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  1. Unique lingerie's (37-47-57) Rapidfire and Magnum bikes
  2. Like you mentioned making any change at all to WH is a ... touchy subject. Of course for any class a change can be upsetting especially if they don't like it or see the reason behind it. WH has been under discussion a few times and we don't currently have a change that can help without making the players of that class angry like last time. We do need to work on a few classes including whipper but we need to be careful about how we do it, I admit there needs to be a pro and con for a skill like a pull or AOE pull. At the moment there isn't really any risk for whippers to pull because their attacker will be stunned and easily disabled then locked down (experienced myself Also whipper players please keep this conversation civil, its a discussion about your class not a human rights war
  3. Pretty sure there are plans to fix this but we haven't gotten to it yet. These things take time and we have our hands full so we can't fix everything at the same time which can make it take a long time. Sadly in that time some players will quit and that's ok because that is their choice. But changes will be made in time
  4. -shrugs- guess not changed yet then
  5. According to doc it doesn't anymore
  6. Hi hi bloom (its Nova hehe) We have updated the game a lot since opening it again after it was shut down. We have a lot more content and updated the game quite a bit since then including the new level 65 cap which features a new explorable zone not found in the original game plus a big line of cosmetics (some proudly made by myself) Needless to say our Scarlet Blade is quite different to how it used to be back in Aeria days
  7. Hi! try this download here ^^
  8. no problem at all ^^ if you need anything else let me know
  9. Well who know's maybe someone is willing, always best to check here is our support page
  10. Two options I can suggest are to either trade with another player or submit a ticket and explain the situation, I can't guarentee we will be able to swap it for you but it's worth a try to ask
  11. Derelict - Wep skin DS - uni cos
  12. this has been brought up before but not sure if we actually can or not. The idea is there tho
  13. well i mean... that's because that's exactly what i did? XD They were fully naked images so I painted the outfits onto them
  14. At some point we were supposed to but it might of been due to complications that they aren't in yet. I can ask about it tho