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  1. Submit a ticket in
  2. Seems like a good idea, it's plainly unfair to show up and have points taken from you for not doing it
  3. +1 Movement speed and a 5% chance of incoming attacks dmg being reduced by 80%
  4. I think the fact that it's unique is cool enough, it sounds unfair to give players who have it an edge over others
  5. Partners were disabled, if you walk in arena with a partner it will kick you, nosmates are fine though!
  6. As of now we aren't planning on changing Sps until we see what official does as we don't want content clashing.
  7. It's not randomly between 1 and 2, it's every 2 hours on death
  8. Mh other trophies to consider are stone of defiance when playing tanky because the 5% reflect comes in handy specially to stop others from comboing you. Mage stone for pvp because 200 enhanced is very nice. Cube of destruction as a mixed pvp option, 7% dmg, 7% def. And peaceful hourglass is good versus fernon only or as dg in erenia/versus non-light mobs
  9. I think we should figure something out for this, the biggest issue in my opinion is that only 10-12 chars can get it, I don't think it's too problematic to find the timers and follow them for the rest of the day but if there's 2-3 teams going for them it's just a fuckfest. Making them available at NPC or raidboxes are interesting ideas but not quite the ideal solution in my opinion, cause the fact you have to go and time it and kill those specific mobs for a chance to get it is better than making them available by throwing money at an npc or raiding as usual.
  10. I'd rather do it 1 by 1 because if an sp is not going well at +80 I'd usually stop perfecting it. Good quality of life suggestion, +1
  11. Some of the thoughts behind this change was that reputation accessories shouldn't be straight up better than end game accessories (laurenas). This way we hope to achieve both of the sets being an option and laurenas actually being considered.
  12. As seer I'd say a must have is double damage + red def. (You could also swap red def for 22+ shadow ress down), a stun helps a lot since you will spam orbs and atk/energy SL or enhanced damage is always appreciated. I consider undisturbed unnecessary but a lot of players will say it's vital. Better to have atk+def on perfection rather than hp. For SLs you could do with just atk+energy+overall but some seers like to get sl defense too and sacrifice a bit of damage for tankiness, that's totally up to you. For pets fluffy bally is the way to go, and fibi if you need to freeze people. Laurenas with anticrit+hp+mp consumption red(I find the latter quite helpful) as far as accessories go. On armour double def goes very well as seer and I'd aim for a 16%+ all dodge + long and magic dodge, or 18-19% all dodge and either high long or magic. Note that you might need all ress as your S option depending on who you fight unless you get fernon shoes s5. And last you'd have 3 main options for trophy, Defiance stone which gives you defense and a chance to proc magical reflection (gladiator/caligor shield), a tanky option. Mage stone which gives 200 enhanced magic damage, a nice damage boost. Cube of destruction which gives 7% atk 7% def and 5% chance to leech 500 hp on hit. (Note that if you decide to go for a wand with shadow ress instead of red. def you need an r8 shadow stone in your setup)
  13. I'm gonna be a bit mean, if you can't defend yourself in FC you're not at the right stage to be farming claws/manes for your SP, you should be doing erenias/zenas and getting it that way for now. If you're adamant on farming there try to find a time of the day where people are off as already mentioned.