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  1. I actually have majority of the costume pictures on the Vendetta Facebook along with the bikes (Still some missing though!) I will ask Vivi if I can have permission to update the Vendetta forum visual guides to make things easier on her, but for now, people can click on the Facebook link I have in my signature to see costumes until I have those permissions. ^ _ ^ EDIT: If you decide to go to the Vendetta Scarlet Blade FB page, the only thing I ask is to not treat the Facebook page like it's a support ticketing service, It is 100% not that. I and BananaHand are the only GS's who are willing to admin this page and nothing will happen and no responses or you will just be directed to the forums or support page will be made if you are going to message the page with those issues. (Sorry to add this part, I just keep getting players messaging the page like it's a ticketing system when it's 100% not.)
  2. Thank you so much for the feedback and it will be looked at, but it may take a bit for the changes due to us making changes for the level 60+ cap. I will however bookmark this post so once we get done with the 60+ things, we can try to come back and see what we can do to change Baby Bunker to be more enjoyable for you guys.
  3. Sadly, there really isn't much we can do with the bunny ears except color them. Wish there was more we can do with them or I would've made cat ears out of them, but unfortunately, we can't.
  4. Sorry for not being on.

    I am officially pregnant and been struggling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Hopefully, I can be active again soon. 

    ^ u ^

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      Thank you, Filo~

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      congrats 2020 been a shitty year but hearing this made it alot better!!!! much love from urs truly burns :)

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      Thank you, Burns! BananaHands Jr. is on the way!

  5. Tbh, this is one I actually really wanted to do, but the problem would be is that I cannot add the shoulder armor and would just have to do the actual costume itself which I would believe would destroy the whole "coolness" of the costume. If you and others feel it wouldn't, I would be willing to at least try to do it.
  6. I actually thought this game LACKED anime, cute, and media genre costumes. There are so many sci-fi, sexy, emo-looking, gothic looking costumes, adventurous costumes etc. in this game I thought it would be nice to add some costumes that involved cartoon culture since a lot of us actually really enjoy anime/cartoons. Other ones are being released that I made, dunno if I can actually say what they are here or not, but all of them are not anime. I've had people PM me their ideas, so I decided to try. Some just cannot be done and some can possibly be done. I'd rather just have not just complaints, but actual ideas or I will just do the ideas that I actually have since I do not know what you want. If you have any, let me know. Send pictures, send videos, send links, etc. and I will tell you if it will be possible or not. Simple. Thanks.
  7. There is only so much we can really actually do when making costumes. If you provide me actual suggestions, I can see if I can make them or not?
  8. How about you give me suggestions then...?
  9. So, I've made a couple of costumes for far and still learning. The Costumes I made so far: The Hello Kitty and Friends costumes (Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Melody, Rilakkuma, Cinnamoroll, and Aggretsuko.) Akatsuki Kimono Little Maid (More costumes are made and will be released soon!) Costume Ideas I have: Miss Degenerate (Tape on nipples and fishnet stockings if approved by Vivi) Ahegao Pajamas (If you do not know Ahegao, just google it... if approved by Vivi) Sailor Scout Lingerie (A high maybe.) Kitty Whiskers Face Paint Anime intense Blush Face Paint Make up Face Paints like adding Winged Eyeliner and eye shadow on classes they do not have it, Matte Lipstick, that sort of stuff. Maybe some other ideas as well? Do you guys like any of the ideas I have? Comment below please~
  10. Okay guys, chill out please.
  11. Hello, and welcome back. 1.) As Sicat said. This game is based on Mystery boxes if you wanted to spend VGN points, but you can also spend them in game, if you press V for pet chips, pets, etc. The mystery boxes on the website are just costume and bike based with an exception of smaller items like fireworkers, pet hunger hacks, and I believe even mother miracles. 2.) Drops are pretty high at end game. There is always some sort of unique drop from every boss there. However, just because there are unique drops, doesn't mean they are exactly "unique" as they are not worth anything, especially most Kappa gears like suits, shoes, gloves, etc. You also have a high drop rate in TT (Tartarus which is level 60+) when it comes to unique costumes which were not on the Aeria server ever. They are not top priority at end game due to how little stat bonus they provide, but it gives a little difference. Pretty much, Vendetta is less P2W compared to Aeria for sure and drops are easier to get. Pretty much if you spend once in a while it will be easier than how it was with Aeria where if you had spend a lot of money to become the best of the best gear wise unless you constantly farmed all the time for hours. Spanners are extremely cheap along with ancient spanners. Also, crafting gears is a thing as well and if you rather not spend tons of gold for gears in AH, you can ask friends for Recognition medals which you use to craft gears along with unique and rare scanners. 3.) The player base is not huge for sure. Typically it's the same players and not many new players are coming. However, once you get to end game and/or join a helpful guild (I always recommend Filomena's guild, if you join RG as Filo is EXTREMELY helpful to new players) you will get things going and form some bonds with other players.
  12. Try making the textures higher than low and it will work... We will have to look into this problem more. Regards to the costume texture issue.
  13. Annie, No one is going to take you seriously or even listen to your suggestions if you talk like that to people. I know you hate Goddess, but this is quite childish on how to talk to someone. If you want your suggestions to be looked at, you should speak more respectfully and just ignore the people you do not like because right now, I would get why a GM would want to skip over your forum post if they see it.
  14. I remember in the beginning of this server, uni jewels were quite cheap. I finished my uni ch-acc r 2 jewels as medic who had a build that made it impossible to farm within maybe three months or probably less. It's so strange to see someone get mad over making things easier for players. I mean, remember when people worked hard for ancient jewel spanners before and then that event happened where they dropped like hot cakes? I never seen you complain about that one time. Other players (I think you included) on here actually gotten angry when the drops were lowered for Seona Dungeon. I think you are more mad at something that only came to you, not to all of the players. It feels like if you didn't get uni r 2 jewels before, you would be liking this instead of being mad.