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Before writing down your comment, read the whole thread please.

Eden Eternal Classic, we can't deny is awesome, the awaken server is amazing and none can deny it too.

But even tho it Classic does it mean we can't innovate it to make it even better. 

That why I wanna share my ideas, I know some idea may be impossible but all the idea may still be interesting to talk about.


Possible Idea 

  1. New type of Jewelry or Arcane Stone, this will give more thing to craft ending up to more thing to do and many more combinaison for pvp creating a bigger variety of build for EACH class
  2. New Race ? With Racial ? If possible ? Turtle are in game, would it be possible to make a race out of it knowing you own movement and 3d design (If I am not wrong) doing it will make more racial possibility in server mean more gold in it.
  3. New Class ? Pirate, Necromancer, Villager ? More class to farm more timeplay more build cause more class.
  4. Awaken Class but they own stat like classic class ? A time manipulator with the strengh of illu and change some spell ? This is harder do to since it would end up being a new class but still.
  5. New weapon ? Chainsaw, Sickle, Twin Sharp Blade, Pillar (like karok in vindictus) Lance. More crafting more farming more achievement more build  more timeplay for sure.
  6. A map like Dragonside Ridge ? Or Dimension of Soul but lower lv ? With new gear ? Impossible to run alone need player and it give good exp ? Possibility to add world boss and new trophy ?
  7. Add more crafting lv 35 for arena 30-39 ? I remember being in a pvp 30-39 guild and lot of player would stay in this lv to have funwith early class maybe some player would like to do it again and it would add up more crafting for achievement and mean more time.
  8. More Event that give costume green and prime that doesnt focus on who put more $ ? Just to create hype and availability to costume to keep gold for all the others idea.


I have more idea but will keep them if people wanna know tell me !

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I think your ideas are very good but you should check the awaken forum and the classic on the request of the classic server. That is to say that it points to it, the people who asked for it did it to remember that aeria server from the years 2012 onwards, before they ruined it with the mimic and the awaken classes. In other words, keep it as classic as possible, but no modifications or additions that break the game.
Your suggestions would be more for the awaken server that received multiple modifications of aesthetics and design.

(Sorry mi bad english)

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