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  1. Raise slightly the chance of dropping Giant Boots.

    I think the chance is fine as it is, low-chance but highly rewarding when they do drop.
  2. New searching mode for Raidboxes

    Changing the name and/or making their own section would be nice~
  3. New faction in glacernon(Frozen Crown)

    Well, if it was implemented we could get a lot of people from the main 2 factions going over to the 'new' one. Leaving no one to fight, or everyone could ignore it. Frozen Crown is already dead some days because people don't have many reasons to be there actively hunting others. I propose we do something to gain FC some popularity before we try to split factions even more. That could also tie with a re-work in the fame system.
  4. New faction in glacernon(Frozen Crown)

    Disagree, I don't think we have enough people in both sides to be making even more factions >_<
  5. Quality Gaming Changed

    1.Not sure how the inventory thing would work? Like, which order would it follow to arrange the items? (E.g. Quest items first>expensive materials...) 2. I don't think this is necessary and it's been said it could cause problems >_< 3. I'm really skeptical on this one, yeah they went up to 25k+ but if we set a price how will lower level people make money to get 93 equip? I think if this is done the price should be 25k. So the time spent farming them is worthwhile, but in all honesty I don't think the prices are too high as they are now.
  6. Arena changes

    To be honest safe hitting is an issue because it takes away the opportunity of the person being hit to retaliate, and it's assumed some players get hunted so they MUST use this technique. When reality is far from it, just yesterday I was fighting some safe hitters(or trying to at least) with a friend and a bunch of people, when one of them came out and started fighting my friend 1o1. Literally everyone who was hitting him beforehand stopped, because he was now hitting outside of stairs, where my friend could fight back, and they had a good 25 minutes of fun until a safe-hitter interrupted them. This isn't a one-time occurrence either, this happens all the time, it seems very normal to me for people to be infuriated if they're in the middle of PvP, or just sitting there with wrong ress and a random guy comes up, one shots them(so far this is normal, I've done it a lot with RM by catching people off-guard) and then proceeds to call them crap characters, noobs, and a bunch of insults while going back to stairs where they can't be hit. Also, most of the time this happens it's 2 or more safe hitters doing it, so much for being ganked... I fully believe if they stopped playing like that they wouldn't be as hated nor 'ganked' as they are. Also I'd like to point out the night where 10+ players went to family arena was to watch hauter and raymen act nasty and laugh at their actions, half of the 'gankers' were fighting amongst themselves. Some people were just there to watch, and virtually only 2/3 tried to hit them. Whereas they came out fully buffed and kept safe-killing a lv 84 with lv 15 armor, then proceeded to call everyone crap, trash, and a bunch of other names. Which is the reason 10+ people found it amusing to go watch them. As for the arena suggestions, The 1v1 arena sounds fun but not quite what I'd like, I wanna be able to 2v2 or 3v3 or just have a FFA with a bunch of randoms which is what usually ends up happening. I wish it weren't possible to re-enter safe after having hit someone for a few seconds or something, doubt that's possible though. And +1 on removing partner skills, same logic as when altbuffs were removed. I'd leave pets though, they are expensive and bought just to boost stats a bit. They're not overly broken either.
  7. Multi suggestions

    1. Agree to the on/off effect, seeing your pet go off into the distance with 5 mobs to pick up vegetables is kinda annoying. 2.We should suggest ways to make reputation more relevant and change it up a bit, I guess doubling the range is a first-step? 4. I don't think people want haziness relics, it's a 'meh' from me
  8. Removal of partners in arena

    Going back to the suggestion, I agree with disabling partners, missing because of a buff or being shred to pieces because of a debuff that partners provide is not what the ideal PvP looks like, and it doesn't even give a chance to fight back. I personally don't mind much since I play Seer but it's a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Hopefully we'll get more opinions on this~ So far: Agreements: 5? Disagreements: 2?
  9. No it wouldn't stack, he's saying that at SL Energy 100 you'd get 150% extra hp/mp and those 6k from the book would turn into extra 15k hp.
  10. Kailash has some really interesting suggestions when it comes to SP's, they're worth checking out. I agree the sin is a bit stupid with the cre-up ,augment and crit, I've seen insane dmg dealt by people with equ that wouldn't normally allow them to do that. The party thing was done so people wouldn't buff themselves with alts, it does sound annoying to hit your friend by mistake, but like Squizzy said it's just easier to do it this way rather than re-coding it so you can't buff others in arena, it doesn't sound like too big of an issue to be honest. Big thumbs up to removing partner SP's though. And I have to strongly disagree on lowering the xp rate, the game has some mechanics(not many), and is mainly based on knowing how to make gold to get the best equipment, the whole point of the x20 is so the grind doesn't become so boring and leveling was never meant to be a huge aspect of this server. Also, you argue that if everyone is c50 they'll have the same power? Right now there are many C30 which have huge gaps between them, level means nothing if you're not equipped. Last but not least, I'm sure the books and everything is being tested so nothing too op comes out of it. Surely they've tested countless possibilities, and if something happens to slip by it can always be balanced later on.
  11. Maru in arena

    No triso, a sandie does not take much work, and it doesn't matter anyway, it's not and will never be part of the same 'account' because you're the one using the alts. Unfair, if you want PvP with all buffs, there is always frozen crown. Also, having alts that make a char immortal used to be a problem, so were fulls, I have seen no problems involving maru/pets yet. It's not game breaking and most PvP's I've seen are ones where people send pets back and just 1v1
  12. Maru in arena

    Triso you're getting carried away, like, a lot. Maru and other partner SP's come from within the same account, hence it's a bit dirty to use it in a PvP, yet it is not a buff or strength from an outside source(alt accounts), it's a strength you got with the work on that account. Thumbs down from me.
  13. This game suck now =)

    That's not true, a fair amount of people were happy about the changes and use the arena a fair bit. The problem is buffing with alt chars goes against what arena is supposed to be. It isn't maximum potential if you full every hit you take and have 20 defensive and 20 offensive buffs,it's just ridiculous non-sense. If you are competitive, then do it with your equ and your SP's, nothing more. And again, it isn't 'ruined for everyone else' , the changes happened for a reason, most of us are happy with this. Just get used to fighting fair and square.
  14. This game suck now =)

    Why should your character have power-ups that don't come from itself? Arena is a PvP to fight one on one, testing that one character's strength alone, giving you plenty of motivation to upgrade equ/sp's and be even stronger, rather than resorting to outside sources. If you want otherwise, go to FC. Also arena is not empty, and a suggestion off the top of my head, try throwing a couple speakers asking if anyone wants to PvP, or just ask your family~
  15. I'm against this, also 10k for a strong HP potion sounds like a joke to me.