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About GvG and Timezones...


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So we all know that compromising between different timezones is a big issue on this server.

I know this has been discussed for quite some time now, for the awakened Server as well as the upcoming Classic Server, but I have been playing this game for years now (German Server, US Server, Vendetta and i‘ll play classic too) and am really passionate about this.

PvP is one of the main reasons that keeps me tied to the game, however, it‘s really a bummer to know that I can rarely participate in important GvG battles due to my timezone so i‘d like to give some suggestions and present you the view of PvP of a european player – so I and my european fellows can hopefully really invest ourselves into the Classic Server.

I'll come to the actual suggestions later on, first, let me state some facts.
I‘m using the current PvP Times of the Awaken Server to give an insight because that‘s what we‘re used to at the moment.

So the current PvP Timezones are:
(I chose Server for American because… Server…, Germany for Europe since that‘s where i come from and it‘s pretty much in the middle of Europe, and Hongkong for Asia – all these are just a reference to get a rough overview)

all of these Timezones are 6hrs from each other apart. (You can doublecheck here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock)

For Normal Class TW:

  • American Timezone (Server): 16:00
  • European Timezone (Germany): 22:00
  • Asian Timezone (Hongkong): 04:00

(For Awaken TW:

  • American Timezone (Server): 18:00
  • European Timezone (Germany): 00:00
  • Asian Timezone (Hongkong): 06:00)

I do like that the TW on the Classic server will be the same as the current Normal Class TW on the awakened server – as Jordan said in the General Discussion – PvP Times Thread („...That being said the current TW time will be the same time as a the current server normal class TW which is early enough...“ ).

This is a great compromise for both american and european players for TW, in my opinion. At 16:00 the americant should be home from work/school and it's still early enough for europeans to take part without losing too much sleep.

i don't know if there are any decisions about when GvG will be, but before you decide, let me show you this:

For GvG

1. Battle: Saturday

  • same as Normal Class TW

2. Battle: Saturday

  • American Timezone (Server): 20:00
  • European Timezone (Germany): 02:00 (Sunday)
  • Asian Timezone (Hongkong): 08:00 (Sunday)

3. Battle: Sunday

  • same as Normal Class TW

4. Battle: Sunday

  • American Timezone (Server): 20:00
  • European Timezone (Germany): 02:00 (Monday)
  • Asian Timezone (Hongkong): 08:00 (Monday)


As things stand now, it seems to be impossible for Asian players to take part in neither TW nor any GvG Battle. But that‘s not the GM‘s fault. Just what i said in the beginning; you can‘t combine 3 different timezones in one server…
That might also be a reason why there seem to be so few asian players. (Please please correct me here if i‘m wrong, but so far i haven‘t met a single asian Player)

however, if we take both american and european timezones into consideration – i do think that a good compromise is possible.

So far it has been hard for european players to enter 2nd and 4th GvG Battle.

  • The 2nd is barely manageable with 02:00 on Sunday.
  • The 4th is almost impossible for everyone who is a student or has to work since it‘s at 02:00 on Monday.


So after seeing some specific times for the different regions above, i got the following question:

Would it really hurt the american playerbase if we do the GvG ~4hrs earlier than on the awakened Server?
(Maybe even 5 hrs earlier so they don‘t overlay with the GvG times on the awakened Server)

In this case, their GvG fights would be at 12:00 and 16:00 during the weekends – whichs seems easily possible to me.

While also making it much much more accessible to the european players. (!)

This would exclude asian players even more, however – they probably can‘t even come as things are now. If you are an asian player, or know one, please feel free to comment on the suggestion too and tell me, how it would affect you.


I think that, with the fresh start of a new server, as well as being a bit more accomodating towards the european playerbase in TW and GvG, this is a great opportunity to establish and grow the european community while also being able to keep the american audience.

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  • VGN GM

Please can we just wait for the server to launch as the times have already been set and we can change it based on activity and suggestions later. We've balanced it around our other server so you can participate on both. Everyone will have to compromise for it to be active so can we please hold off on suggestions like this till launch thank you.

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