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  1. monoki

    Battlegrounds Feedback/Discussion

    Hoping to have those fixed soon, don't worry we are working on it ^^ I like the idea of caergate for higher levels also
  2. monoki

    Battlegrounds Feedback/Discussion

    We don't want to make it too easy to get ancient spanners but I do agree that we need a better way of obtaining it rather than opting out for the lvl50 alt solution. I'll see if we can come up with something for it
  3. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    Some new players have also come to us thinking the boost method is hacking haha Of course this is to be expected since they are new and don't know all the tricks of the trade of the game
  4. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    Definitely, a newbie being brought strait to lvl 50 is basically telling them to be a walking punching bag for the actual end game players
  5. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    I still don't think they should be able to have L2 chips considering that they can't farm the materials so only those who can buy them or have a high level toon will be able to use which tbh isn't fair to those who can't
  6. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    I find most boosted newbies aren't skilled or geared enough for the end game levels and when they are boosted they are serverly unprepared. Boosting not only puts you at a disadvantage in gear and gold but also in skill. They need time to learn their character and perfect their builds so when they do reach end game they are on even grounds. Even if having an end game toon can help gather gold what is the point if you can't even farm properly without someone else holding your hand? its just not a viable idea
  7. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    I can't imagine why a lower level would really need ancient spanners, that seems like a high level item that they don't really need. I am working on a few things for boss drops at the moment so don't worry we will hopefully have something for you guys to farm soon
  8. monoki

    Just a quick upload

    HI HI GS Nova here~! I've uploaded a new video, nothing too bug but figured i should make one just so people knew what was up ^^ Hoping to make some more videos soon
  9. monoki

    Try to avoid boosting

    Hi Hi GS Nova here 😊 This is going to be a bit of an... un-favourable subject but here me out kay? Alot of you may know that from level 1-59 the game is just a little bit dead and I think I may have found why.. Or at least one of the reasons. Often I see new players come into the game and if they are lucky they get invited to a Guild and all is dandy but also they tend to get boosted past levels towards end game. What is the problem with this? Surely end game is the better place to be right? Well you're not wrong end game is where a majority of our players are at the moment, but there lays the problem. There's no one in the lower levels or well.. a small number to say the least. Everyone is so keen to rush to the end game that they end up skipping 90% of the game and its content for the "better" end game. But what that is doing is making the lower levels completely baron and pretty much dead zones. Think of it from a new player perspective, there's a reason that we often see shouts that go along the lines of: "Uhm.. is this game still alive?" Sure the game IS alive but only at the current level cap with a few exceptions being small groups of players who are still at the level 39-49 cap. Personally I would like it if we let players enjoy the game instead of pushing this idea that they have to be at the end game to enjoy it at all. This isn't true. The game IS fun, we just need to populate these areas and stop rushing to the end which let's face it is kinda boring don't you think? trust me guys your missing some QUALITY story line. Basically what i'm trying to say is please for the sake of the game try to avoid using the Guild boost method. Its making our game look empty and I dunno about you but I would love to see PVP wars happen in Viledon and Nemesis or Caregate. I encourage players to play the game as it should be played, start a new toon if you must but just enjoy it without the hacks and bring these levels back to life and more populated. The low levels will only become worth staying if we make them worth it, no one likes a dead zone. I know I don't 0.0
  10. It would be nice for PVP to not be one sided so much. I mean whats the point of winning all the time if there's no one to fight? Players on the losing side don't join 99% of the time because its nearly impossible with a 5v40 match up all the time. PVP can be fun but it can also be like.. for example: being chain pulled by 100 whippers at once until your dead without the chance to do anything at all or even spawn alive again. I think your right, we should be trying to balance it out even if that means swapping sides every now and then, its the only way.
  11. Nice guide but maybe make the blue lighter or change the text colour, its very hard to read ^^;
  12. monoki

    Choosing Sides

    Royal Guard has more people at the moment than Free Knights and both factions have a variety of people most that I have seen are from the Philippines and Europe. We have Americans also and then there's me the lonely Australian ahaha It's up to you to determine what Kind of people they are on each side, I can't really say myself because everyone's opinion is different
  13. Ey welcome back to scarlet blade we're glad to have you! If your on FK side my guild has been taking in people and helping them to lvl 50 so if your wanting some help with that give us a shout "RedKnight" Hope you have fun in game~! and if you need anything let me or anyone from the staff know
  14. monoki

    sb launcher

    This should help you ^^