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Settings Self-Damage


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Hi, I don't really get the point of the setting "Self-Damage". It displays or not our damage by numbers dealt but in my case I would see only my damage dealt, not other players damage dealt. I don't know if it is possible or not to put it in settings but this would be more logic to see only our damage dealt on other players, and being still able to see our damage taken by other players.





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  • VGN GM

The Self-Damage setting is to assist players on computers that are potato's there is not suppose to be any functional benefit to this setting other than cutting down on optional parts of the game to improve the run quality.

This was mainly added on our Awaken server due to there being an overuse of classes like Awaken Ranger in the past that could have about 10-20 lines of numbers every attack.


This setting combind with the "Damage" setting can hide all damage numbers from your game. This is the purpose.

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