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  1. It’s easy to get block as a Zumi as you do achieve and use trophy 5% block with str stat, and yes Templar will fall down so possibly if you can do it for the sake of Eden that would be great, nothing is impossible to be strong but that class talent should help a bit
  2. Templars are good I can’t lie about it especially Zumi, but what I mean is what’s the point on class talent to have str and crit rate when Templar is MDPS mostly with matk and healing, that’s what I mean
  3. So I’m curious about why Templar has Crit rate class point when it’s mostly an MDPS Templar, and why does it have STR clas talent when you mostly use sacred light, judgment impact, lightning wave magic dmg?, im highly trying to suggest Templar to be improved more when you get knockdown against illusionist and you get 1-2 shot and that really sucks, in fact we know illu is strong if you knockdown and hit Templar 1-2 shot, but what I mean I need people to vote wether it’s fine to change these 2 class talents to mcrit rate and INT, that would be nice not for pvp but for pve to have good stats. And I don’t have any porolem with any class except Templar, crit rate(you crit with mcrit rate) str(you dmg mostly using magic) so my conclusion is, INT - mcrit rate class talent point is good for Templar for every race. Thank you and please drop a comment below if I’m wrong or not, Jordan waiting for your replay.
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    Valentines Day Event

    Along with the distance, the more you far away ,you make me feel like i want to come closer to you, every inch miles, makes me miss you and leave everything behind my back just to get closer to you, im not the only one i can reach to you, your in my dreams, your in my future, i can see you smiling everytime i write a song for you, a little story, not just that, im not a person who just wants you always, do you know how much i love you? do you know how much i care about you? do you know how much i spend my time with you? im the only 1 in this world that wants you in my life, in my heart, in my deepest heart, i dont' care what they say, they say nothing to us, they can't cut us our line off, it's only you and me can make this world happy, every moment of my life, i read this, and remember my heart, im always looking at you, your the only thing i have in this world nothing i have than you, I Love You The Most ~ For My Precious Heart <Fuyuka> Category: Story IGN: Mako