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     **Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom.


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" The Giants are a special race, also know as Sultri. They all hibernate beneath the Earth and are controlled by a Magical Soul, invisible to the eyes, which is said to be the true Guardian of the planet. Shall Evil start to grow and lurk around the lands, the Magical Soul will awaken the Sultri and a new war between Good and Evil makes a beginning.
It is said that this great war already happened twice in the distant History of the world. What happens now is unprecedented; Evil gains more power each day. This new war coming may be a real Ultimatum and now, instead of awakening the ancient Giants from the ground, the Magical Soul will bless the most powerful beings with the abilities of the Sultri - the protection of the world will be, once again, in the hands of the Eternal Guardians, beings once born from Blue Crystals and, now, provided with the holy power of the Ancient Giants. "



With its massive size and presence, the fate of a Giant Conqueror is to achieve victory on the battlefield as the most notable frontline ever.

Class Type: Defense

HP 131%
MP 78%
STR 125%
AGI 104%
INT 90%
WIS 105%
LCK 100%

When equipped with a Greatsword, Axe or Hammer, the Giant Conqueror will be granted 10% P-ATK worth in Health Points.

  • [HUMAN] "The Unstoppable" Caster is rendered immune to Stun and Fear effects.     
  • [ZUMI] "The Recoverer" Caster is granted +25% P-Healing. Additionally, all attacks have a 2% chance to decrease target's DMG inflicted by 5%, lasts 4sec.                   
  • [ANURAN] "The Attacker" Whenever in True Size state, the caster will be granted "The Attack Giant" aura buff.
    The Attack Giant: Increases DMG Dealt +5% for all allies in a 20-feet radius. It does not grant the effect for the caster. 
  • [URSUN] "The Defender" Whenever in True Size state, the caster will be granted "The Armored Giant" aura buff.
    The Armored Giant: Decreases DMG received -5% for all allies in a 20-feet radius. It does not grant the effect for the caster.
  • [HALFKIN] "The Dancer" Caster is granted +25% Movement Speed and +10% Parry rate.


        1. "The True Size": Caster is granted "True Size" status: Increases body-size +300% (disabling other body-size changing effects). Increases P-ATK +10% and ACC +50%. During that time, you are unable to perform basic attacks.
               MP Cost: 4%MP/sec.

        2. "Boulder Assault":  Increases M-ATK. Slams the ground, creating an area boulder attack towards the target. Causes Nature damage and stuns all enemies hit for 2sec. Only available in "True Size" state. The Stun effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level.
              Cooldown: 10sec.
              Enemies receive Stun Immunity buff after effect.
              Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
              Mana cost: 180mp (Lv1, scalable to 1600mp on Lv120).

        3. "Mountain Assault": Increases P-ATK. Slams the ground, creating a massive earthquake around and inflicting Knockup crowd control on all enemies in a 10-feet radius. Only available in "True Size" state. The Knockup effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level.
               Cooldown: 10sec
               Enemies receive Knock-up immunity buff.
               Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
               Mana Cost: 180mp (Lv1, scalable to 1600mp on Lv120)

        4. "Wall Assault": Increases P-ATK. Moves the right arm creating a fan-shaped area attack in front of caster, causing all targets to be knocked 8-feet backwards. Only available in "True Size" state.
Cooldown: 15sec.
               Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
               Mana Cost: 230mp (Lv1, scalable to 1470mp on Lv120)
        5. "The Conqueror": Increases parry rate +10% for 30sec. During that time, whenever attacked, inflicts "Horror" state on attacker, lasts 5sec.
Horror state: decreases dmg inflicted -1%, stacks 10 times. Inflicts "Fear" status if Horror reaches max stacks, lasts for 2 seconds. Grants Fear immunity to targets.
               Mana Cost: 300mp.
               Cooldown: 60 sec.
        6. "Roar of Salvation": Increases P-ATK. Attacks all enemies in a 15-feet radius and instantly force them to target you, stealing their aggro. If you are in "The Conqueror" state, this skill will deal double-hit dmg. Only available in "True Size" state.
The aggro stealing effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level.
               Cooldown: 15sec
               Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
               Mana Cost: 430mp (Lv1, scalable to 3200mp on Lv120)
        7. "Roar of Attack": Increases P-ATK. Inflicts a double-hit dmg attack to all enemies in a 20-feet radius. Only available in "True Size" state.
               Increased P-ATK: 530 (Lv1, scalable to 22531 on Lv120)
               Cooldown: 4sec.
               Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
               Mana Cost: 50mp (Lv1, scalable to 730mp on Lv120)
        8. "Wall": Caster is rendered "Wall" state. Parry rate increases +25%. For each parried attack, you have a 50% chance to recover 1% HP. "True Size" state is not required to trigger this stance.
               Cost: 5%mp / sec.
               When this skill is canceled by the player or by mana lack, it will receive a 20sec cooldown.
        9. "Founder's Will": Deals a massive sound-blow to all targets in a 40-feet radius area, inflicting Fear to  enemies. Available only if in "True Size" and "Wall" state simultaneously. Lasts 2sec. Grants a custom fear immunity to targets which lasts 45sec. Casting this skill will render you unable to perform any actions and have your parry rate 0% for 5 seconds. The fear effect will only work if the skill level matches or surpasses the target's Character Level.
               Cooldown: 180sec.
               Required Weapon: Greatsword/Axe/Hammer.
               Mana Cost: 950mp (Lv1, scalable to 6100mp on lv120).





        1. "Attacking Performance": Greatsword, Axe and Hammer P-ATK +1% per level.
               Max Level: 20

        2. "Defending Performance": When equiped with a 2H weapon, parry rate +1% per level.
              Max Level: 5.
              Requires 15 total points spent.

        3. "Fear Power": "Horror" now needs only 5 stacks, -2% DMG inflicted per stack. 
               Max Level: 1.
               Requires 5 points on Defending Performance.

        4. "Enhanced Muscle": STR +1% per level.
               Max Level: 20.

        5. "Salvation Focus": "Roar of Salvation" range +1 feet per level.
               Max Level: 5.
               Requires 10 points on Enhanced Muscle.

        6. "Training Performance": DEF and MP +1% per level.
               Max Level: 20.

        7. "Armored Shell": CRIT DMG received -1% per level.
               Max Level: 10.
               Requires 10 points on Training Performance.

        8. "Durability": HP +0.5% per level.
               Max Level: 20.
               Requires 15 total points spent.

        9. "Violent Scream": "Roar of Attack" now inflicts Triple-hit DMG, but damage decreases with each hit.
               Max Level: 1.
               Requires 10 points on Durability.

        10. "Assertiveness": ACC +1% per level.
               Max Level: 10.
               Requires 50 total points spent.

        11. "Power": "True Size" state now grants immunity to monster transformation Crowd Control.
               Max Level: 1.
               Requires 10 points on Assertiveness.

        12. "Destruction": "True Size" state now grants +15% P-ATK and +60% ACC.
               Max Level: 1.
               Requires 1 point on Power.

        13. "Utility for All": "Roar of Attack" and "Mountain Assault" receive an additional 1-feet radius per level.
               Max Level: 5.
               Requires 50 total points spent.

        14. "Extermination": "The Founder's Will" fear effect is increased by 1sec. Additionally, this debuff will also make targets receive +10% more damage for the duration.
               Max Level: 1.
               Requires 5 points on Utility for All.

        15. "Humanity's Shield": All resistances +1% per level.
               Max Level: 10.
               Requires 30 total points spent.

        16. "Crown": DMG Taken -5%.
               Max Level: 1
               Requires 10 points on Humanity's Shield.

        17. "Humanity's Ally": "Roar of Salvation" cooldown -0.5sec.
               Max Level: 3.
               Requires 1 point on Crown.


     Even tho it is not an Awakened Class, it was designed powerful enough to join them in PVP, almost as a special class (like mimic). It was also designed to be granted a good lot of HP just because it cannot use shields for block. HP and parry are its only forms of defense, aside DEF and resistances. Its most impactful ability, in my opinion, would be "Roar of Salvation", with a "new kind" of crowd control, so to speak, making all enemies aggro you against their will most of times. It can make a good combo with "The Conqueror", making it easy to inflict fear on some targets to control the battefield. 
     In balance, a shield's DEF and block should be missed by the player when using this class. As it is not immune to Knockdown and Knockup, these crowd controls may be the key to take down the Giant Conqueror as a team and, since parry does not proc on m-dmg(as I am aware of lol), magical classes should be the most lethal to the giant. Another disadvantage of this class would be its mana cost for working. Both stance skills sap a good mana percentage per sec and, additionally, all skills, in their high levels, will have a high mana cost. The player will have to sacrifice some other stats to focus on MP gains to have a good performance on the battlefields. (Maybe it is time to use some MP + parry gems lol)
     Some other details of Conqueror's mechs are:
        - "Mountain Assault" knockup effect should have half the duration a knockup originally has;
        - "Horror" and "The Founder's Will" fear effects do not refresh on one another. The latter should work as a last resource or as an initiative for a team-based attack, since the fear will grant the enemies a longer immunity status and render you a useless (and almost defenseless) giant for some seconds.
        - "Wall" healing effect shares similar workings with DK certificate. When both would be used at the same time, they shouldn't combine in percentage, but rather work separately (even tho that may be obvious)
        - Even if using a good set for DPS, this class wont have good stats and workings for dmg. In this case, "Roar of Attack", a 4-sec cooldown double-hit (or triple-hit) aoe skill wont have good effects aside item procs. The other skills have even less dmg power, so Giant Conqueror should have basically 0 DPS potential, even in pve.
        - "True Size", if not granted by "Power" KP, will be automatically cancelled if the player get a monster transformation CC.

     I hope you guys enjoyed this (and, maybe, would feel like playing as Giant Conqueror 😝)... I just feel kinda sorry I dont have any tools for drawing, for it could be even more interesting. Sorry for posting earlier, I did it by mistake and the post is now edited.

     IGN: ErenYeager

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the magic swordsman is a person who has learned to handle the sword as well as the art of magic and to be able to combine them together as his he can face all kind of danger

                                                            magic swordsman

Class Type: hybrid (yellow)

HP 110%

MP 85%

STR 105%

AGI 100%

INT 104%

WIS 80%

LCK 102%

When equipped with a physical and magical 1-hand atq sword + 7%

[HUMAN] God Armor resistance to the element +5

[ZUMI] God defender physical resistance +5

[URSUN] God attacker 3% chance of having a triple attack

[HALFKIN] God healing p-healing + 5%

[ANURAN] God blessing Crit rate + 10%.


CLASS SKILLS (all attacks this lance either with the sword or the rapier)

1 Destructive aura: physical and magical atk boost of 5% / increases the area of all spells by 4 meter decreases mana by 3% / second                                                     mana cost: 500    Cooldown: 0



2 flaming sword: (fire / magic / physical type) embrace the sword to burn his enemy on a 5 meter straight line

                                                                   mana cost: 300 Cooldown: 25sec



3 ice sword: (ice / magic type) freezes his sword to borrow his enemy in the ice (stun the target for 5sec)

                                                             mana cost: 350     Cooldown: 25sec



4 piercing charge: (physical / equipped with a shield) charges the enemy to slow it down by 20% its move speed on a straight line of 2 meters                                    mana cost: 400           Cooldown: 30sec



5 magic moment: (magic / physical) attacks the target three times (triple atq) boost the atq by 1% stackable 5 times for 40sec                                                                    mana cost: 400     Cooldown: 20sec



6 zero element: during 15sec reduces to 0 the cooldown of the spells   

                                                         mana cost: 600         cooldown: 60sec



7 magic eye: during 10sec ACC / crit mag / crit phy + 3%            

                                                    mana cost: 600               cooldown: 25sec



8 protective aura: for 4sec on a 4metre area around the damage target -5%      decreases mana by 3% / second               

                                                                   mana cost: 400         cooldown: 0



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Goblin:Goblins often hide in caves and attack or steal villages to survive. Goblins are male and can breed with any race to give birth to new goblins. This is why they kidnap women, who often end up dying at the hands of their goblin captors.

Weapons: Cestus/Club.

Passive Breeds :

Human: Escape + 30%.

zumi: Crit rate + 30%.

anuran: elemental resistance + 10%.

ursun: each attack has a 3% chance of fearing the enemy.

Halfkin: P-atk and M-atk + 15% if equipped with a club.

Type classes: orange

Skills Classes:

1 Bloodthirst: When activated and killing a person it recovers the "bloodthirsty" buff which gives it 1% hp per second that can be accumulated 5 times for 10 sec. ( consumes 3% mp per second )

2 Blade Spirals: Sends a spiral of blades around him that hits the enemy over a length of 20m which causes the enemy to "bleed", inflicting the equivalent of 10% of the launcher's attack for 6 seconds. ( cooldown : 15 sec and cost 458 mp )

3 Flash: Throws a blinding light that allows it to become invisible and confers the "Evil" buff that gives P-crit rate + 30% and P-atk + 10% and Move Speed + 15% for 15 sec. ( consumes 3% mp per second and cannot be used in combat )

4 Ambush: if "Flash" is activated, it can be used to run into the targeted enemy and stun the enemy for 5 seconds after the "stun" effects the enemy receive the immunity status to the stun. ( cooldown : 10 sec and cost 400 mp )

5 Trap: Cast a spell on the target, immobilizing it for 10 seconds after the "trap" effects the enemy receive the

immunity status to the immobilization. ( cooldown: 25 sec and cost 500 mp )

6 Power Kick: Inflicts a critical triple attack  and has a 5% chance of inflicting "bleed" status for 2 sec equivalent to 10% of the thrower's attack. ( cooldown 30 sec and cost 600 mp )

7 Totem tribe: Places a totem on the ground for 120 sec which gives the ally and the launcher the "tribe" buff which gives 5% resistance to all the elements and 5% physical resistance.

8 Last resort: When it is activated if the launcher dies the enemy that kills  receives "curse" which removes 20% Move Speed and 15% P-atk and M-atk for 10 seconds. (no effect on bosses and costs 3% mana per second).

Class Talent:



1: for each lvl P-atk and M-atk +1% for clubs ( lvl 20 max )

2: For each lvl AGI +2% ( lvl 20 max )

3: For each lvl LUCK +1% ( lvl 20 max )

4: For each lvl ACC +2% ( lvl 20 max )

5: For each lvl Crit Rate +1% ( lvl 20 max )

6: For each lvl Flash + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max )

7: For each lvl Ambush + 0.5sec ( lvl 5 max )

8: For each lvl Atk Speed + 1% ( lvl 20 max )

9: For each lvl Move Speed + 1% ( lvl 5 max )

10: For each lvl Deg Crit + 2% ( lvl 20 max )

11: For each lvl Bloodthirst + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max )

12: For each lvl Last resort + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max )

13: For each lvl Trap + 0.5 sec ( lvl 5 max )

14: For each lvl Power Kick deg + 2% ( lvl 5 max )

15: For each lvl Blade Spirals + 0.5 sec ( lvl 5 max )

16: For each lvl Totem tribe +1% res ellem and phy ( lvl 5 max )

IGN: Stustuky

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Story:After miners found one child trapped inside of a blue crystal without memory  of anything  that has happened to them before being found, one knight that was outside kingdom feel your chains vibrate and become shiny he didn't know the reason but your weapons shows a little flash of one child , was the same person that has been found into blue crystal, and he named  as ''Crystal Child''.
His new mission was travel to mid island Aven and look for more information about it, but during this time fights and wars will happen but he's ready to use all of his hability to finish his mission

Class Type: (Melle DPS - Orange)
Class Name:Judge
Class Description:Knight Of Chains , fight with ur Chais as offesive physical damage having strong control habilities.
Class Main Passive:P-Atk and M-Atk 15% when using Chains
<Class Race Passives>
Human:Pulls Immunity (Name:Humanity Untouchable)
Halfkin:EVA 15%. (Name:Conditional Escape)
Zumi:30% crit rate (Name:Critical Judgement)
Anuran:10% physc resistence (Name:Physical Power)
Ursun:10% elemental resistence (Name:Elemental Power)

Class Skills:
1- (Chains of Defense)Dash to target and deal dmg. 15% chance of decreasing defence in 5% stack 2 times. 3 sec cooldown.
2-(Pull Down)Pulls the target to caster and deal dmg . 5% chance of knocking down for 3 sec. 5 sec cooldown.(Grants Pulls Immunity 30 sec)
3-(Painful Chains)Throw chains into taget and deal dmg, decreasing target move speed in 10% for 3 sec, 4 sec cooldown.
4-(Physical Invigoration)Deal dmg to target in 5 meters and decrease physical resistence in 10% for 10-- sec. 20 sec cooldown.
5-(Vital Damage)Deal dmg to target in 5 meters and decrease parry and block in 10% for 5 sec. 15 sec cooldown.
6-(Judgement Attack)Deal double hit dmg to target to all enemy in 15 meters. 5 sec cooldown.
7-(Chains Around)Deal triple hit dmg to target in 5 meters. 20% chance of imobilize target 2 sec.7 sec cooldown (Grants imunity after efect end)
8-(Motivation)Gives p atk +10% move speed + 5% for 10 sec. 25 sec cooldown.
9- (Cruel Judgement)Buff:ATK SPD 15%,Double hit chance 30% 10 sec . 20 sec Cooldown
10 (Profane Protection)-Increase Parry and Def in 15% for 10 sec. 30 sec cooldown.

Any other information:
Deal Strike DMG.
P-DPS Class.
Light Armor.
Chain Weapon (2h Weapon)
Glyph:Unchained Enegy - Increase duration from Motivation in 5 sec.
Glyph:Power Of Chains - Reduce Profane Protection Cooldown in 50%.
Glyph:Corrupted Judgement - When atacking with cruel Judgements p atk 5%. 


<IGN> Infecttado

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Class Story:  For many years there has been a class that even  the Glacial knights with their -99%  damage  taken, Gravity manipulators with abilities that one hit almost everyone, and  Dragon Emperors in their prime with their triple-triple hit abilities, have been afraid of.  A class that has studied all of the ancestors of the best classes in the world: Archaeologist.


Class type: Orange
Class Name: Archaeologist
Class Description: Archaeologists ride into battle on fossils they have enchanted to come back to life to help their party and to stomp enemies.
Class main passive: Archaeologists have studied the ways of many weapons and gain +15% damage dealt with any weapon of their choice.
Class race passive:

            Humans gain "Supreme intelligence" increasing their base INT by  15%
            Halfkins gain "Quick strike" increasing their dbl hit chance by 5%
            Anurans gain "Improved prey" increasing their move speed by 10% and EVA by 30%
            Zumi gain "Swiftness" increasing their attack speed by 15% and their accuracy by 30%
            Ursan gain  "Immovable" decreasing damage taken by 10% and a 5% chance to further reduce damage taken by 10%

Class Skills:
    Dinosaur slash: Deals triple hit P-Dmg to all within 15 meters of target.
    Nightshade dinosaur: Deals P-Dmg to targets. Fears enemies within 5 meters of  target for 5 seconds. Grants -90%  damage taken for 5 seconds.
    Trembling dinosaur roar: Deals quintuple hit M-Dmg to a single target.  If target is below 50% hp dmg is increased by 25%
    Archaeological corrosion: Deals single target P-Dmg. Deals DoT damage equal to 10% of P-Atk.
    Tranquilizing Dinosaur: Summons baby dinosaur on caster that silences all nearby enemies until  destroyed. Dinosaur can be healed and gains buffs from party.
    Dinosaur leap: increases Damage dealt while in air by 225%
    Dinosaur dance: 80% chance to grant 80% reflection to all party members within 30 meters.
    Dinosaur ice Leadership: Mounts your dinosaur. Grants 50% M-Atk and P-Atk.     Grants 50%  chance to triple hit all skills. Reduces damage taken by 25%. Makes your trembling dinosaur roar a 15 meter AoE. Toggled ability drains 3% Mana/second.
    Dinosaur Barrier: Reduces damage taken by 30% for all party members within 30 feet and increases damage taken by caster 25%.
    Tranquilizing Dinosaur: Summons baby dinosaur on caster that silences all nearby enemies until  destroyed. Dinosaur can be healed and gains buffs from party.
Class art:


<IGN> Hilarious

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Hello all,

Would like to share with you the next broken Class of EE :

Class Type : Null
Class Name : Shapeshifter
Class Description : Awaken Mimic
Class Main Passive : Can only use awaken weapons / Can only use awaken armors / Can only use awaken skill / Cannot use accessoires and Trophies
Class Skills : 5 stances (each one transforms to a NPC animation)  

= Human
= Zumi
= Ursun
= Anuran
= Halfkin

Each Stance alows awaken mimic to gain class passive for each race/class -20% of individual stats

Can use all awaken skills but needs Honor Stars to level up each one


IGN: Risama

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Astrologer (Magic Class)

“Straying from the path of the usual magic caster, Astrologers instead use their abilities to read the flow of the battlefield. Meeting one as an enemy is a sign of misfortune.”



Binary Star

Cast Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: Instant

Increases M-ATK. Deals double-hit Holy damage to the target.




Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to all enemies within 15 meters and has a 30% chance to stun them for 2 seconds.



Void Star

Cast Time: 4 seconds

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within a 15-meter target area and silences them for 4 seconds.



Fortune Telling

Cast Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Reduces target enemy’s DEF -n and EVA -n for 6 seconds. If it dies during this effect’s duration, all party members within 10 meters of it recover HP +n and MP +n.



Nebulous Cloud

Cast Time: 1 second

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Summons a Nebulous Cloud on the 10-meter target area that lasts for 10 seconds. Enemies in it lose -20% Move SPD and ACC -n.



Ill-Fated Star

Cast Time: 1.5 seconds

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Inflicts a debuff on the target enemy that reduces its ATK -n and M-ATK -n for 5 seconds. Every second, there is a 15% chance to remove one positive buff from it.



Spatial Ether

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Reduces the MP cost of skills for all party members by -n within 15 meters for 10 seconds.



Celestial Mark

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Reduces the target enemy’s Holy and Dark resistance by -8 for 8 seconds.



Reversal of Fate

Cast Time: 3 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Inflicts “Reversal of Fate” on the target enemy for 15 seconds. Reduces its dealt DMG -n and P-healing by -n.




Astral Arcanist (Awakened Magic Class)

“The Astral Arcanist employs the destructive power of the universe itself. None can escape from heaven.”



Cosmic Power

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: Instant

Costs 3%MP per second

Toggles “Cosmic Power” status

M-ATK +20%

Cast SPD +10%

“Trinary Star” now deals damage to all enemies within 15 meters of the target.

Reduces cooldown of class skill “Dimensional Jump” -50%.



Trinary Star

Cast Time: 2.5 seconds

Cooldown: Instant

Increases M-ATK. Deals triple-hit Holy damage to the target. Has a 40% chance to inflict one of the following effects at random: stun for 2 seconds, reduce ACC -n for 4 seconds, or reduce all resistances by 10 for 4 seconds.



Endless Way

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Creates a distortion in a 15-meter target area for 15 seconds. Enemies in it lose Move SPD -70% and become unable to sprint or teleport.




Cast Time: 3 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals massive Fire damage to all enemies within 15 meters and stuns them for 2 seconds, ignoring immunity. Also inflicts “Supernova” state on caster and affected enemies for 8 seconds, dealing damage per second equal to 15% of caster’s M-ATK.



Dimension Fold

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within 15 meters and pulls them to the caster. Does not affect boss monsters.



Neutron Collapse

Cast Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Summons a Neutron Star at the target point. Lasts 10 seconds. Enemies within 10 meters of the Neutron Star when it expires are stunned for 4 seconds.



Light Speed

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Grants caster increased +30% Move SPD and EVA +n for 15 seconds.



Catadioptric Ray

Cast Time: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to all enemies within 100 meters in a straight line and reduces all their elemental resistances to 0 for 10 seconds.




Diviner (Awakened Magic Class)

“Honing their clairvoyant eye to the extreme, the Diviner can even see into the future. The fate of the battle is decided even before it started.”




Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: Instant

Costs 8%MP per second

Toggles “Clairvoyance” status

M-CRIT Rate +20%

Attacks and skills cannot miss.

Evade all incoming damage.

Increases effect range of “Destiny Divined” +15 meters.



Ethereal Aura

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: Instant

Costs 2%MP per second

Toggles “Ethereal Aura” status

Party members within 30 meters (except caster) can cast skills without MP cost.



Sign of the Zodiac

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Toggles through a selection of Constellation Pairs during a window of 10 seconds. Selected Constellation Pair lasts for 20 seconds.

Ramming Scales: All party members within 30 meters +10% to all Attributes and “Knockdown Immunity” status.

Scorpion Bullhead: All party members within 30 meters gain +30% Move SPD and 30% chance to stun targets on attack.

Twin Archers: All party members within 30 meters gain bonus +30% ACC, CRIT Rate, and M-CRIT Rate.

Armored Goat: All party members within 30 meters gain -30% received DMG and reflect 20% of received damage back to attacker.

Aquatic Pride: All party members within 30 meters gain +10% increased dealt DMG. Every second, a random debuff is removed from each.

Swimming Maiden: All party members within 30 meters gain +30% ATK SPD, Cast SPD, and G-Healing.



Destiny Divined

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to the target and reduces its resistances -10 and EVA -n for 10 seconds. Cannot be removed. If it dies during this effect, all party members within 20 meters of it fully recover HP and MP.



Stellar Smite

Cast Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: Instant

Increases M-ATK. Deals double-hit Holy damage to the target and has a 50% chance to stun for 2 seconds.



Incantation Interference

Cast Time: Instant

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Grants caster “Incantation Interference” for 15 seconds. Enemies within 10 meters have a 30% chance to fail a skill cast and lose -10% HP. Does not affect boss monsters.



Star of Misfortune

Cast Time: 1.5 seconds

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Inflicts “Star of Misfortune” on the target enemy for 8 seconds. Reduces ATK and M-ATK -40% and has a 20% chance to remove one positive buff from it every second.



Terrifying Glimpses

Cast Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Inflicts “Terrifying Glimpses” on the target for 7 seconds. Target is feared for 1 second every 3 seconds. Does not trigger immunity. Does not affect boss monsters.



Catastrophic Fate

Cast Time: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within 30 meters and inflicts “Catastrophic Fate” status for 12 seconds. Reduces dealt DMG -70% and prevents them from receiving healing effects.





Class Passive: Stellar Guidance

(All) ACC and EVA +20%

(Astral Arcanist) M-DMG dealt +10%

(Diviner) Received CRIT DMG and M-CRIT DMG -15%



Racial Passives:

(Human) Celestial Body  When attacked, 3% chance to remove a debuff

(Halfkin) Bright Pulsar     Double hit rate +2%

(Ursun) Ill Omens          Skills have a 3% chance to knock down target for 3 seconds.

(Zumi) Lucky Charms     Received CRIT DMG -15%

(Anura) Fate Reader      Immune to Mundane



Knowledge Point Tree


  1. Light of Heaven: For each level, INT +2%. (Max. 20)
  2. Navigation Point: For each level, M-CRIT Rate +1%. (Max. 20)
  3. Stellar Power: For each level, M-CRIT DMG +2%. (Max. 20)
  4. Prophetic Words: For each level, Cast SPD +1%. (Max. 20)
  5. Far Sight: For each level, ACC +0.5%. (Max. 10)
  6. Premonition: For each level, EVA +1%. (Max. 10)
  7. Behind the Scenes: For each level, malice generated by attacks -2%. (Max. 10)
  8. Star of Fortune: For each level, skill MP consumption -2%. (Max. 10)
  9. Star of Omen: For each level, Max MP +2%. (Max. 10)

(Astrologer only)

  1. Twin Star Exorcism: For each level, DMG of Binary Star +3%. (Max. 5)
  2. Star Storm: For each level, DMG of Starfall +3%. (Max. 5)
  3. Black Light: For each level, DMG of Void Star +3%. (Max. 5)
  4. Tarot Reading: For each level, cooldown of Fortune Telling -5%. (Max. 5)
  5. Cloud of Doubt: Nebulous Cloud reduces Move SPD -35%. (Max. 1)
  6. Dark Ether: For each level, duration of Spatial Ether +1 second. (Max. 5)
  7. Marked by Fate: Celestial Mark also reduces target’s P-healing -20%. (Max. 1)
  8. Wheel of Fortune: For each level, cooldown of Reversal of Fate -5%. (Max. 5)
  9. Dark Shine: Duration of Ill-Fated Star +2 seconds. (Max. 1)

(Astral Arcanist only)

  1. Triplet Maximizer: For each level, DMG of Trinary Star +3%. (Max. 5)
  2. Vast Expanse: For each level, duration of Endless Way +1 second (Max. 5)
  3. Stellar Rebirth: For each level, DMG of Supernova +6%. (Max. 5)
  4. Dimensional Warp: For each level, DMG of Dimension Fold +3%. (Max. 5)
  5. Ominous Sign: HP of Neutron Star +50%. (Max. 1)
  6. Speed of Light: For each level, duration of Light Speed +1 second. (Max. 5)
  7. Space Manipulator: Effect range of Endless Way and Dimension Fold +5 meters. (Max. 1)
  8. Astronomical Power: DMG of Catadioptric Ray +30%, debuff duration +3 seconds. (Max. 1)
  9. Macro Cosmos: Cosmic Power grants +10 to all resistances. (Max. 1)

(Diviner only)

  1. Stellar Punisher: For each level, DMG of Stellar Smite +4%. (Max. 5)
  2. Divine Mandate: For each level, cooldown of Destiny Divined -6%. (Max. 5)
  3. Magic Jammer: For each level, duration of Incantation Interference +1 second. (Max. 5)
  4. Horoscope: For each level, duration of Sign of the Zodiac +1 second. (Max. 5)
  5. Universe Arcana: Sign of the Zodiac grants caster -15% DMG received.
  6. Ominous Reading: Star of Misfortune reduces target’s ATK and M-ATK -60%, and ACC -20%. (Max. 1)
  7. Psychosis: For each level, effect range of Terrifying Glimpses +2 meters. (max. 5)
  8. Revelation: Duration of Catastrophic Fate +3 second. (max. 1)
  9. Prophetic Visions: For each level, cooldown of Catastrophic Fate -5%. (max. 5) Additionally, at KP level 5, its effect cannot be removed.



  • No idea if this is actually allowed, but the wording in the event post is kinda vague so I had a normal class with its own awakened forms. I consider it as only one entry, but if only one of them is allowed please tell me.
  • Some of the skill names here are references to stuff~ Can you tell which ones? Astrologer itself is based on another game.
  • I realized halfway through typing Astrologer that it's probably just a rip-off Illusionist.
  • EDIT: In-line with the typical cloth magic class, the normal Astrologer class can use skills with any weapon, but the awakened ones both require Staff or Grimoire for skills.


IGN: Ragnera

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Class Type:

Purple - DPS MAG

Class Name:


Class Description:

He is purging his strength from the best fighters of all time, looking for an opponent capable of stopping him. 
His defect ? He doesn't know the rest. And he probably won't know it until he finds a rival.
It is said that this great warrior has the ability to beat anyone who opposes him. 
Nevertheless, only one thing can stop him : himself.Indeed, he consumes his life expectancy to beat his opponents.

"Healers hate this class" ~ Infecttado - 2019

Class Main Passive:

After 7 seconds without fighting, the Vampire use the blood collected from his victim's corpses to regenerate.
Grants him and only himself the status " +5000HP per second until his HP bar is full.

Class Race Passives: 
Anura : Increases M-ATK by +30% when equipped with 2 cestus.
Zumi : Increases M-ATK by +10% and M-CRIT Rate +10% when equipped with 1 cestus. Double it when equipped with 2 cestus.
Ursun : Increases Defense by +15% and Block by +15% when equipped with 2 cestus.
Halfkins : Increases Cast SPD and M-ATK by +20% when equipped with 2 cestus.
Human : Increases M-CRIT DMG +35% when equipped with 2 cestus.

Class Skills:

---Sucker Punch---
Cost : 500 HP
Cooldown : 3 seconds
Grants M-ATK +35000 and deals Strike damages to target and increase M-ATK +5%. Stacks up to 5 times.
(Strike damages because you punch the target with your fists or cestus)

---Dracula's tooth---
Cost : 1000 HP
Cooldown : 2 seconds
Grants M-ATK +25000 and deals Dark magic damages to all targets within 15 meters of the target. 
Caster is granted with "Dracula's tooth" status when the skill is casted, and not when the target has been hit.

"Dracula's tooth" status grants the caster +250 HP every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
1 stack : +250 HP every 0.5 seconds
2 stacks : +500 HP every 0.5 seconds
3 stacks : +1000 HP every 0.5 seconds
4 stacks : +1500 HP every 0.5 seconds
5 stacks : +2000 HP every 0.5 seconds

---Vampire Bite---
Cost : 1000 HP
Cooldown : 1.5 seconds
Grants M-ATK +25000 and deals Fire damages to all targets within 15 meters of the target.
Caster is granted with "Vampire's Bite" status when the skill is casted, and not when the target has been hit.

"Vampire's Bite" status grants the caster +5% Move SPD and M-CRIT for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
---Dracula's Wings---
Cost : 1500 HP per second
Passive skill
No cooldown
Grants the caster DMG Dealt +10%, M-ATK +15% and Move SPD +10%.
When under "Dracula's tooth" status, grants the caster +5% M-ATK for each stack.

---Blood Rune---
Cost : 5000 HP
Cooldown : 15 seconds
The Vampire release all the stacks of "Dracula's tooth" on one attack.
Grants M-ATK +45000 and deals Dark magic damages to all targets within 25 meters of THE CASTER (and not the target).
Each stack of "Dracula's tooth" status grants +5% M-ATK to "Blood Rune".
Grants all the targets the status "Blood Rune".

"Blood Rune" status reduce target's Move SPD by 15% (-15% Move SPD) and Defense by -10%.

---Cleric's Anger---
Cost : 250 HP every second to all party members
Passive skill
No cooldown
Grants the caster and all party members with status "Cleric's Anger.

"Cleric's Anger" status grants all party members with P-ATK and M-ATK +15%, P-CRIT Rate and M-CRIT Rate and DEF +15% at the cost of 250 HP every second
from all party members.
Grants the caster "Anger Thirst" status. Give 1 stack each 3 seconds. Stacks up 5 times.

---Anger Thirst"---
Cost : None
No cooldown
When "Anger Thirst" status has 5 stacks, release all the stacks to heal all party members of 15% of their max HP, and grants all party members
+15% Move SPD and Parry for 15 seconds.

---Vampire's Charity---
Cost : 1500 HP of the caster for each party member (Max : 4 members) per second
Passive skill
No cooldown
Grants the party members with "Vampire's Charity" status.

"Vampire's Charity" status grants the party members + 2000 HP every second based on the Vampire's class HP and P-ATK/M-ATK/DEF +15% based on the class of the

Any other information:
What i've wrote and done is just an example, the numbers have to be balanced or it will be soooooo broken and no one will play the other classes.

<IGN : PapyCrapaud>

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Class Type: (Yellow / DPS) 

Class Name: Mercenary

Class Description: 

~Capable hunters wielding battleaxes and katana, Mercenaries are always ready to rush to the front lines. Hardier than their compatriots, they can deal fearsome damage with their colossal weapons. Mercenaries have higher HP, defense and attack and are considered the "tanking' class. They are a melee class. Class specializations include (Battleaxe) and (Katana) having picked a specialization, the skills of that specialization will be more powerful (you'll see more damage %-wise).

Class Main Passive: 2% chance of decrease 20% physical resistance.

Class Race Passives:

(HUMAN)Katana expert:increases P-attack-M-attack 15% when equipped with an Katana

(HALFKIN)Shield expert:increases def and block 15% when equipped with an shield

(ANURAN)2handed Master: Increases Critical rate 30% when equipped 2handed weapon

(ZUMI)Axe Expert: Increases Attack SPD 20% and Critical Damage 5% when equipped with an Axe

(URSUN)GreatSword Expert: decreasing damage Receive by 10% and a 5% chance to increases accuracy by 10%


Hurtling Leap :: Deals 30% physical damage, Leap towards the target.(CD) 5sec

Warrior's Resolve:: (Buff) CRIT DMG +10 last 30 sec. (CD)10sec

Death Spiral:: Deals 42344 Physical Damage, Dashes toward a target at medium range.(CD) 8sec

Mark of Savagery:: Max HP +3% for surrounding allies, CRIT DMG +5% for surrounding allies, Last 10sec. (CD)20sec

Vortex Blade:: Decreases Move SPD 10%, Deals continuous DMG to all enemies in range, lasts 4.0 sec. (CD)8sec

Calamity Strike:: Deals 15% physical damage, Deals 5675 physical DMG every sec.lasts 6.0 sec. (CD)15sec

Stellar Spiral:: Deals 36458 Physical damage, Target's Eva -10%, lasts 4.0 sec. (CD)5sec

Tectonic Vandal:: Deals 35321 Physical Damage and Decreases Target Accuracy -10% Last 5Sec. (CD) 10sec

SKILL Description

Hurtling Leap >> Leap forward and deal a calamitous strike, dealing damage to enemies in front of caster.

Warrior's Resolve>> A savage war cry temporarily increases critical damage. (Note) Only one of your personal buffs maybe active at a time*

Death Spiral>> Leap forward in a spiral of death, dealing damage to enemies in its path.

Mark of Savagery>> Tapping into primal instincts temporarily raises the vitality and critical damage of allies.(Note) Only one of your group buffs maybe active at a time*

 Vortex Blade>> Spin around in a deadly vortex, dealing Physical DMG to all enemies in range.

Calamity Strike>> Whirl your weapon in a series of calamitous strikes, dealing massive damage to enemies in range.

Stellar Spiral>> Shower your enemy with a hail of weapon strikes, like a raging tiger.

Tectonic Vandal>> Deliver an weapon blow of earth cursing power to your opponent.

Other Information>>
*Heavy Armor 

*2 handed/1 handed weapon
*If you consider this class, it will be great, and this is not yet perfect and still need a improvement..and this is only an example 😉


ART>>JP Warrior Artwork
<IGN> Xaoc







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"In the Sun Touch Desert near the Arid Wilds, people without a leader pray to old gods to save them from the constant attacks of monster and bandits that threaten their lives, but it looks like these gods abandoned their people. One day, a young boy named Hondo, decided that his village will not suffer anymore, even if he would die for it. He went into a journey to find the gods and try to convince them to help his people, or fight the gods to take the necessary power to protect his people."
 Yellow class: Protector
Champion of the gods,take blessings and the immense power of the gods to protect the wounded and destroy anyone that threaten his people. 
Racial passive:
Human-Savior:5% chance of heal allies within 10 meters by 1% HP when hit; cooldown 12sec.
Halfkin-Prayer:2% chance to reset the timer of one buff when it ends; cooldown 20sec.
Zumi-Faith:Each attack has a 5% chance of removing one buff from the target.
Anuran-Strong Spirit:2% chance to inflict fear to the target when hit.
Ursun-Great Soul:Each attack has a 2% chance of increasing P-Dmg +5% for 10 seconds.
Class passive:
Dune Marching: immune to slow and knock back
Heavy Armor Mastery
1.Horus feathers I / II: When under attack, reduces all Dmg -4%/When under attack, reduces all Dmg -8%
2.Gods blessing I / II: Received P-Crit and M-Crit Dmg -10%/Received P-Crit and M-Crit Dmg -20%/
3.Wanderer I / II: P-Atk +5%/P-Atk +10%
1.Impale:cooldown 7sec; Deal long range dmg. Increase dmg of "Sand Walker" by +10%; Required Weapon:Pike/sword
2.Sand Walker:cooldown 6sec; Caster charges instantly at the target dealing dmg and stuns it for 2 seconds.Required Weapon:Pike/sword
3.Rising storm:cooldown 3sec; Strikes all targets within 10 meters of the caster, also decrease target ACC for 6sec.Required Weapon:Pike/sword
4.Fissure:Cooldown 2sec; Strikes all enemies along a 10 meters straight line and decrease ATK SPD and Cast SPD points for 6sec. Required Weapon:Pike/sword
5.Raging punch:cooldown 4sec;Damages the enemy with a 50 % chance to knock down the target.Required Weapon:Pike/sword
6.Whirlwind protection:cooldown 45sec; increase Def and HP lasts 25sec. deal Dmg to all enemies within 10 meters of the caster every second.Required Weapon:Pike/sword
7.Sun Light:cooldown 60 sec;Every atack increase P-Atk and Atk SPD stacks 5 times; lasts 20sec.
8.Bless:cooldown 45sec;Decrease Received M-Dmg -15% and M-Dmg amount. lasts 15sec.
9.Divine Stand:cooldown 45sec; increase block/parry. lasts 20sec.
10.Desert Walker: cooldown 30sec; increase move Spd +30% and decrease Received Dmg for 15sec;
Knowledge Points-
1.Max HP +1% per level.Max lvl:20
2.Raging punch Dmg and chance of knock down +10%; Max lvl:1;Require "Talent1" lvl10 
3.For each lvl, Impale DMG +3%; max lvl:5; Require 15 KP spent
4.Bless now increase P-Healing +10% and cooldown reduced by 20%; Max lvl:1; Require "Talent3" lvl5 and 20kp spent. 
5.For each lvl, increase  Atk Spd by +1%; Max lvl10;
6.For each lvl, increase Fissure Dmg by +3%; Max lvl5; require "Talent5" lvl5.
7.For each lvl, STR +1%; Max lvl:20; 
8.For each lvl, increase Sand Walker Dmg by +3%;Max lvl5
9.For each lvl, increase Rising Storm Dmg by +3%; Max lvl5; require "Talent8" lvl5.
10.For each lvl, increase P-Healing +1%; Max lvl10; 
11.For each lvl, increase Divine Stand block/parry +2% and duration +1sec; max lvl5; require "Talent10" lvl5 
12.For each lvl, increase all elemental resistances +1%; max lvl10;
13.For each lvl, increase Whirwild protection Def and HP bonus +2%; max lvl5; require "Talent12" lvl5 
14.For each lvl, Defense +1%; Max lvl:20;
15.For each lvl, Crit Rate +1%; Max lvl 20;
16.For each lvl, Crit DMG +2%; Max lvl 10; Require "15" lvl10
17.For each lvl, P-Atk and malice +1%; Max lvl:5; Require 30KP spent
18.For each lvl, increase Sun Light duration +2sec; max lvl5; require 45KP spent
Additional Information:
Class acquired after complete lv44 questline on Arid Wilds and reach lv45
Protector, Tomb Guardian and God Soul are Sword/Pike user and P-Atk based

Class Art:PK57PYk.jpg?2
Awaken class I- Tomb Guardian
Additional passive:DEF +10%
1.Scarab Armor:cost 1% Mp per sec; reflects  15% * (0.5 caster defense)  received DMG directly to the attacker.While this skill is active, increase Shifting sands AoE +10 Meters
2.Osiris reincarnation:costs 20% mp; cooldown 90sec; applies "Osiris reincarnation" to caster for 10 seconds, if hp drops below 5% within that time, grants caster "Ethereal" status for 3 sec, wich grants caster immunity to all dmg, increase Atk SPD +30% and Basic atack life steal +75%, but silences the caster. 
3.Pyramid guardian:cost 3%mp per sec; grants 15% dmg reduction to all party members whitin 30 meters and knocks away all enemies whitin 10 meters of caster every 2 seconds, caster is immobilized while this skill is active. 
4.Isis Hands:cast time 2 sec.;cooldown 8 sec; heal all party members whitin 30 meters and remove 2 debuffs.
5.Stomp: cooldown 5sec; Deal damage do all enemies whitin 10 meters of the caster and knock them down.
6.Fast Cut: coldown 4sec; Deal double hit damage to all targets whitin a 20 fan-shaped area around the target and reduces all physical resistances for 5sec.
7.Wind blade: cooldown 3 sec; Strikes all enemies along a 15 meters straight line, inflicting -40% move spd for 5 sec.
8.Shifting sands:cooldown 8sec; Deal deal triple hit  dmg with massive malice, pull target towards the caster and immobilizes, deal 30% more damage if caster is in "Scarab armor" state.
Awaken class II-God Soul
Additional Passive:Crit DMG +5%
1.Rolling Sun: cooldown 10sec; Pushes a Rolling sun in the target direction, dealing fire damage to all targets along a 20 meters straight line and inflicting "burning" status wich deal aditional fire DMG equal to 10% of the caster P-Atk every second for 4 seconds.
2.Anubis Bite: cooldown 4sec;Deal double hit DMG to all enemies within a 15-meter fan-shaped area and reduces their move spd by -30% for 6 seconds.
3.Serqet Sting: cooldown 12sec; Deal DMG to all targets within a 20-meter fan-shaped area, inflicting "Weak" status for 3 seconds wich decreases Atk spd and Cast spd by -20%, after "Weak" status ends, stun target for 2 secs.
4.Sand Storm:Cooldown 7sec; Deal triple hit Dmg all targets within a 20-meter fan-shaped area and inflicts "Blind" state wich has 15% chance of causing target skills to fail, lasts 3 sec.
5.Mummify: cooldown 15sec; Deal dmg to the target and immobilizes for 2 sec, if target dies by this skill dmg, has 2% chance to ressurrect as an ally for 8sec.
6.Nephtys wings:Cooldown 35sec; Increase Move SPD +20% and recover 10% of caster HP and MP every second for 5 seconds.
7.Seth's Hunt:costs 2% HP per sec;Hunt your enemies in the name of Seth and gain the following stats:P-Atk +30%/Atk Spd, Acc +10% /MP costs +25%/The skill "Anubis bite" will recover 25% of damage dealt as HP, increase "Mummify" AoE by 7 meters.(This skill cannot coexist with "Horus Blessing")
8.Horus Blessing:costs 3% Mp per sec; Defend your allies with Horus help, gain the following stats:Def, EVA and Parry +20%/ The skill "Khepri shield" applies to all allies with 50% duration, "Nephtys Wings" grants all party members within 30 meters DMG received  -15% for 10 seconds.(This skill cannot coexist with "Seth's Hunt")
9.Khepri Shield: cooldown 25sec; Increase Max HP for 20sec, grants caster "Khepri carapace"status wich Reflects Dmg  by 15% for 4 sec


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  • Class Type: Tank (Purple)
  • Class Name: Herald of Chaos

Class Description:

" The ultimate weapon of the dark forces to conquer the world. This warriors storm the battlefield with tremendous might, annihilating everyone on their sights with their infinite powers and unbreakable armors."

  • Class Stats:

HP: 140%
MP: 70%
STR: 120%
AGI: 114%
INT: 120%
WIS: 105%
LCK: 108%

  • Class Main Passive:

Passive_Icon.PNGAbsolute Darkness: +20% Max Hp and +10% All resistances.

  • Class Gear:

Armor_Icon.PNGHeavy Armor


  • Class Race Passive:

Human_Icon.PNGHuman: Ethereal Blade -> +25% P-Atk & M-Atk while using a Greasword & +10 seconds to all Immunities.

Halfkin_Icon.PNGHalfkin: Unpredictable Deception -> +35% Parry & Mov. Spd while under attack.

Anuran_Icon.PNGAnuran: Reality Disruption -> +15% Life Steal & Immovilize Immunity.

Ursun_Icon.PNGUrsun: Hulking Mounstrocity -> -20% Damage Taken while under any CC effect & +15% Healing from allies.

Zumi_Icon.PNGZumi: Spectral Armor -> +25% Def & Mundane Immunity

Class Skills:

I)Soul Harvest: Increases P-Atk +10%, damaging all enemies in a fan shaped area, healing 8% of the damage dealt per target.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

II)War Cry: For 12 seconds the caster and all allies in a 20 meter area will receive 25% increased healing from all sources.

Cooldown: 24 seconds.

Mp cost: 10% Max mp

III)Corrupting Strike: Increases Caster's M-Atk +28.000, charging towards its target dealing dark damage and reducing Def and All resistances in 10% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 7 seconds.

*This attack generates massive amounts of malice.

IV)Underworld Might: Increases P-Atk +40.500 Disarming the selected target for 4 seconds and the caster will take 10% decreased damage for 5.5 seconds. (Damage reduction stacks 2 times.)

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

  *Affected targets will be immune to the effect for 9 seconds & boss monsters cannot be disarmed.

*This attack generates massive amounts of malice.

V)Annihilation Blast: Knock Down all targets in a 12 meters area for 4 seconds, dealing 12% of their maximum Hp as damage. After a successful Knock Down, Caster's Def and Resistances will increase in 15% for 7 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Cast time: 0.8 seconds.

VI)World Ender: Force all enemies in a 20 meters area to attack you for 8 seconds, while reducing all incoming damage in 75%.

During the effect Caster's Mov. Spd will be decreased in 50% and will be unable to receive healing from allies unless "War Cry" is active.

Cooldown: 35 seconds.

VII)Bane’s Call: Upon activation the caster will convert 20% of the damage taken and 6% of the damage dealt to hp. Also for every critical hit taken, your P-Atk & M-Atk will increase in 6% for 4.5 seconds, stacking up 5 times.

*This skill costs 4% max Mp per second.

VIII)Heartless Warrior: Increase M-Atk in 34.890 dealing triple hit damage to an enemy, increasing Parry in 20% for 4 seconds. If the affected target is under the effects of "Corrupting Strike" the skill will deal double damage and increase your Max Hp in 20% for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 seconds.

*The Hp buff cannot be refreshed and it has an 8 seconds cooldown.

IX)Minion Resurrection: Sacrifice 30% of your current hp to revive a fallen ally with 75% of their max hp and mp, but for 5 second their damage will be reduced in 50% and their crit rate in 100%.

*After reviving an ally the caster will gain 60% of M-Crit damage reduction for 3.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

X)Blood Runes: Activate one of your 3 runes to gain different bonuses:

 -Rune of Immortality: 

    +35% Max Hp

    +25% Eva & Parry

    -15% Damage Taken

+15% All Resistances

*Upon taking critical damage you recover 5% of your max hp, and remove 1 negative effect..

 -Rune of Destruction:

    +20% P-Atk & M-Atk

    +10% P-Crit rate & M-Crit rate

    +15% Acc

*Upon dealing critical damage heal 15% of the damage dealt and gain 5% extra damage for 3 seconds.

 -Rune of Brutal Chaos:

    +25% Mov. Spd

    +20% Life Steal

    +10% Healing from allies

*Dogging attacks will increase all your offensive stats in 20% for 2.5 seconds


  •  Holy Skills:

1.- Power Siphon: Create a 20 meters area for 20 seconds that decreases P-Crit & M-Crit rate & Dmg in 30% to all enemies in the area, while reducing in 20% the damage taken by the caster.

 Cooldown: 45 seconds.

2.- Necromantic Mastery: Mark an enemy dealing 5% of their max hp as damage every second for 6 seconds, while the caster heals 6% of his max hp per second.

 Cooldown: 24 seconds.

*This effect cannot be Removed.


  • Class Talents:





1.- Warlord: +3% Max Hp per level.
Max 20 levels

2.- Black Iron Armor: +4% Def per level.
Max 20 levels

3.- Dark Soul: +2% Str and Int per level.
Max 20 levels

4.- Lust for Power: +2% malice generation per level.
Max 20 levels

5.- Perfect Defense: +3% Parry per level.
Max 20 levels

6.- Corrupted Presence: +1% P-Crit & M-Crit rate per level.
Max 15 levels

7.- Unhuman: -2% Critical damage Taken per level.
Max 12 levels

*Requires: Warlord Lvl 15.

8.- Menacing PowerHouse: +2% P-Atk & M-Atk per level.
Max 10 levels
*Requires: Dark Soul Lvl 10

9.- Blinding Fury: Convert 5% of all damage dealt into healing, while reducing P-Healing & G-Healing in 10%.

Max 1 level (This Talent Requires 3 Knowledge Points)

*Requires: Lust For Power Lvl 10
10.-  Armageddon Knight: +20% Eva while your Hp remains over 50%.
Max 1 level

11.- Ruler of the Land: "War Cry" will grant +10% damage dealt to the caster and for every successful hit you will receive +2% Eva for 10 seconds. (Stacks up 15 times)

Max 1 level

12.- Minion Empowering: All allies in the area of "World Ender" will deal 4% increased damage and take 25% decreased AoE damage.
Max 1 level

*Requires: Corrupted Presence: Lvl 15

13.- Requiem Blast: After finishing "World Ender" deal 25% of your current Hp as damage in a 25 meters area.

Max 1 level (This talent requires 5 Knowledge points)

14.- Unbreakable Madness: +2% Mov. Spd & Atk. Spd per level.
Max 10 levels

15.- Devourer of Souls: "Soul harvester" damage healed will increase in 2% per level.
Max 3 levels

16.- Dark Lord's Will: "Bane’s Call" will grant you 25% extra Max Hp & Mov. Spd while active.
Max 1 level
17.- Power Barrier: "Underworld Might" now can stack its damage reduction buff 5 times but each stack will grant 6% DR instead of 10%.
Max 1 level

18.- Ruthless Warrior: All skill Dmg increases in 20%.

Max 1 level (This talent requires 5 knowledge points.)

19.- Dark Fate: For each level, "Minion Resurrection" will have 2 seconds decreased cooldown.
Max 5 levels


  • Certificates:

Overpower: +3% All Resistances/ 6% All resistances.

Immortal: +50% Hp & Mp.

Dual Layered Armor: -12% M-Damage taken when under attack.


  • Lore:

"This Bloodthirsty warriors used to be eternal guardians who fought the dark lords in previous ages, unfortunately they were brutally defeated and as they planned, the strong will and sense of justice that was present in the brave warriors was shattered and their souls were corrupted with the power of darkness, converting them into their final weapon once the tides of the battle turned against them.

Weapons with the power of destroying whoever tried to stop them from achieving their goal, while increasing the size of their armies with the bodies of the fallen warriors, moreover their corrupted energy is able to kill any organic object or entity that enters in contact with, once it is being emanated from this dreadnaughts.

In order to preserve this invaluable weapon, the Heralds of Chaos remained dormant in black crystals scattered around the globe, waiting until the Bane Prince made the call. A call that will seal the destiny of the world, covering it with the absolute darkness."






<IGN> DemonGuardian



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Lancer: A Lancer is a chivalrous and noble warrior who wishes to do all for the victory.

He shares bond of respect to his enemie during battle, wishing to face him in an honorable duel to death.

Class Type: Orange/ middle Range DPS

Class Weapon: Lance (2H)

Additional Passive : If Equipped with a Lance ATK will increase by 12%

Class Stats:

HP :112%
MP :80%
STR :125%
AGI :114%
INT :96%
WIS :90%
LCK :122%

Racial Passives :

Human: have a 5% chance to double hit
Zumi: Hits enemies 20 meters near the target
Anuran: Dmg Received -15%
Ursun: Single hit DMG will increase by 75%
Halfkin: will increase EVA +LCK by 6% each 2% Health is reduced

Class Skills :

Lost Dance :  Decrease DEF and EVA from all Enemys nearby 10 meters and Hits DMG by +1452 ( does not work on boss)

Cooldown : 15 secs

MP costs : 740 MP

Tornado Spirit : Hits Tagets 20 Meters away up in the air with dmg of +4321, decreases move speed of all enemies by 50%

Cooldown : 23 secs

MP costs : 850 MP

Holy Armor : Increases DEF and PATK of all party members within 10 meters  by 15% and holds für 2:30 minutes

Cooldown : 3 Minutes

MP Costs : 6000 MP

Thunder Stun : Hits the Target with + 1254 and Stuns it for 5 secs heals caster by 10% dealt DMG

Cooldown : 10secs

MP Costs : 300MP

High Strike : Strikes the Enemy back with + 2122 and increases atk speed by 33%

Cooldown : 3 secs

MP Costs : 450 MP

Will of God : Receives +109HP for 17 secs but decreases ATK by 80%

Cooldown : 45 Secs

MP Costs : 1000MP

Pierce of Strike : Hits all Enemys within 10 Meters with +1333 and increases ATK + LCK by 6% for 30 Secs and refenerates MP by 100 each secound

Cooldown : 40 Secs

MP Costs : 200 MP

Class Talents :

  1. Energy Strike : MP Costs will be reduced by 20%. (Max. 3)
  2. Strenght Storm : For each level, Str of 2%. (Max. 7)
  3. Star stone spirits : For each level, DMG Tornado Spirit 4%. (Max. )
  4. Kyo Otto Heart: For each level, EVA and Def will increase 0.3% (Max. 10)
  5. Holy Heart : Holy Armor will increase by 5%. (Max. 3)
  6. Forgotten Heart : For each level, Cast Spd will increase by 1.3 %(Max. 10)
  7. Monkey Spirit : Will of God will increase by 10% HP (Max. 2)
  8. Holy Coin : For each level, cooldown of Holy Armor decrease 0.5%. (Max. 5)

Certificates :

Rythm toppa : Increase 10% DEF

Slytha : increase malice attacks 5%

God Mode : 5% on all Stats and 70% increase MP



info : Inspiration was by Lancer from fate as u can see for art ( cuz i cant do smth good like this uwu )

all values are random

hope got it all right and didnt forget smth

GL to everybody owo



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Purple Class: Wizard

Wizards have the talent for the magic but they don't have much mana flowing through their bodies like the magicians, so they study and learn the rune casting, the runes drains energy from the enviroment so the Wizards can use magic, but with reduced range, and high mana usage.


Racial Passives:
Human-Power Conversion Rune:10% of P-Atk is converted to M-Atk.
Halfkin-Absorbing Rune:5% chance of recover 1% MP when M-Dmg taken.
Zumi-Unimproved Rune:1% Dmg dealt is converted to a random elemental Dmg.
Anuran-Wind Rune:Eva +10%/5% chance to increase surrouding allies Eva +15%.
Ursun-Protective Rune:Parry +10%/Parry reduce Dmg taken -75%.

Class Passive:
Destructive Rune: M-Crit Dmg +10%
Light Armor Mastery

Vitality Rune I / II:Max HP +5%/Max HP +10%
Frenzy Rune I / II: M-Atk +5%/M-Atk +10%
Blood Rune I / II: Attacks have 3% chance to recover HP +3%/Attacks have 5% chance to recover HP +5%

1.Water Slide:Cooldown 8sec;Charges forward and grants caster "Ice armor", pass through targets dealing ice Dmg and mark them with "Ice Shard" wich causes targets Mov SPD -50%/Combo skill-Shard explosion: explode all Ice Shards dealing M-Dmg in a 10 meters area and Immobilizes target that are not affected by "Ice Shard".Consume 1 stack of "Ice Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy (Ice armor status ignore 3 direct hits) Required Weapon:Grimoire

2.Fire Blast:Cooldown 8sec;Create a Fire explosion under the caster dealing fire Dmg in a 10 meters area,reduce Targets Def -20% and launches the caster into the air./Combo Skill-Firestar:Caster descends from the air like a shooting star, falling in targeted area dealing Fire Dmg.Consume 1 stack of "Fire Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy;Required Weapon:Grimoire

3.Electric discharge:Cooldown 8sec;Deal Lightning Dmg to the target and mark with "Polarized", the discharge can chain 6x between targets within 10 meters and mark targets with "Magnetic"./Combo skill-Magnetize:Pull all targets with "Magnetic" Status towards the target with "Polarized" status and deal Lightning Dmg to all targets on the impact.(Magnetize deal Dmg equal to 2% Max Hp of the target affected by "Polarized")Consume 1 stack of "Lightning Energy" and 4 stacks of any other energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire

4.10Ton of Knowledge:Cooldown 6sec;Deal M-Dmg to all targets in a 10 meters fan shaped area and knock targets 10 meters back; Required Weapon:Grimoire

5.Trap Rune:Cooldown 6sec;Place a invisible rune on the ground that explode on contact, dealing elemental dmg correspondent to caster Soul Rune. Consume 1 stack of any energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire

6.Rune explosion:Cooldown 20sec;Deal elemental Dmg within 10 meters of the caster, corresponding to the Soul Rune Status active, Remove the Soul Rune stauts, Spectral armor status, and all remaining Energy stacks;Reset Elemental Soul Rune cooldown; Required Weapon:Grimoire

*7.Mana Arrow Rune:Costs 3% MP to activate;Caster fires a Mana Arrow to the closest target within 30 meters, each Arrow drains 150 MP when hit the target .The time between each shot is calculated based on the caster AGI, maximum of 2.5 shots per sec. (this skill was created thinking of what could be the magic classes basic attack)

8.Elemental Soul Rune:Cooldown 30sec;Select Between 3 Elemental Runes; Cast Time:4Sec; Required Weapon:Grimoire
Ice Soul Rune:Dmg of Water Slide and Shard explosion +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Ice Energy"
Fire Soul Rune:Dmg of Fire Blast and Fire Star +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Fire Energy"
Lightning Soul Rune:Dmg of Electric Discharge and Magnetize +10% and -50% CD/Caster Gain 99 stacks of "Lightning Energy"

9.Spectral Armor:Cooldown 45sec;Grants Caster:Parry +10%/Mov SpD +5%;Lasts 30sec; Require Soul Rune Status to activate.Cast Time:3Sec Consume 10 stacks of any energy; Required Weapon:Grimoire
Spectral Ice Armor:Grants caster:Def +15%/Max Hp +5%/Ice Resistance +10
Spectral Fire Armor:Grants caster:physical resist +10/Move Spd +5%/Fire Resistance +10
Spectral Lightning Armor:Grants caster:Eva +15%/Agi +5%/Lightning resistance +10

10.Translucid body Rune:Cooldown 40sec;Place a decoy and grants caster invisibility for 10sec, next attack will deal 2x Dmg, but increase taken dmg  4x. Decoy run in circles and have 100HP and 50% Move Spd. This invisibility status wont reset enemies. invisibility break when caster attack or when the decoy die; Required Weapon:Grimoire

Knowledge Points:

1.For each lvl Def +1%
2.For each lvl M-Atk +1%
3.10Ton of Knowledge Dmg +10% and now inflict Mov SPd -30%.
4.For each lvl Max HP +2%/Require 30KP spent
5.For each lvl Dmg of Water Slide and Shard Explosion +3%
6.While Ice Soul Rune Status is active, Fire Blast Disarm targets/Electric discharge inflict fear on targets; Ice armor Status stacks 3x
7.For each lvl ACC +1%
8.For each lvl EVA +1%
9.Translucid body duration +5sec and decoy have 5% caster max HP
10.For each lvl M-Crit Dmg +4%/Require 30KP spent
11.For each lvl Dmg of Electric Discharge and Magnetize +3% 
12.While Lightning Soul Rune Status is active,Water slide Reduce targets elemental resistances -10/Fire blast decrase targets Eva -15%
13.For each lvl Physical resistances +1%
14.For each lvl INT +1%
15.Trap rune Dmg +10%  and now knock up targets for 1sec.
16.For each lvl M-Crit Rate +2%/Require 30KP spent
17.For each lvl Dmg of Fire Blast and Fire Star +3% 
18.While Fire Soul Rune Status is active, Water Slide reduce target Atk Spd and Cast Spd-15%/Electric Discharge decrease target ACC -10%

Class Art:JYaLIKZ.jpg?2

Addtional Info: -I just want to participate with the Protector class, just posting this class to share the idea.
-Outfit inspired by some classes from Tree of Savior.
-Most of the Wizards skills don't have cast time due to the energy that they drain from the enviroment, but the mana usage is high to be more balanced
-2H weapon/ Grimoire


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Class Name: Darkness Paladin

Class Description: 

Darkness paladin is a witcher who learn black-magic and weapons arts to fight against the wizards.

Class Main Passive:  2% chance to make a triple hit for 3 seconds.

Class Race Passives:

(HUMAN) the allmighty: Increases P-attack-M-attack 35% 

(HALFKIN) the untouchable: Eva +30%  

(ANURAN) the insensitive: Increases all resistances by 5%

(ZUMI) the unbreakable: Increases def and parry 15% when equipped with a 2 hand weapons

(URSUN) the infernal: 1% chance to inflict random status on the target



Dark paladin lance: P-atk +23888, triple hit on target and give "Paladin Power" as buff. "Paladin Power" gave a triple hit on skills during 5 secs. (5 sec cooldown, cost 550mp)

Infernal pentacle : M-atk +66666 darkness dmg, triple hit to all targets arounds 50m. (5sec cooldown, cost 666mp)

Darkness slash : P-atk +35000 , double hit on target, reduce dark and slash res by 3% during 4secs stack 10 times (3 secs cooldown, cost 666mp) 

Darkness laser : M-atk + 99999 darkness dmg, hit all targets on a ligne of 75m. (7secs cooldown, cost 999mp)

Hellish spawn : Go invisible during 25secs, u can use your skills during the time you are in with this buff, all targets will be revers during your first skill for 5 secs. (15secs cooldown, 666mp cost) 

Darkness explosions: M-atk +36666 darkness dmg, knock up all targets around 20m during 3 secs. (10secs cooldown, 666 mp costs) 

Darkness power : cost 5% mp each 2 secs, gave + 30% p-atk and 50% m-atk, +15% EVA , +5% parry , +5% m-crit and p-crit, 5% double hit , and 3% triple hit, reduce cooldown of skills by 3secs.

Others information >>

HP: 105%
MP: 135%
STR: 100%
AGI: 120%
INT: 135%
WIS: 50%
LCK: 125%


License knowledge:

Dark Strike: MP costs will be reduced by 20% (Max. 3)

Darkness storm: For each level, STR and INT+2% (Max.7)

Dark laser: For each level, DMG dark laser +4% (Max.5)

You'll never touch: For each level, EVA and Def +0.3% (Max. 10)

Darkness heart: For each level, m-atk and m-atk +2% (Max. 20)

Darkness speed: For each level, Move SPD +1.3% (Max. 10)

Darkness power: For each level +1% HP (Max. 20)

Hellish Darkness: For each level, the cooldown of Hellish Spawn -0.5%. (Max. 5)

Certificates :

darkness end : Increase 7% p-atk and m-atk

darkness shield : reduce damage taken by 8%

darkness strike : 2% chance to make double hit

All skills can be used with staff / pike / sword. Heavy armor class. purple class.

images?  q = tbn: ANd9GcQUNzJqxfUQjLc8tOnuAND

Ig: Pluton

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Black Class : Alpaca


Is Alpaca helping you ? Tell us your problems.


Stats : 

HP : 400%

MP : 50%

STR : 50%

AGI : 50%

INT : 50%

SAG : 50%

Armor type: Heavy Armor

Racial Passives:

Human Alpaca: 2% chance to stun the target when equipped with cestus.
Halfkin Alpaca: 2% chance to sleep the target when equipped with rapier.
Zumi Alpaca: 2% chance to fear the target when equipped with dague.
Anuran Alpaca:  Casts have 2% chance to summon an alpaca which prevents from all lags and CC in the game for allies at 15 meters range.
Ursun Alpaca: HP +20%


Class Passive:

Alpaca Destruction : 20% chance to alpaca crash the ennemy if this one targets you. Increase P-Atk and M-Atk +15% when equipped with Dague,Rapier,Cestus. Immune to Stun, Fear, Knock up, Sleep and Lags.

Salty Alpaca I / II: DMG received lowered by 15%/DMG received lowered by 30%
Reflect Alpaca I / II: 2% to reflect 30% of P-DMG and M-DMG to the ennemy/ 4% to reflect 30% of P-DMG and M-DMG to the ennemy.
Blood Alpaca I / II: Recover 1%HP/sec / Recover 2%HP/sec


1. Alpaca DMG: Increase DMG by 20% for allies at 15 meters range permanently. (Alpaca DMG cannot stack with Alpaca Armor and Alpaca Debuff) 

2.Alpaca Armor: Lowered DMG received by 20% for allies at 15 meters range permanently. (Alpaca Armor cannot stack with Alpaca DMG and Alpaca Debuff) 

3.Alpaca Debuff: Removes all negativ buffs for allies at 15 meters permanently. (Alpaca Debuff cannot stack with Alpaca DMG and Alpaca Armor) 

4.Alpaca Hypnotisis: Cooldown 6secs ;Deal P-Dmg to all targets in a 10 meters area and hypnotises targets. Required Weapon: Dague,Rapier,Cestus.

Hypnotise CC: Ennemies can attack their allies with AOE skills.

5.Alpaca taunt: Cooldown 3 secs; Ennemies must target you. (10 meters AOE)

6.Alpaca DoT: Cooldown 8 secs ; Ennemies lost 4% HP/sec during 6 secs. (10 meters AOE)

7.Alpaca VPN: Cooldown 4 secs ; Change VPN location (random country) of a single target.

8.Alpaca Speed: Permanent ; Increase your Move Speed by 60%.


Knowledge Points: 

Black Classes Don't have KP, they are too broken for this.


Alpaca crash

IGN : Yushini



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Class Artwork


Notes: Class artwork is OC except for icons, XD

Lore: After the discovery of the Eternal Guardian in Limestone Mtn. some of the Chivalric order from the Valencia Federation has set up a task unit in order to train them, knowing that they bare the power as the children of the Gods born from the Blue crystal they are prophesizes to build a legendary paradise, but as chaos grew from the tension between Braider Kingdom and Toroto Empire these Eternal Guardians beholding the skill and wisdom of their Order now scour the continent having their own oath to uphold and order to spread over the chaos.

<IGN> Disconnected



Edited by Dissatisfaction
Incomplete link and lore added
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Here are the winners of the Event!

🥇1st Place -
- 4 Event Point + 50 Eden Crystal + A released legendary of your choice or Pet of Choice !
@xMZMA, @Dissatisfaction

🥈2nd Place -
- 3 Event Point + 30 Eden Crystal !
@DemonX, @DevilJam, @Yǒngyuǎn

🥉3rd place -
- 2 Event Point + 15 Eden Crystal !
@__Bryce, @Xaoc, @Kyouma, @infecttado, @TonnyDragons, @Kandy up

🎖️For participation -
- 1 Event Point !
@SuperDork, @Pluton, @DevilJam

🏆More Rewards for -
- 1 Event Point !
Most felt award to @xMZMA
Best Artwork award to @Dissatisfaction

Thank you to all participants, rewards will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day !

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