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  1. There isn't any reason to have those aspects on a Forum website, Forums are forums, not twitter or facebook
  2. monoki

    Christmas Events

    A fix for this would be to have a NPC in mereholt where players can enter the dungeons through there with the exit spawning them back to mereholt (to avoid higher levels using this to enter the area)
  3. monoki

    Odd Transparency Issue?

    Does it still appear that way when you are closer to the pillar?
  4. monoki

    New Costume Set: Midnight Diva

    It's a night club outfit set not idols
  5. monoki

    New Costume Set: Midnight Diva

    Punisher is wearing thigh high boots
  6. monoki

    New Costume Set: Midnight Diva

    Well the colour i guess but it's not based off this since i was working on it before the skins were out
  7. Hey hey GS Nova here~! Behold the new costume set for Scarlet Blade's gorgeous Arkana's MIDNIGHT DIVA The theme of this set was Nightlife Glamour, elegant and fashionable clothing to be worn on a night out or into battle, the choice is yours~ These will be hitting the Mystery Boxes soon so save your VGN Points to grab one for your class~!
  8. monoki

    SBV Unable to move or remove Ultimate Skills.

    I think the misunderstanding here is you believe that once you pick an ultimate skill then that's the one you are stuck with, that is not the case here. You see you are able to have both of the ultimate skills available and can choose one, swap between or use both of each. So there really is no need to make a new character since no matter what Ultimate you have since you will always have access to the other option anyway and will never have to use the ultimate you don't like. All that you need to do is drag the ultimate (once you have bought it and have it in your skill window) to your skill bar in the lower middle and use it, if you don't like that skill then get the other one and swap it ^^ very easy. Just make sure you upgrade the Ultimate you want and not the one you don't want.
  9. monoki

    i need the download site for SB A little looking goes a long way my friend
  10. monoki

    [GS] Cosmetic Updates!

    They are purely cosmetic
  11. monoki

    New Costume teaser~

    They are cosmetics, not gear
  12. Hi hi everyone GS Nova here! I bring you a teaser for a new Costume set I have been working on for a few weeks! I can't wait for them to be released! I hope you will all like them I put so much love into this Costume set (and blood, sweat tears QQ) That's all for now! Tataa~
  13. monoki

    [GS] Cosmetic Updates!

    I actually already wanted that one as a pet but hadn't gotten around to asking Vivi haha seeing as there is interest I will put a suggestion in for you
  14. Hai Hai GS Nova here! (Yes i'm alive just been busy lol) So I just have a few updates I want to share regarding Cosmetics for Scarlet Blade I have been working really hard on a new Costume series which I like to call "Team sets" Team sets are a (as the name says) set of costumes each unique to their respective class but share the same theme. You will have seen this with the recent "Arkana Cyber Suit set" where each class had the same outfit but their own colour. Note that Team sets will not always be the same costume with a different colour, in fact we have a new upcoming set which features each class in a completely different outfit from each other while still matching the theme. (No previews yet sorry guys~!) The idea of Team sets is to make each class look more Unique from each other but when together you will appear as a team and look super gorgeous when the full set of costumes are combined. (Guilds that's your que!😘) Outside of costumes I am also working on new pets and new weapon cosmetics as well as special sets for events such as Christmas and Factions (such as the Monarch and Empress) I really hope you guys will enjoy the new content and please give me feedback on what you think about the Team set idea we are trying out and if you have any requests or recommendations that you want to see in the game feel free to let me know~! That's all for now, ta taaa~ ❤️