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After re-reading and witnessing the original thread aimed at gathering opinions for a "Classic"-style Eden Eternal server, I feel embarrassed for both sides. The thread where "hatred" that was mentioned in Bash's post for a new server was a 2-way street and handled poorly by both sides. Afterwards, the thread was deleted.

But it just further reiterates why I just can't trust the management at all.
I can avoid people if they bother me, a block list is there after all but I can't avoid management for a game if I play it.
This is all my own personal opinion however.

I only found out about that thread in the first place because it was instigated by someone else who posted it onto a different private server's discord.

Why even bother posting?
Because I still think it's good to post at least my own opinion, whether good or bad towards the new server. Whether I play it or not.
If it influences your opinion, then my post was worth it.
If it's nothing but just a wall a text for you, carry on.
There is no tl;dr.

In the end, I never got a response to age old wounds because the thread was closed before I got any sort of response from management.
Why I wouldn't come back to a classic server by VGN, despite the initial post hoping that people from years prior would come back for a classic experience. Cyberbullying should be taken seriously.

I still wish VGN the best regardless.
This thread will probably be ignored anyways.
If it isn't, then hey! What's up? Greetings from a city on lock down!
Stay safe out there! :)

/end rant.

Image below is my post from the previous thread before it was deleted.


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  • VGN GM

I didn't get a chance to respond to this message as I either missed it due to being AFK before the post was decided to closed or I simply didn't see it.

However just to clarify before responding by management include the guild leader she means me. Also to clarify she is also the girlfriend of the person who ignited the drama on the post to begin with. This does not however invalidate your opinion and your voice so I will respect your voice and I hope anyone else can be respectful in turn.


To put this in perspective everything during this time was a much more different atmosphere to now. Back then the level of toxicity on world chat deserved or not was much higher than it has been for a long time. There was a lot of toxicity from both sides of the coin and there was no "we eventually became toxic" because it was happening from day 1 from both sides. I'm not here to argue who said what or who was right and who was wrong but to clarify for the sake of your post.

If people link images of players real life image whether with permission or not it results in a temporary ban or a permenant ban depending on the severity of the case. We do not condone cyberbullying and if this was what you experienced then whether it was on my watch or not all I can say is that I'm sorry you experianced this I truely am. I don't remember being involved myself but I was also young at this time so my behaviour may have been a bit immature. This however doesn't include PvP trash talking, although there is a limit to what is acceptable calling someone bad or trash in a PvP environment is not what I consider being cyber bullying but more competative banter. It's also rarely reported ever so although players who still play may say one thing to you, they clearly don't deem it bannable.


I hope if you ever want to join a proper and well hosted classice server you give us a try however I'd understand if you didn't also. I don't really care for this inter-server drama and I know Bash went off earlier but that doesn't mean you guys are not welcome if you ever do want to come and play. All we hope to do is provide a fun experiance that players wanted and due to Bash not being around we had to wait until now. Ultimately its up to you guys we're likely still going with this idea and depending on how the beta goes depends on if the server will happen. We will post more information about the beta when it's ready.


Just to add, here is a copy of the rules that are currently in state which are followed.


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48 minutes ago, Jordan said:

To put this in perspective everything during this time was a much more different atmosphere to now. Back then the level of toxicity on world chat deserved or not was much higher than it has been for a long time. There was a lot of toxicity from both sides of the coin and there was no "we eventually became toxic" because it was happening from day 1 from both sides. I'm not here to argue who said what or who was right and who was wrong but to clarify for the sake of your post.


I won't deny that there was a lot of toxicity from both sides but the line, "we eventually became toxic", was from my own point of view.
Because I wasn't apart of the drama that came with the private server before VGN.
The "PlayEden" server where there was a lot of already incoming drama from groups between the guild you ran and the guild I was in during VGN prior to even starting the server.
After being clarified to that in discord, I do realize it's wrong but again, that point was made with my own point of view and opinion because I hardly played the previous private server. I mostly played the official Aeria server and only managed to play a little of PlayEden due to school and irl family issues and afterwards, the abrupt shut down.
The toxic behavior was there, it just festered into higher proportions during my time in VGN.


However, it may be very white knight-ish of me but I don't believe the instigator to be my boyfriend but rather the person who even bothered to post the thread in the first place on another private server's discord. Where a lot of us were just chilling, trying to enjoy our night before that. It was more of a pent-up reaction because of the previous thread where the last time that private server went up, a similar thread was put on VGN's forums regarding a classic server and our own reactions to it.

That's why I thought the whole thread was just embarrassing on both sides.
It shouldn't have happened at all but I do wish Bash was a little more mature regarding some of his responses.
I can only wish more of my own friends as well but the damage has already been done.

Thank you for reading my post though and replying! I do still sincerely wish you all the best.
This will probably be my last post.

However, I just can't attempt to try a VGN server after the last time.
Having my privacy invaded and my pictures posted, seeing the names people were calling me from complete strangers traumatized me and brought back ptsd from another time where I was harrassed and stalked in real life when I was younger.
It hurt a hell of a lot to see that nothing was being done about it and I can't ever forget it and I don't think I could ever forgive either.
I'm glad that actions are being taken more seriously. I just wish action was taken more seriously back then because even now, I have nothing but unhappy feelings more often than not when it concerns Eden Eternal, no matter which server. I wish it wasn't so because I do enjoy this game.

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  • VGN GM
1 minute ago, Aiko said:


People will always post something they enjoy/care about. None of the staff asked said person just like none of the staff of the other server asked players to go into our game and discords advertising his. Players make their own choices so it doesn't excuse the wave that came here. Please understand our thread had nothing to do with your server and the only reason we opened it was because we're finally ready to deliver on a heavily requested topic (After Bash was back and as he said a bit of nagging from me).

I wish you guys the best and just remember we welcome you to join regardless if you want to or not. Thank you for being respectful even if the situation got a bit sour.

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  • VGN GM

I can only begin to apologise for your experience here at VGN and to remind you that we do not condone cyber bullying in any form here. I will also state that every case is of it's own nature and is treat in a neutral manner.

Some things to take into account on how we approach a case of this nature:

  • Culture and Background of the case manager. What do they deem as offensive in their culture and background? For example I actually don't act on any cursing unless there is enough evidence that shows me harrassment. I think in 2020 especially, this is the internet this is the world we live in, people are safe in their homes and feel they can say whatever they want. That doesn't make it right though, discrimination based words directed towards someone we will mute and if they continue doing so we will take action.
  • How did this begin? Why did player x do that to player y? In all the years of doing this, I've always handled cases by seeing how it all began. In some cases someone says x to y and then it's reported, what happens if we look at the logs and see that y also said something to x? To understand this you must approach it in a neutral manner. In the end we just tell them to suck it up, if you wanna give, you must be able to take, especially in that kind of situation.

    Our actions are always approached with a neutral manner and if we believe the case is just plain stupid we will not action because why? A lot of cases are merely just 2 people going at it and in the end why should we get involved because we saw one side of the story? Because if one person gets punished we're then favoring one side of the argument. That isn't fair and then once again forces me to repeat myself on the whole "neutral manner". Some cases yes we might mute but both of you get muted, this then is reached out to the community who then get involved because they're only seeing one side of the story. You get the dilemma we're always put in? We don't see it from your side or the others, we see it from our side and it's from a neutral side.

  • External Harrassment, how can we prove evidence on an external platform (i.e. Discord) is real? Evidence can be faked, we cannot prove if someone is harrassing you on a platform we have no control over. You can fake anything these days and unless I see it in black and white on a platform I trust (i.e. Logs of the Server) I won't act on it. This is the same for everyone else in the team, we cannot go and act on external material like that due to how easy it is to fake.

I can list many other reasons why the outcome may not go the way you like. I do not know of your case or what happened so I cannot use your case as an example. I do recall at one point suggesting to our staff (Pretty sure Lynn and Par were also present as Staff when this was discussed by me, could be wrong) to go easier on the community. I believe the phrase "Nazi Bans" were being thrown around in the old days when we did act on everything so we lessened up on the entire network not just EE. That again does not state we were right and if we got your case wrong then we're sorry but like I said we're human we do and will make mistakes.

I would also like to apologise for my behaviour in that thread, you obviously did not agree with my immature responses but anyone who knows me knows I do not take crap from anyone especially when it's lies being thrown my way.

As for the thread being sent around, I did not ask anyone to do that nore was it directed towards another server's community hub. I cannot be accountable because someone copied my thread URL and pasted it.

Anyways, I just wanted to fill you in on the basis of how we judge cases it's not as easy as you think as you'll find out.

Thank you.

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