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Couple questions

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The farthest I got on the official servers years ago was veninfang grinding with my bard selling runs before they nerfed bard's cast.

I just got to level 69 on Vendetta servers and have a quick couple newb questions.

What does awakening classes mean, and when is this possible to do? I keep hearing that phrase around and on Youtube.

Is my best bet for gear the temple quest gear boxes I get for now?

Is there anything else I should be doing Pve wise right now around level 70 besides questing? Thanks!

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Awakening Classes are like evolutions of a single base class. Take warrior as an example, its awakening classes are Berserker (exclusive for DPS) and Shielder (exclusive for tanking/support). Each base class has two awakenings that will focus on a specific "stance" of that class. You can get them when you reach to lv80. You need to have the class lv80 too.

Yes, until you have the gold/means to get a really good armor, like the awk 95 or golden 100+, keep relying on the temple quest armor, and, if you have some gold to spare, fortify the lv90+ armor so you can get some good stats.

Probably not!  :D

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You can begin to awaken classes when your character level is 80, however the class you want to awaken must be level 80 as well. Awakening classes will allow you to unlock two awakened class per normal class. You must complete the awaken class quests by purchasing the quest scrolls from Temple Ranger Yukari in Aven (X:334, Y:268).

  • Each awaken quest scroll will cost 1k gold.
  • When doing the KNIGHT awaken class, select Vendetta Knight Quest, as Bes' Request (Knight) is known to be bugged.
  • You can find tutorials on how to complete the quests on YouTube simply by typing: Eden Eternal Quest Knight/Awaken

Temple Gear will be your best bet as endgame is level 100-120 at the moment. You can probably aim for 95 trials for gears unless you can find people to carry you in 100 trials for gears. 

Make sure you're completing the Curia Book Fame quests as well as mainline quests.

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Awaken classes are basically enhanced version of the basic class. I've personally reworked most of them from their original state so some are still similar to the original X-Legend version and others are completly different classes to the original version. You can access them once you get level 80 and it requires the class to be level 80 before you can access them. Our server is far beyond Aeria's at this point so you have access too all Awaken classes that Aeria is still missing such as Awakened Illusionist and Awakened Dragon Knight.

A good example of how to explain an Awaken class is thinking of Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight is in the tank tree of classes but is more of a Parrying DPS class with Hybrid Magic and Physical Damage. The first Dragon Knight Awaken Class gives you more Tank related skills and passives, such as increased Parry, -DMG and skills to help negate DMG. Where as the second Dragon Knight Awaken Class offers you the Hybrid damage features of the original class.

Not all classes follow the above format but a good majority do, one thing you can usually count on is both versions of a classes Awaken having different play styles. I'll include a quick run down for you in the bellow spoiler:


Warrior: DPS // Tank Support

Knight: DPS // Healing MDPS Off Tank (Yeh I went a bit adventurous with this one).

Templar: Blood Knight kinda thing (X-Legend went advernturous with this so I stuck with it) // Healing Tank

Dragon Knight: Parry Tank // Hybrid Fire/Physical DMG


Thief: Assassin (Obviously) // Kage (Some Naruto kinda ninja style thing, lots of mixes of elemental based physical DMG).

Martial Artist: Single Target DPS // Cast Speed based physical user (X-Legend thing, I stuck with it).

Blade Dancer: AOE sword users // Support class (Combo's with Bard's Healing form)

Samurai: Single Target best DPS // AOE stuff


Hunter: Single target pet class // Support Debuffing Aoe Class

Engineer: Slow moving Missle Man of Physical DMG // Faster moving Missle Man of Magical DMG (Wear the suit)

Ranger: Single Target with some AoE's and dots (A lot like normal Ranger) // AOE Spam of crashing the players client (pre-fix hehe)

Inquisitor (New class unlocked at 89): Super CC bot that uses ranged weapons for CQB // more of a ranger styled back liner.


Mage: Master of All Elements lots of combos very hard to play // Master of Dark and Holy super heavy burst

Illusionist: AoE regular Illusionist // Summon pets to fight with, deals high damage but very squishy

Warlock: Pet Summoner with a nice PvE % based damage // Super anoying fear class that can be quite tanky for a cloth user

Luminary (New class you have it already): Greatsword focused luminary with Hybrid DMG, 1HD focused luminary that swaps between dark and holy dmg.


Cleric: Obviously a Healer // DPS

Bard: Lots of Point and Click easy damage // No aiming healer that is lower on the heals than others but makes up for i with lots of support buffs.

Shaman: Totem Spawner (Basically just very good at farming mobs with % HP dmg) Totems are nice if they dont die // Druid (Wanna be a Monkey(DPS) or a Bear(TANK)? How about a Unicorn(HEALER)!)

Sage: Super Aura Buffer (Some Heals Too) // Debuff Aura user that can dish some damage.


Pve the best way to level is Quest especially on your main character, you need the book quest fame for your awakens and is also nice o have the quests done.

Yes TK Armor is nice however make sure to take advantage of the feature we added where all gear bellow level 80 can be fortified for free to +14. This will help you breeze through dungeons.



Note: Sorry if any t's are missing, my keyboard is semi-broken.

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