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Bring back Tornado V2


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It was nice for bards, shamans and bards who played or were planning to play as DPS.
Now shamans and bard are just earth shock spam.
Also it allowed clerics to help with nature breakpoints. 
Now the skill is near useless unless you wanna kiss bosses on the cheek and get your a.. kicked 
Please undo the return to V1 

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Bruh what you mean they aren't supposed to dps, halfkin racial is literally an atk boost. And Bard has an atk +30% buff when equiped with a guitar. 72 skills for those classes will also be dps skills. You clearly do not know what you're talking about. There was a lot of sham/cle/bard and even sage dps. Try with another argument because this one just makes no sense when you know the game a little bit.

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