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  1. i was on discord with my friends and @Alenda just started reading this post, when he said "honor star reward" everyone started talking about get honor star faster and a unique class token what u can trade for any class honor medal. after this he said "custom costume reward". that was sad af
  2. Cursed


    my boy, its a C L A S S I C server ;-;
  3. diversity in builds after option C
  4. the ring will stay in the inventory forever, cant be discarded or sold thats why i have 2 rings in my inventory ;-;
  5. i have a little thing to ask, u know EE consumes way more memory than others games with same size, there is any way to fix it? to reduce crash problems and things like that. I really want to see a whole patch focused on fix client side problems, cuz don't matter how many years pass or how good our pc's are, we still have problems with the game, and its not cuz all updates from here, its the game itself.
  6. if u delete the married character the other person will keep the ring forever. :c
  7. The most part of my party arent playing rn but we still talk about EE balance. For me and some of us the actual meta is the best since the start of the server, the most part of the dps's are usable in pvp, the only one exception is db after the last nerf, but i think it can be back to pvp with few small changes. And i agree, every meta change was previsible since the last balance patch, we noticed the blade master huge dmg in the first day in trials e-e, ppl will adapt their party setup to beat the other side all the time, with balance patch or not. Don't metter how many changes Bloodknight have, it will still hard to play, to make it really strong, it will need more than just minors changes :c
  8. Hi :3 i seen so much new ppl in the server recently, ill teach some basic things what can help everyone. To Start, you have 3 ways to level up til 92: 1 - Quest Do all quests and book quests til 91-92 2 - Power level 1 Power Level in dungeon til 65-66 and start quests in eyebloom(dont need help) 3 - Power level 2 Power Level in dungeon til 60 and receive dd runs til 80, start quest in any map(need help and taxi to dd) obs: "why 60 to dd ?" A: normally if u have any char with more than 9 levels of diference you dont receive xp/cp, but to mobs its 15 levels and exist a trick to run in provocation mode and leave the party when all mobs are dying(u need anyone to run you in dd) with it you will receive all the xp. ____________________________________ When you get 91-92, you will have like 3-5k gold, use it to buy bags or fort weapons from 85 or 90. After viroona you will need runs to level up and trials to gear, if you dont have friends to carry you, i suggest to fort a shield +10 or +14 and help going with class drop on trials. About runs, you will be able to run with totem master with liarro + ultimate beast, any set +14, any shield +14 ____________________________________ Shield suggestion: with it you will be able to run in worms. ____________________________________ Totem Master KP and Certs to run: Extra: if you bag are full inside a dungeon or far from any npc you can do this trick: 1 - Press "G" and click in "Guild Q - Normal" : 2- Click in any town bulletin : 3- Click in "items" and scroll up the mouse: 4- Click in buy back and sell your items manually(auto sell dont work): thats all,I hope this guide will be useful for everyone who is starting on the server o3o
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