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  1. Commander Name : Bronnies Gender : Male Nationality : Indonesia(GMT +7) Faction : Royal Guard Arkana : ShivaVauziah(DE) Hello,everyone,pardon my bad english,it's been a while since i use english for conversation,i'm new in SB,i chose defender arkana because i usually play as tanker in other MMORPG It's my first time playing MMORPG like SB,i'm not talking about the sexy arkana,it's about the game system,when in most MMO,we are sort of...ENTER the GAME WORLD,while in this game,we stay as our self,sitting in a comfort chair in front of PC,controlling our chosen arkana to do the hard work for us(ignore this if u skip all the quest dialogue) Thank you for whoever brought this game here(i heard the original SB got shutdown) i hope i can see and play more Breaking the 4th wall game like SB