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Some personal suggestions


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Okay. So I'm going to suggest some ideas that are my personal opinion, so they don't mean to be perfect and they even might have flaws.

1: What about starting at lvl 50 cap, and gradually rising cap by five every 3 or 4 months so we can get a chance for achievements, sets and really enjoy the game, so it doesn't feel that you have to rush for cap. This would be good for casual players too who don't spend 12 or more hours a day online.

2: The exp rates should be low, because I don't see the point in reaching cap in 10 hours. It doesn't give longevity to the game. Now, when talking about drop rates, like trophies, cc equipment fo bosses and armor or enchantment chest should be higher. nobody wants to kill a boos 150 times to get a trophy, or kill 150 elites to get to armor boxes and then dont get what you were looking for.

3: World bosses should spam a little quicker. 

4: Crystal altar rotation should be once a week, so more people would be able to get whats on it before changing again.

5: Honor Stars. I don't think POD is game breaking for classic. But if you are going to remove it, maybe put some other way to get the honor stars.


Remember, before you jump all over me this is just my personal opinion. so tank you for reading. If I think about something else, I'll post it.


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  • VGN GM

1. We will be starting our beta most likely at 55 cap and not 50 cap because one of the main areas and reasons people want a classic server is for classic normal class pvp. Territory 1.0 although is an option is not something I feel would be very much desired as there was a reason they reworked it to begin with. That being said things like crystals and Hp in territory 1.0 where much lower than the current form and I do not possess the knowledge to know just how balanced that HP was as their is only 2 - 3 videos on youtube and I do not know the people who recorded it so I cannot really comment on how accurate their level of play was. That being said we do not plan to stay at 55 cap long as our actual release cap is targetting level 60 cap. We're releasing 1 cap early so that during our beta peoples progress does not need to be reset at the end unless something very major goes wrong. We do plan to release the caps on a delayed manner and caps like 65 onwards will last much longer than things like 55 and 60 since there is a lot more content, this would also mean we dont have to release awaken weapons at the same time as 65 cap but rather spread the cap out like X-Legend did.

2. I do agree with you on no rates and I'm not sure why there wasn't an option for x1 EXP rates without the weekend buff but if people want that too your welcome to suggest it. The only concern we had is although at first it might be easy to reach the level cap, however after a while people will be doing the dungeons less and less which would make it harder for late commers to get the exp they need. Along with that many of the community do not like to grind as people of Eden once did. This was proven with the level 120 cap that was an exact mirror of a previous level jump X-Legend did but was very negativily recieved in comparrison to theres.

3. They will have the custom change our server has on launch of spawning every 1 hour.

4. The altar will rotate multiple times a week as it did on previous servers. This is what helps the server stay open.

5. I do not agree with this suggestion as of the moment. Although I attribute some of the arena's inactivity to awaken classes it also has no reward. Honor stars are suppose to be said reward.


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