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  1. Adding a kill limit: i dont think is a good idea because some players with no gears join to farm medals and they can end up feeding kills making their team loose. Adding a life system: I like this one it can make the rounds faster, although runners or invisible people afk will still be a problem.
  2. Magic Snow Bell Lele - Robust Snow Bell Lele ✔️06/18/20 Magic Summer Queen Lenna - Robust Summer Queen Lenna ✔️07/09/20
  3. Cherry Blossom Dagger ✔️02/15/20
  4. Sakura's Fans ✔️02/06/20
  5. Revered Commander - Kitami General ✔️07/16/20 Plague Mask ✔️01/31/20 Royal Kitty Hat ✔️08/13/20 Chaotic Holy Wings ✔️04/23/20 Chic Kitty Claws ✔️07/30/20
  6. Broken classes will exist anywhere buddy, I'm saying the old ones don't even compare to these today. these awakening classes are extremely broken and you know it. As an usual PvP player i can tell you, the only broken classes in this server was DE and Ca with elemental dmg build, both nerfed now, the thing is in this game u need a good party setup. Is someone hitting you hard? then u can put shielder, gk, paladin, elegant dancer, adj or any class to bring you more reduction (assuming that you know about resistance and dmg reduction certs/gears). I feel like u dont even try pvp in party here, because after the rework u can play almost every class successfully. Remember every class have a counter, just learn about it °. °
  7. Mark, Aloha and Dalamura best friends °.°
  8. you dont even have DS gears yet t
  9. Crimson Moonflower Wings Starry Moonflower Wings ✔️09/12/19
  10. Magic Alice pet Robust Alice pet ✔️08/22/19
  11. Angel Wing Rapier (Legendary) Box 02/21/19