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    Recent Altars

    Thats a REAL dangerous line of thought you've got going on there, whatever the context is, thats right up there with "guilty until proven innocent" in terms of how slippery that slope gets.
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    Make the 100% win in Mystery Boxes Chooseable

    If everyone did that no one would get it because they'd be waiting for someone else to get it.
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    Dyeing Costumes Suggestion

    Requires the source code, will never happen.
  4. default

    AFK Gold Generation

    This is what your argument boils down to. It pets weren't meant to be used for afk farming, they wouldn't be able to be used in that manner, deal with it. You're not not because they're getting gold while being afk, you're mad that you choose to grind for it in dungeons while others prefer just letting the game play itself, and you think its the wrong way to play, despite it being a completely legitimate strategy for making money. Next you'll probably complain about resellers buying things for cheap and selling then for profit, because "its not the way the game was meant to be played", because thats exactly how you come off as a person, whether you intend it or not.
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    AFK Gold Generation

    All I see here is a lot of whining about non-issues, mmos die all the time, you can hate it and cry and throw a tantrum all you want but the fact that EE has been alive for, what, 8 years? Thats like 120 Years in human time, the fact that its still around at all is a miracle, and apparently its already on its last legs. Lazy gonna lazy, there is nothing that will ever change that, remove the ability to afk gold farm completely? People wont just spontaneously start actively farming gold, they do the next thing up from afk farming, which is more afk farming somewhere else, and they'll keep doing it until its impossible to afk farm at all, at which point they'll just stop playing, which will cause people to whine that arena/mba/gvg/tw/flavor-of-the-month is dead, causing people to want better rewards to be a bigger incentive for players to do, so players will afk in those to farm incentives, which causes people to call for afkers to be banned, and so on. The games already spiraling down the toilet, and sure, you can expect some kind of bump in userbase once aeria dies, but it'll only last so long before its right back to where it is now, people whining about things and wanting change when the proposed change would do more harm than good. Just looking through it all says to me "i'm mad because other people dont play the game the way I do, ban them!" Which is just plain stupid.
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    Basic Eden Eternal Starter Guide

    Alternatively, you can use this spreadsheet which has everything you should need to know.
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    Penetration Damage

    Aura kingdom has a system in place for higher levels dungeons and bossed where the bosses have a flat damage reduction effect on them, causing players to do 0 damage without having specific types of weapons that penetrate through that shielding. Is that something that can be added to this server in some fashion? It would just straight up shut down burst dps and actually require new weapons or gear to actually do ANY damage. Because personally i'd like some form of content that cant be be brute forced with gear people already have. It would also mean less artificial difficulty, in terms of bosses just having bloated hp pools, which is bad game design in basically every videogame. Alice in the lv65 trials did difficulty in a better way than just making hp pools huge, by shutting down an entire attacking type, which i'd rather have on bosses than just sitting there for ten minutes pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 over and over again
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    [Preview] Patch v29 Information

    Now that I take a longer look, I believe I recognize that dungeon just based on those two pictures, and I fucking hate that dungeons layout, its cancer, its almost as bad as that dungeon in viroona next to the ocean. But that could just be hate talking from back when I had to run that dungeon all day every day.
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    [Preview] Patch v29 Information

    I wouldn't really call the TK trials hard back then, it was largely just a matter of understanding what needs to be done, like everything else, just a matter of paying attention to everything thats being said on both npc's and on boss skills, as opposed to just rushing in guns blazing and wiping.
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    How's the server population doing?

    The population is okay at best, you'll never see a server channel thats yellow, only a handful of guilds that have a presence anywhere, majority of the server is on north americas awake time, and peer parties are mostly dead outside of expeditions. If you start playing, join a guild that has plenty of members that are online throughout the time frame you plan on playing or you'll be stuck with no one to talk to.
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    When is maint?

    Been waiting all day for it and it never happened.
  12. default

    When is maint?

    Can you clue me in to why you cant do it?
  13. The ones I know of are elite monster grinding, dailies, dungeons with class drops, DoD,but what else? I've got roughly 58,000 CCM left to grind, and the monotony of running the same dungeons ten times a day in very specific ways or going afk while im at work or asleep is killing the entertainment value of the game at a pretty rapid pace, surely theres more than just a few ways of ccm grinding that are actually worth the time spent, right?
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    Recommended Hardware?

    As jordan has pointed out many times before, why isnt there simply a list of the recommended hardware and software to run EE as close to perfect as possible? I know a fair amount of people would be willing to dump some money into building a machine that specifically runs EE, or at the least buy a specific graphics card to reduce the amount of dumb crashes. A general lsit of the best hardware or software to use wouldnt really go amiss being added to an already existing sticky or something, along with maybe an explanation of why the otherwise outdated cards are the best for the game, because some people want the "why" more than the "what".
  15. default

    Wrong animations on costumes?

    I'm bothered greatly by the fact that I cant tell what animation some weapons are going to use without buying them, and just recently I bought a pike costume weapon, assumed it would use the pike animations, spent a pretty penny on it because it said "pike", went and tried it out, realize it was,a gain, NOT a pike, much like the Thunder Halberd, but instead an axe animation. Is this something that can be fixed or am I SOL?
  16. Since ive been back I havent seen any altars beyond the typical everyday altar, why is that? There are a lot of types of special altars that could be done you know? Dye altar running all the starlight dyes, decolorizers, maybe some costume items that have to deal with painting or art, or even just regular dyes so that people can get their style on with easily available dyes. Partial enchant altar running partial encahnt boxes and absee enchants, maybe warstones, things that get more people hyped to do their enchant acheivments since its the single most boring acheivment to get done. Pet skill altar so that people can have an easier time finding skills they want for their pets without exclusively relying on a rare drop from the books that are already on the altar, maybe even adding pet accessories, or really anything related to pets in general. Cant really think of anything else. And to be quite frank, I 100% expect the enchant altar to be a hard "no" despite enchants having no reason to be done other than getting the legendary achievement done, there is absolutely no reason to ever bother with them for any reason other than that, the reward for doing enchantments alone is nowhere near worth the effort required to get it, +2% double hit? For the single most aggravating and time consuming achievement that is 100% RNG based in the game? Oh come on, everything else is worth doing, weapons give a bonus to attack, farming, mining, and summoning give core stats, necklaces give attack and cast speed, gems with move speed, rings give crit dmg, rare enemies give exp (even if its defunct), capes give parry, and those are all fairly easy to get done, but enchants? that takes both time AND luck, and the reward for finishing them is something youll never notice without it being pointed out somehow.
  17. Everyone uses guardians because resistance is a huge deal right? No one cares about sniper, attack, healer, etc right? What if those unused enchants, you know, had resistances on them? Sniper, Healer, Magic Weaver, Attacker could simply have some resistances added to them, and people would be more likely to use them. Give them 2-3 resistances at a higher % than guardians,and the increase in those specific resistances would offset the loss of other resistances. Doing something like this stops guardians from being the end all be all, while giving the others their shot at the limelight. Say magic weaver gives +16% fire and ice res. Suddenly those two resistances become much more manageable, while leaving you blatantly open to other forms or damage by losing 10% res in everything else. 2-3 resistances get a mighty boost, while everything else doesn't, people could specialize their trophies for certain situations instead of just throwing guardians on everything. What could possibly go wrong? Clearly resistance is the major player in the metagame, just add resistances to other trophy enchants and let guardians stay the way they are.
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    Betrayal with the altar

    I took a look at th e altar and feel conflictingly betrayed, one of the things I was looking for is there, and it seems plain as day that whoever designed this altar didnt look at the picture I posted so much as just reading the text and winging it. Like asking for a Diet Coke and getting a Fresca. At least the doll is there.
  19. default

    Betrayal with the altar

    It's hard not making assumptions when you request something very specific as an item, and then see what you think it is you requested, and then hover over to see that its in fact not what you requested at all, along with the tertiary item being same color and stats but different visuals entirely, it's hard to not feel like it was done on purpose, especially after taking a few days to wait and see if the altar was going to have what I asked for, feels straight up like a bait-n-switch when I dont have an item encyclopedia in front of me that tells me what items are and arent in the game. Also this. Same visuals, same stats, different names, two different slots in the archive. Why?
  20. default

    Betrayal with the altar

    You're taking it the wrong way. I know multiple pets aren't put on the altar, im saying im glad one of the ones I was looking for is instead of being skipped over or otherwise ignored and passed over. However, given that I requested a gift box of star stones of the type I was looking for and saw a gift box, but not of what I was looking for, left a very sour taste in my mouth, like being a kid and seeing a car shaped present in the driveway, and unwrapping it to see a tandem bicycle instead of a car. Theres no reason to be so agressive, I didn't know not all stones had gift box versions, I made an assumption based off what I saw in the past, Vivi pointed out there is no gift box version, and I learned that only a few stones have the box option. Even specifically asked for a gift box version so I wouldnt feel as greedy for asking for very specific stone when there are multiple colors available, knowing that not everyone wants just one stone type per altar.
  21. default

    Betrayal with the altar

    I can understand the gift box part, which is also why I added the picture of the stones I was looking for, in case there was some confusion, my mistake for assuming you would know, i'll be more clear on what I want next time I suppose, since its not the stats im looking for but the visuals to matchup with my avatars theme. But thank you for putting Palom up, I appreciate it, it removes one pet from my wish list.
  22. Probably my second biggest problem with DE is that it seems like every other class has something to incapacitate an enemy or some form of excellent sustain, DE has neither.GM has an aoe stun while having sky high dps, Berserker has the best sustain in the game, butwhat to other classes like either Awakened Hunter, Rakshasa, Demon Summoner, etc have? De has it great compared to those classes, and I bring them up because i have never seen anyone ever play them beyond class level grinding.DE can pack a punch on its own, sure, but at best its a mid tier class. It requires a great amount of babying to really shine, but at least it has a chance.
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    Are Auto-Clickers illegal?

    Its not about speed, its about not breaking your mouse via spam clicking.
  24. A lot of classes are left mostly un-used because they lack a self heal, making them generally worse than other classes because they dont have the sustain that other classes have. When I go DE I have to actively monitor my hp and mp and carefully manage it so that I dont screw myself over, or I can just go warrior, use auto attack heal, and then go afk and not worry about dying at all, or if I felt like actually playing, keep auto attack heal on and just button mash to basically automatically out dps everything thats not triple hitting with magic (except DE because doesnt do damage unless going fire mage), and still not worry about dying outside of maybe being stunned or reflected too hard, because zerker can simply avoid dying by mixing self heals with massive self bonus attack power + active heals. I guess this also relates to what I said above. The fact that theres some kind of regen is nice, I guess, but its almost as if its pointless and just adding more numbers to the screen. WHICH brings me to another issue, Ive got a nice sturdy computer built, havent foudn a single game I cant run on max settings, however when I run DoS with celestial arrow, i have to slow my runs down because if I dont, my client will outright crash because it cant keep up with all the constantly fluctuating numbers on the screen. Would it be possible to add an option to hide damage bubbles caused by your own damage instead of other players damage?