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  1. Is this real?

    Nah like doc said its prob just a mod to change the colours
  2. Mereholt Grand Prix

    oh I've had that bug before alot of times
  3. Is this real?

    Didn't know you could do that, its kinda cool
  4. Is this real?

    it was apparently from a video of all the available outfits in scarlet blade back during ASB but the video was old so it wasn't available anymore just the thumbnail
  5. Is this real?

  6. Is this real?

    it was the level 40 unique medic suit but instead of pink and blue the outfit was dark blue with green lights
  7. Mereholt Grand Prix

    I would assume they would have everyone ready on the bikes before starting it
  8. Mereholt Grand Prix

    A thing to consider would be rendering times also like for example: my friend and I were playing tag (because we are childish) but we kept seeing different things on each others screens I would tag them but on their screen i was never near them. So if someone were to win this race but the person in charge of announcing who saw it differently it could cause some issues
  9. Prices too high for new players

    I teach them how to farm, I never give gold just a better weapon usually
  10. Prices too high for new players

    Same here, I always try not to spend too much on them at the start though because you don't know if they will keep playing
  11. Prices too high for new players

    This is very true, it's hard to determine if a new player is actually new or just trying to reap stuff from you, i've had newbies try this with me also. I usually buy them a weapon to help them farm and teach them how to farm and where so this way i'm not spending the world on them but at the same time it helps. as for farming it really is about luck with drops, some people get luck and others don't
  12. Prices too high for new players

    yeah I see what you guys mean, still if this is the case then higher levels should take the time to buy some gear for a lower level every now and then just to give a helping hand
  13. Mystery Box Item Requests

    @Vivi Since we have some of the other NPC outfits like gloria and such would it be possible to bring in this one? I really love her outfit
  14. Mystery Box Item Requests

    I'd like Camo v2 plz plz plzzzz
  15. New BG suggestion

    The FKs actually playing last night was rare, it doesn't happen often also if you read I suggested ideas to add to the BG events and possible new ones so yes this is a suggestion post but apparently so many of you can't read past the first half of it