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  1. Siseneri

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Disagree, If anything I'd reward a bit more essences on fc boxes, the fairy does not need a buff imo, just make it more accessible.
  2. Siseneri

    C45 Eq

    You can check out the changes there
  3. Siseneri

    How to level

    Assuming you're well equipped and have buffer chars for 6.1 I'd dual hell ruins 2 with a friend, one side each while in group, and solo hell ruins 1 when 2 isn't available. For sp you'd want a WK 100 Atk rest element, although you can play with more ele/less atk, I consider that the optimal setup. As for 6.2, you can solo it as scout(100 atk rest ele), killing 1 by 1 and using sader triple everytime it's up, this would be slower but much calmer as no one is likely to go there and you can watch videos or stuff meanwhile, you can also try to lure either solo or with a mate, the best maps for luring would be ancelloan 3 and 6 because there's an increased number of mobs there, and for luring you'd want a WK (pointed the same as for 6.1). If I had to say a number I'd say it takes 35h more or less to go from c30 to c50. The choice of map is up to you, 6.2 mobs do hit harder but if your equipment can handle it go for it.
  4. Siseneri

    Searching All Bazar Items By Player Name.

    ~~Anyway I'm not against the idea but I don't think it's a massive quality of life improvement, even if you're looking for a certain equ a person is selling, selecting rarity + optimisation does the trick.
  5. Siseneri

    Make Draco/Glace great again!

    @Nayxa read this~ Perfection doesn't add to SL value. As for the suggestion, -1 from me, I can agree that no high level bothers with these raids but I don't think adding more perfection is a viable solution. It's too easy to perfect to 100 already.
  6. Siseneri

    New server to hardcore players

    I believe the idea of another server has been denied a few times in the past because it would only split the community, that said I'll be closing the thread~
  7. Siseneri

    Trading perfection stones

    I agree on making them tradeable all at once, good little quality of life suggestion 😛
  8. Siseneri

    What about LOD

  9. Siseneri

    Suggestion for fixing LOD bug

    Bug is still there but items drop 1x instead of x5, making it easier to just clean up and much unlikelier for the bug to appear~
  10. Siseneri

    Basar - collect sold items

    +1 to The idea, it's a quality of life change helpful to merchants and everyone selling raidboxes
  11. Siseneri

    Problem with the bet system.

    Yeah the equ scrolls don't work for champion gear when it comes to betting, the only way is the 5.5m/3m amulets and teo
  12. Siseneri

    Some Trophy reworks

    Source( And you might wanna check it out):
  13. Siseneri

    Some Trophy reworks

    If you reduce ress past 0% the negative ress of the mob means extra % damage, if a mob has -30% ress you do 30% more damage to it as opposed to the same mob with 0% total ress As for pyramid I think it's pretty nice for archers/swordies, I personally prefer shadow stone for mage but I think it's cool as it is. Huge +1 to the defiance rock adjustment though 😛
  14. Heya~ Minigames were disabled because of bug abuse/bots/alts , and bots are usually taken care of although more keep appearing we constantly ban them , if you see any chars that you suspect might be a bot please inform a GS or follow this and report them yourself.
  15. Siseneri


    Disagree, it's just about finding the right time at some point, then in 1h you can easily farm enough souls for a marathon. Taking away the pvp from a4 just doesn't seem right to me