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  1. The perfect solutuion move smog to mereholt in winters ash someplace by the narak infant or by the gate, problem solved for everybody. Including the sb staff for finally putting to bed this cry cry cry n issue to never have to listen or deal with it again. thx cro
  2. Hi Hi Cro here and i know this is a taboo topic ( level 29 ) but with all the recent activity this will be beneficial for both sides. Im sure im not the only cg toon that has out grown bitterstone core. Having 2 people help de exp me so i can lose 40% exp in less than 2 hours is getting pretty much like ( well now that rg have over run amara time for ol faithful to keep me entertained and interested in the game. But whats the point if i do 5 to 10 minutes worth of pvp or quests and then have to spend 2 hrs dexpn. Honestly i have to use a skill reset and reset all my skills back to zero to de exp and thats still an easy hour to lose 40 % exp. But all is not lost with a simple change of allowing enterance into sf, ss, or at would change all that in a heartbeat. Thx Cro
  3. While we wait can we get the drop rate of the smog pet skin which was added i swear a year ago changed from .000000000000000000001% to maybe a 5% chance now. Thx Cro
  5. cant move the unit over to my cg toon it would be nice if i could receive a tradeable unit in its place thx
  6. o ya and Fifthly heheheh the locked level 27 uni lingerie from lucky boxes a couple of weeks ago i received the blue bell one i think thats what its name was and its on my 65 toon and come from lucky boxes locked but nt and i caN
  7. require me to gain rps using a 65 toon on a level 40 guard. And lastly awww i forgot what it was will it will hit me and i will repost Well thx for chat Cro
  8. Hi Hi First off i would like to sing the praises of accomplishments acheived by the vgn team involving the continuation and new featurers of a game that has forgotten to lay down and die like the other games of its time. Its like the Donkey Kong arcade game i have downstairs an antique but always good for some fun. . Cro here and Im assuming all are busy working on the final patch for this game(66-70 maybe)But i have a few simple ideas that will bring interest back to the game along with people. These ideas could be implemented into the game in less than a day. First off how bought a simple and easy color change on the rapids. Hows bout a white rapid or pink rapid or even a lime green one ( ya im sure thats push n it). Easy, done in a few mins and look at the much needed loot you would also rake in at the lucky boxes. Bonus 2 fer on that one. Secondly its time to concede the point that in this particular low point of sbv any action in any zone im sure is a much wanted battle. So make cg equal with the other pvp zones easy to open up blood soul in cg and let the guards in cg give rps so we can rp there as well and another bonus maybe if ur lucky we will accidentally level up our cg toons like u have always wanted while indulging in rank point acquiring. Thirdly remove the restrictions of required level to enter, if u got a bad ass toon and wanna try it out on some vile toons or maybe a killer nemisis toon thats itch n to sink its teeth into a ellis player or even an amara toon hehehehe go for it big dog. There should be nothing stopping ya if lowbies wanna dive into the shark infested waters and prove themselves hehehe may i get u a life raft just in case. Fourthly im sure u all have toons that u power leveled and have been unable to go back and complete quests to finish off that last of the feats cause in the past vgn was so worried about rank points and ppl cheating to be above the pack in there rank. Will nowdays nobody cares what rank u are if u wanted a high rank u should have it by now and if u didnt u didnt. So how bout removing the hex that has been placed on the guards in nem v2 and let them drop 1 rank point helll i dont care let them take 500 rps from me for every death they take. I just want to complete all my quests to complete my feats list but im unable to cause i need to kill guards in nem v2 for like 10 quests but im blocked from the quests working cause for it to work it would req
  9. Dark Recon and Red Glory mystery box for one of this weeks mystery boxes plz. Thx Cro
  10. IGNS: RavenWilde Zen MeowMeows Prince Wish: Dark Recon Plz
  11. Can you rework the stats for the unique lingerie for the defender. I dont no why the stats were chosen for each class and im not going to comment on the toon that won the lottery on stats for there lingerie so im going to break it down in a very simple way. So simple in fact that i think nobody looked at it this way and would instantly see why im complaining and the need to make it fair. Disregarding what the actual stat for each of the 4 different unique lingerie is lets look at them as possible attack buff or defense buff. For this case we will be disregarding the 2 common stats all classes and all lingerie share and that would be the 800 hp and the 700 sp. We will simply be focusing on the other 2 stats (ch res ones we will be considering all 5 ch res as one I.e.(particle, voltage, gravity, atomic and plasma) and will be considered a defensive buff. Also if the lingerie has an added hp buff, move speed buff or dot reduction buff all those buffs will be considered a defensive buff. Whipper 3 attacks 1 defense 0-2, 2-0, 1-1, 1-1 This means out of the 4 lingerie ( Cabaret Maid, Cybertronic, kiss of the spider queen and tears of the spider queen unless ur a cb and those would be Carnival undies, full body undies, henna art undies and neon art undies.) 3 attacks means 3 out of the 4 lingerie offer stats that have attack buffs and 1 has defense buffs the numbers at the end specify how many attack and how many defense buffs in each unique lingerie Starting with Cabaret Maid Cybertronic Kiss of the spider queen tears of the spider queen o attk 2 def 2 attk 0 def 1 attk 1 def 1 attk 1 def and just to spell it out completely on this first one Wh Maid Cybertronic kiss tears Void Crit void crit rate crt attk acc ch res ch acc move sp Se 2 attacks 2 defense 1-1, 0-2, 0-2, 2-0 Me 1 attack 3 defense 0- 2, 0-2, 0-2, 2-0 Pu 2 attack 2 defense 0-2, 0-2, 1-1, 1-1 Cb 2 attack 2 defense 1-1, 0-2, 1-1, 0-2 De 0 attack 4 defense 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2 Sw 0 attack 4 defense 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2 So as you can plainly see now, why was 1 tank class and 1 dps class toon given only defensive buffs from the 65 uni lingerie. Whipper is considered a tank class toon but yet it gets 3 different attack type ling and one of the most dps class the se gets 2 attack type ling and one of them is a double attack type like ( wtf) Only the wh, me and se get the double attack ling going back to normal logic a healer class would want more def type ling but yet there given at least 1 attack type ling and its a double attack one. The pu and the cb get a quality mix of at+tack and defensive buffs but the sw and the de get no chance for a little more dps. I cant speak for the sw class but im pretty sure they wouldnt mind having 1 or 2 attack type ling as for the the de its the only one that has plenty of def as it is already and more dps would help more than def. So since the designer lingerie was made to make things fair and even out the classes i see a very quick and apologetic response from whoever opened up this can of worms and quickly correcting this debacle by giving the de and the sw the same opportunities the other classes were given, there choice to buff there attack powers or buff there defensive powers
  12. Very nice valeria24 its my pleasure to meet you and thx for including me in the video Im Zen
  13. Hi Hi Cro again and if u made it thru my horrible first post maybe u can make it thru a 2nd one im just gonna touch on the newbies cause i wanna get thru this but yes they need a generous gear package to start and possibly an option for starting at level 60 if they so choose including all skill points from questing in lower levels since its so empty everybody knows how hard it is to farm solo from 60-65 so if they stick thru that and find some help from time to time they really wanna play and in my book proven they wanna stay and play ok now finally my ideas for more fun and yes u can say dam it cro its bout time u get to the point hehehe sorry 1) The were this new patch should be Suggestions for cg or ellis for the new patch are interesting ideas and sound fun but im sure most of us would love to see new ground Xanfire (if u rem him from rg side) once told me that he played that game were suer and dragon valley came from and said it was a pretty neat game and with the many portals to other worlds and unfinished dungeons thru out those maps it would be interesting to move the upper levels to all new ground and in these new grounds maybe u could incorporate quests like destroy the tanks or research facility or destroy and or escorts from both cg and ellis maps as well but the most important thing is the map needs to be SMALL 2)PvP Here is were we really need to do something totally different I mean its been what 10 plus years we have been fighting over the same old things it really needs to change first off we need to move the reason for pvp away from bosses and over to a small section of the pvp map to certain set of mobs that spawn 24/7 and u rem the everlasting pen dont u were in these mobs it will drop 1 piece of the puzzle for making ur new 69 helm or 67 bangle there for it doesnt matter what time in the world u play when ur on u will always have a chance for that piece of the puzzle this will be quick fast action pvp were people wont get board and switch sides just to get pvp over so they can loot they will be able to loot while pvp is ongoing because the mobs will die with peoples aoe and ur happy little pet can be running around collecting the 1 PIECE OF THE PUZZLE and just like the everlasting pen quest pow u now have a piece of the puzzle Oh and u say we gotta have bosses fine put in some bosses and have them drop a piece of the puzzle as well but as you have all watched thru time people really dont want pvp that lasts long and then have to do bosses as well the main reasons are time, looting skills suck and especially now since actual population is at an all time low people just dont want to spend an hr or so fighting over bosses then to actually do the bosses only(provided you even have a medic in your time to get u thru) to see all your time wasted because u missed grabbing a decent piece of loot not to mention rg own 12 hrs of the pvp zone and then the fk own the other 12 hrs of the pvp map so fighting over bosses has always been a waste of time 2nd piece of the puzzle can be gained from running dailys and completing quests and rem how we used to level up when we reached that point when we had no more quests for that level we farmed dungeons or just ran around in circles till we leveled up all mobs from a non pvp zone will drop the second piece of the puzzle along with passcards for the new dungeon cause trust me u are going to want to farm as many puzzles pieces as u can 3rd and 4th piece of the puzzles shall be gotten from dungeon runs solo dungeon runs only Mobs in the dungeon drop the 3rd piece of the puzzle while bosses drop the 4th piece this way sw cant fade the mobs u will be required to do the work another reason for solo runs is so u cant dual log and make a party with yourself BUT IM A MEDIC YOU SAY I HAVE NO ATTACK SKILLS thats fine and dandy we all have a stack of skill resets use one before the dungeon become a battle medic and breeze on thru the dungeon for the dung shall drop skill resets for the few that dont have a 255 stack of em O u say ur a Newbie and cant survive thats fine u can survive long enough in the dungeon to get to the first boss and the first boss shall be easy to defeat there 4 granting ur 4th piece of the puzzle but danger will robinson toughness levels will increase with each boss along with the mobs The dungeon This dungeon needs to be short and sweet unlike AT more like hidden ship or the dung from halloween with senora in the pond at the end also the option to bypass the 1st and 2nd boss if u wish to skip thoses chances for a few more 4th puzzle pieces but the mobs will still follow minus the bosses so if u think ur tough enough skipping is an option but fair warning good luck with that heeheheheh for death will be swift and respawn will be imminent but i think we would all love a new dung im sure there is many hiding in ur arsenal of files The Reward Now yeah ive finally got all my 4 pieces of the puzzle well whats my prize u say hehehe ur name is now Yu-gi-oh and u have the pharaohs knecklace around ur neck No silly u get to go see pamela the synthesis tech The Hook Lets talk about the one and only thing in this game that has had a single reason to always have the most peoples participation and that is if you said Al Kasava and wings you are correct The wings in ak is the single most massive hook in this game and all want wingys and it consistently keeps u coming back for more well with my idea once u step up to pamela is my hook for u need all 4 pieces of the puzzle to make your gear u sit there weak n the knees while pamela synthesizes ur piece of gear for u have no idea if it will be a helm or a bangle and pow she is done and u say f@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@k rare wtf really a rare bangle for a se nt, cant be kiloed and then u say dam it man back to the salvage girl Audrey where she will gladly take ur unusable bangle since ur a pu for example and giving u half of the needed puzzle pieces once she breaks it down so hopefully u farmed enough puzzle pieces to go back and try again for pamela has the capabilities of dropping a uni just the hook to keep u coming back for more along with everybody else is nt but in this world uni s should be likke there were back in the day not like they are now like candy they need to be something like back in asb days if u got a uni drop from sf for gloves for example that was a major accomplishment in this world uni is so hard to get if pamela does give u a rare pu bangle for ex that u can use the stats will be better than ur kappa gear and u will want to use it for getting a uni from pamela will be hard and the only way to get uni s for this system is the fairest it can possibly ever be for its based on u and ur desire to finish ur gear in unis and not because of luck or ur keen looting skills so if u have the level and the 4 pieces pamela has the possiblility of droping u a rare or uni bangle or helm for ur class but they will be nt tradeable shall be permitted only if gloria consignment is killed or is split so if u sell something on the fk side only the fk side can see it or if u sell something on the rg side only rg can see it but rem just cause u get a uni with ur class there is theta epsilon lota and eta so u might just get a uni pu theta bangle heehheheheh dam it man back to the drawing board Rings and Necklaces these shall drop from dung bosses, pvp mobs, non pvp zone mobs in all styles (killer, wizard and so on) and mostly rare but on that extremely rare blue moon u just might get a random tradeable uni neck or ring Smog shall also be able to drop rare necks and rings along with an extremely rare chance to get a uni as well but y make the necks and rings tradeable u say and not the helms or bangles for the final hook i say Ak and Nb During Ak and Nb the bosses shall have an extremely rare i mean even more rare then a uni drop from the final boss in the dung run or even rarer than it is to get a smog pet skin drop heheheheh but during these 2 battlegrounds urka or abba shall be all to drop the tool u need to see Doreen and amplify 1 ring or neck by adding extra stats for certain amount of time say 3 days for example give u 4 extra random stats on a ring or neck and making it nt for the duration of the added stats these ideas keep the people playing and always trying to make there gear better instead of doing what weve been doing for the last decade getting the uni drop from bosses and then let quiting till something new comes out
  14. Hi Hi Cro here and first of all i would like to thx the people that cared enough to respond to this chance to give their input into the possible development of (building better worlds) heheh ya this long novel is going to be full of cheesy one liners and great movie quotes (cause hope is a good thing, sometimes the best of things and i will be hoping this letter finds you and finds u well)and shameless plugs heheh so lets get into it But sadly now its time to bring the cold hard harsh untainted view of sbv through the eyes of a Cro so lets take a trip down memory lane at the time of writing this feedback there is 3 fk online and 3 rg online that i can tell at this time actually doing things in the game zero fk and rg in amara and all 5 bosses including mini s are still standing So lets start that walk down memory lane shall we first off it pains me to say it but the days of legendary pvp and guilds like Pure, United Era and Clear(hehe shameless plug remember) are done and gone, when top of the hour battlegrounds nb, and ak were cutting players out due to capacity limits, and vile and nemisis was 24/7 pvp hell i passed out one time from 2 days straight of pvp in vile and my guildies protected my ass from major rp loss for 8 straight hours but just because that pvp is gone doesnt mean this game is dead so lets see if your insanity can be cured CUTTING THROUGH THE BS PvP we need more, we need better drops, we need more bosses, we need we need we need ............. hmmmm lets take a look at past history on that one in a few moments for you know the old saying but im gonna say it anyway people who forget the past are doomed to repeat it ok boys and girls if u have gotten this far maybe your willing to come a little further if not then its choose your own adventure time and your story ends here return to dragon valley await the new patch run around in circles on the hillside for days straight achieve the new max level for you are now done and there is nothing left to do but fade away but if you wish to take the blue pill then lets dive head first into that rabbit hole for you are brave one grasshopper HISTORY Welcome students to Mr Cro s History class 101 and for todays lessen we will be talking about the level cap 60 - 65 with a main focus area of level 60 uni gear and 65 lingerie we will briefly touch on the 60-65 crafting was an ok idea fair the players choice of what they wanted to use but what the creators failed to see was how easy it was to get the medals of recognition thru gloria by flat out purchase of the medals and or the purchase of the pvp gear from gloria and then salvage that gear get the 10 or 20 medals rinse and repeat till u had all u needed to go a crafting there for defeating the whole idea of u must pvp to get the crafting tools needed to craft that gear i will give credit to the creators of this era of the game for liveplex themselves did away with that many options on gear after 29 for it is my opinion that the only true unique gear in this game is not unique at all but rare and only available in the caergate cap for it is this gear that is truly customizable and giving the player the true ability's to have a 1 of a kind weapon and or gear and not the cookie cutter gear we have now The 65 ling and uni 60 costume drops was a simply a shit show over run with faction hoppers and looters not to mention the loss of trust by the community toward the creators who decided it was in the games best interest to change peoples stats, skill trees and then when they show us the excel sheets of what they did and im not going to mention class but u can look it up in forums but it was so funny when the creators said buffed and other things heehehehehheehhe wow OTHER THINGS us lowly pheasants dont deserve to know, the all mighty creators know whats best for how we should be playing our toons, without the the complete approval of the community on modifying of any gear stats, mech stats and accessory stats this should have never been allowed and then designer stats for the ling which traditionally all ling was same stats for all classes and change requirement levels like uni bandaid was 1 but is now 60 silence skill stone was level 30 but is now 50 and that is probably just the tip of the iceberg since there is now zero transparency recap of this history lesson 1) Gloria Consignment needs to be removed from all levels and completely discontinued for without her impossible for looters to move gear and or items from one side to the other there for requiring ppl to stay in game and shout out or use word of mouth to sell things this doesn't effect any ap purchases since we all no ap can be gotten from rg or fk heheeh just be careful when u grab from ap list u are logged onto the right faction if gloria is gone 2) There should be zero rewards for pvp isnt pvp the reward itself?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????PvP is horribly flawed for the weak are meat and the strong shall eat and what the creators forgot to see is 10vs10 is that fair pvp ?? If u said yes it is your destiny to go take the red pill and go run around in circles in dv till ur max level and then fade away. the only way to have true fair pvp is 1 me cb wh de se pu vs the same and those players must all have same max pet r2 pet chips full uni level 2 jewels max randoms so forth and so on u get the point PvP IS NOT SUSTAINABLE ITS KILLED THIS GAME ONCE AND ITS JUST ABOUT TO KILL IT A 2ND TIME PvP should be used as a desert not a main course, Player base is at an all time low bosses in amara have dust bunnies growing on them and there is very little to no pvp in that zone anymore if ur lucky for that top of the bg hour u might get to see 1vs1 does that sound like we should rely on the ol pvp trick to save the game again did it work for the 60-65 patch short term sure but the minute all got there gear all done shows what everybody really thinks about pvp by the dust bunnies heheh no lets go with dust kitties all over the amara bosses at this time but i think ive found away to force pvp without causing any one to gain by looting and i will summarize at the end of this novel 3) and as far as the final issue goes in this history recap i dont no if the trust can be returned to these current creators ok students thats a end to this history lesson thx for coming see u in the next class NEWBIES Sadly the only new player is an old player acting like they are new and for the very few that are new here is their harsh reality there is very few senior players anymore willing to help these people understand do what they need to do get there gear better because they all always tell me and to quote a famous tv commercial i cant get a job because i dont have any skills i dont have any skill because i cant get a job heheh aka i cant ups my gear cause i dont have gold i dont have gold cause i cant farm cause my gear sucks these poor ppl are stuck in a world devoid of ppl there level and skill level and are lost and or stuck due to zero player base syndrome again i talked about all this along time ago about the food chain its severely broken now and I'm of the opinion that the 69 cap should be suspended and replaced with a 29 patch of more bosses blood soul for 29 should be opened and all senior players should put away there upper 65 toons and only play 29 cap to show any new players the ropes give them support make them feel welcome and especially that there not alone but talking about the newbies plight has made me emotional now and im sad and dont wish to continue with this post at this time
  15. I wish u would move 2 of my rg toons to fk Espada pu level 59 rg to fk (Birthday wish) MrX cb level 55 rg to fk (Christmas wish) Thx Cro
  16. very nice Filo need a min to wipe the tears out of my eyes another person sticking up for the lower levels And the most important and main reasons why my toons are not in baby bunker cause there is nothing there of value to help other players out thats the main reason y i play all levels to be able with items ap answers and just companionship in zones that are for the most part void of all real people cause there is zero things of value even rank point farming in vile is extremely taxing on the exp with on my cb toon 25k rp = 25% exp soloing asmo almost knocked my cb out of vile with the death of many of the guards that spawn at asmo s lower hp ranges and asmos eventual death i acquired 38 % exp on that boss alone with his little minions but it would be nice to see in addition to filo s suggestions for items to drop from baby bunker bosses delta unique earrings permanent unique delta rings and delta unique lingerie unique delta cyberskins and zeta cyberskins Cro
  17. Hi Hi all Cro here requesting a full on bike bonanza for lucky boxes this week All the classics rapid, magnum, foxfire, metallic phoenix, all the large butt bikes like the glory's, royal carriers gilded webs, nighthawks, sleipnirs, spaceships and valkyries and all the wonderful versions in between. Heheheh plus whatever ive forgotten or have never seen yet Thx Cro
  18. Not a problem Vivi thx for the info and well noted as well. Thx Cro
  19. This weeks Christmas wish list Midnight Diva (Many requests) Arkana Cyber Suit Black Kitty Lingerie and White Kitty Lingerie All the Halloween Masks (Esp the skeleton Mask many many and many more requests for this mask) Bunny Waitress pet skin (many requests for this all the lower level uni lingerie ( Gamma Delta Zeta ) Thx Cro
  20. Hi HI For all world bosses from cg to ellis the amount of time allotted for the retrieval of loot items is not long enough. This window of opportunity appears to be adjustable since im always driving by unwanted loot left bobbing up and down on the floor from previous rooms already conquered in TT dungeon. So can we increase the amount of time to say 3 minutes or 5 minutes of availability for all world bosses from cg to dragon valley and all other bosses in between? Thx Cro
  21. dam pictures are gone again o well i give up maybe you saw them but anyways the list again m8 rifle girl weapon skin big bertha weapon skin foxfire cruiser pink sleipnir thx Cro
  22. if this works this time these are items i would like to see in next weeks lucky boxes along with the foxfire cruiser the two pu weapon skins above rifle girl and big bertha thx Cro
  23. as you can see the two weapon skins are Big Bertha and the m8 rifle girl but i saw in game a week ago there is a new modern version machine gun skin that is in game but sadly i have no ss or name totally slipped my mind. I thought it was the Elderwood skins but that was wrong, so if you could put mystery boxes for the two skins shown above, the mystery new version machine gun, foxfire, rapid, magnum, Valkyrie or rapids with new colors would be great thx Cro
  24. sorry for the last minute entry but all colors of the virgin killer for medic outfit plz thx Cro
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