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  1. IGN: Crush Mysterious Garb (Prime)
  2. Adding a kill limit: i dont think is a good idea because some players with no gears join to farm medals and they can end up feeding kills making their team loose. Adding a life system: I like this one it can make the rounds faster, although runners or invisible people afk will still be a problem.
  3. Magic Snow Bell Lele - Robust Snow Bell Lele ✔️06/18/20 Magic Summer Queen Lenna - Robust Summer Queen Lenna ✔️07/09/20
  4. Cherry Blossom Dagger ✔️02/15/20
  5. Revered Commander - Kitami General ✔️07/16/20 Plague Mask ✔️01/31/20 Royal Kitty Hat ✔️08/13/20 Chaotic Holy Wings ✔️04/23/20 Chic Kitty Claws ✔️07/30/20
  6. Crimson Moonflower Wings Starry Moonflower Wings ✔️09/12/19
  7. Magic Alice pet Robust Alice pet ✔️08/22/19
  8. Angel Wing Rapier (Legendary) Box 02/21/19
  9. Snowflake Face Paint (Legendary) Altar 01/31/19 Strawberry Alpaca Popsicle (Legendary) OuO Altar 01/31/19
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