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Vendetta Gaming Network is excited to announce the launch of Eden Eternal Vendetta [Classic]!

Back in 2015 we launched our very first Eden Eternal Private Server, it's been an amazing ride and will continue being so however, with the launch of Classic WoW it's created the question "Will we ever release a Classic version of Eden Eternal?". After months of people asking we've decided to listen and give it a go! We've proven we can be trusted with our longevity and we've proven we're more than capable of delivering a great experience of Eden Eternal!

Website Link: https://ee.classic.vendettagn.com


Since this is a Classic Experience, we have no reason to make the game super easy. The idea is to bring back everything that came with what made this game so great!


= Beta Information =
We're currently in Beta phase, please read the following information:

Note: It's important to know that your character progress WILL NOT be wiped!

Beta will only last 2 weeks and we will be into our Live version pretty quick. We will be using our time during Beta to iron out any issues found and to have open discussions with everyone on certain features being made available. Please remain active on the forums in order to participate and have your say on some important areas of the game!

The following official content will be enabled:

  • Level Cap: 55
  • Guild Level Cap: 5
  • Fame Cap: 4000
  •  Available Classes: Warrior, Knight, Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Hunter, Engineer, Mage, Illusionist, Warlock, Cleric, Bard, Shaman
  • Available Trials: Baltaroi Core, Veninfang, Tasos Channel, Shale Cavern
  • Territory War 2.0
  • Archive All & Save
  • Gear Swap
  • Arcane Box
  • Racial Skills
  • Status Assistant
  • Mail System Upgrades (Select, Collect and Delete All)
  • Upgraded Backpack Manager
  • Auto Sort
  • Max Guild Level
  • Recommended Events



= Launch Plans =
As it was explained above, we will be launching pretty quick. We're using the beta phase to iron out any last minute issues and then we will be straight into launch. With launch comes new content and a lot to be excited about!

The following features will be made available upon launch:

  • Level Cap: 60
  • Guild Level Cap: 6
  • Fame Cap: 9000
  • Class Release: Templar, Samurai
  • Trial Release: Crimson, Century, Manor, Eroda, Morticora
  • Map Release: Decayed Swam, Highlands, Cyclone Basin, Vipers Forest



= Custom Changes =
Everyone knows we like to add our own changes to the game. That won't end and we have a huge variety of changes available that we hope everyone will appreciate.

Here is a list of some of the custom changes we've applied to helping create a better Classic experience:

  • Doubled all weekly Performance Caps (Territory War, Arena and Monster Conquest Stress)
  • Class Restriction Debuff reduced from 20 -> 5 seconds
  • Sakura Island buff matches Territory War buff (really good for testing PvP)
  • Chat Filter removed
  • Global Peer Chat (Players of all levels can speak to each other)
  • World Boss respawn time is now 1 hour
  • Pet limit increased from 10 -> 30
  • Guild Warehouse size increased
  • Archive Search Feature
  • UI Changes (Hide your own Damage settings)
  • Cost of levelling guilds past 6 is 55,000 (This is for future patches)
  • Captcha System to aid against botters
  • If you disconnect within a Dungeon or Trial you can reconnect back inside
  • Optimization changes that were applied to our current version has been applied here
  • Guild towns only require 3 logins per week to keep the town
  • Senior Molding Master & Famous Forger duration is now 7 days
  • Alchemist & Master Alchemist duration is now 7 days
  • Craftsman & Master Craftsman duration is now 7 days
  • Miners & Master Miners duration is now 7 days
  • Farmer & Master Farmer duration is now 7 days
  • Unable to change class buff bugging can be fixed by teleporting to Aven
  • Territory War will be reset every Monday
  • Players can change class whilst in Arena


We're giving away a Starter Package for everyone for free! Once beta has been complete everyone who has reached at least level 30 can claim their Beta package! Last but not least, everyone who has logged into our current version within the last 60 days of Eden Eternal will be gifted the "Veterans Package"!

Claim all packages and future packages here: https://ee.classic.vendettagn.com/event.vgn


= Future Content =
The content doesn't stop there! It's important to let everyone know we already have made huge plans to have level 65, 70 and 75 content split up and enjoyed in it's form and released over time.

To explain this a bit better, once the 65 cap is ready to be released it will include Witchcraft Forest, Gemsis Ridge and Shiver Peak. Later dates you will experience the Trials and then later after that Awakened Weapons will be released with this. The content gives us space and allows you all to enjoy what is in front of you and we hope you all understand and appreciate our decision on this.

It is our promise to you all that this version of Eden Eternal will not ever experience the Awakened Classes. We will also not be intending on producing a lot of "custom" content. The idea is to present the game as it was and we do not want to interfere much at all with that experience.

We will however, be creating custom events and making the game fun in it's own way. As the game grows with age we could possibly re-visit the idea of introducing custom gear and such, but as of now we have enough content and release dates to keep you all happy!



Anyways, I hope to see everyone getting involved during and after beta. It is important we start this server on the right foot and we look forward to re-creating some amazing experiences we all loved with Eden Eternal!

Thank you, Bash and the VGN Team!

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