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Suggestions from a new player

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Hi, I started this game like 1-2 weeks ago, and I'm currently 80 and played nearly every dungeon. I'm not native english but I will do my best with this topic.

My suggestions:

- History cutscenes can't be skipped. It was painful to go through those cutscenes, I know this is likely impossible to change but I just wanted to point out. If I want to see cutscenes I play an RPG not an online game.

- Material droprate. For some reason sets and weapons have higher chance to drop than their corresponding materials. For example, you need 5 materials to craft a lvl 78 set piece however you get like 5 pieces before getting a single material. They should drop at twice the rate of the pieces to be worth something (because crafting cost 500g+...).

- Senshi books. To hard to get them, maybe this is the thing that I hate the most about this game. It would be cool to unlock senshis while doing quest and using them, not that awful 1/10. It defeats the purpose of a private server.

- Gathering. It's a nightmare to level this thing past lvl 35, I remember leaving afk 4 hours to raise from lvl 39 to 40. The time that you need to leave afk is huge, I can't image how much time I will need to get from 59 to 60. I would either increase gather exp by 400% or set a hard limit, like 1h for every level past 30. It's not funny to leave afk all the day just to get 1-2 levels.

- Unknown (chinese?) text in nearly all the lvl 70+ content. While is easy to test Trinket effects, is nearly impossible to figure enchant effects and other things. Internet doesn't help either since the aeria version of ts has fewer patches.

- LP cards and star point cards can't be used as a whole stack. It's strange that this isn't fixed in a private server.

- Auction house is dead. Well, it wouldn't be as dead as now if items stayed a whole week instead of 1 day. I know you will say: it's because low population. Yes, that's true, so it would be a temporal fix.

- AP shop is useless. As of now it's only "hey, if you want to donate it's OK, you will not get anything special however, just a thank you". Only dyes and starstone pages are worth, the rest is gambling or the same as LP shop. Don't want to sound rude with this but I'm not the person that donates to support something, I actually want some reward to do so. I don't even have a costume to donate 5$ and buy those dyes. I want to see some mounts and costumes for 5$ not those gambling boxes. If I want to gamble I just use LP or go to a real casino. 

Can't remember more so that's all.

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