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  1. sometimes coming back from DV into suer cause a bug where you cannot right click, click a npc or player to open the right click menu or the npc menu and prevents being able to press enter to chat.
  2. KingGosuto


    he quit... as i've been seeing many others do more lately.. 😞
  3. After a hour of fighting to be in with everyone, the restart fixed it. Go figure, close the thread plz.
  4. So i was in NB not to long ago, finished, got out then was about to warp to mereholt. After i started the warp the game crashed as expected after NB and next thing i know i cannot get in, tried various fixes from around the forum, compatibility mode for w7 always had admin on, disabled full screen optimizations and everything i could think of. I login and the launcher says successful, hit play and nothing happens, no xigncode, i don't even see anything related pop up in my task manager. Going to do another restart and hope it will somehow miraculously fix it.
  5. KingGosuto


    i see no reason to shame me for not supposedly "contributing to servers income" that's pretty much bashing all free to play players, i've spent well over 200 of money i don't have due to the times and being jobless to the server. not sure how that's relevant to the idea of adding codes in the first place. regardless of that rude comment, i appreciate the rest of the info you shared. thank you.
  6. KingGosuto


    Fixed it since permanent codes are completely denounced.
  7. KingGosuto


    I'd like to suggest as so many have before to add warehouse and backpack codes to dungeons, when players codes run out they get highly demotivated to play and not everyone can afford buying ap all the time. With all that said, i maybe wrong but i believe that many people leave the game due to lack of being able to get space to put things which in return lowers the playerbase and prevents people from doing pretty much anything on a single character making people have to rely on multiple characters which really dulls character and class advancement in understanding more about that specific class for those who are free to play or can't afford the codes due to real life issues such as covid-19.
  8. Are permanent backpacks/warehouse codes still a thing, i haven't seen any at all... O.O The minimal amount of space between the times for the 30d codes really demotivate people to play, not only that but is there any way to earn the codes in game anywhere? ["""Delete post, making a new one in suggestions."""]
  9. KingGosuto


    i'd stick with what stats are on round slash with adding the addition of a particle chakra bonus if not then at least increasing it's additional critical amount by adding a extra 50%, considering i've been using cb as my main for a very long time and my entire build is founded upon critical as my main basis, completely changing round slash to focus specifically on chakra would really put a dent in my ability and others who's foundation is criticals..
  10. KingGosuto


    now that i looked a bit more detailed into i see a ch-acc buff in shockwave giving 40% at the level i have it, i recount my + to the debuff addition but still agree with the first row needing 1 point basis.
  11. There's a way to make Mechanical Scraps into Shards at 1 shard giving 5 scraps for 20g, the opposite i think should also be true allowing making 1 scrap into 5 shards for 20 as well.
  12. KingGosuto


    If it was added, i'd assume like a 500-1k debuff. 5k would be over kill i do agree. It's not a ranged attack just to put that up there.
  13. KingGosuto


    @BeauOp stated for Ch-Eva debuff i do believe.
  14. KingGosuto


    With the main topic of CB, i think the CB is pretty nice honestly. I do agree with the added ch-eva for shockwave and the 1 point notion for the first row of skills, i do quite well as a 63 CB though and am able to handle myself quite well in mass pvp and decently enough in pve, although pve seems to be harder but i'm assuming that's due to my lvl and not being able to fully gear due to lvl.
  15. Thank you, that's the spot 😀 Just going to leave these here to finish that quest line for others. near lava monument - 17758,11562old exploration supply - 19990,10611