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  1. Made this a bit ago and recently made changes. If you need to look, here you go.
  2. Hi all, make sure you participate in our Facebook event where two winners (1 per faction) will receive a bike with max movement speed of 180. It's not too hard and you could win a free bike!


  3. Hi all, make sure you participate in our Facebook event where two winners (1 per faction) will receive a bike with max movement speed of 180. It's not too hard and you could win a free bike!


  4. Oh no, not Dongerlord. His name always brought me laughs.
  5. I am sorry to hear that, but may I know who you are within the game?
  6. You mean "PowerPoof Girls". Remember, gotta change the name :p
  7. Okie dokie! uwu Bring the Virgin Slayer Costume and you will be god of SB haha
  8. I wonder if there is a way to make magic with the 50 Shades costume by coloring it in and then colors the leg bands to the skin color of the toon.
  9. I know copy right infringement is a problem, but many places get away with it by making small changes to the product like making the hue a little lighter than the original hue and make it with a different name. I would really like if these would be taken into consideration. Lanka Ree Fairy (Ranka Lee) I know there is a Fairy of Love, but it has no wings. We could always take Cheryl's costume and make it pink with blue wings and the bottom wings be white. Remove the hideous vines and walah! Lanka Ree (Ranka Lee inspired) costume. BoBo's Odd Quest (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) I'm not the biggest fan of JoJo, but I know for a fact it's a really popular show. I do not think it would be too hard to make a Bobo's Odd Quest (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure inspired) costume and I think it could attract a lot of players. Even make the hat like his too. haha Meido Girl (tehee, Yui Kotegawa) I may be reaching a little here and wonder if this costume can be made into a Maid Costume. I see the bow is in the front like Yui Kotegawa's attire and it's frilly like an anime maid costume. Just change the shoes and I think it would be cool! Kunoichi I am not sure how far you can go with editing costumes, but it would be cool if the bumpy things on the shoes could be taken off and made to look like leg warmers and change the top a bit to be cut like a Kunoichi top. The gloves can become fingerless gloves. And walah! A Kunoichi Costume! Kara Braft (Lara Croft) I wonder if the shoes can be cropped, but if not, it's only a Kara Braft (Lara Croft inspired) outfit. I wonder if the bottom can be made to look like shorts and the top made a little longer. AND THE ONE I KNOW WILL NEVER HAPPEN BUT IT'S JUST A DREAM!!! The Virgin Slayer Sweater I wish Aeria made this before the game closed as it literally fits the game well. lmao These are just a few ideas I have. Thanks for reading.
  10. Is there a way we can take the tiger skins and make them into looking house cats? Like making a Calico cat skin or a Orange tabby cat skin?



  12. Can we make a cat face mask? Just like a cute pink nose and some whiskers. Would look really cute!
  13. Hi all! Shiny and I created a Vendetta Scarlet Blade page that includes: PvP videos of in game players (Will be compensated if video is posted) Trivia Contests, Art Contests, and random contests where you will win prizes given in game. Patch Updates Costume Updates Etc. We are looking to have an RG Admin so it's not only ran by FK. Please PM me if you are willing to come and please give a like! You won't be disappointed! https://www.facebook.com/VGNScarletBlade