PvP zones should be bannable at least, but our player base is very small and would just make people get mad and cry over it.
  8. Okay, Ngl, even I am guilty this, but everyone is saying "Well, this faction has more of this class than we do." "This faction is making more of this class because we did it first." "This faction just zergs." Just having people say that the other faction has or is doing something, doesn't mean it's exactly true. Even if FK have more Shadow Walkers, anyone on FK side can say that RG have more Whippers, but at the end of the day, every class counters another class in someway and you are going to have to figure out what you and your faction has to do to better counter. If FK have so many Shadow Walkers, then you and your faction have to build into something that completely counters the Shadow Walkers. You cannot just cry and complain about a faction having SO MANY OF THIS CLASS, but make no effort to even try to make it so you can counter them better.
  9. For level thirty nine? I would say for farming... Punisher or Shadow Walker, just due to their stealth abilities and you can lose aggro of mobs along with having buffs that can keep you alive during farming. You just need to have high HP, which you can do easily with pet chip and high level pet. Stack HP or EVA as a Punisher and stack EVA as a Shadow Walker if it's solely for PvE to avoid physical damage from bosses or Ch-EVA if it's for both PvP and PvE. They are both decent for PvP at thirty nine, but my medic back in ASB had most problems with Shadow Walkers more than Punishers. (Coming from a forever thirty nine player in ASB.)
  10. That is why you gotta time things and keep watch on the SW before the stealth up. Do you have Acc buff and/or detection? Acc is a must buff, but detection is situational. If possible, if you are having a hard time timing when the Shadow Walker will jump on you, get detection so you have a better chance at seeing them, so you can use Restoration.
  11. You posted in a public forum, meaning anyone can comment, hun. To add on, Shadow Walkers are supposed to be able to kill medics, That is the medic's counter. In a lot of MMOs and even MOBAs, a Melee Assassin is supposed to do A LOT of damage, but be squishy as heck. Yes, a Shadow Walker has a buff that makes it resistant to stuns, so that is why you invest in Ch-acc buff and jewels and even get a detection buff, but even when their buffs are off, they are literally like a three-shot class. However, you should be able to time when a Shadow Walker is coming backline and have restoration available to your convenience. A lot of players quit, but they always come back. You know you can report issues to GS's and give suggestions and you know a lot of the suggestions may be declined, but a lot could be accepted. No one would want to listen to someone who is telling other players to get away and not take other's opinions into consideration. I used to be disrespectful years ago in these forums and to be honest, that got me no where. Trust me, I do really get your frustrations with medic, but as of now, try to build into where your team has better access into protecting you. Detection x Ch-Acc/Acc buff x max restoration.
  12. Pet Skins Currently in AP Store: Rafflesia Driff Grunt Driff Grunt King
  13. From what I know, you cannot have HP and DEF on one bangle in CG. I could be wrong, but I never got a bangle that provided both of those stats at the same time ever.
  14. You would have to ask someone who is in the Discord. I am not unfortunately. @Daddy