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  1. Yeah, because otherwise we can also ban like half of the server. If a half server runs on no-delay to upgrade their eq to +10, banning an lamb for sacrifice is XD. edit : maybe for better explanation, I will add the fact, that all upgrades were done on alt-char for sake of main, and the last usage of it, was around 3 months ago. Never no-delayed on main.
  2. I think whole action was unprepared, and done like typical provocation. Gold selling didn't came out of nowhere, it wasn't something like "hey, look guys, because the gold-selling / botting / whatever type of shit you starts to ban on, got out of the control, from 01.01.19 we will just simply start to ban everyone we will caught by logs that he is doing shit". Now you have like +50 people that were legit innocent, and the older the logs are you checking in, the weirder they getting are. (Just like in my ticket example when you threw me an account name I don't know anything about, and I hardly remember to have any siginificant connections in). Sum up this to the fact, that NosTale player don't like each other, and they can bring up any shit to bury a person they don't like, and you will get forum shitfiesta where players are getting BASHED LUL by 20 other people they don't even know X D. imho, my humblest opinion would be, just simply propose one-time amnestia for every single player that have been involved in last banvaves since december, with keeping an eye on them. This way they woulda know they are being watched, and they got chance to be a part of our beloved game, vendetta comunitty. b.t.w : in my case, I've heard that you got like video from last few months on when i've been running on no-delay. If we are looking that far away, I assume no-one can be safe ever, cause everyone who did some weird shit no matter how long far ago, can be buried down if the community decide so, lol. edit : btw i'm innocent, thx, if anyone want to B A S H M E here you can do it right now below the post.
  3. Zenas / Erenia fairy cost way less, and gives +10%. Do you suggest that 5% buff is worthy all these essences and billions?
  4. wait, there are other SPs for mage than dg and seer? O_O. Never heard of them, never needed them. ¯\_\(ツ)\_/¯
  5. How about, instead of giving the def % pvp, we would give actually something meaningful, for example, 10% reduction on all kind of damages like you've voted for megatitans? I've really liked your solution with these wings, and I would love to see it on fernon fairy. 10-15% resistance for melee / range / magic attacks would make it actually "worth efforts". I just simply don't like idea of % def PvP in that scenario, cause warrior would be receiving most of it, due to the fact of all "flat defs" he allready got in equip, while archer / mage would be in worse situation. Fernon should be balanced, and give all classes same rewards.
  6. 10% more dmg sounds fair imho? good idea btw.
  7. ok, how about something for being PvE worthwhile also? Could you propose something for PvE players, that doesn't really care about PvP as much as we does?
  8. All resistance would be also very nice buff, lets say, 10-15 all res would be worthy it. Agree.
  9. What if we would put something like flat options, for example : 250 flat def, 250 flat attack, 5% att in pvp, 5% def in pvp, while removing 5 ress and 5 elemental energy? Such options would reward both PvP and PvE, making it worth all these billions for essence. @Bash
  10. Afraid it wouldn't be possible, as you cannot have all elements in the same time. Lets don't try to break the game systems, just give it some flat numbers, and all gucci.
  11. Accesibility is on okay level, You all can get it.
  12. Hello. As fernon fairy owner, I believe that for such a unique item, it delivers too small power for its owner. Jennifer hat, right now obtainable from Rainbow battle, which can be farmed with good equip, brings 10% to attack in PVP. Hell, even Azrael Mask, which drops literally every fernon raid, gives you 3/3 in PVP. It's worth 100kk. Meanwhile all essences + fairies for Fernon fairy, are around 4kkk. What do I get as a- reward? +5% more DPS, in cost of 2% in PVP def. Outside of the "swag" it isn't really worth right now, and unless someone is sleeping on money, I dont really see a reason for anyone to make fernon fairy. I'm asking for powerup, because I believe these fairies should give something special to their owners. @Bash could you please consider some additional buffs? Maybe bigger power up in %, maybe some flat numbers, maybe some elements if you don't want to power up them in PvP? Just so it could be a little more rewarding. Please. Edit 2 : After thinking about for a second, we've thought that one of best propositions would be : -> Resistance % removal, something like Shadow Gem got, which would be thematic, as the Fernon King Power shreds enemy resistances... -> All elements resistance, as Fernon King power allows you to be tougher on elements... -> flat / % amounts on attack / def / in PvP.
  13. the difference of 1cl vs c38cvl, is like 55 lvl vs 95 level. In short summarise, if you want to be a person that does anything, you will have to max it anyway.
  14. why the hell we cannot trade laurena boxes, all trophies shoulda be obtainable from tradeable boxes, and laurena is only god damnit trophy we cannot buyout this thing greatly reduce my satisfaction and positive vibes from this game, please let us sell our laurena boxes f*ck you laurena omg