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  1. They have a Discord for FK faction which I am not a part of, but we also have a Vendetta Discord as well where you can message players on Discord to help you find parties. https://discord.gg/SbyMBcN
  2. Make sure to participate in the Facebook Costume event:



  3. I will try to come tomorrow.
  4. I literally created a Facebook page which drew a lot of players to come, but a lot of quit due to these reasons: The Login Bug Incorrect Password/ID - They think that the bug is actually really something wrong with their account and need to try again, but then give up after the 12th time they try to log on. Lack of players online who actually help and give advice - From time online and standing in Suer to see both chats, u see new players go into shouts, asking questions and no one replies to them or even tries to help them. If I had no clue how to do things in this game and I asked for help with no response, I would quit too. The leveling process - This is regarding to even Veteran players coming back and seeing this leveling process and they do not want to deal with it. I actually wanted to quit again when it took me forever to find a team to level my medic and was so boring and repetitive. I tried to get old friends to come back but they do not want to do the leveling to end game. Broken Classes - Friends left due to their class getting so nerfed that it's unplayable and buff to classes that do not need it, but heard there are going to be changes, so I believe once these changes are made, the game can become active again. I think a lot of people who are not veterans would not want to stay in regards of these reasons and even had some tell me these exact reasons. I even tried to promote video content to the Facebook page, a lot of FK were happy to help and only one RG player was willing to help. I've spammed in the Vendetta discord and ingame for RG to submit videos so we can post them, but they just won't and I cannot force them. Even had MMOBytes try to promote SB as well. So, there are people taking a huge effort to try to promote the game. The staff are trying to make changes to the game and fix a lot of the issues above. If the player base actually wants the game to stay alive, they also have to make more of an effort to make new players feel important and accommodated.
  5. FK quit because I am going to be honest, not many RG sign up for Battlegrounds so Free Knights don't have anything to do all day. It's just not fun to have nothing to do all day. Also, I agree with a open faction change, but the player who faction changed should be restricted to switch back to the other faction for at least two months just due to players may take advantage of that and switch to what ever side is winning.
  6. I love Vocaloids and want to know if anyone else does. Luka Megurine is my favorite Vocaloid. Here are my favorite songs: What are your favorite songs? Vocaloids? etc?
  7. I avoid TP just for this reason.
  8. Haha, well... My mom has always been supportive of anime, as she and my uncles watched it when they were kids. They aren't weebs or anything, but I am glad my mom is supportive of me liking anime.
  9. Shit forgot to add these:
  10. My mother thought a little girl was singing it. lmao
  11. Favorite ending song Favorite Anime Opening Song
  12. Not sure what type of medic you are trying to play, but you should always have your heals max or 1 skill point away from maxed of you would not be doing substantial amount of healing. Also, try to stack your buffs, do not put random skill points in random buffs because they would be ineffective and almost useless in PvP. Choose the two buffs you find most important or more and max them as much as you can. I always say every medic should have Acc buff or they are not useful when it comes to PvP especially with Shadow Walkers, Punishers, and Sentinels because you and your team will miss stuns and attacks. If you are being a battle medic, you should be getting Accuracy buff, Crit Attack Buff, and Attack Buff so you can do damage since medic's base damage, acc/ch-acc, and crit-atk isn't very high and lowest out of all the classes in the game. If you want to be a bit of a support mixed with doing damage, you can always try out Whipper.
  13. Yes, grafting a non-tradable lingerie into a tradable lingerie would fix the issue. It's just changing the look of the item, not the stats or if it makes it tradable or not. It's like buying those cosmetic items from vending machine that changes your weapon to look like an RG or FK color schemed weapon. They are not tradable when you buy the cosmetic item, but once you graft them into an item that is tradable, they can be traded.
  14. Couldn't you just graft those lingerie into lingerie that can be transferred on with the same stats and even with jewel spanners?
  15. I had a medic guide which was archived for some reason. I think guides shouldn't be archived, especially if players have shown to take a liking to them. A GS or GM would need to do that though, if an ordinary player just does it, it will probably be archived. lol