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  1. Revered Commander - Kitami General Plague Mask Royal Kitty Hat Chaotic Holy Wings Chic Kitty Claws
  2. Broken classes will exist anywhere buddy, I'm saying the old ones don't even compare to these today. these awakening classes are extremely broken and you know it. As an usual PvP player i can tell you, the only broken classes in this server was DE and Ca with elemental dmg build, both nerfed now, the thing is in this game u need a good party setup. Is someone hitting you hard? then u can put shielder, gk, paladin, elegant dancer, adj or any class to bring you more reduction (assuming that you know about resistance and dmg reduction certs/gears). I feel like u dont even try pvp in party here, because after the rework u can play almost every class successfully. Remember every class have a counter, just learn about it °. °
  3. Mark, Aloha and Dalamura best friends °.°
  4. you dont even have DS gears yet t
  5. Crimson Moonflower Wings Starry Moonflower Wings ✔️09/12/19
  6. Magic Alice pet Robust Alice pet ✔️08/22/19
  7. Angel Wing Rapier (Legendary) Box 02/21/19
  8. Thats sound like u're living under a rock since the past week o_o garden can bring 20 ppl in weekends JUST to 1st GvG and of course most of them are ungeared people because they dont have time... during week they have 7 people in their best time, now just 3 at most lol last 2 weeks we was making pt just with Kuhaku but last 3-4 tw in all our side we can make just 1 pt with Kiana and Kuhaku o_o u can ask KingHealer, Mikitotefu, Remember or any Kiana member.. our sunday pt :'D we even have a DC channel whit those guilds because we cant make a full pt just with garden or just with kuhaku '-'. I know you want pvp so u join the actual best PvP guild just to say in peer "lf pvp im paying 1k if u can kill me" instead of join another guild and try to improve them if u're saying that some people just want a easy win thats exaclty what u did LOL. I played in MT before, for months.. and PvP there stopped being fun since YF and Celestial died, now there is not a PvP guild geared like them. Ive been in both sides and trust me i rather keep loosing and trying to help the new players to gear in the faster way possible instead of just pretend to be OP staying in the most geared guild. thats the current situation in pvp.. isnt like the first 3 days.. Atte. Ro.
  9. Actually isnt 3 guilds with 1 party each, we make 1 pt with those 3 guilds x'D but thats not a thing that a GM can solve tbh server is dying due to the high level cap, people dont have time to level up and the new map never come, the holidays ends now so even if we get a new run map now, people will not have time to level up. So let the server finally die \o/
  10. Snowflake Face Paint (Legendary) Altar 01/31/19 Strawberry Alpaca Popsicle (Legendary) OuO Altar 01/31/19