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  1. Siseneri

    Trophy piece spell option

    Closed since the suggestion was rejected~
  2. Siseneri

    Bug on Fusion Costume

    Hey there, the adventurer clothing is an armor isn't it? The way costume fusion works is if you have let's say both Santa Costume and Concierge Uniform, and you want the santa costume aesthetic with the concierge effects, you would fuse those two costumes and lose the 2nd one (in this case concierge) and get the 1st one (santa) with the 2nd one's effects. Try again in 2 costumes not costume+armor!
  3. Siseneri

    Trophy piece spell option

    While I do agree it is hard to farm 400 boxes, some people could buy them to speed up the process instead of perhaps having to farm a few raid seals and doing them. Even for people that farm their own 400 boxes it would be better to stay in erenias and earn money on the process, leaving other raids irrelevant. My opinion remains unchanged 😛
  4. Siseneri

    Trophy piece spell option

    Or... you can do those trophies' specific raid 'til you get it. Imo the trophy piece spell helps you reach 13/13, but it shouldn't be the main way you get it cause then we'd just do erenias all day, open boxes, make money AND get all trophies, essentially killing all other raids x.x. -1 From me
  5. Siseneri

    Account login issues

    Remember that username has to be in lowercase and that password is case-sensitive
  6. Siseneri

    Regarding the SP3&4 Quest Item NPC

    What Nayxa said! The quest item npc is there in case you lose an item because of full inventory/parcels, before this would force you to restart the whole quest from scratch, now you can buy it again to continue where you left off. However you still need to complete the questline to progress, buying the item won't do the trick.
  7. Siseneri

    THE bow i use to upgrade disappear

    If you don't have any photos/proof I can't help ya bud. Recovery system is all that's left x.x
  8. Siseneri

    THE bow i use to upgrade disappear

    I imagine you forgot to replace the amulet, check this 😛
  9. Siseneri

    [NOSTALE] Recover my character Blocked

    Hello, if you've forgotten your unlock code you need to send in a ticket at to recover it.
  10. Siseneri

    Make the Raid Time spaces better

    This was already implemented, there is no level cap for raid seal TSO's , thank you for the suggestion though. I'll be closing the post~
  11. Siseneri

    Sandboxie error

    Moved to the right section~ Honestly, sandboxie gave me headaches. I recommend using process explorer, it's much simpler and you can open as many launchers as your pc can handle.
  12. Siseneri

    Unless Snack

    Their description says they were going to be removed but they were not. Anyway let's keep relevant to the suggestion, I'm against having an unlimited event-like snack drop.
  13. Siseneri

    Unless Snack

    No it can't be opened, but aren't they talking about snacks? Like chocolate rabbits etc. Those were still useable after event they just didn't drop anymore
  14. Siseneri

    Unless Snack

    Hey there~ Correct me if I'm wrong, are you asking if we could have a permanent snack like the event one's that heal for 2k? I think that would be a bit broken , aside from messing with loot drops it would make potions almost useless!