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It's possible to make we relog in GT?

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(I'm sorry i'm making 1248098048141 different suggestions, but)
I was thinking if it was possible because there's nothing worst in EE than logging 10-15 alts to collect and then losing connection.
It would be nice if it's possible to add a soul guardian in GT and make we relog in GT after we lose connection and relog.
I'm not sure if it's possible because it could cause bugs due to GT being only ch4, so I don't know what happens if we are linked to a Guardian Soul in GT but relog in ch1, so it's understandable if u can't make it, but it would be really really nice if possible.

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The game cannot handle this as Guild Towns are generated on server start up and are not static locations. Since they're dynamic maps like Player Houses the game cannot rely on them always being their and also cannot rely on them always being at ID 123 (as an example). Maps on the other hand have single instances, you don't have 2 Aven's or 2 Tranquil Hills there is just 1 per channel (Treat each channel as a completely different server as technically they are). So when you respawn the game can always rely on Map 1 existing and map 1 being Aven.

<I did you write the exact reason of why its possible but then I realised just how complicated the logic is behind it and is just unnessary waffle by me>

As you said it yourself with GT only being CH4 and your soul being you safe return place putting a soul in a dynamic map is just going to get people stuck unable to log into the game as the spawn point doesn't exist anymore and that same spawn point is their safe point. Along with that the server isn't aware that Aven is the main city it just knows map 1 is Aven and it has a Soul Guardian in it, so you can't really default it that way either.

But to TLDR, game wont know where to spawn you especially after a maintenance and if someone deletes their town or changes it to a Desert from a Forest your going to have a bad time.

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