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  1. Can we make a cat face mask? Just like a cute pink nose and some whiskers. Would look really cute!
  2. Hi all! Shiny and I created a Vendetta Scarlet Blade page that includes: PvP videos of in game players (Will be compensated if video is posted) Trivia Contests, Art Contests, and random contests where you will win prizes given in game. Patch Updates Costume Updates Etc. We are looking to have an RG Admin so it's not only ran by FK. Please PM me if you are willing to come and please give a like! You won't be disappointed! https://www.facebook.com/VGNScarletBlade

  3. ey there me and jezabelle in 1st video she was badonkadonk and i was Kira haha
  4. Hi-hi. BananaNyan/Kira here and I would like to bring to attention on how hard it is to EXP and lack of boosters being provided in the game now is making it even harder and could be making it almost impossible for players who do not spend Vendetta Points on the game to level up to end game. As a medic, it is especially hard since I cannot farm alone as I do not contain the damage other classes have and it's extremely hard to find EXP parties as I am not always on when Free Knights are busy or even when they are, majority of the people are already level 65 and the the other half just do not want to level up because of how boring it is. Sometimes, I find a few people who are genuinely helpful, but they are also not on all the time when I am online. With my experience with leveling, I would understand why players who are level capped would not want to help due to it being so repetitive. I know Boosters are given when you level up, but the amount you are provided are nowhere near the amount you need to level, so you are in a predicament and I've been told before that leveling was even harder before I came back, but this could still scare away new players who want to get to end game and I do not want that. I have some suggestions to try to make this easier if possible. 1. Providing a buff when you go into Dragon Valley that gives you a % amount of experience boost. Can range from just 100% which isn't exactly the best, but it's something... to 500% exp boost buff, so at least players who cannot afford to buy boosts can have some way of experience boosting, 2. Making bosses in Amara and Boss events in Enocia drop EXP boosters from 700% to 1000% that are tradable as I have seen 200% boosters before, so if people at level cap do not need these boosters, they can give to someone who needs. 3. Making the experience boosters in Item Mall a little cheaper, like from 500 VPN to 250 VPN. 4. Making the mobs have a really rare chance of dropping something that would cost gold, like Ancient Jewel Spanner, Jewel Spanners, 10% Unique Kilos, or Jewel Safeguards. This could attract people who are already level capped into helping others who are not because they have a chance to get some good loot from this, but make the chance slim so people do not end up just farming mobs all day and not participating in PvP or bosses. 5. Creating a title for killing mobs in Dragon Valley that grants them boost on DPS Stats. It would attract more people who are DPS to come help and would make experiencing a little faster called like Dragon Hunter or Dragon Destroyer. These are only mere suggestions and I would completely understand if they cannot be used or made, but I do think it would make things easier or make people more excited to help players who are having a hard time leveling and do hope these are taken into consideration. Thank you so much for reading~ BananaNyan/Kira
  5. What is your guys' favorite anime? Here is a list of mine: Love Live! (Kotori is my best girl and I actually own a dakimakura of her. Heh.) Elfen Lied: Goblin Slayer: School Days: Tayutama Kiss on my Deity: To Love Ru: Higurashi Franchise: Comment below your favorite anime series along with GIF or Picture if possible!
  6. oh shiet i didn't see the date lmao
  7. what i use are: CP Regen Max HP Resist Crit-Void Eva PvP-Def Ch-Acc Healing Ch-EVA and Movement Speed I also have Defense, but it's not very useful.
  8. I would like a pink rapid fire and having a little heart design on it would be a plus on the front where the glass is. I would be the happiest gal in the world.
  9. Is there any way to crop the bunny ears to be shaped like cat ears? Asking for a friend. > _ >
  10. nibbas visiting an inactive player's profile. tsk tsk