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Durability Changes


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  • Suggestion:
    • Modify durability / repair rate on gear so as not to have to repair multiple times a day.


  • Reasoning:
    • Currently you have to repair your gear multiple times a day if you're actively playing. It's not a gold sink, it's really just an annoyance. This could be changed to where the time or actions it takes to remove on durability is more (lasts longer) but the gold cost is increased (helps to remove some excess gold from the community).
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  • VGN GM

As I'm sure you're aware when content like DD comes and you're repairing multiple times an hour. This is normal Eden Eternal gameplay and right now shouldn't even be an issue. If you really are against repairing so much if you get some repair hammers and stuff from guild you can use status assistant to auto-repair when your gear durabillity gets low. This feature is really good for purple weapons that have lower than average durabillity.

I can also add repair hammers to the common drops on altar with World Calls and Portal Stones if this is something you'd like to compensate for the issue. I don't think increasing durabillity is needed to be honest.

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9 hours ago, SenorBernd said:

Against it. Do you have a guild? Because if not, get one. Then you can just repair via guild interface and spend the gold you invested(if they even want you to). I see no sense in repairing less but paying more tbh.

I honestly completely forgot that was a thing. 🤦‍♂️

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