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  1. Hai Hai GS Nova here! Just posting to say prob going to have a new video up tomorrow (i'm i am not lazy) for those who are interested and if you haven't seen my channel yet feel free to check it out *Lowkey promoting my channel* :
  2. monoki

    Sw Build Discussion

    Did you say... BALANCE?
  3. monoki

    Patch 97 Feedback

    Think of it as... an expanision The universe of Scarlet Blade has crossed paths with Dragona and it is a new planet/area for the Arkana to explore with a new story unfolding, if you were in a different planet nothing would look familiar, this is how I see it.
  4. monoki

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    looked it up, I wouldn't say 12 subs is huge?
  5. monoki


    Just go to BG anyway, do what you want, just because the number's aren't in your favour doesn't mean you can't still participate sure you will lose but it's not all about winning. Just have fun
  6. monoki

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    I'll try my best, were in much need of SB content
  7. monoki

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    I'm slowly working on getting a Scarlet Blade channel going... if that means anything
  8. monoki

    Battlegrounds (or lack of)

    Agreed lowbie already don't have much as it is let's not take what they have left away
  9. monoki


    It could be
  10. monoki

    What we are expecting

    We can neither confirm or deny any details of what is in the patch at this time but it is possible that anything that isn't included can be added later on. Player feedback for these kind of things is important so we can bring you guys stuff that you want or need so feel free to throw any suggestions our way
  11. monoki

    Initial download For Scarlet blade

    No problem happy to help you out and glad we could fix the issue
  12. monoki

    Initial download For Scarlet blade

    when logging into your account make sure it's the account you made when downloading the game and not your forums account since they are both different. Also make sure that any Caps you have used are correct and attempt logging in multiple times just in-case it was a mis type 😄
  13. monoki

    Initial download For Scarlet blade

    Kind of looks like your computer isn't reading the game files properly Some things you can try are: - Unblocking the ZIP file in properties before opening it - making sure scarlet blade isn't blocked by any of your firewall or protection programs - making sure scarlet blade is in a location on your PC that is easy to read, eg on a fast hard drive (slow ones may tend to make it harder for your PC to run them) - You can also try verifying your files on the client in case anything is missing - checking your Direct X is up to date
  14. monoki


    oh you spoiled it how dare you
  15. Yes, of course it is